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CPU Goddesses are the god-like OCs in Chris's fantasy world.

As a group, these anime fembots from a video game series were made the object of Chris's adulation under the Idea Guys' influence in late 2017, and together with Chris's own OCs form the nucleus of this mixed bag of a pantheon. Noteable examples found on this list include Scarlet the Commodore Goddess, and Battery-Charge Heart.

List of CPUs

Picture Name Goddess Name Influence(s) Description Console/Device Dimension(s) of Origin
Aqua AquaDiamond8 The Goddess avatar of AquaDiamond8. After she realized that knocking any sense into Chris about his delusions would be impossible, she has decided to play along with them, and roleplayed as the Macbook Pro goddess of ZX-49 with him. She has also drawn a Sonichu counterpart of her character, akin to Chris-Chan Sonichu. Macbook Pro ZX-49
Amethyst Heart OC.JPG
Cannotonia CPU Amethyst Heart MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the LaserActive Console. LaserActive C-197
Topaz Heart OC.JPG
Emily CPU Topaz Heart MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the Atari Lynx Console. Atari Lynx C-197
Killer hoodlumhijinks and Ben Saint The CPU Goddess of The XVIDIA console in the Beta Timeline of C-197. When the locals rejected her, she turned into a rebel in order to destroy SlimeCo, an evil company that produces mind-controlling slime. She has the ability to transport to other dimensions through meditation. XVIDIA C-197
CPU Blue Heart.jpg
Scarlet CPU Blue Heart Chris CPU Goddess of the Nations of Comma, CWCville and the Commodore consoles. Commodore C-197
Opal Heart OC.JPG
Silva CPU Opal Heart MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the WonderSwan console. WonderSwan C-197
Battery-Charge Heart intro.jpg
Tank Destroyer CPU Battery-Charge Heart Idea Guys A god-like CPU warrior of CWCville created in response to the Idea Guys describing the nightmarish state of CWCville. N/A C-197
Emerald Heart OC.JPG
Tapu CPU Emerald Heart MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the Soujagame console. Soujagame C-197
Uzume Tennouboshi Idea Guys A CPU goddess Chris believes he is sharing the body of. N/A C-197
Bismuth Heart OC.JPG
Vee CPU Bismuth Heart MKRNightVee, Naught The CPU goddess of the educational children's game console V-Smile. V-Smile C-197

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