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This page is an archive of Owls' key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms, under the username GhostBird50. Posts are sorted by date.

Owls's Account

14 September 2020[1]

In response to a user's comment, "Just dropping this here to use as a reference for the CWCki since it's too large to be uploaded there.

Someone gathered info pertaining to Ryan Winger, alias "Owls" and "CpuTurquoiseHeart". Ryan's the disgraced founder of a group that was posing as CPU goddesses to talk to Chris, which later became the Watchmen white knight group. He was thrown out for allegedly trying to exploit his influence in it for ulterior motives - namely, trying to build a harem out of Chris's female enablers, asking some to move in with him, which they refused. He's 40 years old.":

For the purpose of setting things straight im just gonna post my story of what happened. Hi, my name is Ryan winger as you already know essentially over summer break, a friend had told me about Chris chan and his amazing adventures. I got really sucked into the crazy bullshit and decided to start orbiting. after a while of orbiting, I stupidly found the CWC rebellion discord after messaging smoky Chris who was running it (later to find out sperg was running the server and everything else in an attempt to force content out of Chris). after joining these people for about a week I met and kinda befriended 2 people one of them was MKR and the other was a person exploiting and egging MKR on to talk to Chris this person was Talia (later I learned was a person that went from server and server searching out content from sperg). Meghan had started talking to Chris after some time so I devoted my time that I had to attempt to keep Meghan from causing problems and in all honesty, I did a pretty shit job at it. after a while Meghan had befriended Chris and weens we bothering her and her personal issues were getting hard on her too.

time passed talking with Meghan for about a month or so there came an idea from me in the most autistic way possible "convince Chris that merge wasn't happening and that CPU had decided to be on earth and act like normal people in society". foolishly believing this would work Meghan gathered some people from different servers she said we could trust and we made a server. this idea failed and when the first person decided to brag about it on a different discord I shut down the idea. around this time after we had failed sperg came back into the picture as himself. the "haram" he talks about is a group of people within his inner circle who I don't want to bring into this who were a few people I made friends with and lived within a close enough distance that all of us being wage cucks could move in together. this possibly could afford us a single house together as roommates and shit so that the cost of living would be easier on us. the whole reason this became a "harem" was that sperg was angry that the friends I had made and I realized how stupid he was after we noticed was going to get himself in trouble decided to leave.

having left spergs crew of people Meghan had found another group of people that were "farms people" I don't know who and have since forgotten. after a while of hanging around them, I decided that this was not meant for me and I needed to get back to my life as I was not comfortable with how things were going for me. It was around this time that I stopped posting and using Kiwi Farms so I could finish up school and get a degree.

That whole summer was essentially me being a retard getting into something way over my head and then attempting to walk away from it. I have since left the Chris chan community and don't plan on coming back at all there are some people on here that I enjoyed reading their posts as they were funny or insightful. but there were some people that orbited and a lot of people on the twitter that in general were just toxic and I realized I didn't have the time to handle things. since the time of Meghan talking to "Farms people" and me walking away I haven't written anything for Meghan comic or talked to her or their group since.

in general, on the few times I ever ended up talking to Chris I had the dark realization that there was nothing I could have done to help him and I probably should leave the community and such. I will admit I don't regret some of the friends I made and some of the times I had but this was greatly outweighed by the number of toxic people and those who look to slander those foolish enough to come with good intentions. while I can't stop the creation of posts or articles about me id much rather they have more straight facts or personal accounts over speculations and manipulation of those who believe toes I have stepped on.

anyway, it was fun for me for the most part but im out.