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Chris Chan’s making Dungeons and Dragons Progression! Oh, My Fuck!
Profile picture, based on Ulala from the Space Channel 5 series.

Creamarina is another alt Twitter account used by Chris to evade blocks. The account originated during the TF2 Analysis saga, when many bronies blocked him on his main Twitter account.

The account came to the attention of an observer on 28 January 2019 who noticed that, of the 60 accounts it was following, 50 were known to either be actively followed by Chris or confirmed to be have blocked him on his main account. As the profile picture featured artwork drawn by MKRNightVee, it was speculated that she set up the account for Chris to help him evade blocks.[1] At the time, the account had no tweets.

However, months later, Chris seems to have felt it was safe enough to tweet. Only a few tweets were made, which match his writing style.


Advice for brony

2 September 2019

Josh Scorcher (brony who blocked Chris's main Twitter account):

Ughgh.... I'm super torn right now. Spoilers for the MLP series finale keep showing up in my YouTube recommended feed and they've already blown some things for me, it's Endgame all over again. Should I just... watch the leaked episodes so people don't spoil me?

Chris (during his phase of being possessed by Magi-Chan):

Hold your composure, Josh; you have the option to select the three dots by the preview of the video and click “Not Interested”. Keep your gaze clear of the leaks; I warn and urge you. [Purple heart] [High voltage sign]

Passive-aggressive remark to End Games

30 January 2020

The End Games (card game shop which declined to undo Chris's ban) posted a tweet advertising their Dungeons and Dragons group.

Chris quoted a tweet from his main CPU_CWCSonichu account about his Dungeons and Dragons character sheet, and tweeted:

Chris Chan’s making Dungeons and Dragons Progression! Oh, My Fuck!

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