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This page archives Chris's tweets from August 2017.

Chris' prescribed medication

1 August, 4:32 am


I keep having anxiety attacks. I think stress is starting to get to me. I'm usually much better at ignoring it. :')

Chris suggested anxiety medication, noting his own prescribed drugs:

I feel for you; I've gotten anxiety attacks before. Do you have a prescription for that? My Paroxetine keeps my anxiety at bay, plus a blood pressure Rx. I pray for your swift recovery, darling. πŸŒΈπŸ’–

Chris explains the friend zone

1 August, 4:37 am

Artist VimHomeless questioned the friend zone and its associated negativity:

Why is the "friend zone" a bad notion?Like its considered a bad thing to say now, or something? I don't get why tho :o

Chris, having prior encounters in the friend zone, attempted to explain it:

I can answer that. A lot of times, especially if the friend in question is opposite of gender 18 or older, they may have sex on the brain. And when that person hears from you that you just want to be friends, or in the other term, put into the Friend Zone, that person will feel like they failed at getting the sex they wanted, or Ever will from you. Also, that person may not fully understand or appreciate what truest Friendship means, without expecting something like sex in return in the first place. In these situations, they set themselves up for easy disappointment. Whereas beginning a new friendship without the sexual expectation and later on if you feel like exploring with this person, and you tell them that, they will generally feel more success, as the relationship is progressing from a more positive start point of genuine friendship. And going into said new friendship with low expectations, they will feel less disappointed in being Just Friends, as they would not have had the higher expectation, or that desire for that something in return, in the first place.

"Life is a cartoon"

1 August, 6:05 am

Chris shared with his followers an original philosophical quote:

Life is a cartoon; we are all the characters of the larger; the cartoons we make are part of our own universe; we're all a reality cartoon.



1 August, 6:16 am

Chris tagged his online gal pals in celebration of National Girlfriend Day. Among those were Doopie and My Little Pony voice actors. Chris later deleted the tweet.

#NationalGirlfriendDay Just to name a few: @DoopieDoOver @Ladybot3 @AndreaLibman @ash_leigh_ball @tarastrong @StTabitha @MissMakoDap

White knighting for Doopie

1 August, 3:03 pm

Doopie vented her frustrations at people signing up to her Patreon just to view the sketch she made for Chris, then dropping her before being charged.

VimHomeless (a fellow Planet Dolan staff member):

I'm suprised at the amount of ppl that follow cwc around just to insult him. Yeesh, 2007 called.


I just love that people are messing with my business because chris follows me. How am I being punished for this? lol
It's not very nice to pledge to someone on Patreon with a fake card or removing yourself before you're charged. Just because you want to see what I'm drawing for Chris Chan. That's so fucking disrespectful. I work hard. At least have the decency to follow through with your pledge.

A troll replied:

Work hard, would that be before drop out or after smoke dope. You dont have job sep be boy/girl screw visit.


How Dare You speak to Doopie that way! 😑 We Artists Work very Hard and Diligent on our crafts! We do not have to put up with your crap Troll

I hope Doopie Blocks You, "@RomanovAnnya "!

πŸ˜”πŸŒ§ It breaks my heart a bit, And Disappoints me, when I hear of people giving my friends trouble, just because I talk with them. You Trolling Stupids and Haters should Really be ashamed of yourselves. If I could traverse the cosmos, I would give each of you a bad day.

Doopie sets the record straight

1 August, 3:15 pm

In an unexpected twist, Doopie replied to Chris' #NationalGirlfriendDay tweet, reminding him of the reality:

You don't know me, christine.

Chris, forced to face facts, retorted:

Yes. I don't totally know you, but you are a good person; like all I've listed here, y'all are girls and at least acquaintances up to friends. And that, to me, counts as much, because I am thankful to have you all in my life and communication circle. 😊🌸 Also, another V.I.Detail., I Care. And I wear my heart on my sleeve. ❀️🀳🏻


You probably shouldn't.


Perhaps not, but I like to care about others in addition to myself. And as it says on my favorite pin, "Caring People Make a Difference."



I agree, it's good to care about others. But if you wear your heart on your sleeve, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.


I agree, and I have fallen under advantage before; I proceed with caution, and I share with those who have earned it in my perspective.


You've made this mistake many times in the past, Christine. It's unhealthy and worrisome. You should just focus on yourself.


Mostly, I do focus on myself, but if I did that all of the time, I wouldn't be sharing my kindness and making friends as much. No good.

A troll, responded to Doopie's above tweet, which caught Chris' attention:

@DoopieDoOver Don't even Bother Telling him This He's not going to listen β€’-β€’


@SadethCastaneda Telling HER, if you please. And I Do Listen.

Sadeth continued:

Chris is Probably Gonna let Barb Die too He Doesn't care As long as He Gets Toys and emotional validation


That is Not True! I care DEEP about my mother and All of my Family. Consider yourself Blocked and Reported, @SadethCastaneda


@CWCSonichu In that case, I don't like all of the emojies and pet names. And I don't agree with you pledging to me when Barb is sick and needs money. I also don't appreciate personal emails on my business account. I'm sure you're a nice person, but it comes off as extremely creepy. It makes me very uncomfortable and it's also causing a lot of stress and problems on my end. Like I said before, you've been nothing but kind to me and I appreciate that. I'll refund you your pledges if you want. Barb deserves it.


And I want you to keep the pledges. After buying and shipping the books to the Latter of my Patrons, we will be good. Last month, my big spend for myself was a Full Sonichu Book Set as a Birthday Present for one of my friends at my PokΓ©mon League.

More trolls pounced on Chris:

he's not going to give barb a cent you realize this


I just bought my mother a LOT of Groceries, You Dumb Troll.


You are a stand up person Doopie. Unlike, our friend Pristine Christine who thought she could win you over with fake compliments.


My compliments are sincere and from the heart.

Later, Doopie, tweeting to VimHomeless, lamented her decision to accept Chris as a customer:


Good job on his icon btw!


I really had no choice. A paying customer is a paying customer, but I'm starting to regret it lol.


Main article: HarassCWCdirectly

2 August, 7:34 am



[Chris links his newest Captain's Log]

If you Can Not say it Directly to Me, then Do Not Say It At All! #HarassCWCdirectly
And I Am Woman! So Use the Correct Pronoun about me: I AM SHE!!!
CLog 07072017 #HarassCWCdirectly: via @YouTube

[Chris links his Captain's Log again]

If YOU or ANYONE has something to say about me, DO NOT Spam and Harass ANYONE ELSE; #HarassCWCdirectly. Got something to say; Say It To Me.


AND if you Can Not Say It to Me, EVER, then NEVER type it up, ouside of your Private Forums, EVER. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?


If you are Like Me, and you do not like seeing other people Harassed at YOUR Expense, Post This Icon for your Profile Icon TODAY!


MLP VA tires of CWC notifications

MLP VA, Tabitha St. Germain, who Chris tagged in his National Girlfiend Day post, presumably tired of receiving hundreds of notifications related to Chris, offered her two cents and vowed to block those involved. Chris drew up a lengthy apology:

3 August, 1:05 pm


I do not read them. I do not want to be tagged. And overtime I see a group slagging off happening I block participant involved.

and then I go learn how to speak English.


I am sorry, Tabitha. It was my fault; I wanted to share appreciation of being at least an acquaintance with the women I've been blessed with being able to communicate with recently. My friendship circle was small, then it has grown. I saw someone else appreciate #NationalGirlfriendDay and I impulsively made the tweet. I really should have thought it further. Now everyone is getting harassed at my expense with their misconceptions about who I was as early as 2007. I am Not that naive; I have learned and matured. I should have realized the tagging. And it has got out of hand. I am taking responsibility to try to make up for this error of mine as best as I can. I pray you all do not think of me less not only from my mistake, but also from what these Trolls are spamming. And that we can resume life with growing friendships. Love Conquers Hate. Meanwhile, Keep a Happy Thought: ignore the trolls, and stay safe.


No worries. But you know you can untag me if it's not really concerning me, and I would prefer it. Thanks Christine:)

Tabitha addresses CWC flame war

Following on from her interaction with Chris, Tabitha St. Germain advised her followers to untag her in the event of another flame war - especially one involving Chris:

3 August, 3:14 pm


If you are having a fight with someone on Twtter and it's not me, please untag me. See who is in the convo. and untick those uninvolved.


I Will, darling. 🌸😊

Unleashing his inner Brit

Chris responded to trolls on St. Germain's first tweet. Chris' vocabulary was unusually British upper class (or Trans-Atlantic), which bears similarity to the accent of one of St. Germain's MLP characters. Chris continued to tag St. Germain in his arguments, contrary to her earlier request.

4 August, 2:15 am

Troll 1:

P.S sorry @StTabitha that you are getting involved in this. Chris is to blame as he started this Twitter sexual fantasy of his with women.


Not Sexual Fantasy; Friendships, You Uncouth Cad. Hmpf!

Troll 2:

Classic Chris Chan. He completely ignored the fact that they don't want to be called names.


And it was ignored by you that Talulah Bankhead coined the term for Tabitha, you Uncouth Twat.

Troll 3:

Stop being a creep, dude


You are the creep.

Troll 4:

and you didn't learn a thing, did you?


I learned a lot more than you, cad.

Troll 5:

See, you ignorant dumbshit? Calling total strangers "Darling" again as if she's your GF. This is what I was talking about! #ChrisNeverLearns


I Never Said she was my sweetheart; she is a woman at least on communication acquaintance, and I was grateful for that, you cad.

Back from BronyCon, carpooling with Magi-Chan

13 August

On our way back home; Son-Chu, Magi-Chan and I. #BronyCon2017 was Awesome! See y'all next year ( or sooner). πŸ˜‰ βš‘οΈπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–βš‘οΈ


Chris's pizza observation

16 August

A supreme pizza is like a sampler platter; @AndreaLibman loves a sampler platter. 😊🌸

On wearing the unicorn cosplay to church

20 August

The letter for Cathy.
@CathyWeseluck I apologize for communicating this way, but I felt your input could help. Thank you.

A transcript of the letter:

August 20, 2017.

Dear Cathy W.,

I've had a day that started out happy and delightful. I felt like donning my pony ears and unicorn horn, and tail, to my church today. I've made a lot of people smile, and it was as normal as could be, with my sharing the joys from BronyCon 2017. Then later, during a bible verse reading, my church friend suddenly burst out in tears; I felt along with her (the hate bout in Charlottesville, VA last weekend).

Then, my pastoral counsolor [sic] (who was part of the choir this week) hands me a note. "Please remove your headgear; it's reminding us of Nazis" (specifically, the NOT Nazi Jesters who mocked the haters). I felt utter shock; I removed my head gear, and I tensed up. Fanning myself with the program, as I was feeling hot: I ended up closing myself and breaking out in tears myself. Being forced to remove what made me and most other people smile, feeling like not being able to calm a post-bouted crowd, the empathy for my friend and not being able to make her smile... just about killed my mood.

I sat there, fanning myself with my right, gripping the bench with my left, And paralyzed, I stayed a while longer. Then I left during the collection, with the plates. I took a rest and some valium after I got back home. I feel some recovered, but feel some mild headache now. Have y'all ever heard such a thing? Pony Ears and Unicorn Horn being reminisent of an anti-Nazi Jester? I've Never. And I meant no harm. What are your thoughts, Cathy?

Thank You for listening.

Christine W. Chandler

P.S If there's another method to "Ask Cathy", please let me know.

Spike reading Sonichu 0

22 August, 9:07 pm

@CathyWeseluck Spike's enjoying is copy of Sonichu #0 from Night Star in Ponyville.

Spike Sonichu0 1.jpg Spike Sonichu0 2.jpg

Relationships and online dating

26 August, 8:32 pm

Nowacking posted to her followers:

If I used all the time I spend chasing after girls on actually useful shit, I would speak 4 languages and play 7 instruments right now.

Chris replied:

Tell me about it. I used to try meeting new gals on OKCupid, Facebook, EHarmony, etc. Most of what I ended up meeting, or being met by, were internet trolls and Bullies, who all tugged at my heartstrings; took advantage of my being naive and my kindness; Blackmail too.

I postponed my Sweetheart Search after Miss C.S., who was actually the woman she claimed to be, we had met in person. She broke up the relationship. And, I've been just chillin', and concentrating on my own further self-improvements, work and life. And making more good and kind friends as I go. If one of the women I know, or will meet later on, wants to begin such a relationship, we'll have the friendship as our foundation. Also, She would have to let me know upfront; I don't always pick up on subtle, distant cues.

But not like jump-scare "Boo!" LOL. 😊🌸

I've been collecting dumb answers from dating sites for the last couple years to share later. Would you guys be interested in seeing a few?
I would be open for such experienced input, if you would, please. 😊

Nowacking posted the screenshots along with her commentary on each, explaining "(For context, if text is in red, it's not an acceptable answer for her)". Chris commented on several.

"Listen, I can't be with someone who's confident, it'll never work"

Nowacking-twitter caps1.jpg

The Double-Negative Rule at work in this question.
"Oh so you can act gay, but I can't act gay??"

Nowacking-twitter caps2.jpg

I am thinking and empathizing each Q&A to better understand...

This one, I can see the error in the answer; if both people answer the same, "she" may feel like "I" would enjoy myself more than her. I feel a better response would be, "Yes, and we enjoyed each other". Granted, that might not be a given answer choice, it should be.

"If I can flee the country to get away from her, that's a DEAL BREAKER"

Nowacking-twitter caps3.jpg

This makes sense. It's the first date, and you hear her say yes, there's a chance of her telling you she has numerous flights in her near future; I would feel distressed, because I wouldn't be able to be with her so much before she leaves. "Limited Time Only" isn't best
Glad we're on the same page

Nowacking-twitter caps4.jpg

I agree; mixed friend groups are diverse, and I would feel that she can get along with all these types, then she might get me and my flaws.
"It's kinda MY thing. We can't both do it..."

Nowacking-twitter caps5.jpg

Straight-forward: it's your bed; you make it when she's over. Her bed; let her make when you're over. Shared-purchased bed; mutually decide?

At least I gave this one some thought too. 🌸😊

In case you're wondering why I haven't dated in almost 2 years, this probably gives you a good idea haha
From what you've shared, I get an idea of what the problem was. We're talking Awesome, confident, butch woman who has a lot of other priorities to be open and free to the other person in the relationship. Busy; always on-the-move, has set conditions for herself. Might really be selfish. I feel for you; I would not feel able to have a long relationship with that type of person, if I was unappreciated. You have a lot of people who appreciate you for who you are, and what you do. You are a good woman, and I pray you find that right girl soon

Thank you for sharing your thoughts from the dating site times with us. 🌸

Unfortunately for Chris, Michael Hirtes, as his 30th+ account Repoman, and other weens were spamming the conversation chains with accusations against Chris and calls for Nowacking to block him. Chris replied to one such ween:


Chris, just play some video games or watch some tv and stop messaging females on twitter. You are just gonna anger more people.


Hey. I am only offering thoughtful feedback; unless she says I'm offending her, then it's safe to say I am not. Why don't You go binge-watch some crap show on your channel and forum, and let us people here, enjoy our lives? Good night.

Blocked by Nowacking

27 August, 5:29 am

God Damn You Hating Trolls! I was being Supportive with @Nowacking , but NO, you lot have to Harass ME AND Her! Now, like @StTabitha Nowacking Blocked me now. WTF Next? Y'all gonna harass Everyone I Follow to make me Most Blocked Twitter Account?! I'm Mass Reporting now."

Nowacking-twitter caps6.jpg Nowacking-twitter caps7.jpg

Wishing every day is like BronyCon

28 August, 11:16 pm

I wish Every day was like #BronyCon, with lots of people, full of sincere kindness and compassion, approaching us all. Instead of the freaking Trolls and Bullies being left Unblocked, while the Kind Heroes become Blocked. Mis-Karma?

Will donate

29 August

Tara Strong:

Special message for our friends in #Houston @GregCipes @scottmenville please donate if you can


I will have more money on Friday, so I will donate then. Awesome video, y'all. πŸ’–πŸ˜Š

Tara Strong and Scott Menville liked his post.

Outsmarted a ween, with help of Kiwi Farms

30 August

@DoopleDoOver (a ween pretending to be DoopieDoOver by misspelling part of the Twitter handle):

Old account was temporarily suspended. Trying my best to refollow everyone in the heat of all this mess!


If your old account was suspended, why does it come up shown to me as "Doopie has blocked you" instead of "This account is suspended"?

Prove yourself through your PD friends.


From now on I'll only be using this account for communicating with Christine & everything surrounding Christine.


It's an isolated statement like this one that raises a red flag. Prove yourself, then we'll talk. Or, unblock me on your old account asap.


My countless fans can vouch for me, just look at the replies to your recent tweets.


Vouch for you? Not according to the Trolls' Forum.

He attached a screenshot of Kiwi Farms user The American Hedgehog stating the account was a fake[1].

Kiwi Farms screencap, 30 August 2017.jpg

And added:

And I already know the real Doopie has consorted with them shortly after that mistweet of mine.

Chris still doesn't understand apologies

31 August

In response to this tweet. The original poster did not appear to be speaking to Chris directly.

I Have apologized; I Have acted on that apology; Pay Attention, Haters: I Have Improved. NO Harassment since December, 2014. 🎡🀘