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Chris's cover photo of him in Lego Manchester High School which was uploaded on 25 March 2014.

The following are a series of posts posted by Chris on Facebook on March 2014. On this month, Chris posted two pictures about his Lego Manchester High School and posted two posts about the rumor of him shoplifting at Best Buy.


  • 25 March - Chris uploaded another picture of Lego Manchester High School and set it as his cover photo. He also submits another photo of the Lego Manchester High School to the Awesome Alliance competition page.
  • 30 March - Chris posts about the rumor of him shoplifting.
  • 31 March - Chris posts about the release of the footage of him shoplifting and posts a website that he claims that it is supposedly behind this.

Posts by Chris


On 29 March, there was a thread on the CWCki Forums about him shoplifting at Best Buy on 5th of March: [1]


So, I have some friends in the Charlottesville area. One of my friends works at a Best Buy as a security guard. He's very familiar with Chris, he's been seeing him for years, throwing pokeballs at girls he liked. He also matched Chris to a recent description of fatty, so I'm pretty confident this was fatty.

Anyway, sometime around an early wednesday in March, 2014, Chris was in this Best Buy, very obviously grabbing stuff off the shelves and shoving it up his shirt. Like, a lot of stuff that he was aiming to steal. We were watching him on the security monitors and it was obvious as fuck, because, heh, y'know, Chris? Subtlety? Nawww...

But anyway, so, we sent our biggest, most intimidating security guy down there and he said something to Chris. Whatever he said, Chris pussied out, dropped everything he was trying to steal, and bolted out the door.

I don't really have anything concrete to back this up, but take it how you will.

Chris then responds to the thread a day later... on Facebook:

Now quit your damn obsession over me and take down the damn Cwcki and your Damn Forums and leave me and my close ones alone to live in peace!!!

30 March 2014

To the damn Trolls in regards to the new rumor.

Look, the ONLY TIME I was there at all then was on the SIXTH OF MARCH. I purchased a copy of The Lego Movie Video game for PS3; they had the exclusive Pajama Emmet Minifigure; It and the Game were all paid for and registered. I put the mint in polybag minifigure into my Blue Jacket Pocket; it was in the Late Afternoon. The excitable black woman who is probably a constant employee of the month there can and will validate my presence and purchase there at the time. I was NOT PURSUED BY ANYONE UPON MY DEPARTURE, ALL OF YOU DAMN TROLLING-STUPID FREAKS!!! Now quit your damn obsession over me and take down the damn Cwcki and your Damn Forums and leave me and my close ones alone to live in peace!!!

Needless to say, his friend Kim Wilson claimed that she saw him shoplifting:

Remember Chris, I was there. Lying has never made your life better. But yeah [REDACTED], nah, Chris was caught stealing, I saw it.

When asked whether she accompanied Chris to Best Buy, Kim responded:

Nah, I run into Chris around town sometimes.


Another day passes by, and Chris posted another Facebook post about the release of the footage of him shoplifting. He then posted a link to the site that's supposedly behind this:

31 March 2014

**Exposé** from a reliable source; Troll Plans for Further S*** more crappy than a New York Garbage Dump:

According to 4 Chan, they're going to drop the Best Buy security video sometime this week. Some people want to charge money for it, but they're in the minority. According to the Anon who originally posted about it on 4 Chan, they've also got footage of you giving men hand jobs behind the Best Buy dumpster. If that's in the video, then I'm pretty sure it's fake. Maybe they found someone who could be mistaken for you if the video quality were blurry enough.

This is why I don't have anything to do with these people. It's not the CWCki, BTW. They were just talking about it. This is being done by people on /cow/ - These may be the same people who were kicked off the CWCki for trying to post trolling plans on the forum, which will get you perma-banned.

They've also been calling Best Buy to see if they can get you banned from the store. According to the post, a bunch of people have faxed over that picture you drew of my sister, and they've been making prank calls with the soundboards and sending video links and stuff.

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Stop commenting on his picture with godawful ween comments such as JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. You're not funny.
Stay in School, make and KEEP ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, and build from your education; that is how you really become awesome.
Stay in School, make and KEEP ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, and build from your education; that is how you really become awesome.
Chris's info about the picture.

On 25 March, Chris posted his LEGO High School picture on the The Awesome Alliance competition page. It was later shared on Facebook three days later and as of now, the picture gained 3050 "awesomeness".