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This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in July 2015. He also made a contribution to his Brassieres For Males Facebook group page during this month.

New profile pic for July.


  • 1 July - Chris makes a number of comments reminding everyone that he's a lesbian.
  • 2 July - Chris enters a contest only to rage against the concept of online relationships.
  • 2 July - Chris suggests the renaming of Columbus Day.
  • 2 July - Along with yet more posts about his gender identity, Chris posts a bizarre drawing of himself being showered with pink lemonade from a huge vagina. His page is temporarily made private.
  • 3 July - A post about the movie Pocahontas and lesbianism prompts Chris to comment.
  • 4 July - Chris attempts to argue that the word "trolling" can never have positive connotations.
  • 5 July - Chris makes a couple of remarks about My Little Pony.
  • 7 July - Chris announces a new order of medallions for sale on Ebay.
  • 9 July - Chris posts an image of his manboobs. In one post he claims to be a man, and in another he claims to be a woman. His page is again temporarily taken down.
  • 9 July - Chris posts images of a commissioned Hitler medallion, along with an justification. For a third time in a week, his page is briefly deactivated.
  • 12 July - Chris commemorates the death of Satoru Iwata.
  • 16 July - The announcement of a new season of Sonic Boom makes Chris feel near-suicidal.
  • 18 July - Chris declares a package sale on eBay of a medallion and a Sonichu Amiibo.
  • 18 July - Chris asks why no one was hanging out at the Impulse Gay Social Club that evening.
  • 20 July - Chris is having some trouble selling the medallion/Amiibo bundle sets.
  • 21 July - Chris argues that drag queens should not be excluded from a gay pride festival.
  • 22 July - Chris tries yet again to explain why Sonic the Hedgehog's blue arms cause him to flip out.
  • 23 July - Chris posts photos of himself with a shitty dye job.
  • 25 July - Chris announces that he has relisted the medallion/Amiibo sets.
  • 26 July - Chris explains at length why everyone should love Sonichu.
  • 28 July - Pissed off by the slow sales, Chris lowers the price of the bundle sets.
  • 29 July - Chris tries to clear up problems with Ebay transactions.
  • 30 July - Only one medallion/Amiibo set left, Chris declares.

Chris's Posts

SEGA Shirt

"SEGA Nerds" posted a photo of a hot Japanese chick wearing a low-cut SEGA-themed top. Chris asked:

1 July 2015

Where can I get that shirt?

The Pink Lemonade Shall Rise Again

"LGBT News," mixing two recent controversies, suggested that the Confederate flag be subverted to represent the LGBT community. Chris was skeptical:

1 July 2015

Yeah. Seriously? Swap the red for pink and yellow tye-dye (pink lemonade!), remove the stars, and swap the blue for rainbow stripes, then you may have something.

Pink Lemonade! Yum!!!

Haters to the Left

"Lizzy the Lezzy" posted a boilerplate anti-gay message for her followers to make fun of. Chris joined in:

1 July 2015

Haters to the left, and WAAAAY back.

Miley Confuses Chris

Miley Cyrus uploaded a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt with the slogan, "GENDER IS OVER!" Chris gave a seemingly contradictory answer:

2 July 2015

Yeah! I have been Loving Myself as the Woman that I AM, regardless of this wrong, grateful part I was born with. Gender Identities Will Never 4Ever Be Over!

Dig It!

Chris linked to a GameStop contest called "SummerAtGameStop," along with this message. The specific games he mentions were stolen by Julie.

2 July 2015

Hey! I just entered this thing as an ironic joke. Dig it! Happened to me more than once!

Oh, Brother!

Ch-Yeah. Good Luck finding ANYONE who has found Actual and True Love with ANYONE they met Online Before Face-to-Face.

Too Many Damn, Fucked-Up Fakes tugging at your heartstrings for Video-Fails from you, and Access to your HeXBox or PSN Account for Disgaea 3 DLC and a full game download of Burnout Paradise.

They Fail You for Their LULZ.

NOT to be a Hater or anything bad like that.

But, you should Verify Any and ALL Entrants: the Actual Identities of both people, And their "Meeting" and Background Stories, to the Fullest of Background Checks!

Guess What, EVERYONE WILL LIE THEIR BURNING PANTS OFF, and your Prize will be left Unclaimed Forever.

I Am Serious!

And that is Exactly what I told them, straight up!

Heart Level in Flux

Chris shared a photo and added:

2 July 2015

Not to mention Soul-Shattered, Beaten, Scarred, Blackmailed, Duped, Deceived, and all that shit the fake exes, Trolls and Cyber-Bullies had done to me.

Happy Magellan Day

Chris found an old photo on the "Occupy Democrats" page and, typically, completely missed the point, in the process dishonoring his Cherokee ancestors:

2 July 2015

To be more accurate, it Was Magellan who actually Discovered America after Columbus made his mistake if it being India. The day was made to honor the beginning of America, by discovery. So, to be accurate, I feel it better to rename it #MagellanDay. Then the day can be better celebrated for the History of Discovery.

Beatle Ponies

Chris posted a screenshot from an episode of My Little Pony featuring pony versions of The Beatles and wrote:

2 July 2015
Beatle Ponies.jpg

Anypony want to figure out the Beatles' Cutie Marks? From this photo, zoomed in, and recognizing the faces, John Lennon's is a white colored Peace Sign. I think George Harrison's looks like three smiling(?) Jelly Beans? And Paul McCartney's looks like a clown-face cake(?) with party noise makers? And Bonus Round: taking the three marks, after final conclusions, reasoning and whatnot, what would Ringo Starr's Cutie Mark be?

D-Cup Delusions

Chris decides to announce to everyone that his breasts are a D-cup in size, when in reality they would be lucky to fill an A-cup brassiere. His delusion about filling a D-cup is probably because the entire brassiere was far too small for him.

2 July 2015

You know one thing that makes for a start of a good day? At least for me. When you look down at your fresh grown breasts, and they both fit Snug in your D-Cup Brassiere. :)

Endless Horror

2 July 2015
Pink Lemonade.jpg

Something else that makes a refreshing start with a fantasy, Pink Lemonade.

Report This, Haters! It will be on Long enough for all to enjoy a glass. And, yes, that is my bra staying dry.

Later in the day, Chris removed the last paragraph and replaced it with:

Ha! This did Not violate standards!

The text in the drawing reads as follows. It is not clear if the date is accurate, or if he just forgot about the new month.

PiNk Fresh Lemonade

Soo Good to the last drop from the glass, with class!

Christine W. Chandler


Kim asked:

That's an interesting piece of art. Are you being menstruated on?

Chris replied:

NO! I am getting a shower of Pink (or Strawberry) Lemonade from a vagina.

Peed on by a woman is also another valid guess. But, yeah, that is Not blood.

Another gal-pal commented:

I don't understand what I'm looking at... But I like it.

Chris explained:

I'm getting showered with Pink (or Strawberry) Lemonade through a vagina.

Kenneth asked:

Why through a vagina?

Chris answered:

Because I am most attracted to women. Duh.

At this point, for unknown reasons, Chris's Facebook page was temporarily set to private, leading to a brief moment of panic for his True and Loyal Fanbase, who feared it had been deleted. Within a day, thankfully, it was back up.

New Profile Pic

On 3 July, Chris uploaded a new profile photo, showing his full torso, probably to emphasize his moobs. He added:

3 July 2015

Created with facebook.com/celebratepride

Lesbian Pocahontas

Chris' extremely selective and patchy knowledge about Native Americans reared its head when "Lizzy the Lezzy" posed the question, "What if Disney characters were in same-sex relationships?" Chris added the comment:

3 July 2015

With Pocahontas there, you can ask the same question upon the Actual People the Disney characters were based upon! Awesome!

The Definition of Trolling

Chris linked to an article about supermodel Chrissy Teigen and her unconventional effort to persuade Instagram to allow her to post topless photos of herself. He commented:

4 July 2015

I agree with Chrissy and her rights to be topless if she feels it right. BUT, I have One Big Question on a certain Word which its use in this context(?) Boggles my mind, "TROLLING"?

To me, and Popularly, Trolling, is defined as an Internet Troll/CyberBully, needlessly Terrorizing, Bullying, Blackmailing, Hacking, etcetera, and above all else, Emitionally and Mentally ABUSING an Innocent, Lacking great fame and power, Person to the farthest point of total mental breakdowns and deepest of emotional traumas.

So, reading that a Famous Model is "TROLLING"(?) a Major Company, Not Innocent, like I Was before those damn Trolls Tortured Me began on Me in late 2007,...I sincerely Feel like they Uses the Wrong Verb to describe what she did.

I feel like the More Accurate, and Less Offensive to Trolled Victims, Term here, since it is being directed to a major and famous company, is "Standing Up To" Them for Her Rights!

Personality Stealing

Chris left a comment on a post about the latest My Little Pony episode, regarding one of the characters:

5 July 2015

And I still Hate Starlight Glimmer for the Ability And Personality Stealing and Trapping. ]:(

Inner Bubbles

In another MLP comment, Chris criticized his favorite voice actress:

5 July 2015

Did anyone else Tara Strong's inner Bubbles coming out through young Twilight in the episode? And it definitely did not match the young Twilight voice in "Cutie Mark Chronicles".

More Medallions For Sale

Chris linked to his original eBay page and wrote:

7 July 2015

Sonichu Medallions; Sixteen Original Sonichu Medallions Ready to ship Next Day. Customs Still acceptable, and will take up to two weeks. Thank you for your patronage. Have a good day.

More Instructions for the Haters

"Lizzy the Lezzy" posted another homophobic rant she had found. Chris suggested:

8 July 2015

Hater to the Left.

I Demand That You Hate My Nipples

"Lizzy the Lezzy" posted an article about a trend on social media sites in which women are pasting images of male nipples on topless photos of themselves, in order to challenge double standards about nudity. Chris's autism kicked into high gear:

9 July 2015
D-Cup Manboobs.jpg

I Really Hate That. Male Nipples are Most Grotesque and Offensive to me. In Fact, someone report the following image, and see if Facebook Removes it.

This photo was in fact removed from Chris's personal page, but it's not clear how and why.

Swinging at a D-Cup Level

Chris struggled to clarify his argument on his own page, reposting the photo of his manboobs and evidence that he had reported his own photo to Facebook authorities:

9 July 2015

Hmm. In a comment I left on a post about the "Male" Nipple image to make the nipple exposure "more bareable?", I posted this recent photo of my own bare breasts, and Challenged it to be Reported to see if it gets removed.

Un-Freaking-Believable! Look at my Breasts: Swinging at a D-Cup Level, and #Facebook says it does Not Violate Standards. I, for one, as a Woman, find offense and shock in this in empathy of All Women, who #FreetheNipple.

So, I stand with my Lady Friends: if MY Breasts And Nipples can be shown on Facebook Without Censorship, then ALL Women should have the right to Bare Their Nipples Online as well Without Repercussions!

He shared this post on his Brassieres For Males page. His personal page actually was temporarily deactivated, for the second time this month, and when it came back up, this post was gone.

Der Fuehrer's Face

Chris had a moral dilemma over the implications of making a Hitler medallion and reconciled with the idea by making a mess of his commissioner's order (intentionally, that is).

9 July 2015

Someone requested Hitler for a medallion, and I have found a number of shameful misrepresentative "fan art" of my person, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone in my own words, with help from Spike Jones.

I am Not a mean person, or anything like him. I like Jewish people, and I have no grief against anyone else in the world who are not bad people. People, in person, are only bad when they exhibit mal-content against other people for hardly a good reason at the least.

That is Not Me. I am a good person, I try not to come off as a scary or bad person, and I do not care for any and all haters to anyone who wishes to do good, or such, at their own free will and leisure.

In Short: I am a good person; I do not like Hitler, nor agree at all with what he did and set out to do.

"Heil! Fart! Heil! Fart! Right in the Fuhrer's Face!" - Spike Jones

I could not have said it better.

For the third time this month, Chris's Facebook page was briefly deactivated, and when it came back up, these pictures were gone.

A Bad Shame

Chris responded to the announcement on "My Nintendo News" that Satoru Iwata had passed away:

12 July 2015

That is a bad shame. Mario and Luigi will be holding their hats over their hearts for him.

Sayonara, Iwata San.

Shit. Damn. Fuck.

16 July 2015

Three Words: Shit. Damn. Fuck. And then: "Somebody Shoot Me."

Actually, I Can best describe how Horrific the arm colour change has been.

‪#‎SEGA‬, when you changed ‪#‎Sonic‬'s arm colour, you Literally ‪#‎BROKE‬ ‪#‎BOTH‬ OF HIS ‪#‎ARMS‬ ‪#‎OFF‬!!!

Bundle Deal

18 July 2015

Ten More Sonichu Amiibo Figures, as well as Ten More Sonichu Medallions (No Custom Orders), NOW Available in a Bundle Deal. What you normally pay $50 and $30 for each of them respectively, This Bundle Deal offers $5.00 Off Each Item, for a total of $70! Score BOTH Items Simultaneously direct from me personally.

All Items are Already Made, Certified, Packaged/Boxed respectively, and will be shipped as early as Monday July 20th. So buy now, and Guarantee your items shipped out on Monday!

Thank you for your patronage, and have a great and safe day.


An Absence of Lesbians

Chris made one of his apparently routine appearances at Impulse Gay Social Club, but attendance was thin on this particular Saturday night.

18 July 2015

Kinda light tonight; where's everyone chillin' at tonight?

Buy the Bundle Sets

There wasn't a lot of interest in the new eBay items.

20 July 2015

EIGHT Figure/Medallion Bundle Sets Left, and you have Less than One Week to take advantage of this deal! I ship internationally as well. So, don't delay; order today.


On 23 July, as the clock ticked down, he edited the first sentence to read:

Six Figure/Medallion Bundle Sets Left, and you have Less than Two Days to take advantage of this deal!

What the T Stands For

"Lizzy the Lezzy" reported on a gay pride festival in Scotland which was excluding drag queens to protect the sensitivities of transgender people. Chris was not pleased:

21 July 2015

That is just Bogus! What do they think the "T" in "LGBTQ" stands for? It stands for "TransMales", "TransWomen", and "Transvestites". And a lot of Male-Identified Transvestites are Gay. And that has been the ideal for the Pride Parades for the Long Time. So to those organizers, I say to them, They are discriminating against their Own Kind of People.

Subconscious Offense

Chris shared a video to illustrate a point about the blarms:

22 July 2015

Let me elaborate a bit further, the reason why the arm colour change matters That Great and Offensively to me is because to me, when ‪#‎SEGA‬ changed ‪#‎SonicTheHedgehog‬'s arm colour to blue, they literally and metaphorically Broke His Arms Off. Think about it. When looking at him from the side, his arms now Blend into his body color. If it wasn't for the Mickey Mouse Gloves on his hands Now, you could not see his hands either. It is like Where The Hell has his arms gone? I can't see them anymore! It is That Horrific to me.

Now, someone, please, since SEGA won't let me contact them, TELL Them this Very Reason of Subconscious Offense.

He also posted this message on his protest page, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!

Chris's Hair is Not Blue!

Chris reveals his hair is now a sickly blue-green colour, having presumably dyed it himself (possibly without even bleaching it, based on the murky and unappealing colour).

23 July 2015

Hello, everyone! Notice anything New about me? Take a good look. I love my new colour, and I did this for ME! I am proud and loud about myself with love! And if you don't like it, well Too Bad For You.

(Not having anything to do with SEGA or Sonic at all)



25 July 2015

The relist worked; still Six Sonichu Amiibo Figures and Six Sonichu Medallions are available for shipment as early as the next day. Or Monday if buying this weekend.


The Supremacy of Sonichu

26 July 2015
Amiibo July.jpg

I still have six Sonichu Figures and Medallions for sale on the listing.

Listen, everyone, I am aware that I, personally, am appreciated like a person celebrity. That is great and all. BUT, I do feel that Sonichu should get as much respect as y'all give me. Aside from the autism I wish I did not have, I still have poured a lot of the kind of person I was and am into his character (transgender not included either). And I understand and can see how he and his friends, family, and whatnot can be considered "fanfiction".

But Sonichu, the First and Prime Sonichu, is MORE than just a yellow colored Sonic; Sonichu is MORE than a tall Pikachu. He is an individual who from a lone mouse, became a Sweetheart, a loyal friend, a lover, a caring type, a family hedgehog, a better than fast speed superhero type, a leader and a teammate who works with his team, and saves the day and helps around at home and in town. He is self-confident with awareness to his strengths, weaknesses and limits, humble, stays to fight when appropriate; a good soul and individual.

Sonic the Hedgehog; did he become a family hedgehog with Amy Rose or Sally Acorn? NO. Is Sonic a totally loyal, loving and caring type? Yes and No; he was loyal and caring of his friends, including the ladies and girls, but he is soo the "Love 'em and Leave 'em type, reluctant to heartfelt affections, and he is still afraid of commitment. Not only that, but SEGA is sending him spiraling down the drain with RUSHED Final Products, and offensive changes to him. I would not change, or allow change onto, Sonichu's physical characteristics. And I would want the final games and animations, should I be partnered with someone Official and Legitimate to create them, to Not be Rushed; Quality is Good to me.

And Pikachu, the one with Ash; no better than a wild or trained type of animal. Sonichu was wild, but domesticated himself with Rosechu and everyone else. Sonichu has a stronger Defense and Attack than Pikachu; faster too. And Sonichu has more story potential with his life. Pikachu is a lot of going wherever Ash goes, shadowed by him most of the time, and a lot of "attack and win or lose"; so trite. No contest: Sonichu wins the Pokémon battle.

Plus, not only can the Amiibo figure be used in Smash Bros and unlock things in other games, but as a figure, you can imagine him going into battle and sending a thunderpunching sky uppercut for the win.

I spend Hours locating the figure resources, sorting out the pieces, disassembling portions, Krazy glued some, painted, added and solidified the portions with Model Magic and more K-glue, putting them together, label them, certifying them, package them... ALL Hand Worked to the end; I end up with Krazy glue on my fingers and end up gnawing the dried portions off. I put a LOT of Time, Effort, Heart and Soul into Each Individual Figure. An I am improving the packaging quality to make sure they each do not fall apart in transit. And I need the funds from the sales to help pay the bills here at home and better.

My Crafts are Hand-Made Soul Pieces, and hand-made usually have the good charm and quality in each of them, and they are Collectible. Think about it.


28 July 2015

Fine! New Deal: buy a Sonichu Amiibo Figure, $50, get a Sonichu Medallion FREE. Five of each left for this limited offer, so order today! The Figures have all been better reinforced.

Blame eBay and/or Paypal

29 July 2015

It has come to my attention, and beyond my full understanding as to Why, but a couple of people looking to buy the figures and medallions lately have been getting their transactions reversed after completing them. Three sets remain, and if this happens to you as well, you can still send the full amount to my aol email address on Paypal; please be sure to leave a message on the eBay account the listing is being held on, which is the New one at this time.

I sincerely apologize for the faults of either eBay and/or Paypal that results in this mistake. Feel free to complain to one or both #eBay and #Paypal. Thank you for your patience, patronage and understanding. Have a good and safe day.


30 July 2015

One Figure/Medallion Set Left! Who Wants It?