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A small overview of Chris's purchases on eBay.
I recived an empty envelope.


—Feedback on a bootleg Pokémon game Chris sold in March 2018.

eBay is an online auction site frequented by Chris since May 2001. He has often purchased and sold stuff there.

Chris as a buyer

Chris bought a number of My Little Pony action figures from the site. His many eBay purchases helped Chris accumulate a debt of $2,000 on his credit card.

During the Megan Saga, Megan often got Chris to buy her stuff — pictures of World War II Wehrmacht soldiers, anime CDs, Sailor Moon paraphernalia — from eBay, probably because she didn't have a credit card herself. In an email from 2007, Megan revealed the nature of the transactions, offering to repay Chris with "cash and or unneeded goodies",[1] though it seems in some cases Chris would buy things as gifts for her.

According to his feedback history as of 31 March 2010, he spent $12.97 on God of War III The Forgotten Warrior Skin Code for PS3 and $9.99 for a God of War III Apollo In Game Skin Code. On 1 September 2010, he spent $30 on a ModNation Racers Ratchet & Clank Mod. To put that in perspective, he could have bought the PSP version of ModNation Racers with that money, which he already did.[2] The Ratchet & Clank Mod was later released on the PSN for merely $2.[3] Most recently, however, Chris purchased a Lego Friends promotional display stand for $30.[2] Lego Friends is a series of Lego aimed at preteen girls, as evidenced by its general kiddiness and ease of assembly.

After being MIA on eBay for 2 years, he came back in late 2012 as a seller. A new noteworthy feedback was the Skylanders Giants Wii Bundle Pack plus Bonus, which he sold for $165.

Immediately after listing and successfully selling various drawings (including the Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing) and multiple autographed photos in early July 2014, Chris bought several Lego minifig parts on eBay.[2]

In 2015, Chris has shown himself to be an avid consumer of Amiibo, which he buys from eBay scalpers at around $30 a pop. Chris seems to be going for a complete collection of Amiibo. In spite of the implied financial troubles that come with legal difficulties and having your home rebuilt from the Ground-Up, trolls noted that Chris bought a $30 Lego minifigure and hundreds of dollars in Lego sets; the typical spending spree for Chris ends in about $600 of tugboat being forked over to various eBayers in exchange for second-hand toys.

In 2016, Chris switched his interests from Amiibos to Transformers, spending hundreds of dollars on acquiring new figures, despite being neck-deep in the Financhu Crisis.

On 8 September 2016, he spent $62.64 to buy a Titans Returns: Optimus Prime figure. He left feedback on the item, stating, "It was opened, and it was missing one wheel." Oddly, he still rated the transaction positive[4].

Chris as a seller

Notice the wonderful pile of dishes. Who wouldn't want to buy something from this house?


Since late 2008, when the Chris-Chan phenomenon became more widely known, people used Chris's eBay account as a means to troll him. They would bid on his auction, not pay, and then leave lulzy negative feedback.

Early in 2009, Chris tried to stop this form of trolling by changing his eBay name to "jesusguidesme2", and deleting information from his account. It didn't work. The account went dormant in September 2010, but became active again around August 2012.

On 22 June 2015, Chris opened a second, concurrent eBay account, "pristinechristine1982." In his Facebook announcement, he explained that this was "to start fresh on my selling limits and all." It is not clear how eBay would feel about this tactic if they were aware of it. At any rate, he has bought items and sold autographed photos, medallions, and Amiibo through this account with no trouble yet.

On 2 September 2015, Chris posted on Facebook that he was moving from eBay to Etsy because it is "easier" and "better" than eBay. After losing his Etsy shop in June 2016[5], Chris returned to eBay as a seller, listing Pokemon cards in July 2016.

2008-2013 listings

Main article: 2008-2013 Sales Listings

Around September 2009, Chris, in a rare display of monetary wisdom, sold two of his awful guitars. While not the autistic magnum opus we know as that Gitar of Fail, "Meatwad's Shredwad" shows off Chris's disregard for copyright and his fail art in one fell stroke. It's perfectly okay for Chris to sell his crappy fake Aqua Teen Hunger Force merch, but none of those slanderous trolls can do the exact same goddamn thing with Sonichu products. He also sold his Gibson model controller, which was covered in stickers. Someone purchased both controllers for a ridiculous $90.99, plus $6 for shipping.

He also sold a Bumblebee 2008 Concept Camaro claiming that it was unopened, which wasn't true.

On 18 September 2013, Chris returned to eBay and tried to sell the "kre-o micro changers Series 1, 12 piece set complete" collection for $65.

2014-2015 listings

Main article: 2014-2015 Sales Listings
  • Bob's Straduarius Violin
  • Model plane kit
  • Original Drawings
  • Autographed Photos
  • Commissions
  • Jazz Marathon CDs
  • Medallions
  • Sonichu Amiibo

2016 listings

Main article: 2016 Sales Listings
  • Christian Weston Chandler's Birthday Pikachu Sweepstakes Winner Card
  • Base Set Charizard Holo, No Shadow
  • Error Misprinted Jungle Electrode, First Edition
  • Aladdin VHS Black Diamond The Classics

2017 listings

Main article: 2017 Sales Listings
  • Bob's stamp collection
  • Chris's stamp album
  • Sonic Totem
  • Sonichu drawings from 2014
  • The Classic shirt

2018 listings

Main article: 2018 Sales Listings
  • Chris Chan’s Very First Pokemon Card With Companion Autographed Nintendo Power
  • Collection Of Old Promo Pokemon Cards From Chris Chan, Herself
  • lot of 150+ old rare pokemon cards from Chris Chan, Herself
  • Binder of UFS cards
  • Trashed Sonichu 14 pages
  • Pile of bootleg games
  • Sailor Moon ticket
  • Cole's comic collection
  • Pokéwalker
  • Game Boy w/ Tetris
  • Cole's stuff (old homework, awards, KISS memorabilia)
  • Art 101 set
  • Wiimote
  • Lesbian pride flag
  • Korean church Bible
  • Teal hair dye bottle
  • Transformers
  • Amnyfest Ring
  • Wii U fit meter
  • lot of 32 porn drawings, including pieces of shecameforcwc
  • Extra Sonichu license plate
  • Celebrity Visit From Christine Weston Chandler
  • Apple iPhone 6s
  • Nine cards from The Wall of Originals
  • Autographed Johnny Cash photo
  • JULAY! autograph
  • TMG 2015 signed poster
  • Sonichu standee
  • Framed Chris autographed photos
  • TooManyGames Autographed Poster - Chris Chan And YouTubers
  • Extra large throw blanket
  • Chris Chan Autograph Card - Just The card
  • Chris Chan Autograph Card - WITH Autograph
  • CHASE VARIANT Chris Chan Autograph Card - Pickle And BadBear

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