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The following is a transcript of the known e-mails exchanged by Megan and Chris from January through July 2007. The only thing that has been removed are the email ads at the bottom of each page.

Megan's e-mails are in pink, Chris's in light blue.

Megan began e-mailing Chris less throughout this period, perhaps because she was busy with life in general compared to Chris. Either that, or it was because Chris was growing even more creepy towards her. Nonetheless, despite Chris's repeated e-mailing and touchiness, she would continue to remain nice towards him for the most part. This period ended with Chris telling Megan about his plans if he won the PaRappa the Rapper contest - an event that would, ultimately, end in tragedy for the both of them.


Chris apologizes for being a douche

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 9:01:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Re: Alright

Hey, Megan. To start... the manga, the ponies and the Yu-Gi-Oh CD; that works for me. Cool; Pink Panther it is then. I'm certain that you all will enjoy the jugs/washboards/kazoos and boogie-woogie that my papa shared back in 1990 on WTJU.

And... I am sorry that I hurt your feelings; I didn't mean to, and I was not being contradicting. Also, I did not "dismiss" the story, I just gave it consideration, and I offered my honest and open opinion about it. I did picture your Skitty in your Metune outfit, and I can honestly say that it is a cute idea. :) I just feel that the permament (or the world-switch) transformation rubs me the wrong way... How about this, let's say your future daughter is transformed into the skitty of Team Courage, and she and her team time-travel back to aide you and me in our battles and steps towards the future (kind of a Chibi-Usa situation). And this would happen after we get the seven Crystal Sonichu Balls together, get my imiginary sister out of the mirror, awaken Darkbind's Princess Zelina and put an end to Mary Lee Walsh's terror. You can provide the new set of villians that Reldnach Notsew Naitsirhc will recruit (after having left the hospital). Also, Houndour and Absol... let's put Hound-Howl and Apocolypse in those shoes (with the random evolution to Pending Doom and Devolution Spray that Skitty will have). And I'm not so sure about Charmander on the team... could you go with a Vaporeon, and draw him/her like Hound-Howl or Apocolypse (making a better balanced type-match for the team... Normal, Water, Fire and Dark vs. Normal, Fire X2 and Dark (they would be more weak against ground or water attacks). Does that work better for you? I support your cute and fun ideas as much as possible, and I feel a little sad from having hurt your feelings... I'd like to put a smile on my favorite friend's face. :)

Also, how do you feel of the idea of Megagi and Bionic dating behind the comic?

And I am flattered that you said that I am a good storyteller; thank you so much. :)

Still caringly fond of you;
Chris Chan.


Did you read the part in the latest episode where Black Sonichu tells Sonichu about Reldnahc having put whipped cream in his rocket boosters? In the original drawing, he said "some creamy stuff", in reference to Reldnach being the TOTALLY opposite of me.

Megan gives Chris a lesson in canine anatomy

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: 6 Mar 2007
Subject: Great

Ok, then it's settled. I have one request about making a femine Houndour design. Whether or not you've noticed NONE of my original female characters have....breasts. And the reason is because they are more animalish, they have what Pattie had, six nursing tools. I just don't believe in giving animals that kind of human quality. Although my girls and boys wear clothes, I give them no undergarments. When you think about it- when pets get dressed up, they don't have underwear either.
With that said, to me it gives my animal characters a more purist appeal.
And despite walking upright, talking, and wearing clothes, they still have animal instincts--hissing and growling, grooming with their tongues, you get the idea.

SO, I will give the hound version of myself eyelashes, maybe jewelry and a ribbon. I wish to have no visible you-know-whats, please. I just wanted to share with you where I stand when I create characters.

Tonight I'll be creating and giving you the drafts on Friday.
I CAN'T WAAAAIIT for the Klonoa cd's!!! I hope they come soon!
See ya!

Another email from the "Seriously Stop Fucking Touching Me" collection

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: 30 April 2007
Subject: hey

Yes. of course I knew there was an Act 0! Remember that dvd set auction I told you about? One of the reasons I wanted it was because it also included a dvd with Act 0 and Special Act.
NO i'm NOT a money-hungry type. Like I said my account is used for art supplies and such, I can't spent it all on ebay. Which is why I ask you since I can give you cash and or uneeded goodies. ;) I ask if you're financially stable cause I don't want to be like I'M the reason you're "broke", you know? But you did by a PS3... I hope I'm not a money burden...thank you for the PS2 and dvd's! John loves his stuff and especially the Gundam plush!

Anyway, yeah 2 months is a bit of time but you're lucky then, Should John have chosen the school in Florida it would have been 2 years!
I understand your feelings, but please consider mine, I'm miserably unhappy here. I need to broaded my horizons. I have no life here. But I doubt we're moving anyway.

One more thing, PLEASE minimize your touchy-ness. You KNOW WELL I dislike it, and I keep reminding you. Understand I'm not angry, but annoyed and a bit disapointed. I remember you said you'd NEVER do it again and yet... I know you're just being friendly and all but I really hate being anyone!

Also, the moon cd's are wonderful thank you so much! Looking forward to the karaoke cd's!!

Thank you for the time and effort!
Talk to you later!
~Megan ;)

Chris on Soul Calibur, and a shitty poem

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Mon, 7 May 2007 12:41:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Re: wheee!

Well, I just heard that the person of RareRomance will have just sent the cards, so maybe by this coming or the next Friday you will have your cards. :)

Another issue, I've just recorded a Battle Theatere from Soul Calibur 3 featuring you Vs. Yosimitsu, as well as me Vs. Mary Lee Walsh and a couple of others. I will have the Battle Thetere shows in MP4 format soon, and all you to watch them this coming Friday on my PSP. I've unlocked all the Custom Character Jobs, so everyone is at the highest role. I started your character as a Ninja, which later unlocked Assassan, which later unlocked Samurai; you are now Samurai Class. I started as a Saint (because that sounded like basically who I am), then I've got upgraded to Sage (no more beyond that). Also available were Thief >>> Pirate, Barbarian >>> Gladiator >>> Knight, Dancer, Monk, and the topper, Swordsmaster.

Each Job has a specific number of compatable weapons. Like for you, as Ninja: Kunai, Katana & Shuriken, Sickle (flexible), and weapons of Taki & Setsuka. Then as Assassin: Wave Sword, Iron Sword, Chinese Sword, and weapons of Lizardman and Tira. And NOW as Samurai: Katana (only), Katana & Shuriken, Sickle (flexible), and Weapons of Mitsurugi and Yoshimitsu. :D

I, as Saint, welded: Staff (Personal Weapon of Choice), Dagger, Steel Fan, and Weapons of Zasalamel and Talim. Now as Sage I get: Chinese Blade, Sword & Shield, Staff, and Weapons of Sophita and Casandra.

The list of weapons for each job were listed from lowest level earned to highest (Lv1, Lv10, Lv20 and Lv30). And my source of information:

BTW, John was started as Barbarian, and now is Knight. Also, there was not enough room for "Schroder" in the name spaces, so for both of you, it was shortened to "Schroe"; nothing personal.

Well, enough Soul 3 talk. Let me ask you something, and John may input his opinion for this question as well, Have either of you played Gauntlet 2 or Rampart? I am asking, because the two games are avilable in the PSNetwork Store, downloable to PS3. And I wanted your feedback if either or both of you played either one.

Oh, I did download the new Super Rub-a-Dub game; it is so cute and fun. With the Sixaxis, I rotate and shake a tub with the hero Rubber Duckie, and guide it to collect the trapped smaller ducks and lead them to the Drain Exit. And I have to stay away from the wind-up toy Sharks, unless I'm playing the bonus level as the shark and I would have to eat the ducks.

Well, if you find a website where the PGSM episode are downloable with the appropriate format, let me know and I'll get to work on that. Otherwise, I'm killin' time on PS3 or PSP or DS, or with family. Here's a cute rhyme-scheme I've made up recently (inspired by a Wii Comercial):

"On your (GBA) SP,
create your Mii,
and play it on Wii,
with your PSP,
hooked to the PS3,
because it's fun see?"

Okay, I'll check in again later, and I await your next E-Mail. You all take care.

I'm thinkin' of you fondly, sweetie;
Chris Chan.

Megan talks about her infatuation with a game character

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: 4 June 2007
Subject: Re: Cool.

Great. I'll be on the look out for the Transformers.

Now it doesn't surprise me that the Japanese title was Soul Edge. In Tekken 3, one of the battlegrounds is a backstreet type place with graffiti. And an Especially large spraypainted logo "SoulEdge" adorns the fence behind you.

I'm sure you wonder....and even I wonder...why is this weirdly dressed alien such my most favorite fighter?

It probably started back when I had Tekken2, I was 10 or 11. Back then you had more tolerance for all the characters and I played as anybody and everybody. But there was something about Yoshimitsu's costume that "spoke" to me. I liked his threatning [sic] expressed mask, and his Japanese hat. I just liked the way he looked all-around. And he has a good personality. He's like a Robin Hood. He helps the poor and travels a path of righteousness. But at the same time he is obsessed with arcades and internet! Moving back to helping the poor. He will lend a hand to anyone in need. But I like how he's not liberal. If he helps someone and they turn on him....he will come after them and kill them if needed.

So anyway, eventually as I grew older and developed more tastes I narrowed down my choice of fighters to Yoshimitsu. I feel like I have this "bond" when I choose him. Like Yugi and his Dark Magician. I hope this doesn't sound silly but I feel "close" to Yoshimitsu and he is very dear and special to me.
I believe Tekken6 comes out this Nov. on PS3. If you consider getting it for yourself, I only ask for you not to play Yoshimitsu, ONLY to unlock his movie. I feel like I can't share him with anyone else. Do I sound crazy?

Well so that's it I guess. I'll probably see you Wed. then
PS is the Jacob's Ladder plant in AnimalCrossing (DS) considered a weed? Cause it wilts like other flowers.

Chris talks about Megan while she's away

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 5:57:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Hey Megan,

I hope you are having a safe trip to Kentucky at this time.

As for me, it's not bad here. I'm finishing up copying the G1 Transformers episodes to DVD-Rs. I've learned I could download games/demos from the JAPANESE Playstation Store (I had to create a Japanese account, with a made-up street address). It's cool, I've downloaded free demos of Folklore, Everyone's Golf 5 and the Playstation1 Demo of XI Sai (a dice game (it can be copied for play on PSP)). And this game I'm learning about that is internet based (similar to the upcoming Home), from the Dokidemo title (the import Cat game on PSP). I'm going to see if I can learn more on

Also, I've learned from the US Playstation website about a NEW Gundam title coming soon for PS3 (hopefully rated better than Crossfire) titled "Dynasty Warriors: Gundam". Apparently its gameplay will be based on the previous Dynasty Warriors games, but the Gundams will be the main playable mechs. FYI, I've purchased the Crossfire game during Gamestop's Game Days sale for practically a steal at $29.99.

I have de-weeded Cwcville, and I'm working on getting it back in shape. I look forward to our first Wi-Fi visit; please let me know the date and time YOU or I should have your/my gate open. By the way, my DS's touch screen in the middle is out of order; I won't be able to touch the "g" key, so I will have to type the letters with my control pad and A button (it may be slower).

I will await your E-Mail, or I may check in again later. You all take care.

Thinkin' of you fondly and sweetly;
Chris Chan. <3<3<3

Chris is sad about Patti

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 9:22:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Dearest Megan,

I lost a bit of sleep last night, because I remembered that yesterday (June 27), one year ago, Patti passed away. I cried for a while, with my mom, being reminded of the Burdens hardest to bear; I'm fine now. Funny side-stories, I didn't remember till just after I hit the sack, but earlier I was playing Guitar Hero to complete the Hard Mode. One song to go, "Bark At The Moon"; I said to myself that this one was for Patti. And before that, my mother suggested we go to the SPCA, in addition to finding about the upcoming Rummage Sale, we'd look at the puppies. Subconsiously, we were, without realizing it, being reminded of this one-year anniversary. At least now, Patti's resting in peace, and she's looking down and protecting us and our cats. Did I tell you that Patti and our elder kitty were really close; they would chat on and on, share food and sleep together.

On the bright side, I took up Gamestop's current offer of trading in 2 PS3 games to get one FREE; I got the new Transformers Game after trading in Untold Legends Dark Kingdom and Armored Core 4. I plan to getting replacement copies of those two in the near future. AC4 is among the Game Days Sale offer at 25% off.

I hope you all are safe and doing well. Take Care.

Thinkin' Fondly of you (alongside Patti; bless her soul); Chris Chan. <3<3<3

Chris talks about the Pokemon League and Megan memories

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 2:16 pm
Subject: Dearest Megan

I hope that you are able to get my messages over in Kentucky. BTW, which time zone are you in, Central or Eastern? That will matter to when you'd like me to visit you/open my gate.

As for the Dynasty Warriors - Gundam demo, I have enjoyed it. It has better graphics than Crossfire, I get a bird's eye view of the scene, the sword and shield is used more than gunfire, and the control is easier and mech movement is faster.

Last Friday at the League was not bad. A new kid entered who started his membership from a tournament, so he already had a POP ID number upon his first arrival to the Game Place. I won a few games; lost a couple. I didn't buy any Soul Calibur packs then, but I plan to this coming Friday. On that issue, I will enclose scanned images of the cards I get in the e-mail I send you just after getting a pack or so. Brianna and her family are doing good as well.

I miss you a lot, but I'm okay; I still get a sweet, happy feeling each time I think of your fun wit, your charms, your pretty face and the fun you and I have shared so far. :) I hope you and your family are safe and doing well.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I will send another message later on. XOXOXO

Your Faithful Friend who thinks fondly of you;

Chris Chan. <3

Chris lists Soul Calibur cards and talks about the Transformers movie

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 8:52:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Dearest Megan,

I'm guessing you all have been busy, getting settled and enrolling John and whatnot, but I would appreciate a reply soon.

Anyhoo, I got the last 4 Soul Calibur (First Expansion) packs that were at the Game Place tonight, so I got to keep the box. Quite a lot of cards to scan, so I'll just list them. And you may look them up on eBay. The picked up cards are as follows:

  • Shishi-Oh - Asset
  • Inhuman Fortitude - Asset
  • Reverse Spiral - Atk
  • Thrust Throw - Atk

Despair - Atk **Voldo**
Destined Greatness - Atk
The Power of the Gale - Found
Twin Splitters - Atk (X2)
Shadow Split - Atk
Hem Stitck - Atk (X2)
Cross Style Mastery - Found
Helm Divider - Atk (X2)
Belligerent Aggression - Found
Holy Purification - Atk
Sublime Contmplation - Found
Dark Destroyer - Atk
Swift Edge - Atk (X2)
Disembowel - Atk
Ax Grave - Atk
Annihilation - Atk
Tornado Shot - Atk
Persistence - Found
Thrust - Atk
Earth Scroll - Atk (X2)
Bamboo Cutter - Atk
Lost Memories - Found
Rising Ripper - Atk
Evil Eye - Atk
Material Advantage - Found
Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu-Kai - Found
Made not Born - Found
Sword Buster - Atk
Circle of Steel - Found
Destruction - Atk
Hades Break - Atk

That's it for this time.

Briana is still doing good, so is Tony and Ty. We had three new members come in this time; I put together 3 decks for them. Two them were brothers, Mason and Brandon, and Brandon, I've learned from their mother, is High-Functioning Autistic. He also was born with weak legs, so he gets around on crutches. Anyway, they all should know the Pokemon TCG rules well now.

I will not be attending the League next Friday; my mother and I will be attending the SPCA Rummage Sale Opening that day, so no new cards then.

On Independence Day, my mother and I went to see the new Transformers movie; it was awesome. It was very dramatic, had chunks of PG-13 humor and a dash of romance. One humorous moment I remember was something I didn't get to see everyday, Bumblebee leaked lubricant onto a bad man of secret organization "Sector Seven" like he was doing number 1. There was of course plenty of Military Land and Air action and drama. One soldier was looking forward to coming home to hold his newborn daughter for the first time. A few of the other soldiers were speaking spanish in front of the Americans. And there were confrences at the Pentagon. You don't have to be a total Autobot fan to enjoy the bunches of Men In Action that I know you would. :)

Well, I have things to do, but I hope you all are doing well in Kentucky. And I miss you, sweetie. <3 Please reply soon.

Faithfully yours with fondful thoughts;
Chris Chan.

Megan still away, Chris continues talking about video games

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 6:01:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Dearest Megan,

Just checkin' in again. :)

I've completed my Transformers game with all missions and sub-missions completed and all icons and energon cubes collected. I've unlocked all the bonus movie/toy/comic images, all seven movies and the ability to play as Generation 1 Optimus Prime and Megatron. I've enjoyed the fantastic detailed graphics, a bit of "Deceptive" Destruction, flying around with Sixaxis Tilt control, Saving the day, crusin' the streets, and of course the transformations.

Currently, I'm playing Genji: Days of the Blade (free rental due Sunday); It's great ninja-style action, and the story is good too.

I hope you've been able to have fun with your PS2 and the Eyetoy or the Guitar. :) There is still nothing new in video games on Sailor Moon. And upon investigation, I can download ALL the PGSM episodes from Veoh and get them burned to DVD (regardless of the subtitle situation; you can still watch it fully on PC or zoom out on your DVD Player), so I will start work on that soon.

And I have some dough set aside for the Rummage Sale this Friday; I could make out great with finding working systems and games for trade-in and profit.

Aside from all that, I think fondly of you lots, and I count down the days until you and your family return, as well as an E-Mail from you. I miss you so much, and I hope you all are well and safe.

I got to go; the Simpsons are about to come on. Hey...I like you. <3<3<3

Faithfully yours; Chris Chan.

Chris continues to be boring, Megan continues to be away

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 11:18 am
Subject: Dearest Megan,

I just rested after getting home from the rummage sale. My mother and I left at about 1:00, we went to Chik-fil-a for Cow Appreciation Day (Free Combo for looking like a cow; I made cow masks for us). After lunch, we went straight to the sale, where we were the 4th and 5th in line, and we waited about 2 1/2 hours. I kept myself entertained with the original Transformers Movie on my PSP for the most part. The NBC news crew was there, and it islikely that I got my face on television (I'll find out on "Film at 11"). And we were interviewed by a paper reporter. As much to my excitement of hopeful finds of Gamecube, PS2 and such for profitable trade-in, after getting a shopping cart, I rushed (without running over anybody) to the electronics. And to my dismay, all they had were a Sega Genesis, a Playstation 1, and the only PS2 they had was priced at $125 (whereas in previous years, it was priced at only $25), so I didn't buy anything. Although my mother made out in her big bunch of fabrics and stuff. On the way home, we picked up a couple more free combo meals, and I decided since I still had the dough, I went ahead and picked up at Wal-Mart a PS3 Intercooler set and a (Autobot) Bumblebee PS2 Slim Skin (for my PS3). The day wasn't as swift as expected, but it wasn't a total loss.

I wish I could hear from you. I hope you all are doing well. I will send another e-mail soon.

Faithfully yours,

Chris Chan. <3<3<3<3<3

Chris talks about a soap opera, has "gunky ear", and is still thinking of Megan

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 9:59:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Dearest Megan,

From the "Rubi" (Spanish soap opera with english subtitles) DVD set I spent a few of my saved points on My Coke Rewards, which I've received Friday, I just watched the first episode; it was good, I've enjoyed the drama, as well as the scenery of Mexico.

I'd tell you more, but it's moderately hard to think with the return of the gunky ear; it just happened earlier today but in the left ear. I've used some of my previously perscribed ear medicine, but I will attempt to wash it out in the shower later. It's quite the bother like last time.

Aside from that, I'm still thinking of you sweetly and fondly; it is good. :) I long to see you again at the Game Place and welcome you back with open arms. I sometimes feel lonely, but it is so worth the wait just to be close to you again. <3 I hope you are safe and well. :)

I'll send you another message soon.

Faithfully yours; Chris Chan. <3<3<3

Chris enters PaRappa the Rapper contest

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 6:03:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Dearest Megan, (Parappa the Rapper)

About June 29th, I created, edited and submitted an video entry for's Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown. I submitted it through e-mail, as well as uploading it to YouTube and Veoh. I just got an E-Mail from the Playstation people, and Good News...

"Congratulations! Your PaRappa the Rapper video contest entry has made it into the voting phase of the contest. We will post your video on and invite the PlayStation Underground to vote on their favorite. Before the fun begins, please print and sign the attached SCEA video release form and fax to my attention at 310.482.4201. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! Nathan PlayStation Community Support"

So I've printed the form, signed it, rushed to Kinkos and faxed it. It would be so awesome if I won the Grand Prize... a trip for two to Seattle, WA for the Penny Arcade Expo. And I couldn't think of anyone better to be there with me than you. :) But given your currently being in Kentucky, and if you all come back home that soon... it could be iffy.

I wanted to let you about that. If you are able to, you may check out the video on Youtube or Veoh; I even mentioned you in it. :)

Seriously, I really wish I could hear from you real soon. I'd like to know how you all are doing, what's been good in Kentucky; all that good jazz. I miss you. <3<3<3

I'll send another E-Mail soon.

Faithfully yours; Chris Chan.

Chris wishes her a happy birthday, Megan still in Kentucky, Chris whores himself for votes

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 8:46:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Dearest Megan,

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy 21st Birthday, Sweetest Megan! Happy Birtday to you! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 :)

I hope you are having a great Birthday over there in Kentucky. This is what I am able to do for this time, but I did give you your presents earlier. And since you have me in your locket, it's as if I was actually there for your 21st turn. :)

And while I'm thinkin' about it, last friday was okay; nothing special. I got one pack of SC Blades of Fury, and the cards included were as followed:

**Mitsurugi (Character Card) Sole Survivor (Foundation~Yoshimitsu) Spinning Sword (Attack~Yoshimitsu) Mezentius Head Butt (Attack) Killing Bite (Attack) Raise the Shield (Foundation) Tornado Swell (Attack) Jolly Roger Hoist (Attack) Phantasm Fleet (Attack) Dread Charge (Foundation)

I am spreading the word throughout MySpace, my Sonichu, Pokesite 2 (english and spanish), Hot Wheels, and Bionicle websites, through the Playstation Network (with help from playing online with Motorstorm to get names), and Locally at the Game Place and such about voting for my PaRappa the Rapper Video. I'd really like to win that trip and those PSPs, so I can share the expierence with you, my closest, sweetest friend. <3 Who knows, maybe I can wing it for good results. :)

At least I can keep you up-to-date, even though it may still be a while before you can read these E-Mails.

I'll send you another one soon. Have the Happiest of 21st Birthdays, because you've got a nice family to share it with and me.

Faithfully Yours; Chris Chan.

Chris talks about trading cards, tells Megan he wants to go to Seattle with her

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 12:18 pm
Subject: Dearest Megan,

It was rainy about 3-5 this afternoon, but fortunately a bunch of players showed up today at the Game Place. I didn't get a Soul Calibur Pack this week, but I noticed that they have in stock a two-deck pack for Street Figher UFS; Ryu Vs. "Ayku" (wasn't sure of that name) and new Yu-Gi-Oh (GX) Starter Decks featuring Jaden (the Holo card is Elemental Hero Necroshade) and... the boy who plays with the machanic toon vehicles (I forgot his name). Tony warned me last week that he wouldn't make it today, so I worked pretty hard.

I had to sign up two new members; Bridget and Perry. Bridget's deck was perfectly Psychic, so I didn't have to work on hers, but Perry's was a bit of chaos; one Squirtle, one Wartortle, one Blastoise EX, one Turtwig, one (stage 1 for turtwig), one matching stage 2, and the same column scheme applied to Plipup to Empoleon, Chimchar to Infernape and Charmander to Charizard. And he had a bunch of non-evoling basics that made it a real messed-up haymaker, and the rest was about 2 Boost Energies, one Cyclone Energy, one Multi Energy, one Rainbow Energy, one Psychic, some of the other basics (excluding Metal and Dark) totaling to 28 Energy Cards. And he had no Trainer cards. And what he had in his book was somewhat out of order. But I perservered with a mostly colorless deck for him. :) I got a few small headaches and head-quits (that's where my brain would just zone out for about a few seconds).

Aside from today, last week at the Playstation Store, after like a couple of months, they finally added a NEW PS1 title for download and play on PS3 and PSP: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night. It set me back about 9.99, but I downloaded it. I have made it about half-way to fully through; I'm now playing in the inverted castle (it's upside-down...freaky).

Also, I have been working hard on spreading the word around locally, on MySpace and on the PSNetwork about voting for my video on the Playstation website. I've played Motorstorm online to get a bunch of names for new acquaintances; I've rarely been able to make it at First place. But one time I did manage to make 3rd. Quite the stress-work, but it will be worth it if I win the trip to Seattle. I fantasy you and me taking the trip, having fun at the Penny Arcade Expo, maybe take a tour of the Nintendo of America company, playing Guitar Hero with you on my PS3 in our hotel room, and basically just being with you, period. :) And I would give you and John the two PSPs (but I would keep one of the two PaRappa the Rapper games). But I digress...

I hope you and your family are doing well and good in Kentucky. I'd wish for you to come back sooner, but I can't control how soon John will be able to finish his mechanic course. I'll be happier when you are standing in front of me again, safe and sound. :)

That's enough from my heart (blush) for a while, my sweet friend. I'll e-mail you again soon.

Faithfully yours;

Chris Chan. <3<3<3


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