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Chris, laying it down

The following is an exchange between Chris and Jackie from 1 July to 18 July 2010, wherein they rekindle their previous attraction and their honest love. We find out that Chris has posted an article on the CWCki with a fake troll account, which no doubt was some ingenious subterfuge that shocked and confused trolls. Surprisingly, we learn that this bit of sneakiness was at the request of Bob, who was frustrated by a Burger King employee, whereas Chris intended to eventually use the information posted here to "catch them in the act and take their photos, lecture them and/or kick their ass(es)". The plan was, predictably, unsuccessful.


Jackie is unimpressed with his Flipnotes

July 1, 2010 - 12:16pm

Why exactly are you making a "shout out" to me in your flipnote cartoon? Why would you keep bringing me up given that you decided a long time ago that dealing with me was too much work for you?

For that matter, I wonder why you draw your silly Sonichu on these flipnotes, but when I asked you to work on your actual comic for me you ignored that too.

I just don't get why you would shout out to a girl who wasn't worth your time when you had her. I hope it isn't some ploy to convince other girls that you care about them, because they'll always be able to ask me if they want to know what your REAL priorities are. Hypocrite.


Sorry for being such a kind caring gentle person

July 2, 2010 - 11:25am

How do you think I feel? I still feel very sorry about what had happened. Every Woman who I have been close to, Including You, always will have a place in my heart. It was a gesture of goodwill that I mention you alongside <Wallflower first name>.

Pardon me for Caring and having a Heart.

Have a good and safe day, Christian.

July 2, 2010 - 7:04pm


I guess you're right. I'm sorry that I snapped at you. I guess emotions are just running high for me. I guess that's evidence that I just felt so torn by everything that happened. But I still think about you sometimes, and wonder about what could have been. How are you doing?


Chris complains about his shitty social life

July 6, 2010 - 4:07pm

It's okay, I do not blame you; it was my errors. I am sometimes mentally slow and don't get all of the details at once and such.

I'm doing okay; I get lonely sometimes (the whole not having a girlfriend thing and whatnot). And I have gone out and try, try and try again to meet new people, but I still get held back with fear of rejection keeping me from approaching women. And I still have my mental hang-ups against the majority of the male population; the trolls were not much help either.

I have few friends/acquaintances in real life, and I refuse to start any new relationships over the internet (I feel paranoia over that as well). Without my needed-to-see-a-far-distance glasses, I know that I have a handsome face; if there really are any single women in C-Ville, I feel they would have seen me and at least say hey. But I am constantly unoticed in public; it makes me feel sad knowing that I am invisible even in the mass-public events I've been hanging around in (such as the local Fridays After 5).

Obviously I need people to come to me and they make first contact, because even with my drunken word-vomit shouts, I'm still invisible. My adult life sucks.

Things could be better for me, and I really wish my A.L. IS better.

Have a good and safe day. TTYL,

Jackie will be in town soon

July 7, 2010 8:34pm

How sad! I'm so sorry things have been difficult for you. I can understand being wary of online relationships. You never really know what's going on on the other end. But you know Chris, while I am out of state most of the summer... I will, however, be in Charlottesville around the second week of August. I don't want to rush into anything, especially after our recent fight but… maybe you'd like to meet to talk or something? We could play it by ear and see what happens… :) I always did care about you Chris. I think… more then I ever have for someone else. I don't want to give up on you, on us. Just hanging out would be enough for me.


Chris offers to meet her at the mall, trolls unsurprised

July 7, 2010 - 9:38pm

Thank you for your concern. :) I accept your offer to hang out the second week of August; it will be good to see how we would feel in each other's company. Please let me know the date(s) when you'll be in town when you have that, and we can schedule a meet maybe at Fashion Square, the Downtown Mall or somewhere.



July 8, 2010 - 8:53pm

Great! I don't know all the details yet of my return but I'll keep you posted. What else is going on with you these days?


Pics plz

July 18, 2010 - 4:24pm

I pray you're doing good. I'm faring out okay. I've been thinking of you and looking forward to our time together in August. I will do my best to show you a good and pleasant time. I feel happy we can put that mess behind us and start again on good feelings. I really want you and me to do good together. I've attached a more current photo of myself; may I have one of you in return, please?

I'll check in again later.
Stay sweet and safe,

July 18, 2010 - 4:26pm

My mistake, this one is more current.

How are your trolls doing?

July 18, 2010 - 5:11pm

Hey Chris! I was wondering when I'd hear back from you. I'll attach a pic of me for you.

So what's been going on with you this summer? Been a while since we talked. I'm sooo glad to be done with school for the summer, I've been travelling around visiting some friends of mine in their home cities, driving cross-country, so on; it's hectic but a nice change from all that schoolwork. Like I said, coming back in early August (but still not sure on the day).

So what about you? What ever happened with that website about you? I figure they gave up and went away by now, you know those trolls have such short attention spans. What's going on with your comic? How is your family doing? Anything else going on?


Internet hiatus, loneliness, ModNation Racers

July 18, 2010 - 5:27pm

I've read again the e-mails from you I had saved from way back then. You and I, we really did have a good connection, and I still feel the same about you as I did then. I Really want the relationship between you and me to work.

Let me update you a bit about myself. I've ended up taking down the whole Cwcipedia, because of the Trolls' influences and trouble-makings. So, currently, the ONLY things on the internet about me Actually from me are my YouTube, and my Twitter (when I update it). I have been trying to find peace away from the trolls. I've taken a hiatus on the comics until I find again the peace from the trolls and the inspiration. I've been more focused on real life trying to meet new people and make new friends. Recently, I've made a few new friendly acquaintances after a drink at TGIF in Forest Lakes. But before then, it's been same-old, same-old; lonely and crestfallen, leaning on my video games for comfort. I was going to go to the Otakon Anime Convention this month, but finances recently went terribly askew within the past week or two. I ended up with disappointed parents, and I was disappointed in myself.

More often, I have been doing good on the self-control and less spending, yet sometimes my impulses hit me while I am feeling emotionally weak. And on the FlipNote Hatena, the Trolls Falsely Reported my FlipNotes with Three False Descriptions each. I ended up suspended from Posting new FlipNotes onto the Hatena for a week, even to access it from my DSi's FlipNote Studio App. After the week was over, and I was able to again access the Hatena from my DSi, I had previously unlinked my DSi from my past account and relinked it to a New account with a different name. Thank God the Trolls nor anyone else have found my new account or reposted F.N.s in the Practice Channel; they appear as Spin-Offs from my original account, even though those same Original F.N.s are mostly Still Locked from remixing and spin-offing.

I have also been working in ModNation Racers, unlocking EVERY Tool to best recreate my Cwcville Track I had created originally in the limited-time Beta, along with a 2.0 Version of the Track. I will be creating a Final, BEST version of the Track, where it will be like you're actually driving from the Mall, through the Suburbs, and the City and Back again. Followed by a set of tracks for Around Cwcville, including a Race through the Park, Cwcville Forest, the Mountains, and the Beach (with probably a drive through Bubbles' Undersea Area if I can swing it). I also have created Official Sonichu and Rosechu Mods/Karts, along with recreated favored Hot Wheels cars from my collection, my favorite Childhood Playskool First Transformer Race Carcomplete with eyes-only driver, and an inspired Carriage that states that I enjoy Pretty Toys and Femenine Things like Tea parties, yet "IAM STILL A TOUGH, HETEROSEXUAL MAN, DAMMIT!" I got the idea from another MNR player, who I added later as a friend, who created a rainbow-colored van that states, "I'M NOT GAY, I JUST ENJOY RAINBOWS(and UNICORNS)". He and I also shared a conversation in which he was a great listener; I later thanked him for being a good friend to me by sending him an extra PSN Code for the Kratos and Gopher Mods/Karts Ihad got for free. :)

Going back to the Trolls, they still come after me in real life, looking to snap photographs of me wherever I am away from my house if they're there at the same time; looking for some "juicy footage" they can misinterpret and misdetail in their own sick ways. They get posted on the damn Cwcki, where such "footage of the Gay Trucker will be rewarded with 'China' and/or 'Pickles'"; it really ticks me off. |:(

And I finally was able to apply for a job at the New Wal-Mart in Ruckersville Online about a week ago; it took a while before the correct store address was added onto the website. So, I'm hoping they'll call me back to hire me. :)

But enough about me. What have you been up to during the summer months now; still working the part-time school paper? Have you been getting good grades in your courses towards Journalism? Are you still playing piano, football, your dad's car talk and enjoying the Crash Test Dummies? And how are your family and roomates doing as well?

We have a lot to catch up on between you and me. :)

I'll TTYL.
Stay Safe and Sweet.

The CWCki and the "coffee place"

July 18, 2010 - 6:25pm

Hey, Chris!

I went to look around at the cwcki. It looks like they've been following you at that Fridays After Five place? Seems weird that they want to just get pictures of you there. I did see the video they made where you're dancing to the music though, looks kind of cute :) But you weren't kidding when you said they're following you around everywhere - I saw they have an article on the "coffee place", the picture shows it's a Burger King. That is the one you go to! I can't believe they could sneak in so close to you and do that! Do you know who might have taken that picture?

I don't suppose you have an account there, do you? I think you can just sign up and they let you in. You could try removing some stuff that you don't like, or something, I don't know. Do you have any ideas?

It's good that you're cutting down on the video game spending, that stuff can suck you in if you aren't careful. But you're playing Modnation racers? I've heard of that game, but haven't tried it. You're making Sonichu-themed stuff in it? I hope that helps to give you inspiration for drawing. It really sucks if you can't go to Otakon, I've heard that's a fun place. Are you sure you can't go? I think it'd be a really fun experience for you. I'd love to hear about it if you did.

Like I said, I've spent the summer driving state to state visiting friends, I'm in Michigan right now. Never really done that, traveling so much like that, I'm glad I got the chance to. Working at the paper is fun but I'm definitely taking time off for now. That's great about applying at Wal-Mart, let me know how that goes!

This is nice, I like talking to you again :)


Meet Chris's troll persona

July 18, 2010 - 7:05pm

I'm happy that you're happy talking to me again. :)

As for the Cwcki and Burger King, That was my doing, actually. Long-story short, there was a bitchey employee giving me and my father a hard time that day, as well as a few other times on previous other days and times (on an estimated 3/10 ratio). My father was really ticked off at her, Literally Told me to Troll her, while I was also angry at her, so I took that picture with my DSi's inner camera and started that page as "JenkinsJinkies". I also thought the page would lure the Trolls out there, so I can catch them in the act and take their photos, lecture them and/or kick their ass(es). Obviously they did not come out there, but the "14-year old Middle Child of Boston with Grandparents in South Virginia" earned Clyde Cash's Trust and Support. I later consulted with Rocky (the Pastoral Counsoler of my church); both of which see no point of taking their picture back for a) even provided to the Police, they would not be able to nail them for Legally Taking Photographs. And b) even in a blackmail attempt, NONE of the Trolls would give a rat's ass on what each of their own kind looks like in real life. And Rocky insisted I wait for Police Instruction to go Undercover and lure them out.

I am trusting you with this Confidential Information of "JenkinsJinkies"; please do not tell anyone else about it.

Also, to remove content in huge chunks would be too obvious, and then at least Clyde would be like, "Oh, HE is Obviously Chrissy; BLOCK HIM. I am sorry for ever trusting him." And at the moment, I am short on ideas, and I'd just assume ignore them; stuff is being deleted for lack of new information anyway. I lured out one last Friday at the Pavillion [sic], obviously. I SHOULD have gone after him in pursuit, but the only plan I had programmed in my head in response is take their picture with my DSi. I have reprogrammed my mind to pursue after lure, yell for a policeman, and have him arrested for Taking Photographs at the Pavillion [sic] during Fridays After 5. On their Triangular, Red Column, they have a rules list, which includes, "No Cameras or Videotaping are Permitted". I am positive I'll lure out the same guy from Last Friday; I only got a brief look at his face, but I am positive I'd recognize him on future sight.

Something else I haven't told you yet, I have been collecting the State Quarters after my Aunt Herriet sent me a USA Quarter Map, with slots for each of the 50 quarters, for a present years ago. I have it tacked near my bedroom door, so I can point out Michigan and see how far you are from home. :)

You and yours stay safe on the trip. :)


You totally have them fooled

July 18, 2010 - 7:44pm

Hey Chris,

That was you on the burger king thing? I had no clue. I get what you're trying to do though, nice and sneaky.

I agree with Rocky that just catching people taking photos wouldn't get anywhere, the police wouldn't be able to do anything. Honestly, I don't think the cops could do anything regardless, and even if you did get one photographer in trouble with the cops there would always be more with cameras. But I think there are some other things you can do.

Your secret is safe with me about JenkinsJinkies. I read the talk page, looks like you have them hook line and sinker. But it also looks like they're giving you an in, have you read it? That asperchu comic guy is making fun of you for taking time off of your comic for inspiration (now that I read more of his writing, he seems like kind of a major asshole), but also the trolls say that they're giving you an opportunity to get inside their hidden website and get all their codes and stuff. More than just that, you can get access to their plans. You know if you could get that stuff, you could probably nuke their whole website, without that the trolls would have nowhere to go.

Some guy named "canine" (who names themselves after a dog? How dumb) said that they want you to make a secret video for them, but since "JenkinsJinkies" says he is afraid of your wrath, they'll let you wear a mask, so you can conceal your identity!I kind of think that's the best way to go, because like I say even if the cops bust one troll there are a million more around the corner, but if you mess up their base of operations they'll all lose power.

I'll stay safe on my trip, don't worry :) I'm leaving Michigan tomorrow, going to drive through Canada for a little bit actually, go to Toronto. But I still get email on my phone so we can still talk. Write back soon :)


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