Jack Thaddeus E-mails Part 2

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The Jack Thaddeus E-mails Part 2 are a series of July 2009 correspondences between Jack Thaddeus and Chris, under the guise of Jack's daughter Samantha.

After the Jack Thaddeus E-mails and Samantha Thaddeus E-mails, Jack's daughter Samantha allowed Chris to break into her e-mail account to pretend to be her in order to get his PSN accounts back from Jack Thaddeus. All this led to the culmination of this IRC Chat. Samantha pretended to be a third party known as Kate who was BFFs with Samantha while Jack arranged for a man at Otakon to make a lot of money off Sonichu merchandise. Is this confusing enough?

July 18

Subject: Hey, man

LOL, I'm da man! Got my stuff back, clean as a thistle. :)

Listen, Bro, I can dig Chrissy hasslin' u for his accounts back. I have da plan on how to REALLY mess with him. Give me back a couples of his account; that way he can't get them ALL from you.:D And besides that, he ain't hasslin' me as much now that he has YOU, da Bigger Man of This Era with dat Heavy Power. Besides, I am fondin' over his Creatures Classic I noticed he had; I'm a sucker for those space monkies. And I'll nix his French with my alt. address. :D LULZ LULZ LULZ

Take care, Sweet King.


July 19

Oh hi, sorry it took me awhile to reply.

Why the fuck is my daughter talking like a god damn Super Spaded Jungle Bunny Spook? Have you been doing drugs again? I told Clyde not to introduce you to jenkem! Where was the man I loved in him? Thank God he's dead.

Have you been hanging around with Maurice, Jamal & those other Niggers? I kept telling you they are never going to make it big in the Bad Boy Entertainment. It still disgusts me I caught you in bed with ALL OF THEM. To imagine your the same girl I adopted those years back.

I will not give you the password info until you sober up.

I don't want you to do that shit again!


I'm sorry, daddy. I was tired after a long day. No, I have been staying FAR AWAY from those boys; I hate them for what they did to me.

I'm cool now. I heard Chris could not seal the deal; I can't believe he could not even do that to save his own life, much less his PSN accounts. He is pathetic.

So, where do we go from here on this Trollin' Train, daddy?

Love ya,


We already talked about this already, did you forget?

Well the new plan is to use Chris' own words against him from his recent video, "Rolling & Trolling". I'm going to use the exact quote "I'm a man who works 40 hours a week" & send it to the welfare people where he gets his Social security money from, canceling it making him forfeit his welfare money.

The only way this plan can get ruined is that Chris makes a video admitting his autism & taking back every lie he has said.

I gotta find the passwords in my documents, give me about 2 hours. reply back what you think of this plan.


Sounds good. :) Thanks, daddy.


This is the password to the japanese one


are you there?
Did the password work?
The password isn't working for me; it's soo long, plus I could be inputing the wrong e-mail.


Kate probably changed it so she could download stuff.

Can you tell me how your day went? I haven't seen you in awhile. Also Do you know if Chris will make a video taking back his own claim of being a troll? Either way I'm working with the Welfare staff right now. If chris makes the video claiming autism my plans are RUINED.

Oh btw I was at otakon, I had my friend dress up as Chris & we made fake sonichu medallions, sonichu cookies, and a replica of cwcville. We made tons of money. Daddy is going to get you something nice? What would you want?
LOL. I want a LOT of things, you know. I am in the mood for a statue of Satan to remind me NOT to sleep with dumbasses.

I don't know Chrissy's Plan, he's so retarded, yet I would be flustered with him wising up and putting someting together, and then some.


I'm thinking of changing the conditions of how he gets his psn back. Losing his virginity within a week was too much for him. I'm thinking u should tell him if he wants his account back + 50 credit for each account he is to announce he has his autism and his Trolling claim was a lie. Or something else. Idk. What do you think?
IDK, sounds kinda trite, plus I've just checked his YT; you'd better go look.


The video was dubbed, he plans to bull shit out of it. I plan to change the demand to, I want him to sing/dance to Avril Lavign - Girlfriend


This is all I ask.

LOL, I love that. Go for it, daddy.


you can send that message will you, sweetie?
Okay. :D

I'll send him the message in a bit.


July 20

He saw through my clever roose to trick him and take his tugboat!
We should send Chrissy ONE of your medallions, a few cookies, photos

of the booth and al the proffiting fun via snail-mail, and we can include a LULZ letter saying something like, ¨Thank you for being at Otakon this year.¨ I would die to see the shocked expression on his face upon seeing the stuff and reading the letter. :D


Thats the kind of idea a NAIVE Retarded Bastard would think up.
are you up? did he respond to your email?
Hey, daddy. I have not yet heard from Chris.

And what's wrong with the idea; I really want to hear him moanin' and groanin' in sorrow over the profits and all that; you don't even have to include the return address. Or at least send him the pictures and exagerate on the profits. But THINK about it, if he had Our stuff within his Physical Touch, he would not help but squirm and faint. :D

I gtg get some groceries and hang out with Kate. I'll check in later.

Love ys,

No I will not do shit. You just give him the order to do his music video that you emailed him, if He does not do shit, he will not recieve [sic] his psn. That is final. Stop acting like a Chris Chan.

Chris took his sweet time creating the music video, finally uploading it on July 24.

Well, no need to get all Commando about it.

Anyway, I have an update on Chrissy; he's just sent out a message on YouTube requesting the MP4 of Girlfriend - Sonic and Amy. It's sunding promising. :)


ok i'll reply to him in a bit.

July 21


This man was at otakon, He made some MAD CASH! He made an opening confession and all. Tell me what you think?

This message likely prompted Chris to make his first video raging against Liquid Chris.

The demands have increased for his delay he is to hump his ps3 console, foward [sic] that to him. I sent the message in advance.

July 22

Woah. As IF Chris would EVER humpe one of his consoles. Besieswhich,

I have heard that he had downloaded the file you sent him.He's so retarded, that he needs LOOONG TIME to generate a GOOD Idea.He told me tat he was working on it ayway, so just give him a few moredays. Besides, you gave him A Week for te Virgin-Breaker challenge;if you want to show that you would hold your end of the deal, youcan't be that uncool to him. If I hear anything else, I will let youknow.

Love ya, Daddy,

Tough shit he is doing it. I'm not playing games, & why are you trying to defend Chris. He is the person that lead up to Clyde's death. God damn y ou
I am not defending that pathetic pussy; I loathe him just as much as

you and the next Troll.

I am only helping you so he will be most likely be able to believe you would hold up your end of the deal, and have him keep on doing our bidding. If you constantly pile on More Threats, he will lose faith in you and move on. The retard has done it before, you know. If you want to continue this game while we have the cards, I would not pile on the damn threats. After watching his 25 second video earlier, he is holding up his end of the deal well.

Just because we are having more and more pathetic days ourselves in our individual damn lives, it doesn't give us the right to be soo unfair that it would create a Striking Pawn against us.

It is up to you on long we get to continue to play this damn trolling game; don't mess it up.

Love ya,

This does not make any sense what so ever. I will not budge out of this one second.

oh I wanna quote something.

"Just because we are having more and more pathetic days ourselves in our individual damn lives"

So you're calling me pathetic? Who do you think pays for your fucking drugs. I'm married and had a brat (you). You forget who is in charge here. I can easily replace you from this operation.


So what if he loses faith in the deal that he can easily follow. I can just simply call PSN RIGHT NOW on ALL ACCOUNTS including a network ban and get him console banned for LIFE. I don't care if I am console banned at the process cause I am rich like that & got an extra ps3 console for this occasion.


The meeting will take place in irc at rizon server at this channel

head here, just be sure to tell us its you. #trolltrain4andhalf

heh we're having our big trolling meet tonight you up for it?
everyone had irl issues. We will plan this tomorrow 10:00 pm virginia time. BE THERE

The IRC chat took place on July 23, and can be found here.