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This page covers emails exchanged between Chris and Jackie from 3 October to 12 October 2010.

Jackie points out that Chris's computer probably doesn't work because it's overheating due to the vents being clogged. Chris displays extreme incompetence with technology, exemplified by being unaware of forced shut-downs and other things. Jackie offers another list of demanded content to Chris.

October 3, 2010 - 4:02pm

Firstly, I am not a Wiccan Nor a Satinist [sic]; I am a Christian Methodist. The curse thing was just something made up. Please NEVER put me in the same boat as Satan. God and Jesus are who I look up to.

Whatever you think of doing against Lars, and what you feel is best, I will support you fully and do what I can for you.

I am only a little into the Beatles, and they are good. Actually, I've just bought a copy of "The Beatles Rock Band" for PS3 for ONLY $11 at Sam's Club last Friday. I think "A Day in the Life" is in the setlist, but I am not sure. If it is, though, I will play it and sing it for you in a video another day this month. Did you know, this Rock Band title got a LOT of Mentions And Awards the past year for its beautiful displays in the backgrounds and whatnot? They kid you not. Like the bandplay behind the song, "Yellow Submarine" was fantastic; it was a fantasy feast for the eyes. You can probably find the videos on YouTube and see for yourself.

Also, another thing. Considering the recent e-mails, I've checked on the Cwcki, the Trollin_Train Forum, and Encyclopedia Dramatica, to see if they had any references to you and any other nude photos of you. On the good side, there were NO links or references at all to the nude photographs in any of them, and Googling your name, even in quotation marks, got me very little results. On a moderate-to-bad side, there IS a page about you on the Cwcki, using your first photograph.


I've skimmed over it; essentially they have copied/pasted what you had on your profile on The Hook Cafe, along with other comments and thoughts of theirs. Plus, even though I've named the Mod of you I uploaded, "Sweetheart", they've figured out the resemblance between your bracelet and t-shirt. BTW, is your last name "Romley"? If it is, I apologize for leaving out the "L" and "E" in your last name in the past. And is there anything from your past Profile that is still true today, such as the PSOne under your bed? I'm just curious. :)

Anyway, I would recommend reading over the Cwcki page of you (print it out and have a highlighter or pen handy) and sort out any details that are considered not true of you and let me know. Also, anything on the ol' Profile that may require Updating, please let me know of that as well.

I'll put together the Hamburglar video later tonight; I went with my dad to McDonalds, treated myself to a Big Mac, and took a photo of it with my DSi camera. BTW, I've been also remembering the Big Mac jingle, in reference to me getting a job at McD. "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, onions, pickles and cheese, all on a sesame seed bun." If you recall the jingle yourself, please correct me on any incorrect or missing portions of the jingle.

Robble, Robble, Robble, Jackie. I Love You, Jackie. :)

I'll TTYL. Stay Safe and Sweet, Sweetheart.

October 3, 2010 - 11:18pm

Hey, Jackie. I'm just checking in for now; I've just uploaded the Hamburglar video. I will get to work on learning the Beatles song, A Day In The Life. I had to download the track from the Store, but it will be worth it to me to make you smile after this investment. I downloaded it less expensively along with 7 more tracks for a total of 13.49; at a price of 1.99 for each track individually, this was a good deal.

I'll TTYL, and I should be available tomorrow night for another AIM with you; let me know if you can make it or if not, the next good day for you.

Also, in the Hamburglar video, I strapped bunches of black construction paper strips to make the stripes on my half-naked torso (I wore my sports bra), as well as to make the makeshift mask with grey eyes. It wasn't easy; I had to hold in my gut and not flex my arm muscles too much to keep the strips on me.

Stay Safe and Sweet, Sweetheart.
XOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

October 4, 2010 - 11:47am

Hey Chris! Not much time to talk right now, but thanks for the video!! I look forward to chatting with you tonight. Bye for now!!!


October 5, 2010 - 11:11am

Hey Chris! That Grimace video was off the wall, you did such a good job!! Hey, are you going to be online for a chat tonight? I'd love to talk to you again. Let me know!


October 5, 2010 - 7:12pm

I'm sending this message through my PS3. My PC froze up bad; I had to cold boot it. Now I'm having trouble getting it booted up again. iDK if I told you about what happened last winter after the power went out. For some reason, after that power failure passed, I turned my PC back on; it took me about an hour to get it booted up. I turn it on, it goes to the intro HP Pavillion [sic] screen, then it SHOULD go to the MSWindows XP screen, but no it freezes up at a black screen in between. After cold booting and powering up, I eventually make progress and get it booted up. I've had to do this on other occasions after that, but I am forced to keep it on at all times. I am having worse troubles this time. I am sorry. I will let you know when I get it going again. Essentially it has some trouble in the link to the HDD. I need to replace the HDD; at least I have everything backed up on multiple CDs for System Recovery.

I have the video for today recorded; I mock clyde Cash as planned; sadly I am unable to upload to YouTube from my PS3. Should my PC troubles go for more than a day, I will record a new video each day as promised then upload them all on the same day.

I'm planning on doing the Beatles video tomorrow.

Also, I finally got my car back. I'll bug ya later.

Stay Safe and Sweet, Sweetheart.
I Love You. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

October 5, 2010 - 8:13pm

Well Chris, within the past month or so, you purchased to buy Modnation Racers for the PSP even though you already own the exact same game for the PS3. You purchased Lego Rock Band, Beatles Rock Band (two versions of the exact same game, again?? And you're probably buying tons of add-on songs for both as well), several blu-ray movies (which are like $30 a piece), several PSN cards, Resident Evil 5, several games for your DS, several accessories for your DS, and more...

You just told me the other day you bought a fan for your PS3 so that you can leave it on all the time, but from the way you describe it, it sounds like your computer is having trouble booting because it's overheating. You could have spent the money on a new fan for your computer instead. Actually, considering how dirty your house is (which I know from watching your house tour), I'd be willing to bet the fan works fine, but your computer's vents are all clogged with dust and grime, and so it still overheats anyway. Even if your computer is broken and can't be repaired, you could have spent a couple hundred dollars on a basic new computer that you could use to do what needs to be done. But instead, you have been dropping money left and right on video games just as much recently as you ever have, despite your claim to me that you are "over" your addiction. (Ironically, I was just listening to a recording of a talk between you and that Alec Bayson Larry guy from months ago on the cwcki where he asks why you can't spend a little money to fix your computer and you said you can't afford one.[1] So you've known you need to fix your computer for almost a year, and yet when you do get the money... you just buy a replacement PS3 instead, and your computer is still screwed up.) But even forgetting all that, I don't get why you can't upload my video from your PS3.

  • SIGH* ...I'm just disappointed that you could spend all your money on video games, but you can't be bothered to keep in working order the equipment you need to give the girl you love the things that will make her happy. Now I can't talk to you tonight, and I can't have a video of you to watch. But I bet you'll be playing video games tonight, no problem. Meanwhile, I have nothing tonight. I know you have at least one PSEye, if not more; don't those record directly to your PS3? Why can't you use that to make the video for me? Or if Youtube is the problem, you can just upload the videos to mediafire or something and send me the link, or even email them to me if they're small enough.

Well, please upload the video as soon as you are able, and keep making videos for every day. Luckily, I probably won't have to wait long, right? Even if your computer is toast for good, it only took you a couple of days to gather up the $300 for a new PS3, so I'm sure you can do the same again and get a new computer as quickly. So I'll be able to see the new videos soon!! I actually had a great new idea for a video. I want you to go on a nature hike for me!! Record yourself as you go on a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I'd LOVE to see you out in nature, enjoying God's creation! That video will probably be quite a bit longer than your others, because I want to see as much of your hike as possible. It'd be great to see like an hour of it or more. (I guess you can't use your PSeye for that one, obviously, but you'll still be able to show it to me as soon as you upload it from your camera, or preferably just send it to me like I said.) What do you think? Today's video is the Clyde video and tomorrow is the Beatles song video, but you could do the hike on Thursday! Make sure your camera's battery is fully charged before you go! Oooh, I'm so excited to see you show me how buff you are!!



October 6, 2010 - 8:23pm

Chris, where have you been? I understand that your computer is giving you trouble right now, but I know you can send email through your PS3, and it's kind of rude of you to just not write me all day. Have you just been playing video games all day?


October 7, 2010 - 1:35pm

I mant to resond yesterday, but I was going on for hours and hours trying to boot up the PC again. I got Samantha’s input; she recommended trying to use a Windows XP Installation CD to boot it up with. Unfortunately, I have no clue of where the one that came with the PC is, but it is not in the kitchen where the PC is; I've looked all over it already. Earlier today, I went over to PC Pro for a CD there; I borrowed a CD-R with a sort of Windows XP data, but it failed me. I will return it later, after I look inside the tower to see what goes on when it's trying to boot up. I'll take the tower with me to get John's opinion on the situation.

I do not know about raising money quickly for another computer; I've already sold the older game consoles within the past couple of months. But I will see into less expensive methods of repair/upgrading the PC. The only other things I may be able to sell, but takers are unlikely, my collection of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Zords. I have a lot of them, played with and stored in their original boxes. I will look into putting them on Craigslist, but I can't promise a quick sale like the Genesis earlier.

I will continue the daily videos for you, and I will inform you when I am able to upload them.

I'll TTYL.
Stay Safe and Sweet,
Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

October 7, 2010 - 3:32pm

Hey Chris!

Well, I hope you can get your computer working again, but it sounds like the prognosis isn't good. I thought you took a bunch of computer classes in high school and college, you always talk about being good with computers. You know what you could always do to get the money quickly for a new PC? You could sell your shiny new PS3. I know, I know, you don't want to part with it, but the fact is, selling that thing would easily get you the money you need for a new computer right away - so it's a choice between continuing to play the same old video games you've already been playing for months, or being able to give your girlfriend the videos she asks for and making her happy.

Did you try to upload the videos to mega-upload or mediafire or some other upload site like that? Try doing that and send them to me that way.

Anyway, I'll list out a few ideas for videos. I want to see all of these:

-You have Cherokee ancestry, right? Do a presentation of the history of the Cherokee, and their interaction with the European colonists. You could even dress up in a Cherokee costume!
-Sing me a Frank Sinatra song, like My Way. Sinatra was so romantic!
-Do a presentation on the history of the Chandler family, like a family tree sort of thing. You say you are related to Ann Boleyn, right? That's amazing, most people I know can't trace their families back more than three or four generations. Show me a plot of how your bloodline traces back to her, and all the other significant family members you have!
-Go to the dollar store and get one of those cheap bubble-blower pipes that look like you're smoking a pipe, but then you just blow bubbles. Then, put on your robe and glasses and sit in a chair and talk about your opinions on the economy, act all cultured and dignified, and blowing bubbles. (It's from an old Simpsons episode where Bart did it, I used to think it was so funny and cute, I'd love to see you parody it!)
-Make a Fred Flinstone costume, and sing the Flinstones theme song for me. I loved Flinstones as a kid.

So that's the ideas I have right now, do them in any order. But I hope to see them really, really soon. And I hope to be able to IM with you again soon too, because I miss talking to you... :(


October 7, 2010 - 5:21pm

I got my computer running again. Yay. I've just started uploading the videos from Tuesday to Today; a Triple Feature for you.

I have learned a little something today from when I took the tower to PC Pro; apparently I could have just held the power button in for a bunch of seconds to power the computer down, even when frozen. I wish I had known that before. I've also learned how to clear out a possible corrupted file on my HDD that was the original cause of the problem from since last winter. I firstly need to create a Windows XP Installation disc of my own after downloading the CD's contents after finding them online. If you have any references or leads that will best lead me to what I need, please let me know.

The current system info from the Properties of "My Computer" reads, "Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2."

I will admit I have a technological knack with computers, but there are details I can still learn of. We're only human, and this is a machine that I'm typing from.

I understand and appreciate you missing me (on the AIM); I missed talking to you through there too. I'll check back about 8:30 tonight; log in if you are able to, and we'll talk some more. :) Otherwise, please let me know when will be the next good day for you to be online.

At least now I have a solution that may fix the trouble I've been having with my PC since last winter.

Also, your ideas are good for the videos, and I will do them for you. I don't know "My Way", but I do have a CD with that Track on it; I will listen to it repeatedly and learn the song and words for you.

I'll TTYL.
Lots of Love for you.
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

October 7, 2010 - 6:35pm

Yay!! I'm glad you got things fixed with your computer. I was worried, I didn't know how long it would be before we could talk again. I'll be online around 8:30, so I look forward to talking tonight!!

D :D :D


October 8, 2010 - 3:34pm

Hey Chris.

Honey, I'm so sad right now. I've been crying off and on all day. There's something I think I need to tell you that I've been hiding, because I was ashamed, and scared, and it just hurt too much to bring up.

I was once pregnant, with Lars' child, back when we were together. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so happy. I thought Lars and I were going to be the perfect family. But he wasn't happy about it when I told him. He was furious. He didn't want to "be no baby daddy", he said. We argued back and forth on it for weeks. He wanted me to get an abortion so he wouldn't have to deal with raising a child. I was as scared as he was to have a child - neither of us were really ready, we both had too much living to do yet. But I told him that while I support a woman's right to choose, I didn't think I could honestly do it myself and live with myself. I couldn't abort my own child. I told him I was going to have the baby.

And then, he... he did something terrible to me. He slipped some kind of potion into my coffee one morning. I don't know what it was, some medicine concoction. Parts of his family come from Haiti, they practice some kind of voodoo herbal medicine and herbology, stuff like that... I think that must be where he got his recipe from. But what he gave me, it forced me to miscarry my child. He forcefully aborted my child. OUR child. I went to the police at the time, and the hospital, but there was nothing the doctors could do and no evidence left behind - the police said I was out of luck. There was nothing they could do.

I thought I was past all this. But this weekend is the anniversary of when it happened, and every year when this time comes I just get so emotional and despondent. I just feel so sad and alone, thinking about the child that could be in my arms right now, if not for Lars McNulty.

That's part of why I want this hiking video so badly, Chris. When I was a little girl, my parents used to take me hiking on the Blue Ridge trails all the time. Those are the happiest memories of my life. I want to see you doing it, so the love of my life can take my mind off my troubles. Thank you so much for doing it for me, Chris. This means the world to me. I don't know what I would do without you being there for me. Maybe I should have brought this all up when we were chatting yesterday, because I was feeling really badly when you said you weren't sure if you wanted to do the hike for me, but I guess I didn't feel prepared at the time to bring it up. This is a topic I never talk about with people, so I was scared to do it then. But I'm taking the leap and telling you now because I trust you and you deserve to have this honesty from me.

Well, I'll be on later tonight, so I hope you'll be on too and we can talk. Love you.


October 9, 2010 - 11:00am

I'm sorry that happened to you, Sweetheart. And I can relate to what you're feeling. Between a lost one, as well as the anger against the person who had a hand in killing him/her. It reminds me of an episode of South Park where Kenny's mom was pregnant, and he did not want a sibling, and did what he could to abort the child. Among which he purchased some abortion medicine; crap like "Baby Be Gone" or something. he put the stuff in a drink he offered to her, but she declined the offer. Then his dad drank the concotcion; he got sick and threw up and crapped;comically awful. wouldn't be surprised if Lars did not use some sort of "spell", but an O.T.C. drug and put that in the coffee. Some people can be sooo cruel and vicious... *sigh* Anyway, it's okay, Jackie. I am here for you, and I will do what I can for you. :-*

I'm afraid I have a spot of bad news as well, my PC froze up again, and had to turn it off again. I need a new one... as soon as I can get one. On the bright side, though, I think I may be able to fix the PC with a replacement Motherboard. I Googled the model, HP Pavilion a345c (AKA, DN116A) motherboard yesterday, and I have found and hand wrote the specs of the motherboard. Although I am having trouble finding a place that sells computer parts and has that very motherboard in stock. There's no one selling even the PC tower, much less the motherboard, on eBay, Amazon.com or Craigslist. All I could find on eBay was the 1GB upgrade part for the motherboard. I would appreciate any help you can offer to find a place or someone with an HP Pavilion a345c PC tower, or at least its motherboard.


Between these two webpages, I was able to compile my information of the motherboard specs.

And as for the videos, I may still be able to upload them after filming from my PSEye, EyeCreate and Video Editor/Uploader apps on the PS3. Also, I spent yesterday learning from the Wikipedia about the Cherokee history; I'll be reading it over some more today. And I will go on the hike this afternoon. Although, I will be hiking up the mountains near the Montecello; I understand it's not the Blue Ridges, but they're mostly unfamilar [sic] territory to me. I've been on the beginning of the trail with my congregation before, so this more familar to me, and I will still be hiking a mountain trail. I promise I will take you to the Blue Ridges, and we'll share the trails together. :)

Also, I will take another crack at booting up the PC about 6 or 7 tonight to upload the hiking video, and maybe catch you on the AIM. I'm not making any promises due to the computer's current fickleness.

Jackie-Heart, I want you and me to be together for the very long time, and between us, we'll have a child or two of our own. You know my dream has been to have a daughter with a lucky woman (which will be with you), and her name will be Crystal Weston Chandler. Her name came with her when the dreams started, and I promised my mother that I'd pass on the Weston name in the middle. If the child is a boy, I will let you dwcide on his name. We will see what happens as times goes by. :)

I Love You, Jacklyn.

Stay Safe and Sweet,
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

October 9, 2010 - 1:17pm

Hey Chris. Not much time to talk right now, I'll try to be on tonight to IM with you but I'm not sure if I'm going to be home. But I'll try to be so be on around 8:30 for me like usual and wait a few minutes or so to see if I'm on. I'm glad you're learning more about Cherokee history and its relation to the Chandler family history, and that you're doing the hiking video for me today. What video did you make yesterday, then? Anyway, hope to talk to you tonight.


October 10, 2010 - 7:06pm

Well, I am glad to hear that you appreciate my efforts. :)

Actually, I did require my PC to assist. I uploaded my Cherokee video, filmed from my PSEye, on the PC; the Video editor/uploader add would not allow me to select that video. But to try it out, I changed the format on the PC of the Hiking videos, put them all together on the PS3 app, and uploaded it from there; it took longer, but it worked well. I'm surprised you were able to tell that it was uploaded from the console; I deleted that default detail from the Descripton; what, did it have a "P.S." icon next to it or something?

Anyway, my computer; after uploading the Cherokee video, I swiftly did another search, and I found an HP Parts store where they have the HP a345c Motherboard available for sale for $73.?? plus 9.99 S&H. I will get 100 as soon as possible and order it to replace the damaged one. Still, it is 200 less than a currently available New PC tower, wit or without a moniter.

I will have the C.C.Sonichu video uploaded later tonight, after the new Fox shows and getting the PC booted up again. I tried putting it into Standby mode last ime to try to keep it on, but the Freeze got to it again when I pressed Enter to get it out of standby.

I will catch you on the AIM tomorrow night.

Stay safe and Sweet. Hugs, Kisses and Lots of sweet Love,

October 10, 2010 - 7:26pm

Well, I wish that talking to your girlfriend was more important than watching your little family guy cartoons, especially considering we haven't had a live chat since I poured my heart out to you about my miscarriage. But whatever, I guess we'll talk tomorrow when Seth MacFarlane isn't there to take your attention from the woman you love.

Speaking of money, what happened to that $130 or so that you said you had saved up for our date? Couldn't you just use that money on your motherboard? Considering that fixing your computer is directly related to making videos for me, I would be fine with that. Well, talk to you tomorrow, hopefully. I've got some more video ideas for you.


October 12, 2010 - 10:31am

Hey Chris!!

So as promised, I have a few more video ideas for you to do. They are as follows:

-I want to see a video of you pretending you are running for President of the United States of America. Pretend you are on stage, speaking to the American public, and detail for them what your political platform would be, what you would do for the country once elected to office. Oh, and I'd also really love to see you do a mock debate against your opponent in the video. Maybe it would be Reldnahc? Or another foe of yours you'd like to defeat in a Presidential debate? You choose who. But you could use jump cuts in the video so that you could play both people in the debate!
-Do you remember Muppet Babies? I loved that show when I was a kid, I zoned out for hours in front of the tv watching that. Anyway, I'd love to see you do a puppet show for me, called "Sonichu Babies". Just make some sock puppets of your Sonichu characters and have them act out a scene. You choose the scene and story for the play! And I'd love if you sang the Muppet Babies theme song at the end of the video (and had all the puppets "sing" too), except of course replace the word "Muppet" with "Sonichu".
-My aunt was telling me the other day of something really sweet her husband did for her years ago when she was pregnant with my cousin. My aunt was sore and in pain for a lot of her pregnancy, because carrying around a giant fetus in your womb is backbreaking work and what not, so her husband actually put on a false pregnancy weight that he wore around his stomach and wore it sometimes, to show that he shared her pain and that they were in this pregnancy together. It was just the sweetest gesture. I'd love it if you made a video where you strapped some pillows under your shirt, or some other kind of weight, and showed yourself enduring the stress of pregnancy. It would be such a romantic gesture! And after the baby was born, my aunt's husband wore this strap on his chest that he could attach milk bottles to, so he could actually "breast feed" the baby, so to speak. That way my aunt didn't have to do it all the time. Do you have like a doll or something that you could pretend to be a baby? I'd love to see you pretend that you were breastfeeding our baby. I think it's such a turn-on when a man wants to be domestic like that... :) (You don't need the milk-bottle strap or anything, just pretend you're breast-feeding.)
-Lastly for now: I have a video that I'd like you to direct at Lars, to get back at him for his recent actions. Let me explain: Lars wrote me again to say how gay you are. I want you to make a video where you talk about how straight you are. In fact, here's what I want you to do: Lars and I used to do a lot of webcam chatting before we moved in together. He would sit at his computer with his dumb bandana and hat on, drinking shitty drinks like mint juleps and what not. I don't have a webcam :( but I'd like you to "pretend" to be on webcam with me, and mock him at the same time. So here's what I'd like: Do you have a bandana and a fedora, or some other kind of brimmed hat? I want you to wrap the bandana around your head, and then wear the hat on top of that. And I want the video to be of you sitting at your computer (position the camera so it's facing you from the computer's point of view, like a webcam would), and then sit and talk about how you are straight and why there's no way you could be gay. And also, I would like you to go buy a bottle of Kahlua White Russian. It's a kind of sweet alcoholic drink, tastes very chocolate-like, and its really inexpensive, I really like it. Go buy a bottle at the liquor store, and then drink from the bottle while you're doing your video. (it'd be kind of funny if you got a little drunk too, I've wondered for a while what it would look like to see you drunk. Don't overdo it, just get yourself nice and buzzed.) Anyway, it'd be hilarious to see you making your straight-video while mocking Lars and his stupid behavior! I can't wait!

So there you go. You're doing the pull-up video tonight, which I can't wait to see, but I think I'd like to see the Lars fake-webcam video tomorrow night, and then you can just pick any order for the other three. Oh, and I also still want to see that Chandler Family Tree presentation where you show how your noble line is descended all the way from Daniel Weston and Ann Boleyn, too! Like, show the exact path that your line takes directly from them. Okay, can't wait to see them!!



P.S. I'll be online at the usual time tonight too, so I hope we can have another chat!!

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  1. Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 7: "I've seen videos of you in your room, you've got a fancy, you've got like a 40-inch HDTV in there, you've got your PlayStation 3, you've got a wall full of video games, but you can't afford a basic computer?"