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Mailbag 60 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 27 March 2010.

This Mailbag remained unanswered before the death of the CWCipedia in May 2010.

Not getting answered ever

From: Tubular Monkey <>

Hello Christian,

I notice that things have been frustrating for you lately. May I suggest that if the trolls stay on your back, you have your father make a video for you? They may respect someone who is older and wiser than they are. From what you've said, he argues quite a bit, and would probably be good at frightening the people who are bothering you. Just some food for thought there.

Your humble fan, Tubular Monkey)

From: A Big Bear

Hey Chris, thank you for FINALLY allowing us to purchase the Sonichu comics! It's been almost a whole year since you would say you would get it paper published and now it is! I'd glad my money is going to you!

Allison "Bear" Falcon

From: Ellie McKindall <>

Yo-la, Chris-Chan! I was wondering... have you ever thought about looking back at some of your older comic pages and redoing them, just to see how much you've improved in your art skills? I like to draw, too, and I have a bunch of pictures I drew when I was 15, and told myself when I turn 20, that I'll draw them again with my new skills. That means after June this year, I better have a lot of paper and pencils as well as colors.

Maybe you should try drawing issue 0 again, and compare them. Take a good look at how much better you've gotten in the past five or so years. I bet you'll be happy with the results.

From: hot philly <>

Dear Christian Chandler,

Wow, the newest issue of Sonichu was really good. I had to read it a few times and each time i did I found something different to appreciate in it. Really good writing. I truly hope you keep doing the pages.

On a side note, a lot (and I mean A LOT) of your fans and subscribers have been wondering about your father. How is he doing ? Is he out of the hospital ? Were you worried about him ? I know I was and I don't even know the man. Any info or update you can give us would be GREAT, dude ! Hope he is doing well for your family's sake.

Peace and you have a good day.)


1.Will you ever make a comic with Sonichu and friends going back in time?

Like for instance,the medival period,a favorite of mine.I would love to see him in plate armor and wielding a sword against a true medivel overlord,or sultan,whatever it be,along with the Chaotic Combo.Or maybe do a surrealist episode,with them rocking out in the Cretaceous.

2.My sister asks this one.Do you enjoy fish tacos? 3.Back to me.Have you ever tried Old Spice? 4.I have only an X-box 360(Yes,I know you hate them,but it was all I could afford),so with the possiblity of the game coming out,why keep it from us who can only have one gaming console?Multi-platform gaming is the future, and you can get money out of us 360 users too.

That is all for now,thanks for your time. Gregor Clegane and sister,cAjun_Queen.

From: Terrence Bogard <>

Hello, I am Terrence Bogard. I had found out six months ago that I have a half-brother by the name of Andrew. A month ago I finally went to meet him, and my best friend May Shirunai tagged along. She fell in love with him at first sight, but he's gay and only wants to be friends with her. Since then she has been very depressed and I feel bad for her. Any advice?

And before you tell me to be her true love or anything like that, there are two things I want you to know:

1. I already have a girlfriend

2. We have been friends since kindergarten, and I don't want to risk destroying that friendship with any other type of relationship

From: Tubular Monkey <>

Hello Chris,

I don't know if you've heard, but Officer Bagget, who arrested you at Target, helped shoot a crazed gunman who was shooting at police. Below is a link about the story.

Considering that he risked his life to keep the Greene County area safe, do you like him better now? Or are you afraid that if you get in trouble with again he might use his gun?

Sincerely, TM

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