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Mailbag 10 was yet another Mailbag, uploaded to the CWCipedia on 5 December 2009. Chris answered the letters on the 6th, and in doing so managed to mess up most of his reply templates, meaning that very few of his replies were actually readable on their original page.

This Mailbag contained several letters regarding Chris's stance on Asperger's, revealed to be far more insane than suspected. Chris also received several more fan OCs, a follow-up letter about the Iranian elections, and a blunt introduction to the masterpiece "Sonichu is Dead."

This was also the batch of emails that finally pushed Chris over the edge, causing him to beg his sysop to stop uploading stressful emails.


The incredible vanishing email

From: David Crass <>

Dear Chris Why is Rosechu so useless? It's like she's some sort of classical feminine trope. The only time she has ever actually done anything was when she sexually assaulted Jason Kendrick Howell. I don't know how you see it, but as far as I can tell, Rosechu is little more than a sex object. I mean, all she seems to do through most of the comic is hang on Sonichu, take nude pictures of herself, and get kidnapped. Care to explain how exactly it is that you preach women's rights while at the same time falling back on classic female caricatures?

Sincerly, David Crass PS: Your plots seem to be getting more and more convoluted and unnessarily complicated, with nothing ever tying together and a myriad of new characters being introduced and retconned, only to play no real role within the overall plot.

This letter was originally posted to Mailbag 4. Chris moved this letter to the Rejected Mailbag on 26 November 2009, then answered it 8 days later on 4 December, and finally moved it here on 6 December. It was revealed in the Jack Thaddeus call that the letter was from Jack, and that Chris only answered it after Jack called him out.

She is not useless, sure she has gotten captured, but she is quite excellent in the offense and defense too. Plus, look at Amy Rose; she is not useless, yet she gets captured sometimes too. She is not just a sex object; she is an individual with her own feelings, aspirations and opinions. More of her character will show in later pages.

Maybe they are not the main character at the time, but they do serve their purpose overall.

--ChrisChanSonichu 05:30, 5 December 2009 (CET)

Does Chris hate homos today?

From: Bill Riley <>

Dear Chris,

I just have to say I LOVE your Sonichu comics! It has really captivated me and I feel I can't stop reading! I have to say one of my favorite characters in the comic is the creator himself, Chrissy! My favorite quality in him is that he is SO CUTE! I love his courage and will-power to overcome such intense experiences! Never give up you hunk!

Stay sweet! Bill


*sigh* I'm sorry for that outburst, but I have just read a not very pleasant message/image; it just was the wrong time for me. Anyway, I ONLY Love Women, so No homo flirt of any sort is allowed.

--ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Iranian democracy revisited

From: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad <>


Thank you for for kind reply, Mr. Chandler. I have tried being kind and courteous, but my people will not believe I won the election fair and square! Is there anything else you can suggest I do to make them calm down?

And thank you for your kind consideration of including an Iranian character in a future comic! Sonichu is very popular in Iran, and your face is well known here. Adding an Iranian character will only make it more popular.

Here I include my humble suggestion for a new Rosechu. She is adhering to the standards of Iranian beauty by wearing one of our traditional cloaks, which protects us from the harsh climate of our country.

The cloaks hold special powers, and if she finds a sweetheart he can finally take the cloak off of her and reveal what she looks like.

I'm sorry, but my drawing skills are not good! Not nearly as good as yours! Your friend,

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

That is good, and your drawing is okay. I have saved it onto my Memory Stick, so it will be considered. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

The times they are a changin'


While some comics feature dates, other comics have no dates on them, so it's hard to tell how much time has passed between the stories in the CWCiverse. For instance, how much time passes between episode 19 and episode 20? A Sonichu timeline, featuring dates when things happen in the CWCiverse, would really help.

That issue will be addressed greatly in future comic pages. Thank you for your input. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

God save the queen

From: Steven Shaw <>

awesome to finally get a chance to talk to the creator of the Sonichu comics. Hope you can answer a couple of questions for me.

My questions are: 1: I know sonichu evolves into Metonic/Ulrta Sonichu and Rosechu evolves into Vamprosa, but do any of the other Sonichus or Rosechus evolve? If so, what into?

2:Where did Darkbind come from? he ssems like a really cool character but he only got a 1 page summary for his back story.

3:What happened to the people/pokemon who brought up the chaotic combo? Did the whale come back and finish of Swampert? Don't leave us in suspence!!!

4:What's the deal with the new site ads? I think someones trying to mess with you (I mean, "Duck Presevation Society" really?)

oh well that's all i wanted to ask.

Toodle-pip (Yes i'm British) SS

Only the original Sonichu and Rosechu can evolve; the others have no current evolutions. Darkbind comes from the distant region of Rulecwc. Those individuals current status will be addressed in future pages. Blame Jack Thaddius, as stated in my current blog on this date; he is a Sonichu-Hater. To complain to him about that, as well as the God Damn homosexual ads, you can e-mail him at I really want to get rid of every last one of them too. Oh, and check out the message at the top of this mailbag from "Dave"; that is Jack too. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Moar OCs

He gave it his best.
From: Randy McFalsa <>

First allow me to introduce myself. I am Sebastian Wulver and I am a humongous fan of your comics. I've been reading through the fan mail and seen all sorts of fan made sonichus, so I thought I'd make my own... it's not quite as good as yours but I gave it my best.

He's called Pepe'. I hope you like him.

Peace from a true and honest fan


Actually is a good drawing; I have the .jpg now saved on my Memory Stick Duo for future consideration. Thank you for your contribution. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Parkour more for the high score

From: Jamie Stevens <>

Hello there Chris!! Parkour or Free-Styling as it's also known as; is an awesome sport to get into. Will you be making more parkour videos?? PLEASE DO!! you should have someone record you doing crazy flips and tricks like the pros do. Perhaps even a Sonichu doing parkour?


I will consider that. Thank you for your input. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

In which Chris demands money to visit Austria


Hello Christian Weston Chandler, greetings from Austria.

I am an admiral in the Österreichisches Bundesheer, and I've introduced your Sonichu comics to some of my fellow officers and it's a big hit. I have taken it upon myself to translate your comics into German for the benefit of the troops in my battalion who do not speak English and they are begging for more. Now that Sonichu 9 is nearly done, I'm afraid the wait for the 10th comic will leave my soldiers in suspense and since we don't have much else to do these days this may affect morale. It would be really great if you could do you best to keep up this lightning-fast pace at which you have been uploading new pages permanently so we can all enjoy your work without having to wait too long.

I would also be honoured to have you as a guest in my country, I'm even talking with High Admiral Lohengramm about possibly presenting your with an honourary Orden vom Goldenen Vlies. I believe it would look quite nice along with your Sonichu medallion.

Thanks for your wonderful stories, they bring much joy to the lives of my men and myself.

- Ernest Mecklinger

Thank you for your support and honor. As long as the Round-Trip Flights have been paid for by your people, my family and I would be happy to visit your country, and for me to accept the honor.

Also, you won't have to wait long for the 10th book to start after I upload #9's 100th Page, although there are quite a number to draw that go before the Previewed 8 Pages, and they are definitely included as part of that book.

--ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Rejected Mailbag

Meet Asperchu

All around awesome guy Asperchu pretends to be happy upon seeing his retarded brother, Sonichu.
From: Alec-chan Asperchu <>


This is Alec. Why have you not responded to the truly amazing comic I sent you?

I am referring of course to my one TRUE and HONEST creation, the original ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers type hedgehog pokemon, which I recently showed to you as a token of my esteem for you. I think you are perhaps scared and confused by my rise to greatness. If I knew you were to ever be worried by my meteoric rise to fame, I would NEVER have written to you with such uncareful regard for your feelings. I wanted you to know that you have inspired me to GREATNESS, NOT to take anything away.

You have recently written your feelings on the ASPERGERS, which shows me that you are indeed worried that one such as I wants to take away your fame and glory, and I assure you this is simply the furthest from the TRUTH. Allow me to enlighten you on the real nature of the aspergers, which as you say is not like the autism. For one, we aspergers folks have the troubles with communicating to other people, we are very shy and have trouble making others to understand us. We also, secondly, have trouble with focusing too much on one thing at a time. I think that is where the confusion lies, for people see your utter DEVOTION to only Sonichu and your Playstation 3 and NOTHING ELSE as perhaps connected to aspergers; they do not realize that the fact you do not have time for the lesser things like work and friends as a sign of a TRUE and HONEST artist.

On a second note, I think you were scared of my speaking to you because I compared myself to you. You see, I did not mean to compare my ASPERGERS to your AUTISM, for as you say the two are totally and completely different and are never and have never been the SAME. The only way I wanted to compare myself to you is that as you are an artist, I aspire to be an amazing artist as well. I hope you will accept my peace offering of ASPERCHU and SONICHU meeting as friends that I have attached.

Your friend and protege,

Alec Benson Leary

Firstly, YOU WISH YOU WERE ME, and second, I apologize for putting your letter into the Reject page, but I felt it necessary, because 1), you are obviously a Troll from what you've typed. And 2), your drawing infers homosexuality, and I DO NOT CARE FOR THAT GOD DAMN LIFESTYLE OR WHATEVER WORD IS USED TO DESCRIBE IT!!! --ChrisChanSonichu 04:00, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Autism Mailbag

Chris worked hard

From: Greg Renner <>


For years, us autistics have struggled being relegated to the lesser role compared to those higher functioning than us.

You say you fight for our people. But let me ask you, if you found a cure for autism, would you use it to eliminate us all?

Or, how about if you found a cure for neurotypicalism? Would you use it to liberate us from being of the lower social caste?

I would pray that you made the right choice, and even the playing field for humanity. Imagine, there would be no more indifferences. Everyone would be equal.

There would be no trolls or people to bully you for what you are, because they also would be the same! Nobody to make fun of you for being autistic, because they too would be autistic.

So, what do you say? I pray that after all you have done to bring glory to us Autistics, that you would not in the end betray us all.

Greg Renner

I would not betray any of my Autistic Folk, but I worked hard to be accepted like a normal person; don't you want to be accepted like that as well? --ChrisChanSonichu 04:00, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Chris thanks someone for their support, then ignores them

From: Maryanne Penny <>

Hello, Christian Weston Chandler!

I am with the Autism Society of America. Me and my associates of the Aspergers Syndrome division of the foundation have noticed your rise rise in fame over the last few years and would like to congratulate you on a job well done! We are very impressed with your ability to overcome the limitations your Aspergers Syndrome gives you. Not many children with Aspergers Syndrome or it's variations (autism especially) can overcome those hurdles, and they fall short in life.

You, however, are an inspiration to them. A brave little boy I know with Aspergers Syndrome came up to me and showed me a drawing he had made. He took Mario and drew him as a wizard from the popular Harry Potter franchise. He then told me that his "Marry Potter", as he liked to call it, also had Aspergers Syndrome. It was a little weird, so I asked him why he would burden such a wonderful character with such a terrible disease like Aspergers Syndrome. He told me, and I'll never forget this, "Marry Potter does a lot of great things and he's super amazing! His Aspergers Syndrome doesn't hurt him like it hurts me, and I think that's really awesome. I hope to be like him someday, but I know getting rid of this Aspergers Syndrome is impossible." Normally, I would have nothing to say to that, but thanks to you, I can give these Aspergers Syndrome inflicted children the hope they need. They now know that overcoming Aspergers Syndrome is not just something only superheroes like Marry Potter can do.

So once again I thank you, Christian. You're a Super Aspergers Syndrome Hero, and I would feel honored if you put up a page on your website supporting Aspergers Syndrome and its less prevalent variations(like autism).


Maryanne Penny

Thank you for your support; I will take it under consideration. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:00, 7 December 2009 (CET)

Chris does not care for your derogatory remarks...

From: Cad Earnest <>

I don't really see your point in your argument in the aspergers page on cwcipedia. It kind of seems that you're JEALOUS of people with the syndrome and that you hate them for accomplishing more than you despite having similar conditions.

I mean if they shun you by having better communication skills. Doesn't that mean everyone with out a mental disorder shuns you by being better than you? I think you need to accept when you're incorrect about something.

I'd also like to deconstruct your point:

"I have not only Helped cultivate the First Generation ofAutistic People, but I have gone beyond the Autistic Dreamsacademically, communicatively and socially. Still, I have troublemaintaining Eye-Contact, my mentality is sometimes slow yet quick atother times. The people who first evaluated me ever even stated that Iwould never even make it to High School, much less even Write His Name. Take That and Smoke It, oldest doctors.I have worked very hard to achieve and maintain Honor Roll throughoutMiddle and High School, and even to make the PVCC Dean's List, andfulfill my parents' wishes to work for and earn the Degree andCertificate for Computer Aided Drafting and Design."-Christian Weston Chandler

This is while claiming to have high functioning autism. It's not like you're low on the spectrum and getting these achievements. High functioning has to be the closest to aspergers so whoever first diagnosed you had mis-information... unless you were diagnosed as low functioning autism(with an IQ of lower than 80) there's no way you couldn't have made it through highschool taking remedial courses.

I've also noticed however haven't you admitted several times that you are "Sometimes retarded"?, I also think there are better autistic role models out there than you. I apologise if there is any offence but you currently don't even have a job and it REALLY doesn't seem like you're that serious about marketing Sonichu. You may have passed high school and got a 2-year CADD certificate in 6 YEARS. But you've done nothing with it.

Most notably in your comics you never use a ruler, your maps aren't even to scale could you tell me what they actually taught you in CADD classes? Also Doesn't CADD Chef relate to your CADD teacher who gave you F's, how did you make the Deans list when you got F grades? You have to be either lying or everyone must have been put on the list for simply passing.

Your argument is flawed, beforehand you were saying autism is superior. Now you're saying people with aspergers are faking it too simply look better than you. You haven't really showed the world how successful Austic people can be because you just play videogames and waste your life away.

Your comments have been read, I do not care for your derogatory remarks, and have a good day. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:00, 7 December 2009 (CET)

...But he's cool with copy-pasting replies

From: D Follett <>

Autism vs. aspergers is NOT a competition. You don't need to prove that you're more pathetic than anyone else - the fact that you crap your pants like a 2 year old proves it enough.

As someone with aspergers, I am insulted by your ignorance and outright hatred towards someone with a very similar problem to your own. I don't care what YOU have, or what you think you are - you insulting anyone else, ever, in the entire universe, is hilarious.

You have conquered nothing. You have deluded yourself into thinking you're better than your autism, but you have accomplished nothing in your life but making yourself look more and more foolish every day.

I'd put some serious work into myself if I were you. Your parents will not live forever, and when they are gone, there is no way you could afford to keep that house. You will be moved into a home with the 'slow minded' and the developmentally disabled, as you have completely failed to prove that you are a mature human being who is capable of managing anything more complex that a little LEGO universe.

I felt sorry for you for a long time - for the trolls who make up fake girls that you fall in love with, to the trolls who have you honestly believing that people like your shitty artwork. You are racist, homophobic, and ignorant.

Shut the fuck up and leave those with aspergers out of it, you asshole.

D Follett

Your comments have been read, I do not care for your derogatory remarks, and have a good day. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:00, 7 December 2009 (CET)


In which Chris is introduced to the definitive Sonichu experience

Chris moved this letter from Mailbag 10 to the parodies page in the early morning of 15 December 2009.

Sonichu's epic death.
Sonichu: the ultimate manwhore.
From: Sean Watley <>

Hi Chris,

Glad to see you're working on the comics again, although I think Episode 20 is dragging on too long. The Dating Education one and Issue #8 said "Christian Weston Chandler" more than this really recent stuff. I'd also like to see more comics about the things you accomplish each day, and maybe see your family in the comics. I'm sure you lead an interesting life.

Anyway I read your recent blog entry about how you don't care what other people do with Sonichu, so here's my stupid bullshit. I'm not great with digital coloring yet but I figure I'll get better with practice:

Sonichu is Dead:

Sonichu is Gay:

Stay straight,

Sean August Watley

(P.S. I'm still working on Sonichu is Gay. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!)

The strikethroughs were added by Chris, who presumably went mad with rage. When he moved the letter on 15 December, he removed the first and last strikethroughs, leaving only the ones for the Sonichu is dead and Sonichu is gay links. Nobody knows why.


Those side-stories of my life may be drawn in other pages, but not at the moment. --ChrisChanSonichu 04:03, 7 December 2009 (CET)

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