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Man's ultimate Rorschach test.
Sonichu, issues 0 to 7
This is no parody. This is a man's life – his failures, his neuroses, his fantasies, his warped worldview, proudly displayed for the world on paper and pixels. Reading Sonichu and learning about its author is nothing less than a descent into someone's personal hell, made all the more terrible for the fact that the author intends for the experience to entertain people. That they would purchase it. There is no joy, no fun in CWCville – there is only layer upon layer of horror.
A now-deleted "So Bad, It's Horrible" entry from the TV Tropes article, aptly describing the experience of reading Sonichu.

Sonichu is Chris's official life work, magnum opus, and largest contribution to society and culture. To most, however, it is a poorly-drawn and written comic book series about the adventures and travels that befall a fictionalized version of himself and his imaginary friends. Despite starting out as a comic about the titular character, it quickly turned into a wish-fulfillment outlet for Chris and his depraved fantasies, with Sonichu being a main character in name only, playing second fiddle to Chris's primary Mary Sue self-insert. Other characters include Rosechu and Chris's many other self-inserts.

The comic began on 24 November 2004 and updated intermittently throughout the next fifteen years, and despite his extreme laziness, it still gets somewhat regular updates to this very day. Chris wanted the series to last anywhere between 75 and 100 issues, although he was in no hurry to accomplish such a feat due to multiple extended hiatuses, culminating in only 14 fully completed issues (15 if you want to count Sonichu 13).


Chris first drew Sonichu in March 2000 after being told that he could not use a copyrighted character on a class project, so he instead came up with a TRUE and ORIGINAL character plagiarizing from two of his favorite video games: Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon. Later, Chris would put his web programming skills to task and come up with CWC's Sonichu Site!, which showcased his various illustrations of his pride and joy. Over time, Chris would draw new characters in his own little universe that were more blatant rip-offs of the source material that he was inspired by, such as Rosechu and Blake, and so Chris began to put together a couple of simple, single-page or two-page narratives for his growing cast of characters.

For a while, many of these comics were actually focused on the adventures of these characters, with no real references to the outside world, but over time, he would start to put himself into these comic strips. Dissatisfaction with his own life led Chris to use the comic as a coping mechanism to achieve a sense of wish fulfillment. Since he was coming up with his story (and nothing less), he could team up with his "original" creations and make things right in his idealized fantasy world.

The inadvertent shattering of his heart from Sarah Hammer, along with the expulsion from English class and the confrontation with Mary Lee Walsh, provided the impetus for Christian to kick-start the comic series in full force, turning real-life figures that he encountered into citizens and villains for him and his OCs to interact with. The series initially served as a complement to his Love Quest as a feeble attempt to link an accomplishment, or boost his own self-worth to unsuspecting prey; after all, Sonichu is "Zappin' to the Extreme!" He is Christian Weston Chandler's only son, and the first way past cooler Electric Hedgehog Pokémon!

The comics series was originally hosted on the various incarnations of Christian's homepage (as seen in the CWCipedia archive). In 2013 he began to upload the comics as albums on his Facebook page, and he affirmed in 2015, when he picked up the comic again, that this would be the place to find new pages. In September 2015 he finally began to sell printed and autographed issues on Etsy and The comic was originally promoted from now-defunct Sonichu business cards, and he has since graduated to flyers. Each new addition to the series proudly sports a "To be continued..." disclaimer page. In fact, the comics are not updated with any regular frequency: in the twenty years since the character's creation, Chris has only completed fifteen issues, even though he has zero responsibilities and unlimited free time. Chris has claimed that in total, he plans to complete 50 to 100 issues in his lifetime,[1] meaning that he's 15 to 30% of the way there.

Reader's Guide to Sonichu

My art speaks for me.

How-to and Overview

The ever infamous JARGON page.

To start off, the comics don't appear to have a consistent numbering system in place, this can make it tricky to organize them. For example, the Sonichu series began with issue #0 instead of #1. Chris also decided to assign one of the books as "Issue #12-9" to avoid associating his Pony OC Nightstar with the number 13. The book itself was originally going to be "Issue #13", with Planet Dolan as the subject matter instead. Despite that, there was an actual "Issue #13", but only for a bunch of vaguely connected ideas brainwashed into Chris by the Idea Guys with no actual narrative in sight. The following issue,"Issue #14" was never completed, and was also the second half of Sonichu #13. Sonichu #15 was eventually renamed to Sonichu #0 HD, despite it being a different plot mostly ripping off Rosechu's Story. All of the following issues were never completed and they share the confusing number scheme, being issues #16, #17 and #82. Adding to the confusion are the "Specials", which were numbered separately from the main comics.

Adding to the confusing numbering system, Chris uses a bunch of television lingo when referring to his stories. Each issue up to Issue #12-9 contained multiple separately-numbered "episodes" and "sub-episodes". Due to the incoherent narrative structure of the stories along with their inconsistent numbering system, readers often lost track of which story happened in which issue. For example, Black Sonichu (now known as Blake) was introduced in Episode #4, which was the fifth story in the overall series and the first story in Sonichu #1, which was in turn the second comic. Further confounding matters were the Sub-Episodes about Chris's Love Quest, which appeared in issues #0-4, and again were numbered separately from the main stories.

After the Idea Guys saga, bar Sonichu 0 HD, Chris has also dropped the traditional format of Sonichu. Other than the Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder cards, sometimes adding new "lore" to the series, the only other work of art he has worked on related to the franchise since then were long, low quality stories which one could mistake for the ramblings of a schizophrenic person, most notably Angelica Rosechu's Christmas Play and Chaos Crystal Control, which he oddly started writing in reverse, making Act 4 prior to acts 0 and 1.

Issues #0 and #1 featured Sonichu as the unchallenged star of the series, with Chris as a supporting character also appearing in the backup strips. By issue #2, the comic had abruptly transitioned to Chris encountering people from his real life in shitty anime battles. Token attempts to tell Sonichu stories and introduce Sonichu spin-off characters were made in #3, but all pretense was dropped in #4-#7 as the series becomes a vehicle for Chris, as the leader of a heroic band of recolors, to battle against a college dean, a group of ineffectual security guards, store managers, and later on, Internet trolls and other people who made fun of the comic. Originally it was mostly innocent and harmless, being the by-product of a simple man with a childish imagination, until it became an outlet to call out trolls, explore his depraved sexual desires and live out his violent revenge fantasies.

TO BE CONTINUED (c.) 2001-????

The comic series was presented as if it were a cartoon or anime (which might explain why the comics mimic visual effects that work in an audiovisual context but fail on paper), and was encapsulated into seasons with various episodes (or "series", for our European friends). Sonichu #10 was intended to wrap up the "first season" of Sonichu. This opened a can of worms as to the current vision of the comics: was Sonichu intended to be the hit action/adventure soap-opera TV show that is broadcast in CWCville, or was it the historical documentation of Chris's and Sonichu's life and times? Perhaps it was destined to be the Gospel from the Stay-at-Home Autistic Virgin Male, hallowed be His name. Either way, it remained unanswered whether Chris continues on with the series because he has a vain, misguided belief that some TRUE and HONEST soul would consider these as "storyboards" for proper licensing and production.

Art imitating life

Sensing some criticism for the self-centeredness of his work, Chris wrote himself out of the series toward the end of Sonichu #7, trapping the Chris character in the Time Void so that the storyline could focus on other characters. Despite this, Sonichu still served as a strong Mary Sue character, as seen in Sonichu fighting 4-cent in Sonichu #8, as well as the clear Sue tendencies of Reginald Sneasel.

He returned from the Time Void at the end of Sonichu #9, giving all non-Chris characters approximately one issue to have the spotlight to themselves, during which they mostly talked about how much they loved Chris and hoped he would return safely. On the final page of the issue, Chris claimed that he would write himself out of the series permanently, giving his characters the opportunity to shine on their own. He went back on this promise almost the moment he made it — issue #10 is one of the most Chris-centric of the entire series.

Following the theft of his Medallions of Fail by Blanca, Chris immediately released a new comic adapting the theft into his canon and explaining that the TRUE source of his power lay in his Amnyfest Ring. Since this story was necessarily set after Chris escapes the Time Void, it was deemed a special preview of Sonichu #10, despite the fact that Chris had at that point not finished Sonichu #8 nor begun Sonichu #9.

Chris started Sonichu #11 in December 2009 and completed Sonichu #10 in February 2010. He produced a revised ending to issue #10 in October 2010.[3] After a long inspirationless lull, he began churning out new pages of Sonichu #11 in September 2015.


Chris has regularly lost motivation to draw comics throughout the run of the series. Without a single job held for the past 18 years, he has all the time in the world and only lacks a drive to create.

Along with the abandonment of the CWCipedia in 2010, Sonichu 11 was put on hiatus later that year. Chris claimed that the trolls drained his creativity and scared him away from drawing any more Sonichu.[4]

I have not ended Sonichu; I only lost inspiration to draw, thanks to the people online.
Chris in 2010, on the hiatus of Sonichu 11[5].

After five years of Chris sporadically mentioning the possibility of continuing the comic, on 4 September 2015, he finally added new content to Sonichu. 11 new pages were added to Sonichu #11 that day. He said that new pages would be added "maybe every other week". 27 pages were uploaded in 2015, but these updates were not to last; no pages were uploaded in 2016. Chris claimed that ADD[6] and dementia[7] were responsible for his inactivity.

In June 2017, Chris began making regular updates to the comic again, completing Sonichu #11 that month and Sonichu #12 in October. Chris announced that Sonichu #13 would be an unofficial crossover with Planet Dolan but was scrapped after he had a falling out with DoopieDoOver. In its place, Chris announced Sonichu #12-9. 12-9 would be based around My Little Pony and feature a new self-insert of his, revolving almost entirely around ponies.

Partway through the development of #12-9, Chris's work on the comic broke down. Before #12-9 had been complete, Chris began working on Sonichu #14, which was to return to the normal Sonichu setting. He soon spilled paint on the first few unfinished pages and sold them on eBay for a quick buck, presumably scrapping his work once again. Chris apparently still intended to complete #14, as he announced Sonichu #15. The comic was intended as a remake/reboot of the early issues. This was derailed after Chris found the fancomic "Rosechu's Story", which he began to plagiarize instead of making an original story for #15.

Sonichu 15 was put on hold when communication with the Idea Guys began. These trolls made Chris illustrate their own narrative, which heavily focused on the politically incorrect, retcons, and generally horrible, unfunny things. Several pages were leaked in January 2018 by Kiwi Farms users in contact with the Idea Guys. After months without updates, Chris revealed in May 2018 that he had continued to work on #16, but was hesitant to release the nearly-finished comic now that he realized the Idea Guys had such an influence on it. Sonichu 16 was sent to Patreon supporters in fall of that year.

On 26 June 2019, Chris uploaded eight new pages for a new issue of Sonichu designed to be a sequel to Sonichu #16. Two days later, in a Patreon post, he would renumber issues #14, #15, and #16. Sonichu #14 would be moved to #16, Sonichu #16 would be renamed The Awakening of a CPU aka The Idea Guy Corruptions, (later renamed to issue #13[8]) and the new issue would be numbered issue 14.

Sonichu #17 was later revealed to exist, but only its cover has been seen. It appears to be influenced by the Idea Guys. After jail, the cover for Sonichu #82 was also uploaded on Chris's DeviantART.

Issues 14, 15, 16 and 17 are incomplete. Sonichu #14 was dropped after the Idea Guys lost power, Sonichu 16, or rather its few brown paint covered pages, were sold on Ebay and issues #17 and #82 never went past the cover. Out of all of them, only Sonichu 15, renamed Sonichu #0 HD, continued having work done on it, progressing very slowly, mainly being colored in during some of Chris's livestreams.

On 11 September 2020, when asked what he felt were the best Sonichu issues, he would reply with (in no particular order) Sonichu #0, Sonichu #12-9, and Sonichu #15 (all of which are origin stories for a self insert character).[9]


Like all people, Chris was at his most productive when he is motivated. The unfortunate truth is that much of Chris's motivation in earlier years came from trolls and being trolled. He has created hundreds of videos under the influence of trolls; the same could be said for the Sonichu comics. While Chris claims that the stress from trolls prevented him from writing comics, the opposite is likely true. Sonichu issues 8 through 10 were all created during the classic trolling era, and they happen to be some of the longest comics Chris has ever made (each one around 100 pages long, compared to the usual 50-or-so page length for Sonichu comics). After those, Sonichu 11 was finished eight years after it was started, with no content in it relating to trolls. Much of the content in issue 12-9 is inspired by Jessica Quinn and the Idea Guys (who ostensibly began their mind games with Chris in order to get him to work on his comic more frequently), all of whom are trolls. The Idea Guys were even able to force an entire issue out of Chris on their own, due in no small part to their emotional manipulation and extortion of him. The only outlier of a comic post-classic-trolling-era is Sonichu 12, which was finished in half a year and had nothing to do with trolls; Chris's motivation to create #12 stemmed from his burgeoning relationship with the LGBT community.

Simply put, Chris had no real reason to be writing and illustrating new Sonichu comics, which quite bluntly have always been an exercise in boosting his self-esteem rather than an exercise in creating a coherent narrative for his own characters. The relative innocence of the original Sonichu comics (before trolling) has long since been lost, and Chris's has generally been less productive on a creative level than since the ousting of the Idea Guys. A lack of long-term relationships has left Chris's motivation for art stagnant, while his delusions festered. While it was not impossible for Chris to complete any of his unfinished Sonichu comics, it was unlikely he would do so without making a change in his life. And anyone that though that they should be that "change" in his life would quickly learn that trolling Chris is a bad idea.

That being said, after considerable time on the backburner, Chris revealed in 2023 that Sonichu 0 HD (formerly known as Sonichu 15) was still in the works and in April of the following year, he announced on his Twitter that he has indeed returned to working on his magnum opus[10]. Whether he returns to his old ways (updating at his own pace) or he delays/or and stops outright yet again because of any external factors remains to be seen.

The Sonichu canon

Official releases

Issue Episode Title Plot Summary
Sonichu - Issue 0, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #0
Begun 3 Jan 2004
Complete 24 Mar 2005
Episode #1 "Sonichu's Orgin" Sonichu and Rosechu are created by the Chaotic Rainbow. Kel adopts Rosechu.
First appearance of Christian Weston Chandler, Sonichu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kel, and Rosechu.
Only appearance of Perfect Chaos.
Episode #2 Sonichu in "Genesis of the Lovehogs" Sonichu, hungry and lonesome, follows Rosechu home to Kel. They fall in love.
Episode #3 "Sonichu vs. Naitcirhc" [sic] Sonichu and Rosechu go shopping; Naitsirhc tries to kidnap Rosechu but Sonichu fights off his Zapdos and rescues Rosechu. Mayor Chris congratulates him.
First appearance of Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc.
"Classic Sonichu Strips" Random stupid stories with Sonichu.
First appearance of Black Sonichu (Blake), Jerkops, and Mary Lee Walsh.
Only appearances of Metonic, Vamprosa, and Barbara Chandler.
Sub-Episode #1 "Christian Chandler in Jerkop-tastropie" Chris is called out by a manajerk and transforms into Chris-Chan Sonichu to fight him and the jerkops off.
Sonichu #1
Begun 31 Mar 2005
Complete 18 Apr 2005
Episode #4 "Black Sonichu in Darkness, Speed, & Lightning!" The origin of Blake!

First appearance of Doctor Robotnik, Giovanni, and Bill the Scientist.
Episode #5 "Sonichu in Informal Meeting" Blake kidnaps Rosechu. Sonic and Sonichu run into each other and then team up.
Episode #6 "Sonic & Sonichu Black Metal Combat" Sonic and Sonichu fight Robotnik's latest creation.
Only appearance of Metal Sonichu.
Sub-Episode #2 "Christian Chandler in The Rise & Fall of My Heart" The comic version of Chris's encounter with Hanna.
Only appearance of Hanna.
Sonichu - Issue 2, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #2
Begun 24 Apr 2005
Complete 3 May 2005
Episode #7 "Sonichu in Anchuent Prophecy" Chris takes over the story as his Sonichu medallion unleashes the power of the Anchuent Prophecy.
First appearance of Sarah Hammer, Wes Iseli, and the Ancient Leader of the Cherokee Clan.
Only appearance of the Keeper of the Destiny Cave.
Episode #8 "Christian Chandler in Chaos & Serenity" The three empowered hedgehogs meet and fight.
First appearance of Wes-Li Sonichu and Saramah Rosechu.
Episode #9 "Chris-Chan, Saramah, & Wes-Li in The Evil that Stomped CWCville" Saramah breaks up with Wes-Li as Slaweel the Witch makes her first big attack on CWCville!
First appearance of Count Graduon.
Sub-Episode #3 "Christian Chandler & Sonichu in Witch Confront" Chris and Sonichu confront Slaweel!
Sonichu - Issue 3, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #3
Begun 20 Jun 2005
Complete 21 Feb 2006
Episode #10 "Sonichu Babies" The origins of the Chaotic Combo!
First appearances of Wild Sonichu, Bubbles Rosechu, Magi-Chan, Angelica Rosechu, Punchy Sonichu, Sonee and Rosey, Shinabe.
Only appearance of Mypoe, and the Boulder-Dropping Whale.
Episode #11 "The Chaotic Combo in When Hedgehogs Meet" Blake steals the Master Sunstone and the Chaotic Combo unite!
First appearance of Flame the Sunbird.
Sub-Episode #4 "Christian Chandler in McAttack" Chris is attacked in the M-C-D-ville by two Manajerks!
First appearance of B-Manajerk, Merried Seinor Comic, W-M Manajerk, and Darkbind Sonichu.
Only appearance of Super Chris-chan Sonichu.
Sonichu #4
Begun 24 Mar 2005
Complete 2 Sep 2005?
Sub-Episode #1 "Christian Chandler in Jerkop-tastropie" Reprinted from Sonichu #0.
Sub-Episode #2 "Christian Chandler in The Rise & Fall of My Heart" Reprinted from Sonichu #1.
Sub-Episode #3 "Christian Chandler & Sonichu in Witch Confront" Reprinted from Sonichu #2.
Sub-Episode #4 "Christian Chandler in McAttack" Reprinted from Sonichu #3.
Sub-Episode #5 "Christian Chandler in McAttack Part 2" Crystal appears to save the day as the W-M Manajerk attacks!
First appearance of Crystal Weston Chandler (sister) and W-M Manajerk.
Last appearance of the Ancient Leader of the Cherokee Clan.
Sub-Episode #6 "Christian Chandler's Backyard Safari" Chris gives us an inside look at the Jerkops.
First appearance of ScotPalazzo.
Sub-Episode #7 "Christian Chandler in Off-Target" Bagget arrives to attack Chris!
First appearance of Bagget and Crackder.
Sub-Episode #8 "Christian Chandler in Off-Target Part 2" Chris is taken captive, but is rescued by Crystal!
Sonichu - Issue 5, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #5
Begun 29 Apr 2006
Complete 20 Jun 2006
Episode #12 "Christian Chandler in My Best Friend's Cherokian Wedding" Chris attends Sarah Hammer's wedding, which is spoiled by Wes-Li Sonichu. Chris, with the aid of Megan Schroeder, saves the day.
First appearance of Megagi La Skunk.
Only appearances of William Spicer and Sailor Megtune.
Episode #13 "Shattered Hearts & Entrapment" Slaweel initiates an attack on CWCville, leading to Crystal getting trapped in the mirror!
First appearance of DJ Jamsta.
Sonichu - Issue 6, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #6
Begun 4 Jul 2006
Complete 21 Feb 2007
Episode #12.5 "One Lucky Dog" Chris's dog, Patti, is transported to CWCville and becomes an anthropomorphic dog with magic powers.
First appearances of Patti-Chan and Allison Amber.
Episode #14 "Evil is Afoot!" Chris and the Chaotic Combo begin their quest for the Sonichu Balls as Reldnahc makes his appearance.
First appearance of Bionic the Hedgehog.
Sonichu Issue 7.jpg
Sonichu #7
Begun 5 Mar 2007
Complete 20 Aug 2008
Episode #15 "Sonichu, Magi-Chan, and Christian in Time for a Ball" Chris learns the location of one of the Sonichu Balls and goes to get it.
Only appearance of Sammy.
Episode #16 "C.W.C. and Sonichu in Time Hogs" Chris and Sonichu retrieve a Sonichu Ball, only for Chris to be lost in the Time Void.
"Tune in Everyday to Station KCWC for Everything!" DJ Jamsta interviews Blanca and Jiggliami.
First appearance of Jiggliami and Blanca.
Only appearance of Robert Simmons V.
Sonichu #8
Begun 20 Aug 2008
Complete 1 Jan 2009
Revised 10 Jul 2019
Episode #17 "Rage Against the Garbage" After sex, Sonichu and Rosechu learn about 4-cent and go to confront Jason Kendrick Howell over his work. They get a Sonichu Ball for their trouble.
First appearance of Jason Kendrick Howell and The Incredible Lioness.
Episode #18 "Spring Break, 2008" Silvana makes her move as Jiggliami warns the others of her plans and they get another Sonichu Ball.
First appearance of Zapina, Simonla Rosechu, and Silvana.
Last appearance of Jiggliami and Blanca.
Only appearance of Yawning Squirtle.
Sonichu #9
Begun 1 Dec 2008
Complete 7 Dec 2009
Episode #19 "Date Ed (Even Though the Idea Sounds Dated)" THRILL to the wonder that is Chris's Dating Education classes!
First appearances of Reginald Sneasel, Layla, and Rita Jackaras.
Only appearance of Ms. Jackaras.
Episode #20 "CWC-Defense" The PVCC mounts a massive attack on CWCVille! Chris is later pulled out of the Time Void.
First appearance of the Samurai Pizza Bots and the Power Rangers.
Only appearance of BILLY MAYS.
Issue 10 Cover.jpg
Sonichu #10
Begun 15 Sep 2008
Complete 25 Feb 2010
Revised 2010 and 2015.
Episode #21 "Christian Chandler in Director Amenities" Chris rains holy hell on all his enemies!
First appearance of Clyde Cash, Jack Thaddeus, Lovely Weather, Asperchu, Chaotic Combo (Asperchu), Metal Asperchu, the Asperpedia Four, and Sandy Rosechu.
Deaths of Reldnahc, Jason Kendrick Howell, Asperchu, Clyde Cash, Jack Thaddeus, Chaotic Combo (Asperchu), Metal Asperchu, the Asperpedia Four, Slaweel the Witch, homosexuality, asexuality, and Simonla.
Issue 11 Cover.jpg
Sonichu #11
Begun 13 Aug 2009
Complete 30 Jun 2017
"A Sonichu Christmas" Christmas is coming, and Sonichu, Rosechu, and their children faff about the place doing nothing of importance. Cera befriends Kevin, a Peanuts-type character. Robbie and Sonichu help a homeless woman. Simonla Rosechu miraculously recovers from her execution.
This is apparently Episode 22, but it is not numbered as such.

First appearance of Kevin, Stephanie.
Resurrection of Simonla Rosechu.

Episode #23 "Simonchu & Bananafunkle" Simonchu finds a new Pokémon and Punchy adopts it, causing Layla to leave him.

First appearance of Bananasauros.

Episode #24, Part 1 "The Clip Show: Catching Up" Sonic and Sonichu catch up at the mall.
Return of Sonic. First appearance of Ferrah and Dogson
Sonichu - Issue 12, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #12
Begun 21 May 2017
Complete 16 Oct 2017
Episode #25 "To Be or Naught a Tomgirl…" Robbie Sonee comes to terms with xir gender identity.
Episode #26 "Prideful" The first CWCville pride festival
Episode #24, Part 2 Clip Show continued Sonic and Sonichu catch up at the mall.
Sonichu 12-9 Cover.jpg
Sonichu #12-9
Begun 25 Aug 2017
Complete 20 Jul 2018

(NB – Chris abandons his traditional habit of dividing his comics into episodes in this and all future issues.)

The origin story of Night Star and how she learned to traverse dimensions, visiting CWCville and getting to know Christine.
Sonichu - Issue 13, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #13
Begun 1 Nov 2017
Complete 3 Aug 2018
"The Awakening of a CPU, Also Known As The Idea Guy Corruptions" How John Yamada came to influence Chris. Really an incoherent series of plot threads involving material from existing fictional universes and real-world politics of interest to the Idea Guys.
Sonichu - Issue 14, Cover (draft).jpg
Sonichu #14
Begun 26 Jun 2019
Not yet complete.
"The Awakening of a CPU: Book Two" Events leading up to the Dimensional Merge.
Sonichu book 0 hd cover by nightstarrosechu2891 dg6o1j5-pre.jpg
Sonichu #0 HD
Begun 16 Oct 2017
Not yet complete.
The retelling of Sonichu #0; most of the content was plagiarised from Rosechu's Story, a fan comic.
Sonichu - Issue 16, Cover (restored).jpg
Sonichu #16
Begun 30 May 2017
Seemingly abandoned.
"Count Graduon, The Mighty Warrior!" Count Graduon's origin story. Chris drew three pages, and then accidentally spilled paint on it. He sold the damaged pages on eBay.
Sonichu - Issue 17, Cover.jpg
Sonichu #17
Begun 1 April 2018
Just the cover.
Sonichu Book 82 cover by nightstarrosechu2891.jpeg
Sonichu #82
Begun 22 April 2023
Just the cover.

Special editions

These special issues were one-offs intended for specific audiences, but subsequently obtained by trolls and publicly released.

Image Issue Informal Title Plot Summary
CWCVictoryForIvy.jpg Sonichu Special #1 CWC Holding Out For a Hero Chris rescues Ivy from the clutches of "Cly".

First appearances of Ivy and Clyde Cash.
IvyWedding.jpg Sonichu Special #2 Wedding Comic The fail-tastic union of Chris and Ivy.

Only appearances of Spas the Cat, Canino Houndhowl, Lilith, Rachel, Ching Chong, and the unnamed priest.
SchuComicSP3P3.jpg Sonichu Special #3 Giant Penis Comic The even more fail-tastic honeymoon of Chris and Ivy.

Last appearances of Ivy and Officer Keino.
SchuComicSP4P3.jpg Sonichu Special #4 Gun Comic Ian Brandon Anderson "rescues" Kacey from CChanSonichuCWC (though it's unclear why Kacey needs to be rescued if she's in a consensual relationship with Liquid), shoots Liquid in the shins, and then makes out with Kacey.

Only appearances of Kacey, Kacey's mom, Matthew Devoria, and Liquid Chris.
Ring Comic for The Captain (compressed from original).png Sonichu Special #5 Guard Dogs Comic Chris sends the Amnyfest Ring to The Captain.

Only appearance of The Captain
SchuBlockedbyBroniesdraftP3.jpeg Sonichu Special #6 Soft Exile Comic Magi-Chan talks to Dr. Wolf, a creator of the TF2 Analysis show, about Chris being blocked on Twitter by several high-profile creators from the MLP brony fandom, in particular members of TF2 Analysis.

First appearance of Dr.Wolf
ChrisSlimeComicP2.jpg Sonichu Special #7 Slime Comic Chris's TRUE and HONEST rendition of Ben Saint's promotional comic.

Only appearance of Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk

Approved fanfictions


We advise that you don't make any more comics of your own to implement in Chris's canon. It makes you look just as stupid as Chris when he did it alone.

On 17 December 2019, Chris uploaded a complete set of the Sonichu series, including comics 0 through 13 of the main series, but also two fan comics that he has officially endorsed, to CWCville Shopping. Not being derived from his own geinus, they are a step below TRUE and HONEST Sonichu canon. Nevertheless he has sanctioned them as mostly true to his vision, and is exploiting these fruits of others' labors financially.

Image Issue Plot Summary
Rosechu's Story comic book cover.jpeg Rosechu's Story Designed by Tricklechu. Originally a Kiwi Farms project to redeem as much as possible from Chris's lackluster writing by focusing on the side character Rosechu.
PrequelCover.jpeg Chris Chan: A Prequel Comic Created by Bryanfrogboy. Written as a deconstruction of Chris's life, told from Chris's point of view.


In his August 2009 résumé, Chris stated that his dream was to "get me paper-published with a comic book company like Archie, Marvel, DC or Dark Horse comics". He finally made this happen – sort of – in September 2015, when he discovered and put a bound copy of Sonichu #0 for sale for ten bucks. A print version of Book #1 appeared the following month. Although his Lulu account disappeared from public view after about a week, he continued to offer the books (autographed upon request) on Etsy. He made routine updates on Facebook.

A recipient of the first issue provided a review:[11]

The cover is pixelated and shitty, Chris really obviously just stretched out whatever resized image he happened to have on his PC at the time, rather than rescan the original or do anything that required any effort.

The spine is completely fucked up, and spills over onto the back of the book, making it totally useless – the bottom half of text can't be viewed from the side. If by some shitty reason you ever wanted to buy multiple future issues to put on your shelf, you'd never be able to tell which one is which. I don't know if this is because he just copied/pasted a book spine he assumed would work, or if he really underestimated how big the book would be. Probably both. The result is that the cover is one of the worst things in comic history. It honestly is so poorly done and so low quality that if Chris wasn't saying it was his I would assume this was a troll attempt to make him look bad.

The back cover is significantly less pixelated, but still looks like garbage because it is, of course, drawn all in markers and pen by Chris.

The paper used is matte and looks like the lowest quality/cheapest option he could get it printed on. Someone else mentioned it looks like "draft" quality and that pictures make it better – it seriously is so ugly and the resolution so low, it looks like a test page, and I can't even capture how shitty it is on camera. I've purchased comics from Lulu before, and they weren't nearly this bad, so there must be varying levels of publishing quality (or Lulu themselves has dropped in quality significantly – it's been years) and Chris picked the worst.

So, it's exactly what you expect. Low quality and no effort by Chris other than uploading it. He didn't even check to see if things fit on the cover.

As advertised on Etsy:

Printed and Autographed Sonichu #0 Comic Book

Main article: Sonichu 0



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: paper, ink
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Ruckersville, Virginia

Item Details

This is a Preorder of a Printed version of my first Sonichu Comic Book, #0. It will be in Comic Book size and paper format. The reserve price is an estimate, and it allows room for the print set of Book #1, which follows Book #0.

See the hand drawn beginnings of Sonichu and Rosechu, as well as their classic and romantic coming together and meet, the meeting and battle against Naitsirhc, a few past drawn classic comic strips, and the first of a few sub-episodes featuring the artist/author, years before finding herself, feeling lost and searching for true love from friendship, intended, but finds constant troubles from the past goons of her arch nemesis, Count Graduon (with holstered help from the witch, Slaweel Ryam).

(Of which SEGA is still quoted for their Sonic characters, but I have my own personal copyright on Sonichu, Rosechu, and everything else therein. Also, any names, or persons, illustrated in any of the Sonichu Comics, except that of my own, that may seem similar to anyone in real life or wherever else, are purely coincidental or otherwise parodic, and not cannon to their source stories and/or formats). Also, the legal page, and the corner author note on the front will be updated to respectively match my current name and other related items. The contents of this and the other completed and future books have been edited to allow the age range to be for the TV-Y7 and above.

It will take me a week or two to put together the pages into the publishing site's template size, uploading them there, and then it will take up to another four weeks for them to print and ship the books to me, so I can autograph them and send them each off to each person who will have reserved a copy. Therefore, the estimated wait time for the books' full completion will be as late as the end of October of this year.

Also, please do continue to show me your support by buying a medal, an amiibo figure, or donate towards my creation and peace of mind cause. Thank You, and have a Great and Safe Day.

On 23 September, Chris edited the first paragraph of this description to read:

**Please note: This book is now available from its matching listing on ONLY by ordering it through me, will I have the chance to personally autograph your copy of the book for you. Otherwise, you may go to the listing on and order a physical copy for yourself there as well. My price here covers shipping from there to me, and then to you. Thank you.

In the second week of October, however, his Lulu account went down, and he had to change this again:

**Please note: This is the ONLY way to order the book; I have it printed through (the listing there is only viewable to me); anyhow, I stil have the liberty to personally autograph your copy of the book for you. If you do not wish it autographed, please select the Variation Option of "Not Autographed Book". The advantage of having it not autographed, being I can order it from the printer and have it shipped to your address, but it won't be in a comic book sleeve. And each copy sent from me will be shipped in a plastic Comic Book Sleeve with cardboard lining, inside a large envelope. My price here covers shipping from there to me, and then to you. Thank you.

Printed and Autographed Sonichu #1 Comic Book

Main article: Sonichu 1

The description text was more or less identical to that for Sonichu #0.


Item Details

In this book, see the genetic cloning of Sonichu, with an accidental dose of cherry cola, resulting in Blake Sonichu. Teaming up in the conclusion to the accident in Book 0, Sonichu and Sonic work together to rescue Rosechu from a Team Rocket, USA Division, crew and robotics scientists, Dr. Ren Skysoar, and his robotic creation.

Printed and Autographed Sonichu #2 Comic Book

Main article: Sonichu 2

Printed and Autographed Sonichu #3 Comic Book

Main article: Sonichu 3

Printed and Autographed Sonichu #4 Comic Book, plus rant against online dating

Main article: Sonichu 4

Chris veered into an off-topic rant on online dating in the description.


Item Details

Contains 96 Pages; Recommended for people Ages Seven and Up.

In this SPECIAL Book, archived and retold are the past short adventures of the past Christian Weston Chandler, LONG Before coming out as a Lesbian TransWoman, during the days of his Sweetheart Search, of which were constantly thwarted by the Jerkops and Janekops, sent by the evil Count Graduon and Slaweel Ryam, in Their actions towards making True Love and Being Sweethearts ILLEGAL and LOST in the City of Cwcville, followed by the State of Virginia, Then the United States, and the world! But the Artist and Creator, and Mayor of Cwcville, refuses to stand down and give up in finding the One Woman WHO will be his One True Sweetheart, seeded from the Ground-Up with Good and Honest Face-To-Face Friendship!, along with new short chapter segments to conclude this set of sub-episodes.

Seriously, though: MEETING PEOPLE ONLINE, Communicating for WEEKS to MONTHS, even YEARS(?), Before EVER Meeting Face-to-Face IN PERSON, which is VITAL and REQUIRED for ANY True and Real Friendship AND Relationship... That is Plain NO GOOD! What happened to the days of EVERYONE Actually being Friendly towards one another in the towns and cities; even In This WORLD? WHY do we have to Fear Each Other for the FEAR and Unknown that has stemmed from Wars, Attacks, and Bad People? OMFG!!! Are we ALL so Bleeding Paranoid that we are forced into a Sense of Psuedo-Autism by remaining CONSTANTLY with our faces looking at Screens and Monitors, with LACK of REAL Eye Contact from Initial In Person, Face-to-Face MEETINGS at a Bar, Shopping Mall, College Library, or Coffee Shop?! Not Only do I, PERSONALLY, Suck at Meeting and Communicating with People ONLINE, ESPECIALLY to Establish Honest and Real and True Relationships in the Trials and Errors that are Not Only More Efficient and Better WITHOUT Hiding Behind Screens and Monitors,... *sigh* BUT I remain Constantly LONELY and Freaking SHY from Lack of Women ACTUALLY offering me their Time of Day Or Interest, Face-To-Face. But I digress.

(Of which SEGA is still quoted for their Sonic characters, and Nintendo for Pikachu). But I have my own personal copyright on Sonichu, Rosechu, and everything else therein. Also, any names, or persons, illustrated in any of the Sonichu Comics, except that of my own, that may seem similar to anyone in real life or wherever else, are purely coincidental or otherwise parodic, and not cannon to their source stories and/or formats). Also, the legal page, and the corner author note on the front will be updated to respectively match my current name and other related items. The contents of this and the other completed and future books have been edited to allow the age range to be for the TV-Y7 and above.

Also, please do continue to show me your support by buying a medal, a custom figure, or donate towards my creation and peace of mind cause. Thank You, and have a Great and Safe Day.

    • Please note: This is the ONLY way to order the book.

OfficialCWCmart listings

Later on, on 19 January 2024, Praetor also started selling the first 4 issues of Sonichu on OfficialCWCmart for $30 an issue, a significant markup from his ealrier offerings. There was also a combo deal containing all four books for a slightly more digestable $90.

vol 0 description
The original first book that introduces Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville. 48 Pages.

Personally autographed and signed.

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

vol 1 description
Sonichu encounters a clone that was made of his DNA from his encounter with Naitsirhc. 50 Pages.

Personally autographed and signed.

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

vol 2 description
Christian Chandler of Cwcville, an old friend, and her ex-boyfriend, end up finding out they're half-Sonichu. 48 Pages.

Personally autographed and signed.

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

vol 3 description
The fateful meeting and getting together of the fab five, out of the many Special Sonichus and Rosechus, who make up the Chaotic Combo. 48 Pages.

Personally autographed and signed.

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

COMBO DEAL description
A True and Honest Deal: First 4 Sonichu comics, personally autographed by Christine Weston Chandler.

- Sonichu Vol. 0, 48pg
- Sonichu Vol. 1, 50pg
- Sonichu Vol. 2, 48pg
- Sonichu Vol. 3, 48pg

Future plotlines

Over the years Chris has dropped a few hints about specific plotlines. At one point he stated, "METAL SONICHU is NOT a secondary character; HE will be making his return as a MAJOR VILLIAN after Book 11 Possessed by the soul of Count Graduon."[12] He later elaborated, "Count Graduon will be the Major Villain beyond [Sonichu #10], possessing the Metal Sonichu that crashed on the moon back in Book 1.[13] The issue may also move to RuleCWC: Chris has said that "Darkbind and Zelina will be fighting Clawdorf with great sword and bow/arrow battles."[14]

There was also to be less Great Director intrusion: "After Book 10, I will be making LESS personal appearances in the pages, as having done so was a big mistake, because I had got carried away with the trials and tribulations in my life, real and online, that it completely messed me up."[15]

Since then, Count Graduon and Metal Sonichu have only reappeared once in Sonichu #12, RuleCWC has not been seen since Sonichu #10, and, as all of us have probably predicted, Chris broke his promise to cut down on his appearances in the comic with Sonichu #13.


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