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I, literally, was hit on by Bowsette yesterday, after destroying a bunch of roboticized Koopas, Myself, and I Knew I should never have the thing to do with her, so I had to push her away and send her back to her father, Bowser.
Chris fantasizing about a fictional character hitting on him[1]
Chris and Bowsette

Bowsette is a fanmade gender-swapped version of Super Mario Bros. villain Bowser. She had been created on 19 September 2018 by a Twitter artist. During September 2018, Chris found out about the character and had an extended fantasy about her. He illustrated the fantasy in drawings, and posted on Twitter about it.

On 24 September, Chris tweeted that he had discussed Bowsette with his loves and, disagreeing with the creator's backstory on Bowsette, instead decided that she was not a gender-swapped version of Bowser, but rather the daughter of Bowser and Peach, implying that Bowser had raped Peach.

Bowser did have his way with Peach during the events of Super Mario Bros. 3, and she laid the egg while waiting for Mario. Bowsette hatched from the egg. Bowser, and a hired Nanny, raised Bowsette all these years.
Chris reimagining Bowsette as being the product of rape.[2]

Chris also believed Bowsette to be sexually promiscuous, writing that "That gal sure got around, and she Really Gets around. Believe it or not, Bowser has been paying her allowance in recent years to lay eggs; she’s laid more than 3,000!" and "She also has daddy issues, and her mom, Peach, has been very disappointed in Bowsette." Chris also noted that he was tempted by Bowsette, but didn't want to have sex with her, claiming out of fear for what could be born.[2]

Chris also claimed during the fantasy that he had raped a Koopa Troopa and that this resulted in a "blue part-Sonichu/Koopa child".[2]

The following day, Chris had a fantasy that he, Sonichu, and Rosechu battled robotic Koopa Troopas sent by Bowser and Namgee. Bowsette then hit on Chris, but Chris pushed her away back to her father Bowser.[1]

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