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This article was previously deleted due to Spazkid himself and creators of the series vandalizing the page to plug their newer works into it. As a reminder, we do not endorse you whoring yourself out.
Sonichu: The Animated Series
Created by Cory J. Beck
Seasons 2
Episodes 12
Original Run 3 November 2009 – 21 March 2010

Sonichu: The Animated Series was an animated series created by Spazkid as a parody of Christian Weston Chandler and his comic. It ran for two seasons, with the first having 10 episodes and the second having only two.


Spazkid created Sonichu: The Animated Series with friends. Having channels constantly flagged down on YouTube, he had to censor certain episodes of the cartoon and put the uncensored video files on Dailymotion.

He ended the series after not having any more interest in Chris, topped with constant drama with voice actors and writers. In one episode of a podcast called Sleepycast, Spazkid revealed that another reason why he abruptly stopped the series was because he felt that Chris's life had become more depressing to the point where Spazkid starting feeling bad for him, especially when he found out about Chris's tomgirl transformation and the death of Bob, though he still thinks its funny that Chris still freaks out about Sonic to this day. He mentioned that he still gets lots of tweets from die-hard fans asking him if he could bring back the series only for him to say no and that they should just let it die.

Chris-Chan is—he’s an enigma which to so many people—they thought he was a troll. Because they’re like, “there’s no way this motherfucker is real” because he’s like the saddest human being ever. And it’s SAD because it’s like… I spent four years of my life fucking with him and people are like, “bring it back!” And I’m like, “NO! LET IT DIE.” It’s like depressing—it’s not the golden age—it’s the depressing age.
Spazkid, rebuking the weens.

Despite him feeling remorse for his action toward Chris, he still doesn't hesitate in calling him a retard and despicable human being.

The Animated Series

Much like the comic series, though the title is 'Sonichu', the series centers around the misadventures of Chris. For four years, it ran for two seasons, with the first season consisting of 10 episodes and the second having one episode split into two parts. The series mocks Chris by making him look like a bigger idiot than he already is and with him always ending up in each episode being killed, injured, humiliated or doing something disgusting/stupid. Unlike the comics, Chris rarely wins and is rightfully told off many times, except by Sonichu, who loves and adores his "father"... maybe a little too much.

Since the series is a mashup of Chris' real-life adventures and his comics, many plot elements are taken from both Christorical sagas and the Sonichu comic. These events are usually heavily exaggerated for comedic effect. Many characters from both sagas and his comics make appearances such as Rosechu, Jimmy Hill, Megan, etc. The series also does things that Chris would absolutely hate, such as making Sonichu be abusive to Rosechu, him and Sonichu being engaged in gay sexual acts, most of his female characters having manly voices and appearances, and even Chris being raped by a black guy.

The series was animated in MS Paint, with the style being reminiscent of Ren & Stimpy in a way to make the characters look more grotesque than they already are. It is also noted that many of the characters are drawn differently each time they are on screen. This may be a reference to how Chris' characters never look the same in any drawings he does. Animation wise, the show is often crude and simplistic for both comedic effect and in order to save time in creating episodes.

It should also be known that Liquid Chris himself joined along and provided the voice of Chris in some episodes since he was at the time one of the few people who could imitate Chris perfectly. When it wasn't Liquid doing the voice, it was either Spazkid himself or CWCki editor PhinnyCupcakes. In some instances, audio clips from Chris's various videos, such as "So Need a Cute Girl", "I am STRAIGHT" and "For Julie's Eyes Only", were used.

Chris did mention the series when he was asked by Joshua Martinez about it on the third Vanessa AIM Chat. He said that he watched a bit of the series, but didn't give an opinion on it.[1]


The cast of Sonichu TAS


These characters have prominent roles throughout the series and appear in a majority of the episodes.

  • Christian Weston Chandler- A 27-year-old (at the time the series started) "virgin with rage" who is the mayor of CWCville. He is very naive, believing that CWCville is an ideal place to live and that he is loved by its citizens, and gets angry easily. He is on his "love quest" through the series and has a rivalry with Mary Lee Walsh. His assistant is Allison Amber, who is shown to despise her job and tries to give Chris advice on how to run the town, to which he ignores all of it. Unlike his comic-self, he usually loses and is heavily abused through the series, such as being sexually assaulted by a Jerkop, being talked back to by Allison, having bricks thrown at him and booed at his concert, and so on. He appears in all but one episode. In some episodes, his voice was provided by Liquid Chris.
  • Sonichu- Chris's "son" and Rosechu's boyfriend/possible husband. He loves and adores Chris, having a sexual relationship with Chris, and seems to love/hate Rosechu- one minute they will be engaged in sexual activity and show they care for each other, the next minute he is abusing/killing her for trivial reasons. He can be very naïve at times, with a fun-loving nature yet very dirty mind. He appears in all but one episode.
  • Rosechu- the possible "daughter" of Chris and girlfriend/possible wife of Sonichu. She is very airheaded and is usually beaten/killed in each episode-usually by Sonichu. She appears in almost every episode.
  • Mary Lee Walsh- The main antagonist of the series, though she is not in many of the episodes. She is depicted a blonde, curvy, evil, and sexy witch with a manly, raspy, Brooklyn accent voice and a devil tail and horns. Unlike her real life and comic self, she appears to be very young, presumably in her late 20's-early 30's. She is under orders of Count Graduon, but talks back to him and usually ends up shoving the staff up herself. She is revealed in one episode to have a fetish for people shoving things up their butts. At one point she is Chris's rival in the mayoral elections, losing to Billy Mays.
  • Count Graduon- Mary's superior and talking staff. Even though he gives her orders, he is subject to her abuse, mainly being shoved inside her when she is angered by him or he annoys her.
  • Magi-Chan Develops a major role in the finale. Originally in Season 1, he was depicted as a sophisticated intellectual, not putting up with the other's shenanigans and warning Bubbles of Silvana's trick. In Season 2, he has a more mad-scientist personality with obvious undertones. He sends Chris into his own body via the duck to find the source of his illness following a potentially fatal navy consumption.
  • Allison Amber- Chris's secretary who hates her job and is not very fond of Chris either. Her duties include wiping Chris when he craps himself from stress, cleaning his duck, and doing loads of paperwork while he has sex with a blowup doll. She tries to advise him and inform him the citizens hate him, but he blissfully ignores her and believes the town to love him and his humor. She runs the mayoral elections in episode 10. In the comics, she is said to have an "ugh...boyfriend", but in the series her relationship status is never mentioned. She is also sexually harassed at work.


These characters appear briefly in the series. Many of them originate from the comics or are involved in the many sagas of Chris's life.

  • Jerkop- Only appears in the first two episodes briefly to try and take Chris and friends down. He appears to be a racist interpretation- as Sonichu points out he is a black Jerkop, and the Jerkop orders the trio to buy him KFC. He ends up sexually assaulting Chris and pees on him.
  • Angelica Rosechu- Only appears in episodes 5 and 8, Her debut appearance shows her at a tea party between her, Bubbles, (presumably) Lolisa, and Chris. She talks about a disturbing dream she has involving God before declaring it tea time. In episode 8, she is seen at Rosechu's surprise party, telling Bubbles she bought the birthday girl a new shaver. Later, she is at the beach with the gang and flies through the air, only to be shot by Punchy's harpoon, her "unconscious" body being dragged off for Punchy to have sex with. She dies from said harpoon to the head.
  • Bubbles Rosechu- Only appears in episodes 5 and 8. She has a non-speaking role in episode 5 at the tea party, and later is seen in episode 8 at the surprise party. She sneaks away to her boyfriend Blake's treehouse to give him a cupcake for his birthday. At the beach, she breaks Blake's arm after he kicks sand at her and her friends. She is fooled by Silvana/Sean Connery's disguise as Blake as she prepares to have sex with him, despite warnings from Magi and Jiggliami. When confronted by Connery, she brings out her counter-attack- Patrick Stewart.
  • Punchy Sonichu- Only appears in episode 8. On the beach, he oogles over Angelica and shoots her down with a harpoon gun, dragging her unconscious body away to have sex on. He is depicted as a Stereotype,
  • Wild Sonichu- Only seen in episodes 5-8. He is briefly seen in episode 5 before being hit by the Ghost Buggy. In episode 6 and 8, he has a hill-billy like voice and appears quite dumb. When Chris starts up his band, Wild volunteers to play the Sit and Spin (A child's toy). When they are booed at the show later on, Wild is hit by a brick. In episode 7, he gets a more mature role in a Metal Gear Solid Snake-like appearance, getting a gruff voice and annoyed by Sonichu. He smokes a handful of cigarettes at once, then makes out and has sexual intercourse with a box (offscreen). In episode 8, he is with Punchy as he oogles Angelica, to which Wild seems indifferent with.
  • Bionic- Appears in episodes 5 and 8. He makes a brief appearance in episode 5 as he throws a basketball at Megan to save Chris, then mocks him for a while, bragging about his sex life, then runs off to his girlfriend, Megagi. In episode 8, he is overly excited for Rosechu's party, and ends up sexually assaulting Magi Chan.
  • Silvana- Only appears in episode 8. She overhears Bubbles and Blake about to have sex at the beach, so she morphs into Bubbles to 'spread her STDs' onto the couple. She meets Blake outside the store where he has a bag of condoms. After their offscreen sex, she reveals herself from her Bubbles disguise to reveal Sean Connery. She then disguises as Blake to do the same to Bubbles, but is stopped by multiple warnings from other characters.
  • Black Sonichu/Blake- Appears in episodes 1 and 8. In the first episode, he is seen having sex with a blowup doll in the middle of the walkway, with a slight racist cutaway as him depicted as a chimp. He and Sonichu get into a verbal spat over his actions until Chris breaks up the fight. In episode 8, he is seen at Rosechu's party, then later at his treehouse when his girlfriend, Bubbles, brings him a cupcake to celebrate his birthday. He is later seen at the beach kicking sand at the girls, but has his arm broken by Bubbles. He has sex with a disguised Silvana as Bubbles, but is kicked high in the air after the revelation.
  • Nintendo Executives- Only in episode 3. After a sexual act, Chris sends his video game idea of Sonichu and him to the Nintendo Executives, only to be harshly yelled at and turned down by the executives. The executive then craps on Chris and gives him salmonella. In real life, Chris actually sent Nintendo a Sonichu video game idea, only to be turned down for many reasons- one being copyright with SEGA.
  • Beel- Only in episode 7. A devil receptionist to the 4-cent garbage building. He has a stereotypical voice and only allows Sonichu and Rosechu to pass once Sonichu does "a little favor" for him.
  • Jason- Only in episode 7. Head of the 4-cent building. A 20 year old troll who slanders others, commits small crimes, and has a 17 year old sex slave who warmly greets the pair. He is attacked by Rosechu in her Lioness form and only kept alive by the dark forces.

Notable Mentions

The characters unseen/have little to no speaking role or impact on an episode's plot, but are significant in the comics/saga

  • Megan- Only appears in episodes 1, 4-6. At the end of episode 1, she is mentioned to be trapped in a mirror. By episode 4, she is freed when Mary Lee Walsh sets off a charger in Chris's house- freeing Megan from the mirror. She wields Yu-Gi-Oh cards to challenge her captor, Chris. At the start of episode 5, she appears to have the upper hand, but is knocked out by Bionic's basketball. She is presumably the girl in Chris's dream in episode 6, oggling over a handsome, muscular Chris, and declaring herself Chris's boyfriend-free Girlfriend, and ready to sexually please him. However, Chris wakes up to realize that was all a dream.
  • Megagi La Skunk- Created by Megan. She appears momentarily in episode 5 to ask Bionic to help shave her mustache. She has a feminine appearance, but a manly voice.
  • Jimmy Hill- is only mentioned in the end of episode 4. The narrator asks if Jimmy Hill will every assert his righteousness.
  • Ivy- only mentioned in Episode 9. Chris touches a picture of her and Layla, referring to her as the "incident"
  • Layla- only seen in a drawing in episode 9. Chris touches a picture of her and Ivy, Chris referring to her creator as "the incident"
  • B-Manajerk- He appears very briefly in one episode being beaten up by Chris in a dream. Non-Speaking role.
  • Jiggliami- appears very briefly in episode 8. She tries to warn Bubbles of the fake Blake, but is punched out by Bubbles.
  • DJ Jamsta- Appears briefly in episode 8. He is on the beach with his radio show, then once off the air, calls someone over to suck him off.


  • Shigeru Miyamoto- Presumably the Nintendo executive in Episode 3. He turns down Chris's idea for a video game, then craps on his face, giving Chris salmonella.
  • Ray Charles- Only appears in episode 7. When Jason throws Sonichu and Rosechu out of the building, a cartoon of Ray Charles and 3 female background singers appear to sing "Hit The Road, Jack!" During his singing, Charles is knocked out by Jason.
  • Sean Connery- Only appears in episode 8. Silvana, disguised as Bubbles, reveals herself to Blake post-sex, only to reveal Sean Connery. He duels against Bubbles, but is stopped by Patrick Stewart, who sends him to Scotland.
  • Patrick Stewart- Only appears in episode 8. When Sean Connery reveals himself and challenges Bubbles, Patrick Stewart is brought in to stop him. Stewart transforms into the Enterprise and blasts Connery to Scotland.
  • Abraham Lincoln- Only appears in episode 8. When Magi Chan and Jiggliami warn Bubbles of the false Blake, Lincoln manages to convince her of the truth because he's Lincoln.
  • Billy Mays- Only appears in episode 10. He challenges Chris to run in the mayoral race. Billy Mays is loved by the town, but ultimately he withdraws from the race in order to ascend to the "Big Washing Machine In The Sky". He also makes an appearance in the comics.
  • Soulja Boy- Only appears in episode 10. He becomes the new mayor of CWCville.

Theme Song

Just like Chris's comics and the animated series itself, the theme song of the show has nothing to do with Sonichu and instead entirely focuses on Chris's eccentric and deplorable behavior.


Fuckhead Christian Weston Chandler is the mayor of CWCville

He's got a lot of things to do, GOT A LOT OF CHINA TO STEEAAAL!

Mary Lee Walsh is always waiting to ruin his fun

With the Chaotic Combo at his side, the day is always won



There are no girls allowed. . . UNLESS YOU'RE BOYFRIEND FREE!




Sonichu the Animated Series theme song

Episode Synopses

Episode 1

Episode one opens with a narrator welcoming the viewer to CWCville, where "the love is forbidden and the population of virgins is 98%". The scene cuts to the home of Sonichu and Rosechu as they discuss the rigorous anal sex they just had (for 4 hours as the narrator says). Sonichu suggests a trip to visit his father (Chris), and Rosechu makes a mention to Episode 17, to which she accidentally refers to it as Issue 17. Sonichu smacks her and corrects her harshly. The next scene shows Sonichu and a beat up Rosechu walking outside, where they run into Blake/Black Sonichu (shortly being depicted as a chimp), who is publicly having sex with a blowup doll. Sonichu and him get into a verbal argument, and Chris shows up to stop the nonsense. Sonichu is excited by his father's appearance as a 'censored' image fills the screen, as the narrator verbally depicts Sonichu sucking on Chris's manboobs. A Jerkop appears to stop their intimacy, and Sonichu is horrified by this, screaming "Oh no, it's a Jerkop!... a BLACK one!"

The episode ends on this cliffhanger, the Narrator asking the audience if the Jerkop will be stopped, if Megan will be freed from the mirror, and if the seven Sonichus will ever be found. The first and second conflicts are resolved later on in the series, and the third is a nod to Dragon Ball Z, never further elaborated on past the joke. This entire 'episode end format' is pulled straight from DBZ itself and most of the first few episodes end with rhetorical questions which are never answered.

Episode 2

The episode opens with Sonichu and Rosechu in fighting stances, ready to fight the Jerkop, who orders them to buy him KFC. Chris steps in to take the glory, opting to use his Sonichu medallion to transform and fight (which is depicted as being Chris with a blue Pikachu-ear hat on). Ultimately, the Jerkop sexually assaults Chris, then pees on him. Chris is shown laying facedown covered in filth, declaring "all in a day's work!". Sonichu is proud of his father as he beats off his Duck over Rosechu. The Next Day, the trio are at the mall, Chris being seen with the straw and sign as Sonichu sits next to him. Chris is angry that his sexist and racist sign has not gotten him laid yet:

Hey there Girls,

Lookin for a girl whos into 27 Years Virgins, who still piss themselves and has a tiny lopsided penis. No Darkies ): <

Chris's sign

Sonichu inspects the sign and agrees that it's "bulletproof." Rosechu walks in (with a boner). When Rosechu lightly nudges him during an exchange of playful jabs, Sonichu snaps and beats her to a pulp while Chris stands by, leaving Rosechu crippled and bloodied. Chris shrugs this off and starts to leave. A ninja suddenly appears, grabs Chris's medallion and shoves it up his ass, much to Chris' chagrin.

The narrator closes by asking if Chris-chan will ever get his medallion back, if Rosechu will ever press charges against Sonichu for his abuse, and if Chris will ever touch real china.

Episode 3

After a recap of the last episode, the episode 3 kicks things off with an orgy between Sonichu, Rosechu, and Chris (which is censored because of the YouTube Community Guidelines, much to the narrator's frustration). Chris exclaims it would be great if an orgy like that were a game. Sonichu encourages him to go to Nintendo with the idea, and the two make out. Chris sends in his idea and meets with Nintendo executives. They harshly turn him down, while Chris naively believes they will consider his Sonichu idea. Off-screen, the executive defecates on Chris's face and Chris ends up in the hospital with salmonella. In a last-minute absurdist joke, Sonichu declares they are in a pickle. Pickley, one of Sonichu's apparitions, appears and cries "oh, Sonichu!". The two laugh for a second, then Sonichu snaps once more, rabidly consuming Pickley, who begs for mercy.

Episode 4

Episode 4, 'Chris Chan Saves the Planet (Not Really)' starts with a recap in which the narrator confusedly mentions a guy in a pickle suit before saying the story sucked. Chris Chan is in his room playing Guitar Hero with no shirt on. Chris thanks Sonichu fans, for helping him win a GameStop gift card and how he now has the chance of appearing in a future Guitar Hero game. Sonichu, anally-fisting a random goat, declares how he is proud of his father while the goat sprays feces on his face. Caveman Chris goes to the internet to check on his fans and pulls up the Animated Series out of the twenty-five hundred YouTube results on his name. Watching episode 2 of The Animated Series, Chris becomes angry and craps himself, calling out to Miss Allison to come and wipe his ass. Allison is annoyed and horrified to do so as Chris instructs her to clean under the pickle as well. Allison mutters to herself how much she hates her job.

Chris then checks on his Little Big Planet level and finds that he is at the bottom of the ratings. Rosechu tries to tell him that Jimmy Hill put tons of effort into their levels but is then mercilessly abused by Sonichu, being beaten with a metal bat, a dryer, a chainsaw, lemon juice, a dryer again, another chainsaw, and more lemon juice.

Mary Lee Walsh makes her first appearance in the animated series, breaking into the house via the window, declaring that though he beat her up in Soulcalibur 3, he couldn't do it IRL. Chris Chan instructs Sonichu to attack. The scene cuts to footage of a brown bear standing in a river, with a dramatic backing music track. That scene then cuts to Mary Lee Walsh, crying out "my one weakness!", and melting for some reason. Sonichu goes back to anally fisting the goat, but an interruption by the flesh pile that is Rosechu causes him to lash out at her once more. Chris and Sonichu laugh, but the near-completely-melted Mary Lee Walsh presses a button that sets off a charger beneath the house. The explosion breaks the glass the mirror (mentioned in Episode 1) that Megan had been trapped in and frees her. Megan declares Chris is going down and wields her Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

The narrator ends with the questions of whether or not Megan will defeat her captor, if Jimmy Hill will assert his righteousness, and asks who's gonna clean up the mess on the floor (Rosechu's dismembered corpse).

Episode 5

The episode begins with Megan about to deliver the finishing blow to Chris in a Yu-Gi-Oh battle, when Bionic throws a basketball at her face, killing her and leaving her face a bloodied mess, as he delivers a cheap one-liner. Chris greets Bionic and asks how he is. Bionic responds with a slightly sarcastic comment about sucking his girlfriend's dick, while Chris sighs, saying Bionic is lucky to have a girlfriend. Megagi la Skunk appears (with a boyish appearance and voice, hinting s/he may be a transwoman). Bionic declares he must go "tend to the beast" and leaves Chris.

The scene cuts to PVCC where Mary is reading while Graduon yells at her. He asks why the Chaotic Combo have not been stopped, and why Chris is still mayor. To shut him up, Mary shoves the staff up her china while Graduon pleads. The ninja from episode 2 appears. Mary asks if he has ahold of the medallion. Upon learning he shoved it up his ass, she asks if he recorded the incident, to which the ninja says he did not do. Mary explodes, saying the video was for her sexual pleasure, and fires crabs from her china at the ninja, who screams in agony. Mary then yells for her minion to get bug spray for the china.

The episode cuts to Chris, Bubbles, presumably Lolisa, and Angelica having a tea party. Angelica goes off about a dream she recently had in which God appeared, and told her he was going to fuck her, and he could do so because he was God and he made her. After that, she breaks out of her briefly psychotic state and happily declares tea time. Wild comes in, but is suddenly run over by the Ghost Buggy.

Then Rosechu's head randomly explodes.

Episode 6

The episode opens with a very muscular and 'attractive' Chris Chan beating up B-Manajerk, saying to never mess with a virgin with rage in a deep manly voice. Megan swoons over Chris's strength, inhaling his Axe scent from his hairy armpits, and comments on his twelve pack. She tells him that she's ready to be his boyfriend-free girlfriend and "give oral sensations to [his] penis". However, the real Chris wakes up, revealing, unsurprisingly, that the scene was all a dream. He cries out in anger over this, and a poster of My Little Pony Gen. 3 Pinkie Pie talks to Chris. Chris mopes with ice cream and laments to the pony over his sexual frustrations. The pony mentions how girls like boys who play in bands, giving Chris the idea to form one. Sonichu offers to play percussion, but never missing an opportunity to abuse Rosechu, he punches her because she's so pink. Wild Sonichu offers to play the Sit and Spin, and a random black guy offers to play the washboard. A black-eyed Rosechu tries to say they aren't real instruments, only to be knocked out with said washboard.

The band starts to practice in a garage, audio from Chris's Original Song is played. Wild comments how amazing they are as Chris wishes they had more popularity. Finding a random poster in a nearby steaming pile of dog shit, Chris declares it a sign from God himself. The scene cuts to the "CWClub" as Mayor Chris is welcomed onstage to a less-than-enthused audience. Only a few seconds after they start their performance, Christian and the Hedgehog Boys are quickly booed; Wild receives a brick to the face. As more bricks fly to the stage, Chris mistakes their hatred for praise. He thanks everyone for their donations, and is smacked with a brick.

Episode 7

Episode 7 is based on Sonichu issue 8, episode 17. True to its influence, the episode begins with Sonichu and Rosechu (with a burly voice) about to engage in sexual activity. Chris pauses the scene to fill the audience in on Sonichu/Rosechu anatomy, and on "boobies...vaginas...mmmm, gorgeous". He describes how, much like it's explained in the comic, Sonichu penises are in their stomachs, and they must tilt forward and have the genitals slip out "like a Pez Dispenser" to obtain a boner. Chris makes the random note that Sonichu has a subscription to Playboy, as Chris does, so this automatically means he's straight- and trolls cannot say otherwise. He then moves onto Rosechu anatomy- they have giant airbags on their chest (he should know, he has a lot of sex dolls). He begins to describe Rosechu "china" and ends up making a poor sketch of it, pointing out the labia.

The scene cuts to post-sex as Sonichu talks about great safe sex ("You know, for kids!"), then thanks a random Hispanic guy named Rico for the "coffee and Mexican sex". Rosechu calls him over to show him a Slanderous Website that drags their image as well as Chris's reputation through muck. As Sonichu starts to feel nauseous at the images, Rosechu freaks out then grabs a camera, ranting about how she's going to go take nudes and they TOTALLY won't photoshop a penis on her. Once she's gone, Sonichu starts to jerk off to the images found on the site.

Sonichu, Rosechu, and Wild arrive to the 4Cent building. Sonichu asks Wild if he knows his missions, and Wild (animated and voiced in a parody of Snake from Metal Gear Solid) says he knows, taking a drag on multiple cigarettes at once, and that if he doesn't make it, he wants to make sure Sonichu knows he thinks he's a faggot. Wild then starts to make out with a box, (once again referencing Metal Gear Solid) which escalates into sex as a horrified Sonichu watches.

Sonichu and Rosechu make it inside the building and look around. Sonichu doesn't like the place. Rosechu's appreciation for the matching doors and walls is enough to make Sonichu punch her once again. A flamboyantly voiced Beel is on the phone with an unknown individual making a gross comment involving Brad Pitt's feces, then notices the pair. Sonichu says that he and his "GF" have a meeting with Jason. Beel mentions how Jason said something about two rodents wanting to visit him, but demands that Sonichu suck his dick in order for them to advance. A horrified Rosechu pleads with Sonichu not to do it, but Sonichu mentions how its okay- Joseph taught forgiveness. On the elevator ride up, an upset Rosechu glares at Sonichu, who has some navy on his face. Rosechu angrily points this out to which he quickly licks part of it up. The pair arrives at Jason's floor. Jason, apparently the CEO of 4cent, introduces himself as a "20-year-old troll who only offers slanderous mockeries", then introduces his 17-year-old sex-slave that he has unprotected sex with. She happily greets the duo as Jason yells at her to shut up. He shows a picture of committing small crimes such as littering, carving his name into a public bathroom wall as he is taking a shit, and streaking jaywalking in a busy intersection. All of these crimes horrify Sonichu, who says Joseph will not forgive Jason. He silences the pair, revealing that Chris's ED page will never be taken down, and the meeting is over. The scene is randomly interrupted by Ray Charles and backup singers singing "Hit The Road, Jack!". Midway through the song, Jason hits him with a rock, grunting a racial epithet. Jason tells them to go, throwing a pickle at Rosechu's head and telling her to play with it. She picks up the pickle and crushes it in her hand, morphing into The Incredible Lioness, before declaring "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!" in a DBZ-style Super Saiyan stance, before lunging on Jason. Jason screams in agony off-screen as Sonichu watches in horror. Rosechu snaps out of it, back to normal and fully clothed, with no memory of what had just occurred. Sonichu brushes all of this off and asks if Rosechu wants to go out to shop and dine, to which she happily agrees.

Jason lies there, face bloodied, saying that he should have died from the attack but dark forces kept him alive.

Episode 8

Episode 8 is based off Sonichu issue 8 episode 18, including a parody of the beach scene and the inclusion of Sylvana Rosechu. The episode opens up with a shot of the house where all of the recolored Sonic characters await to surprise Rosechu for her 19th birthday. Wild announces their arrival, telling everyone to hide. The heartsweets enter the house, and are greeted with a "SURPRISE!" Sonichu and Blake laughing back and forth before the latter cuts it. Bubbles Rosechu prepares to meet Blake over at his treehouse and gives him a cupcake, as it's his birthday as well. Blake can only respond by telling Bubbles to sit on his face and turn into a sandwich.

The next morning, the Sonichus and Rosechus all hold a beach party. Jamsta Sonichu informs everyone that Jiggliami will be performing a concert there, proceeding to order the girls nearby to suck his balls. Blake arrives and kick sand in Rosechu's face, drawing her ire. Bubbles shows Blake "the power of a real woman," breaking his arm.

In a brief interlude, an individual- presumably Spazkid himself- decides to segue into the next scene with a "silly picture" of Chris Chan.

Sylvana Rosechu overhears Blake's plans to have sex with Bubbles. In an effort to spread her STDs, she shapeshifts into Bubbles and meets up with Blake as he is leaving a local convenience store having bought condoms. "Bubbles" happily greets him, but Blake grows suspicious as it sounds like she has "barbed cock jammed down [her] throat." Sylvana covers this up by saying she sucked off a dragon for bus fare. After five panels of "grotesque bum-sex," Blake comments how awesome she was, only for her to reveal that she was Sean Connery in disguise. Connery proceeds to kick Blake far out into the ocean, leaving him for dead. Meanwhile, a very "AZN AMARIKN" Punchy and Wild Sonichu ogle over Angelica as she happily flies through the air. Punchy pulls out a harpoon gun, shooting Angelica in the head. She falls out of the sky and undoubtedly crippling her for life. Punchy exits to have poop sex with her comatose body. The real Bubbles finds Sylvana disguised as Blake, and prepares for sex with "him". Magi-chan telepathically warns her that Blake is not real, but she is unconvinced. Jiggliami also warns it's a trap, but Bubbles punches her out of the way. However, Abraham Lincoln is able to get it through to her head successfully since she "Can't argue with [the] statistics" of him being Abraham Lincoln. Sean Connery interrupts them, announcing he is unbeatable. Bubbles proceeds to summon Patrick Stewart, who transforms into the USS Enterprise and launches Connery all the way back to Scotland while the Chaotic Combo cheer.

Episode 9

The episode opens as Chris furiously masturbates to Transformers Animated while enjoying a glass of Long Island Iced Tea. He suddenly jizzes into the cup and proceeds to gulp it down. Sonichu and Rosechu walk in from "their night of activities." Rosechu is greatly concerned for Chris Chan, as he is still recovering from "the incident." Sonichu recommends he put himself out there, as Chris begins searching for a job. He fails an interview for going off on a tangent about Sonichu, and is rejected by a convenience store for attempting to flirt with the manager, Sarah. Ultimately, he obliviously stumbles upon a gay bar. After showing some concern regarding black homosexuals kissing in the corner, he accepts the job. Sonichu and Rosechu arrive to congratulate him, but they find out and warn Chris that he's working at a gay bar, much to Chris's shock. The final scene is of Chris recording a Captain's Log, reassuring his viewers that he is straight, and that he did not do anything overtly homosexual during his tenure there.

Episode 10

Allison begins to complain about Chris' lack of mayoral duties, and accidentally walks in on Chris having sex with Julie. As she declines his offer of joining in, a brick is suddenly thrown through the window of the office, revealing an angry mob of citizens demanding an impeachment. Chris reassures Allison that everything is fine and the citizens love him. After she suggests he rationalize with the crowd, Chris treats them to a bout of random-access humor and is hit with a brick. BILLY MAYS breaks into the building, proclaiming himself as a contender for the position of CWCville mayor. Once Allison calms down their heated argument about who gets the most china, Chris demands that there be no impeachment, to which Allison tries to snap some logic into him, telling him it's not his call to make. Mary Lee Walsh hears the news from afar, and decides to run against Chris as well. Allison goes out to calm the angry mob, officially declaring a new mayoral election- the candidates being Chris, BILLY MAYS, and Walsh. The next day, contenders vie for votes. Chris Chan is creating hand-drawn posters with Crayola crayons and markers. Chris attempts to gets the attention of a local civilian and asks who he's voting for. The man says he is voting for Mary Lee Walsh since she is going to suck him off. Upon hearing this shocking news, Chris tasks Wild Sonichu with investigating. He finds that she is whoring herself out in exchange for votes. Chris jumps at the idea of free china, but Sonichu talks him out of it, saying her "vagina is tainted with evil". Chris ultimately gives up. All the while, BILLY MAYS holds a rally nearby, throwing an Oxi Clean ball at a dying cancer patient to the civilians' excitement.

The next day, all the votes are tallied, and many STDs are contracted (most likely due to Walsh). Allison's announcement of Soulja Boy as the election winner but is interrupted by BILLY MAYS yet again, who withdraws from the race in order to ascend to the Big Washing Machine in the Sky. Frustrated that she did not win, Walsh threatens to kill everyone. Graduon attempts to calm her down by offering to buy her McDonalds, but his comments are mistaken for fat-shaming. In her blind rage, Walsh smashes the staff Graduon is held in onto the ground below, releasing a white light that consumes all of CWCville (and possibly the Earth). A time portal is the created that flashes instances of the series all the way back to episode 1, ending the first season.

Episode 11


The series was met with positive reception all over the internet with many claiming it to be the best-animated representation of Chris.


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