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Chris in 2005.
Chris, in trouble with the Jerkops.
On 29 March 2005, Anna McLerran tells Chris that his date was a troll.
On 5 April 2005, Chris's letter about Sprung is featured in Nintendo Power Magazine.
On 17 June 2005, Chris went to the Mid-Atlantic anime convention.
On 20 July 2005, Chris was arrested for loitering at his local Target.
On 28 July 2005, Chris is arrested for bad driving.
On 5 November 2005, Chris gets his first e-mail from Megan.

2005 is the year where Chris turned 23 years old. It was, in retrospect, Chris's most productive year, largely due to the amount of free time he received upon being expelled from his college. He drew four issues of the Sonichu comic, and put much emphasis and effort into his Love Quest.

June and July were tumultuous, characterized by a series of fights between Chris and the local authorities, these clashes resulting in a court hearing with the charge being dropped, and, according to Chris, severe traumatic scarring.

This year also saw Chris gaining two of his most renowned friends, Anna McLerran and Megan Schroeder. The first, a Mormon PacSun employee, Chris met while pacing the mall on his Love Quest. The second, an insecure female otaku, he met playing Yu-Gi-Oh! at his local game store. His friendship with the latter would not end happily.

Events of 2005

  • Unknown - Chris has a dream in which the Grim Reaper tells him that his father Bob will not die until 2015.


  • January 9 - Chris sends in a personal ad to Nintendo Power.
  • January 29 - An "Abercrombie modle" [sic] who likes Sonic and Pokémon writes in Chris's guestbook, saying that she's seen him at the mall, but can't go up to him because the way he paces is so intimidating.
  • January 29 - Another "hot girl" writes in Chris's guestbook, saying that he is a really down to earth guy, and he can meet her if he goes to Chick-fil-A.




  • April - Chris receives a reply to a letter he sent to Nintendo. He interprets it as meaning that he needs to "generate hype" to turn Sonichu into a video game.[1]
  • April - On the Adult Swim message boards, Chris expresses anger about losing the Harvey Birdman contest.
  • April - Sonichu's News Dash #9 comes out.
  • April 2 - Chris buys the Megatron pistol at The GAMe PLACe for $90.[2]
  • April 5 - Chris's personal ad is featured in Nintendo Power.
  • April 13 - A University of Virginia student blogs about her sighting of Chris at Alderman Library.[3]
  • April 24 - Chris draws Sonichu #2 and Sub-Episode 3.



  • June 17–19 - Chris attends the Anime Mid-Atlantic convention.
  • June 20 - Chris draws Sonichu #3.
  • June 20 - Chris is at the McDonald's in his local Wal-Mart when he is confronted by Merried Seinor Comic and B-Manajerk, who call the police when he refuses to cooperate. Chris hides his Attraction Sign so he won't be accused of solicitation again, but he is kicked out of McDonald's for the day. He draws Sub-Episode 4.
  • June 22 - Chris returns to McDonald's, and has another argument with the B-Manajerk. B-Manajerk asks W-M-Manajerk to intervene, but Chris refuses to speak to all men except his father. Chris flees, flipping them off and issuing Curse-ye-ha-me-has, and apparently almost hits one of the Manajerks with his car. He speaks to Anna, who suggests sharing his story with the press; he gives up when he cannot find a non-male to speak with at the newspaper office. Finally, he reports the events of June 20–22 in his diary.
  • June 25 - Chris draws Sub-Episode 5.
  • June - Sonichu's News Dash #10 comes out. This is the final issue.


  • July 1 - Chris's friend Linnea posts a comment on his MySpace page saying hi.
  • July 2 - A friend wishes Chris a good night in a MySpace comment.
  • July 9 - Chris draws Sub-Episode 6.
  • July 13 - Chris's friend Linnea says thank you for the birthday present in a comment on MySpace.
  • July 20 - At Target, Chris is confronted by Manajerks for his loitering. When Chris refuses to leave, the police are summoned, and he is physically subdued and arrested. Chris is charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing; Marcus Baggett is the arresting officer. He is released into the custody of his family before the end of the day, and he writes in his diary about the stress of being crushed under the weight of the Jerkops and losing circulation in his hands from the handcuffs. These events would be dramatized later in Sub-Episode 7 and Sub-Episode 8.
  • July 21 - Chris posts about the events of the previous day on MySpace.
  • July 23 - Chris draws Sub-Episode 7.
  • July 28 - Chris is arrested for "following too close" in his car. He claims that he caused an accident after a "math problem" got stuck in his head.
  • July 29 - Chris goes to court for the trouble he made at Target. He is not punished.
  • July 30 - A female friend posts a brief friendly comment on Chris's MySpace page.


  • August - Chris returns to PVCC after his one-year suspension.
  • August - Chris and several other friends of Anna organize a surprise party for her 20th birthday, which is also a farewell party. Soon after this she moves to Utah.[4][5]
  • August 3 - A woman named Samantha posts a MySpace comment saying she hopes to chat with Chris soon.
  • August 9 - On MySpace, Chris asks a woman named Jalena if she would be interested in him.
  • August 11 - Chris updates his MySpace profile.
  • August 13 - Chris flatters Jalena and says he'd like to treat her to a soda.
  • August 14 - Chris attempts to seal the deal of a date with Jalena.
  • August 21 - Jalena finally gets back to Chris and tries to brush him off. It goes right over his head.
  • August 22 - Chris apologizes to Jalena and hits on her again.
  • August 25 - Jalena tells Chris directly that she's not interested in him.
  • August 25 - A woman named Mara thanks Chris for the add on MySpace and chats about the Commodore 64.
  • August 25 - A fellow PVCC student named Lindsay Kaye asks Chris why he sent her a friend request on MySpace.
  • August 26 - Chris replies to Lindsay, saying he likes her profile and that his life is going downhill.
  • August 26 - A guy named Jeremy says what's up on Chris's MySpace comments section.
  • August 26 - Chris's friend Linnea says hi on MySpace and says she hasn't seen him for a while.
  • August 27 - Lindsay replies to Chris and says she's optimistic about life.
  • August 28 - Chris tells Lindsay he'd like to meet her in person and show her his artwork. She says she'd love to.
  • August 29 - Chris tells Lindsay about his class schedule and says he hopes to meet her soon.
  • August 31 - Chris basically tells Lindsay he's been hanging out in the PVCC lobby for two days looking for her. She gives him her schedule.
  • August 31 - A member of a band called Escaping Ellsworth shares his love for Sonic with Chris on MySpace.


  • September 1 - Chris and Lindsay struggle to work out a time to meet.
  • September 2 - Chris draws Sub-Episode 8.
  • September 3 - Chris asks Lindsay if they are meeting tomorrow.
  • September 4 - Lindsay says she can't make it, and Chris tries to reschedule. Lindsay wishes him good luck on his upcoming court hearing in a MySpace comment.
  • September 4 - Bob turns 78.
  • September 5 - Chris and Lindsay continue to thrash out a date and time to meet.
  • September 6 - First hearing in the case against Chris concerning his arrest on July 20. Chris and Lindsay play email tag.
  • September 7 - Chris waits for Lindsay at McDonald's but she doesn't show because of crossed messages.
  • September 8 - Chris hopes Lindsay has a good time in Florida over the weekend.
  • September 12 - Chris tries again to work out a date and time to meet with Lindsay.
  • September 12 - First and last hearing in the case against Chris concerning his arrest on July 28. He is fined $30, and has to pay $56 in costs.
  • September 14 - Chris messages Lindsay again and asks for a reply.
  • September 15 - Chris tells Lindsay he feels "miserable" that they haven't been able to meet yet.
  • September 16 - Lindsay tells Chris she's been busy.
  • September 17 - Chris says he'd still like to meet Lindsay sometime.


  • October 1 - Barb turns 64.
  • October 4 - Second and last hearing in the case against Chris concerning his arrest on July 20 (Nolle Prosequi, not prosecuted).
  • October 5 - Lindsay asks Chris if she saw him in the library today. He says no and repeats that he's open to meet her.
  • October 17 - Chris updates his first MySpace account for the last time, after which he presumably forgot his password and created a new account.
  • October 19 - Members of a SEGA forum begin a three-day conversation about Chris, referencing his comics, his website, and his MySpace account.[6] This is the earliest-known discussion of Chris before his discovery in 2007, but it has been sadly lost to time.
  • October 25 - Chris bids on Love Hina Storyimage Figurines on eBay.
  • October 26 - Chris sends an e-mail to Nintendo, requesting to test games for them.
  • October 27 - Chris receives an email from Nintendo, denying his request to become a video game tester.


  • November - A letter from Chris, whining about his Love Quest, is published in Shoujo Beat.[7]
  • November 1 - First Megan e-mail: she asks Chris to buy her a VHS of the show The Adventures of Tintin.[8]
  • November 2 - Chris draws Sonichu #4.
  • November 8 - Megan emails Chris about plans to meet in a park on Sunday.


  • December 5 - Chris emails Megan about going to McDonald's with her and his father on Friday. He says she inspires him.
  • December 20 - Megan tells Chris she doesn't like him trying to kiss her, and she doesn't want a boyfriend. Sadly, this won't be the last time that Chris tries to make advances on her.
  • December 25 - Chris receives a Lego knock-off called Brick Police Series, Holiday M&Ms and Gumby vs. the Astrobots for the Game Boy Advance for Christmas.
  • December 28 - Chris sets up his first deviantART page, "Sonichu".