September 2014

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On 13 September 2014,Chris expresses gay pride in the best way possible.
On 17 September 2014, Chris sells one of his original drawings.
On 23 September 2014, Chris's announces a Kickstarter.
On 30 September 2014, Chris is angry.

September was the ninth month of 2014. His most active all year, Chris spent his time selling stuff on eBay--now including his famous medallions--to make money for his family. He also started directing more of his attention to his new sweetheart Catherine, being careful to hide her from public scrutiny. This month also signaled the start of the "Mr. Smith incident," which continued into the next month.

Events of September

  • 2 September
    • Chris writes relationship vows for Catherine.
    • Chris takes $50 off the prices on his eBay sales.
  • 3 September - Chris again states on Facebook that he is boycotting Sonic Boom due to the change of color to Sonic's arms.
  • 5 September
    • Chris finds an antique display case of fake jerkop items and posts it on eBay.
    • Chris begs the Human Rights Campaign on Facebook to help him get unbanned from Walmart.
    • Chris claims that there is no rodent feces on the carpets in his Rental House.
    • Chris announces that shipping for eBay sales is delayed so that he can spend time with his girlfriend.
  • 6 September
    • Chris screams on Facebook that the gun in the display case is fake, and that eBay should not remove the listing.
    • The third anniversary of Bob's death from heart failure.
    • Chris posts that this is the last day of his sale.
  • 8 September - Chris posts on Facebook that his eBay sale is over.
  • 9 September
    • Chris reverses himself and decides to continue the sale indefinitely.
    • Two documents about the house fire are released on the CWCki Forums.
    • Chris purchases items from the Human Rights Campaign store and proudly displays them on Facebook.
    • Chris offers three new original drawings for sale.
    • Chris offers support to lesbians in a Facebook comment on a Human Rights Campaign page.
  • 10 September
    • Chris affirms on Facebook that his new girlfriend is a genuine sweetheart, not a hooker.
    • Chris provides more details about his sale, and again begs people to give him money.
  • 11 September - Chris makes a slight modification to his Facebook photo.
  • 12 September
    • Chris announces that he is now mass-producing the Sonichu medallion to sell on eBay.
    • Chris posts eShop codes for Super Smash Bros.
    • Chris tries to clear up some questions about his new drawing expressing militant lesbian pride.
  • 13 September
    • Chris attends a Pride Festival in Charlottesville. He has a good time.
    • Chris tries to redefine the word "gay" so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable. He wants bullied children to yell "Gay is colors! Gay is bold! Gay is happy! The way you use the word, it makes you look real crappy!"
    • Chris discusses his Pride Festival attendance on his Brassieres For Males Facebook page, noting that he wears a bra every day.
  • 14 September - Chris creates 22 more medallions and lists them on eBay.
  • 15 September - Chris again says he needs money because Barb needs dental work, which apparently costs $600.
  • 16 September - Chris gets the Un-clit.
  • 17 September
    • News of Chris's new piercing is leaked to the CWCki Forums.
    • Chris sells one of his drawings, "Original Sonichu Drawing: WACs: Real American Heroines!, July 24, 2014."
  • 18 September
    • Chris publicly discusses his un-clit on Facebook. He claims the piercing is where his clitoris would be if he were a woman, displaying his characteristic lack of anatomical knowledge.
    • Chris rages over homophobia on Facebook and attempts to extend his TrollBusters concept to cover LGBT rights.
    • Chris creates the framework used for creating his medallions.
  • 19 September - Photos leak onto the CWCki Forums revealing that Chris has made a new CD for his new girlfriend.
  • 20 September - Chris backs down on his attempt to redefine the word "gay." He apologizes for all the bad things he's said about gays in the past.
  • 21 September
    • Chris posts way too much about a special offer on his eBay items, and describes how he makes new medallions.
    • Chris puts up Son-Chu II and a BMW for sale on Craigslist.
  • 23 September
    • Chris makes a permanent link to his eBay account on his personal Facebook page.
    • Chris announces he is creating a Kickstarter project so he can build a Lego version of CWCville Shopping Center. The exact same day, his project appears on the Reddit subreddit r/shittykickstarters.
  • 24 September
    • Chris buys a used Ford Focus, and rages over insurance policies on Facebook.
    • In connection with his used cars for sale, Chris posts Barb's phone number for all to see. He tells people not to harass her.
    • Chris says that his sales and his Kickstarter campaign are not scams.
    • Chris attends a meeting called "At Queer Health 101: LGBTQ Sexfest."
  • 26 September
    • Chris gets ticked off over Mr. Smith opening up cases against him on eBay, and publicly doxxes him on Facebook.
    • Chris mourns the end of support for the game PlayStation Home.
  • 27 September - Chris apologizes for revealing Mr. Smith's information, but blames stress and the trolls.
  • 28 September
    • Chris pulls an all-nighter to ship his Ebay products, and tells people not to open cases against him.
    • Chris shares with Shaina his growing suspicion and paranoia about Colin.
  • 29 September
    • Chris says he liked the Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover, especially a scene featuring Meg. Not surprised?
    • - Chris emails Colin and tells him to back off from Catherine.
  • 30 September
    • Chris learns that his behavior towards Colin has angered Catherine, and he realizes that he screwed up.
    • Kickstarter announces it will suspend Chris's project for breaking its rules. Chris makes the appropriate revisions and notes the update on Facebook.
    • Chris declares that Mr. Smith is a bully and sends an "Angry Sonichu Medallion."