November 2010

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On 11 November, Chris was spotted at a Kroger supermarket.

November was the penultimate month of 2010. It saw the Jackie saga ongoing, and Chris making yet another claim to leave the Internet, FOREVER. Despite this, Chris continued to sign into YouTube and exchange e-mails with Jackie for a couple of days. However, after getting chewed out by her for his laziness and hypocrisy, their relationship ends (for now).

A Manchester High School reunion also took place this month. Chris, however, did not attend.

Events of November 2010

  • 1 November - In an email, Chris tells Jackie he is both "retarded" and "smart." He warns her about Lars.
  • 3 November - Jackie sends an email to Chris in which he says she plans to call him tonight.
  • 4 November - Chris tells Jackie that he waited for her to call, but she didn't. He tells her not to contact him again if she intends to go back to Lars.
  • 4 November - Lars talks with Chris.
  • 5 November - Jackie tells Chris she is proud of his maturity in his talk with Lars, and gives him instructions for the redrawn ending of Sonichu 10.
  • 6 November - Chris confirms to Jackie that he will draw the comic, but demands that they meet in person.
  • 6 November - Chris's pull-up video is leaked, as are Jackie chats and e-mails.
  • 7 November - Chris discovers the leaks, and warns Jackie that she may be compromised.
  • 7 November - The CWCki moves from to
  • 8 November - Chris's high school reunion takes place without Chris.
  • 9 November - In a detailed email, Jackie criticizes Chris's character and says he can't blame his faults on autism or being retarded.
  • 10 November - Chris tells Jackie he did not attend his reunion. He also says he has been reluctant to make sacrifices for her because he has been uncertain about her feelings for him.
  • 10 November - Jackie tells Chris she suspects he had help writing his last email.
  • 11 November - Jackie informs Chris she has discovered he plagiarized a movie to write his last email. She tells him he doesn't take responsibility for his actions.
  • 11 November - Chris is spotted at a local supermarket.
  • 11 November - Chris takes a photograph of himself wearing his Sonichu medallion and Pedo-Glasses, the latter of which appear to have been crudely repaired with Crayola Model Magic. To date, these remain the latest known images of Chris prior to the radical change in his appearance that took place with the Tomgirl Saga.
  • 12 November - Chris tells Jackie he is sorry for lying to her, that he is slow-minded, and that he lacks self-confidence.
  • 13 November - Chris tells Jackie he is stressed, lonely, and psychologically damaged. He says that Mao and Evan do not deserve forgiveness.
  • 14 November - Chris tells Jackie he would like to take down the "head Trolls" in order to wipe all negative information of himself off the internet, but he doesn't know how.
  • 15 November - Jackie tries to "help" Chris fight the trolls by linking him to a troll site.
  • 16 November - Chris tells Jackie he is suspicious of the troll site, and that he has contacted the authorities about the trolls already.
  • 18 November - Chris tells Jackie his mental status makes it impossible for him to maintain a relationship at this time. He also says he can't draw the comic revision because he can't bring himself to forgive all of the Asperpedia Four.
  • 19 November - Jackie tells Chris she is okay with being just friends with Chris, logically assuming this is what he meant...
  • 20 November - Chris tells Jackie he doesn't like being "friend-zoned," and that he still wants to keep the door open for empty sex.
  • 22 November - Jackie burns her bridges with Chris, listing all of his flaws in a lengthy email.
  • 22 November - Chris leaves the Internet for the sixth time. This would be his last video for a while.
  • 23 November - Chris tells Jackie that he hates himself and that she has hurt him with her insults.
  • 25 November - Jackie wishes Chris a happy Thanksgiving.
  • 26 November - Chris tells Jackie she has exceeded the "Hurtful Truth Level" with her comments and that he is quitting the internet. She fires off one last salvo, but he does not respond.