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Very much all of the past Love Dolls I had ended up with internal injuries, and were disposed of in the same way. they each lasted at most 27 intercourses.

The Jackie Chats are a collection of chatlogs between Christian Weston Chandler and his new gal-pal and potential sweetheart, Jackie Romy. They took place between September and October 2010 and cover a range of topics. Also included is the Lars Call between Chris and Jackie's erstwhile boyfriend Lars.

This first chat took place on 22 September 2010. Jackie and Chris discuss trolling for a while, before the conversation turns to Chris's sex life. Among other things, we learn that Chris masturbates while wearing a condom, and that his family improperly disposes of garbage.

[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: Hey chris!
[7:51 pm] CWC: Hey. :) h
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-)
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: <3
[7:51 pm] CWC: It works, good.
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay!!!
[7:51 pm] CWC: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-*
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: alright, lets get this started
[7:52 pm] CWC: :-* h
[7:52 pm] CWC: Cool.
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so i was thinking about how to start the interview
[7:52 pm] CWC: How are you?
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: im sweet and dreamy
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you?
[7:52 pm] CWC: I'm chillin' and good.
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how was your day sweetie?
[7:53 pm] CWC: It was okay; I helped my mother dig up a bloom on a roadside earlier.
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: must have been fun
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: does your mom do a lot of gardening?
[7:54 pm] CWC: felt more like a chore to me, but I was happy to help. sometimes; so does my father; he has a daylilly garden, yet he hasn't been able to tend to it lately, because he's getting over a bug. He's doing better now.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well it was nice of you to help her out
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm sure she was happy
[7:55 pm] CWC: yeah.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so anyway
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i was thinking about how to conduct the interview
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and i found a good definition of cyberbullying that i could start with
[7:56 pm] CWC: okay, sounds good.
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: StopCyberbullying.org, an expert organization dedicated to Internet safety, security and privacy, defines cyberbullying as: "a situation when a child, tween or teen is repeatedly 'tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted' by another child or teenager using text messaging, email, instant messaging or any other type of digital technology."
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i thought we could kind of pick apart this statement and see how it applies in your own situation
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and experiences
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so what was the very first experience you had of trolling and/or cyberbullying?
[7:57 pm] CWC: Cool. Well, for starters, add "adult" to both parties of victim and tormenter.
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that makes sense
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: who was your first adult tormenter?
[7:59 pm] CWC: I've first learned of the Trolls trolling me in November, 2007 on a website of theirs called Encyclopedia Dramatica on their page called "Chris_chan". I wouldn't waste my time with the website, though; you go on there now, and your computer will get bombarded with Pop-Up Ads, videos upon videos on the page; TOO MUCH.
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what place would you recommend as a source to look at? as an example of their trolling
[8:00 pm] CWC: To think of the first Adult Tormenter since 11/2007, I'd hand it to either Michael Snyder, or Daniel Mimms' friend, Lucas. Before, though, I'd say Mary Lee Walsh gave me trouble.
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ah, michael snyder. i've heard that name before
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and mary lee walsh as well
[8:01 pm] CWC: Encyclopedia Dramatica for one, then of course there's the CWCki.
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i wasnt aware those two were part of the online troll base
[8:01 pm] CWC: I'd say ED first
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what sort of torments online did michael snyder do to you
[8:02 pm] CWC: Mary was not part of the Online thing; she was more of a real-life tormenter. She was the very first to intrude in my Sweetheart Search when I started back in August of
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, this is really about online trolling and cyberbullying though
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: does mary lee walsh contribute to your online trolling?
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and what about michael snyder, what sort of things has he done to you online
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[8:04 pm] CWC: A) Michael raised his voice at me often. B) He places a lot of uncalled blame onto me (even though there is some truth, like the fact that I wrote "Michael loves the Fiddlesticks out of Mary Lee Walsh"). C) He banned me from the Game & Hobby Place. D) I've seen and heard his input to the Trolls on his YouTube and what they have on the CWCki.
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i see
[8:04 pm] CWC: As far as I am aware, Mary has not contributed online, but don't quote me on that until proven for sure.
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: isnt mary the dean at your old school? i think you can write her off as not being a participant
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but it seems curious that you bring up those two people first when we are talking about online bullying
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: seems like they are connected to it somehow for you
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[8:06 pm] CWC: I agree, and she was the Dean of Piedmont Virginia Community College. We never saw eye-to-eye, and months ago, when I personally delivered a drawing as an apology of my anger towards her actions, she served me with a Trespassing Notice.
[8:07 pm] CWC: I do not think Michael and Mary are connected at all; I only bring them both up, because they have given me trouble during the respective times of my life.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh hey, by the way, you should make yourself appear offline right now, i will too
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just so we dont have interruptions or anything
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: CWC (ChrisChanSonichu) is offline 8:07 pm
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: IMs are delivered when the buddy signs in. Send CWC (ChrisChanSonichu) a text message
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: uh
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: can you still receive my messages
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[8:08 pm] CWC: Well, I've made myself invisible, and I've turned down the volume on my PC's speakers all the way. Yes I still receive your messages.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok, it works
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-)
[8:08 pm] CWC: :) h
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so anyway
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: who was your first online troll?
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: first major one
[8:09 pm] CWC: Let me recollect...
[8:11 pm] CWC: Jason Kendrick Howell, AKA "HowellGames" or "LiquidSnake"; he was among the very first to post on Encyclopedia Dramatica's page against me. I had my arguments with him via e-mails and such.
[8:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i've seen him on the cwcki
[8:12 pm] CWC: I ended up trolling him back and learning of his girlfriend, Katherine (if I recall correctly), and gave him a taste of his own medicine. I haven't heard from him since.
[8:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that cwcki has a lot of information about these people, actually
[8:12 pm] CWC: yeah; I've let out outbursts in some of my videos on my YouTube accounts, and I dropped their names of course.
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what was the result of that
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[8:14 pm] CWC: To name a few more, Clyde Cash, of course; then there was "Blanca Weiss", the 13 year old brat who pretended to be a woman named "Julie", the creator of the crappy parody of my Sonichu, (yuck!) Asperchu (his name escapes me).
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: I think that asperchu guy was alec bayson larry or something
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i remember seeing it but dont recall exactly
[8:15 pm] CWC: That's his name.
[8:15 pm] CWC: Actually, it was Alec Benson Leary
[8:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so, you do have quite a large list of trolls over your history
[8:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: here's a good question: what do you think is the one worst thing that the trolls do to you, in the long run
[8:15 pm] CWC: yeah. the more I responded and put up more of my stuff online, the more of them entered into my life.
[8:16 pm] CWC: One? Out of like More than 10 or 20? LOL OMG But seriously, if I had to pick one...
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, the one broad thing
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or list a few
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if you think there are several things that are equally significant
[8:20 pm] CWC: I was blackmailed a number of times, a bunch of which by Jack Thaddius; he hacked into my PSN account, changed the Sign-In ID and password. Made me hump my PS3 that one time. I think he made me do a few nude photos (unsure of that, but it has happened to me before in past deceptions and blackmail).
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, i knew about the PS3 humping...
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that was a bad one
[8:21 pm] CWC: Anyway, losing two unrequired foreign accounts, I ended up getting my main account back and kept the rest.
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but in general, what about what the trolls do affects your life in general the most
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: as opposed to specific events
[8:24 pm] CWC: I would say they've made me more paranoid, lost a bunch of my self-esteem and self-confidence, frightened my family and my church's pastor, made past relationships end prematurely, and with their badmouthing me with exaggerated truths and a few lies, made it a LOT harder for me to get a job when the boss does the Background Check on me. :( h
[8:24 pm] CWC: God Damn F***ers messed up my life royally.
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well you know, when an employer does a background check that's just to see if you have felonies
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its just for criminal records, they dont go google you or anything
[8:26 pm] CWC: well, on how employers do background checks are really up to them individually, but having this bad rep the trolls created is no help either.
[8:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, you won't know until you actually try
[8:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-)
[8:27 pm] CWC: yes. :) h
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you said the trolls ruined relationships for you. what was the most recent one that they ruined
[8:27 pm] CWC: The new McDonalds have finally put up their Now Hiring sign; I'm going to look into personally applying tomorrow.
[8:27 pm] CWC: Most recent was with <WALLFLOWER’S FULL NAME>.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: <WALLFLOWER’S FIRST NAME>? is that the "wallflower" the cwcki refers to
[8:28 pm] CWC: She goes by her PenName, but I've forgotten it. I believe they've nicknamed her "wallflower", yeah.
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how did they ruin that relationship?
[8:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: there's stuff about that on the cwcki but i want your perspective
[8:32 pm] CWC: actually, I got the ball rolling myself, in a huge honest mistake. She and I were going to work on a story of a Guardian Owl, and essentially everything from the owl's point of view. the Owl was and still is a King of a kingdom with a human family; he was turned owl by a witch. Anyway, to give the story idea exposure, I started on a LittleBiGPlanet level on the story, referring her by her PenName in the Author. The Trolls found the level, googled her penname, and found her Real Life name and bio. And during that time, the troll called "Surfshack Tito" came around and started making claims on having his way with <WALLFLOWER’S FIRST NAME>. Anyway, with the comments and messages the Trolls sent to her, she was furious with me and she broke us up. I was devestated.
[8:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how far did your relationship go with her?
[8:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: was it a pretty deep relationship?
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you know, if you're typing a lot at once, you should break it up and send a few sentences at a time so i can read it easier
[8:36 pm] CWC: I've learned even in a nickname, people can put two and two together somehow, so I'm better off NOT giving a name at all. It was getting deep. We hung out at her house in her room; it was comfy. No sex or mouth-to-mouth. I took the plunge before the Trolls started to intrude after a date when I brought her back to her house and before I left, I kissed her face cheek. As she later broke up with me, she raised her voice and told me that she was not all that into a relationship; referred to herself as an Asexual. Liking me before, her family got the Trolls' messages as well, and they just shut me out emotionally as well.
[8:36 pm] CWC: oh, okay.
[8:36 pm] CWC: I do get carried away sometimes when I talk.
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont worry about getting carried away, say everything you want to say
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the more info the better
[8:37 pm] CWC: :) h
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you and she agreed you were boyfriend and girlfriend?
[8:38 pm] CWC: She and I agreed to be friends, and I was praying for eventual possibilities.
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ah
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you werent actually dating
[8:39 pm] CWC: We were dating.
[8:39 pm] CWC: I took her out and treated her.
[8:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you said she just wanted to be freinds
[8:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dating means "boyfriend and girlfriend"
[8:40 pm] CWC: We agreed on the time and date and plans, I picked her up, took her out for good times, escorted her back home; I think that constitutes a date.
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: nah, not really
[8:40 pm] CWC: Well, in my mind at least, I had an optimistic outlook.
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats just two friends hanging out, not a date
[8:41 pm] CWC: I took her to see a movie.
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i mean, if you go out with a guy friend, are you dating him?
[8:41 pm] CWC: I do not think so.
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats what you just said though
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: going out to see a moive = date
[8:42 pm] CWC: yes, going out to see a movie is a date.
[8:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: with a guy too then?
[8:42 pm] CWC: no, not between two dudes hanging out.
[8:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but if a guy and a girl hang out, thats not a date automatically
[8:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: especially if she made it clear that she wanted to just be friends
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: whats the difference between hanging out with a guy and a girl
[8:43 pm] CWC: maybe my ideas and perspectives were in error; IDK.
[8:43 pm] CWC: Difference between me hanging out with a dude, then me hanging out with a girl.
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you werent dating then.
[8:44 pm] CWC: with a dude, it is automatically hanging out, because were both men; it is obviousl
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but if she said it wasnt a date, and she didnt want a boyfriend, doesnt that make it not a date
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i hang out with guys, those arent dates
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: guy friends
[8:46 pm] CWC: with a girl, hanging out means like when the location is at a place like the mall; it's public, big and a lot is going on, and nothing further is mutually expected.
[8:47 pm] CWC: She never said it was Not a date.
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did she say it was a date?
[8:47 pm] CWC: she didn't say it was a date either.
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, then its neutral. but then you factor in that she said she didnt want a boyfriend
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that pushes it into "not a date" territory
[8:49 pm] CWC: alright, you win, she and I were not dating.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: this isnt about winning. i was just trying to clarify
[8:49 pm] CWC: At least we WERE going out.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: as friends
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but then the trolls started contacting her?
[8:50 pm] CWC: yes
[8:50 pm] CWC: after I published the Foretaste of the Owl Story, using my name and her Pen Name.
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i saw on the cwcki that you wanted an apology from her for ending your relationship
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: shouldnt you have tried to get an apology from the trolls?
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or is there more that happened there between you two thats not on the cwkci
[8:52 pm] CWC: I did try to make things right before the breakup was final; I did not seek apologies from her; I was the one who had to apologize. It was MY mistake even mentioning her through Pen Name.
[8:52 pm] CWC: And I did apologize.
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, is the cwcki inaccurate
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: because it says you wanted her to apologize
[8:54 pm] CWC: Yes, there are a number of inaccuracies on the CWCki. I did not want her to apologize, if anything I wanted her to Accept My Apology and move forward in our lives and be friends again. But she shut me out.
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, this is from your cwcipedia that you wrote:
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: "At a future Social Group Meeting, I was able to let "(WALLFLOWER'S FIRST NAME)" know about my pains, and I would have appreciated an apology. But NO, she just ignores me like the plague. Now she'll have to live the rest of her life with the recurring memory of hurting me like she did. Got-Dang Asexual Woman! "
[8:57 pm] CWC: Well, I stand corrected; I tried to put the bad memories behind me. I was emotionally distraught, and I didn't know what to think.
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i see
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i guess thats not an inaccuracy on the cwcki then
[8:58 pm] CWC: out of anger, I tried to put the blame onto her before I realized it was my fault.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i know that you've mentioned numerous times that the cwcki has inaccuracies and twists the truth about you.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: could you give me some examples
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[9:01 pm] CWC: There are the obvious ones where they mislabel me as a "Coming-out-the-closet gay", a Pedophile, and where they turn my truths I had stated where I was an humble, good person against me by taking my past actions out of context.
[9:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what past actions have they taken out of context?
[9:02 pm] CWC: And recently, I've found on there inaccuracies where they compare episode-by-episode the "Excel Saga" Anime for sources of inspiration from the show into my comic books.
[9:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: they actually mention a lot more than excel saga as being sources for your comics
[9:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, pokemon and sonic seem to be the biggest thing they say sonichu is copied from
[9:04 pm] CWC: Yes, but this was a recent find for me; I do not go on there often, and I've not seen the whole website.
[9:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you havent seen all of it?
[9:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: wow, i've read nearly all of it
[9:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: it isnt really fair to claim they slander you if you havent read most of it, is it?
[9:05 pm] CWC: I've read the Entirety of the Encyclopedia Dramatica Page; I felt that was enough.
[9:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but the cwcki is a different site altogether
[9:06 pm] CWC: The CWCki spun off from the Encylopedia Dramatica.
[9:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're kind of taking their past out of context
[9:06 pm] CWC: and in a parody to the Cwcipedia
[9:06 pm] CWC: pardon?
[9:06 pm] CWC: their past?
[9:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're saying that the cwcki spun off of the ED page, and thats all you need to know to judge it
[9:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but i've read both, they dont really look similar
[9:07 pm] CWC: in due respect, the ED page DID come First.
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats not my point
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: there are plenty of websites that came before the cwcki, that doesnt mean they're related
[9:09 pm] CWC: okay, my mistake for the past influence.
[9:09 pm] CWC: on their part
[9:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you dont think the cwcki slanders you? just ED does
[9:09 pm] CWC: No, they BOTH slander me.
[9:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, what slanders does the cwcki have besides that excel saga thing
[9:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like i said, they claim a lot more that sonichu was stolen from sonic and pokemon more than anything else, not excel saga
[9:10 pm] CWC: point taken.
[9:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so how else does the cwcki slander you
[9:12 pm] CWC: The Cwcki has slandered me in for examples, they take the way I spend the money I got from my monthly income out of context; I do a lot more with it than just video games; I give some of it to my mother and father to pay rent, bills and such. Plus I use it to feed myself, and I spend out of it for others as well, like gifts, donations, etc.
[9:12 pm] CWC: The Cwcki calls me a "Filthy Liar"
[9:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, you do have a video game addiction
[9:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: to be fair
[9:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you mentioned earlier its a parody of your cwcipedia?
[9:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: could you explain a bit more
[9:14 pm] CWC: And they misinterpret my comic pages for their judgment and assumptions towards homosexuality, and I hate the Vegetable Pickles; that does not give them the right to go around in Pickle Costumes to tick me off.
[9:14 pm] CWC: the Cwcki was created after I had created the Cwcipedia.
[9:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but how does that make it a parody
[9:15 pm] CWC: While I was putting honesty and truth into it, they do the opposite on their website.
[9:15 pm] CWC: the website format.
[9:15 pm] CWC: that it's Wiki-Style.
[9:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you say you havent read most of it...
[9:16 pm] CWC: and that they use a similar icon in their corner in comparison to what I had.
[9:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: all wikis use that kind of icon in the upper left corner, though
[9:16 pm] CWC: I don't have to read it to see the Form and organization they put it in.
[9:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you do have to read it to see whats actually said
[9:16 pm] CWC: true.
[9:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if i just look at the page without reading any words, it looks at a glance like an ordinary wiki page
[9:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i cant tell whats on it without reading it
[9:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: when you say Form and Organization, what exactly do you mean by that?
[9:18 pm] CWC: I had on my Cwcipedia what they have on their Cwcki; the "Da Update", I had that first. "Did You Know", I had that too. And the Picture and Video of the Now; I had those too.
[9:18 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh. well, isnt that kind of what all wikis do
[9:18 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but isnt parody a good thing?
[9:19 pm] CWC: yes, but "Da Update" was LITERALLY what I had.
[9:19 pm] CWC: Parodies can only go soo far before it becomes Terrible.
[9:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: your cwcipedia started in like june 0f 2009, right?
[9:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the cwcki says its been around since january 2009
[9:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: six months before your site
[9:20 pm] CWC: Well, I did not know that. I found the Cwcki After the Cwcipedia was created, so it was an assumption. I stand corrected.
[9:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you kind of assume a lot of things without checking them first
[9:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but lets talk more about parody
[9:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what is the difference between a good parody and not good?
[9:22 pm] CWC: A good parody would NOT go to the EXTREME, Private, Intrusive Details, and they very much stole a bunch of stuff from me first. One of them pretended to be an old girlfriend from childhood of mine to get a copy of my "CWC on TV" DVD from me.
[9:22 pm] CWC: And of course, "Blanca" betrayed my trust by cutting my my Original Medallion and putting it in pickle juice.
[9:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that has nothing to do with parody though
[9:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, i remember you said that asperchu cartoon was a parody
[9:25 pm] CWC: you're right. Anyway, a bad parody would go to the extreme and even into GORE, ILLICIT, UNCENSORED Sexual things, VERY DIRTY, TERRIBLE, etc, etc, etc.
[9:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so, asperchu had those things?
[9:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: more than your comic did, i mean?
[9:25 pm] CWC: especially when a bunch of what they've described is very inaccurate.
[9:25 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: because you had a lot of sex themes in your comic
[9:25 pm] CWC: ESPECIALLY the Gore, and even worse, NUDE Photographs.
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you had that gory trial, though
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: comic number 10
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that was way gorier than anything i saw in asperchu
[9:26 pm] CWC: yes, but they did the Nudity and the Gore Before me.
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: not really
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you had sex themes in your comic before asperchu existed
[9:26 pm] CWC: they ticked me off soo bad, I ended up doing it worse and unto them for satisfaction.
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but then, that means what they did wasnt bad
[9:27 pm] CWC: When did Asperchu originate?
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: looks like it started around december 2009
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you had sexual themes in sonichu for years before that
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and violence too
[9:28 pm] CWC: that does not sound right; I am sure Asperchu has been around LONG before then. I think he actually came around Early to mid 2009; NOT December.
[9:28 pm] CWC: Before Asperchu came around, I DID NOT go into Gorey details.
[9:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, they have accurate logs, it came around in december 2009
[9:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but even so you had sexual and violent themes for years before 2009
[9:29 pm] CWC: pardon me a moment, please.
[9:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok
[9:33 pm] CWC: I've just did a little checking; while you are right that I have done the sex before Asperchu came around, I DID NOT gore it up BEFORE he did.
[9:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, you did use violence though, so you must think its ok to do so
[9:33 pm] CWC: He gored it up first.
[9:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: now considering that, what else makes asperchu a bad parody
[9:34 pm] CWC: I used LIGHT violence; no gore at all.
[9:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but whats the difference between light and not light
[9:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, there was one issue where you had rosechu face-rape a guy to death. i dont think asperchu ever had rape
[9:34 pm] CWC: Light violence entails to limit of NO to Little blood and no dismemberments. Heavy Violence has no boundaries.
[9:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but why is that wrong?
[9:35 pm] CWC: Firstly, the guy did not die.
[9:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its part of the work
[9:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont you like those saw movies? they have tons of blood and over-the-top gore
[9:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if you dont like blood in asperchu, thats ok, but i dont understand how that connects to whether or not its a parody
[9:36 pm] CWC: In the Asperchu comic, Alec Blatantly past past photos of me in there, and even references me and the original Sonichu.
[9:36 pm] CWC: even the rest of the Chaotic Combo.
[9:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you reference pikachu and sonic in sonichu
[9:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and transformers
[9:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and family guy
[9:37 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so whats the difference?
[9:38 pm] CWC: I don't know anymore. Ever since the Trolls came into my life in 2007, the inspirations went downhill in content and taste. :( h
[9:38 pm] CWC: I became confused and wayward.
[9:38 pm] CWC: lost
[9:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i understand that, but its not about asperchu then
[9:39 pm] CWC: I guess not; I was way more angry at the Trolls anyway.
[9:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh hey, something unrelated
[9:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just to get your mind off the trolls
[9:40 pm] CWC: ok
[9:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i was looking at the sex toys page on the cwcki, it said you got a "booty Licious Love Doll"
[9:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i saw that and the name cracked me up, what is that?
[9:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what is it>?
[9:41 pm] CWC: I did. I ordered it from adameve.com Essentially, it was a black female love doll, with a big butt.
[9:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: whoa, kinky :-*
[9:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: do you still have it?
[9:43 pm] CWC: It was fun, and the butt was good to sit on for a short while, and it included a porn DVD; something like Black Safari; I'd have to look up the DVD to give you the title. The DVD, yes. The doll had an, what I like to call, internal injury. It got a hole in its vaginal area; irreparable, because the hole is inside.
[9:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did you throw it out? I'd love to see a pic of it if you still have it
[9:44 pm] CWC: I disposed of the plastic body with the rest of the garbage; my family burns the garbage in a barrel.
[9:44 pm] CWC: You can see photos of it on adameve.com
[9:44 pm] CWC: look under "Love Dolls"
[9:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ah
[9:45 pm] CWC: Very much all of the past Love Dolls I had ended up with internal injuries, and were disposed of in the same way.
[9:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you were rough with them
[9:45 pm] CWC: they each lasted at most 27 intercourses.
[9:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, you get your money's worth, then
[9:45 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:46 pm] CWC: Confidentially, I wear a condom during the second half when I masturbate; I use Trojan or LIfestyles brand (Trojan mostly).
[9:46 pm] CWC: And I used condoms when I fooled with the L.D.s as well.
[9:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: LDs? oh, love dolls
[9:48 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats cool
[9:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anything else you want 2 talk about
[9:50 pm] CWC: Like I heard this woman, Teresa, who was jailed for being a mastermind in the murder of her husband a few years ago is going to meet her execution soon. All details considered, I feel it is wrong, and she is innocent; she should be set free.
[9:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hey, you know, i should actually probably go to bed fairly soon
[9:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but i had a nice time talking with you :-)
[9:50 pm] CWC: I did too. :) h
[9:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: we'll have to talk more like this soon.
[9:50 pm] CWC: I had more things to talk about, but I'll e-mail those thoughts to you later.
[9:50 pm] CWC: I agree.
[9:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, we can have another IM chat too soon
[9:51 pm] CWC: which night will you be free next?
[9:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm gonna go to bed, but email me tomorrow and we'll talk more, and talk about when we can have our next chat
[9:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: um, probably thursday or friday
[9:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: we'll work it out
[9:51 pm] CWC: cool.
[9:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: alright, i'm going to bed
[9:51 pm] CWC: Listen
[9:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hugs and kisses, sweetie
[9:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hmm?
[9:52 pm] CWC: Thank you for listening and being understanding and sweet.
[9:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: awwwww
[9:52 pm] CWC: I Love You, Jacklyn.
[9:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-* :-* :-*
[9:52 pm] CWC: :-* h
[9:52 pm] CWC: :-* h:-* h
[9:52 pm] CWC: I can type in the Kisses
[9:52 pm] CWC: : - *
[9:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[9:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok, goodnight sweetie
[9:52 pm] CWC: Sweet dreams, Sweetheart.
[9:52 pm] CWC: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
[9:52 pm] CWC: don't forget to print out the transcript
[9:52 pm] CWC: of this chat
[9:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: will do
[9:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thanks for the reminder
[9:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: goodnight
[9:53 pm] CWC: goodnight.

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