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On 13 December 2008, Chris dropped by #sonichu to offer some brief updates and ignore most of the questions he was asked.

His fans are surprised to see him because Chris had been incommunicado for most of November - he spent that time obsessively focused on making characters and levels for LittleBigPlanet, as well as videos with which to show them off. His comics, YouTube rants and other more perversely entertaining creations went on the back burner.

This chat contains a brief reference to Svenka, a counter-troll who was active at the time making feeble attempts to harass various trolls. Svenka disappeared not long after the discussion here.


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[03:53:25] canine: 00:41 <%canine> WHY DO I KNOW THE STATE OF CHRIS CHAN'S WANG?
[03:53:46] Polly_the_4: lol
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[03:53:54] GeckoMantis: oh my god
[03:53:55] ChrisChanSonichu: Hey, y'all.
[03:54:06] Polly_the_4: Hi
[03:54:07] GeckoMantis: you actually came to the chat
[03:54:10] ChrisChanSonichu: I have not forgotten y'all.
[03:54:27] Crasscrab: Hey Chris
[03:54:28] canine: ohdamn
[03:54:29] cogsdev: Chris!
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[03:54:34] XanatosVanBadas: Is this really you?
[03:54:36] Crasscrab: So, when's the new comic coming out?
[03:54:39] canine: thinks it is
[03:54:44] Polly_the_4: How come he isn't automatically op'd when entered?
[03:54:46] ChrisChanSonichu: I have been very busy and vigilant with the completion of the episode, and rest-assured, the stories will continue.
[03:54:47] canine: is on his best behavior
[03:54:55] cogsdev: the old settings got removed remember
[03:55:11] Polly_the_4: Oh
[03:55:13] ChrisChanSonichu: so please have faith.
[03:55:17] Polly_the_4: Sorry, I get skeptical
[03:55:19] XanatosVanBadas: Chris, when are you gonna make a new you tube vid?
[03:55:19] Crasscrab: How's LBP, Chris?
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[03:55:27] XanatosVanBadas: With you in it
[03:55:30] cogsdev: So do you have an estimate of when the next issue will come out?
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[03:55:35] XanatosVanBadas: I wanna see more Q&A
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[03:56:13] ChrisChanSonichu: videos are undertimined; it's the true stories from my hands that are more important. and LittleBiGPlanet is very good; HIGHLY RECCOMENDED.
[03:56:30] Polly_the_4: I can't wait to read the new issue.
[03:56:36] XanatosVanBadas: Me too
[03:56:40] Crasscrab: Yes
[03:56:44] ChrisChanSonichu: there was a lack of question input, so I apologize for that.
[03:56:46] XanatosVanBadas: You left it on such a cliffhangar
[03:56:49] Crasscrab: Well
[03:56:55] ChrisChanSonichu: your patience will be rewarded.
[03:56:56] Crasscrab: How do we ask you questions, Chris? ):
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[03:57:13] ChrisChanSonichu: email them to me at
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[03:57:24] Crasscrab: Ah
[03:57:26] ChrisChanSonichu: or on the PSN at my ID of Sonichu.
[03:57:36] Polly_the_4: Well, I hope that you have a merry christmas, Chris. :)
[03:57:40] Crasscrab: So what do you think about Obama, Chris?
[03:57:45] Polly_the_4: Got anything youre wishing for?
[03:57:46] ChrisChanSonichu: Peace and good will to you all as well.
[03:57:53] Arjen_Van_Dierten: thank you cogsdev
[03:57:55] ChrisChanSonichu: he's okay.
[03:57:59] GeckoMantis: you know some of us tried talking to you on PSN but you blocked them or something like that
[03:58:03] ChrisChanSonichu: not yet.
[03:58:11] Crasscrab: Do you think he will be able to fix the economy?
[03:58:15] ChrisChanSonichu: I have not blocked anyone.
[03:58:17] Arjen_Van_Dierten: also, hello Sir Chandler
[03:58:34] cogsdev: I sent you a message on PSN, you haven't gotten back to me, you must be really busy with the comics :P
[03:58:43] ChrisChanSonichu: thank you. yes.
[03:58:58] canine: ChrisChanSonichu: what do you think of the `svenka' videos? it seems someone is out to slander me and a few other loyal fans
[03:59:01] ChrisChanSonichu: I should get back to finishing them up, so I'll check in again later.
[03:59:04] XanatosVanBadas: Chris, how is your lovelife?
[03:59:11] ChrisChanSonichu: no comment
[03:59:12] cogsdev: yeah, svenka got a pic of my big sis, that's pretty scary
[03:59:19] ChrisChanSonichu: Peace. :)
[03:59:19] GeckoMantis: do you play any other systems besides ps3 not all of us have one yet?
[03:59:21] ChrisChanSonichu left the chat room.
[03:59:24] cogsdev: D:
[03:59:25] canine: haha
[03:59:29] Crasscrab: wtf
[03:59:30] canine: shat bricks
[03:59:32] GeckoMantis: oh fucking i i did it
[03:59:32] XanatosVanBadas: Sorry guys
[03:59:43] cogsdev: well
[03:59:46] Arjen_Van_Dierten: chris left
[03:59:48] canine: was here for a historic moment
[03:59:49] cogsdev: at least we know he's ALIVE
[03:59:51] Crasscrab: Well that was gay
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