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On 8 January 2019, Jackson Dalton posted an interview with Chris as the first video to kickstart his YouTube channel.


The interview was first announced on 2 January 2019 and took place two days later. Highlights of the interview include information regarding the Dimensional Merge and the Teen Troon Squad. References to past events were also made with Chris claiming that school bus incident gave him PTSD, shoving a Sonichu Medallion up his ass wasn't that bad, and was in contact with Magi-Chan before the events of the Idea Guys saga. Chris claims he didn't commit polyamory on the basis that he was married in Universe C-197 and it's legal there.

The interview was not well received due to its lack of new information, poor audio mixing, and Dalton's cringeworthy performance, with some comparing it to weening. The interview was eventually deleted by Dalton, but he has since uploaded the full uncut, unedited interview on 13 February 2020.

Chris Chan INTERVIEW!!! Dimensional Merge, Megan, and more!!
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Stardate 8 January 2019
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Jackson Dalton: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Cynic Podcast and today we are talking to the Christine Weston Chandler. How are you doing Christine?

Chris: Hello! I'm okay, how are you doing?

JD: I'm doing good too, um yeah so, today we're just gonna be doing a small little interview, um, I hope you're doing okay um and yeah I guess we're just going to start. Is there anything you want to say before we start?

Chris: Um, everybody be kind to each other or I'll zap you bzzz bzzz

JD: okay, um, now we know that the origins of sonichu when you first created him where that, uh, was that, you are making him for an album cover for a mixtape he had to work on for some sort of school project but I also but I wanted to ask why did you think that Sonichu was a good fit for a comic series?

Chris: Um, the comic book series kind of came to me as the story and the progression of Sonichu's life and everything in and around Cwcville and also around my self counterpart there, so eh, it all just came to me so I went with it.

JD: Cool, cool, that's a good way to create stuff is just to come stay a little freeform we know, uh uh, I think it was 2014 is that right he became a female and I wanted to ask what made you realize that you were a female?

Chris: Uh, well I had tried my life, I had, exhibited but not totally realized my uh, feminine habits and traits and then it became more apparent to me that I was definitely soulfully a woman, due to the vision I had where I saw myself in a past lifetime by the tree at Woodstock and I was a woman then so yep, I'm soulfully a woman, so, so it's a good thing to go on from there and I never regretted it.

JD: Yeah and I also know you had a lot of gal pals so I kind of get it too.

Chris: Yep.

JD: Um, what is your current opinion on a Sonic's design in Sonic Boom?

Chris: I am neutral about it nowadays and the protest I did way back then about it was just essentially being just worse than a waste of time so it's like I wish I had never done that in the first place. The Sonic Boom show was good though. It's on Hulu, you can watch it.

JD: yeah I only have Netflix though. I have seen a couple episodes of it when I'm just kind of going through TV. Um, it was pretty funny from what I've seen and I've also heard it's pretty good um I don't know I might try it out. Um, what's your-

Chris: It's on a free trial and you can check it out.

JD: Totes, totes, on the free trials was always kind of scare me because like it's like what if I forget AHHH.

Chris: Oh no, don't forget

Both: RAHHH!

JD: Okay this this is becoming super autistic but boom anyways um what's your favorite creation that isn't Sonichu related and you can't use Bionic because he did appear in Sonichu he appeared in Sonichu.

Chris: Seriously oh you're ruining with my head the finder again. I guess not Sonichu if it didn't appear in the books no I guess I'd have to give it to mine OC see whether OC Pokemon, I need to give it to veggie time who evolves from espanolick which is actually a sombrero.

JD: Oh yeah that's like the little cactus sombrero thing.

Chris: Yeah:

JD: Wasn't that in you like your wall of originals or whatever?

Chris: Yeah.

JD: I was thinking you choose like your design for your CPU or whatever for the Commodore how you look like as a CPU.

Chris: Oh, I could have chosen that?

JD: Yeah cuz like it hasn't appeared in the comics I don't think has it?

Chris: I put it online, it's definitely true to everything and to-

JD: What's your favorite game franchise?

Chris: Hm, game franchise, ah shoot, aside from Sonic and Pokemon I really like Tetris.

JD: Tetris, Tetris.

Chris: And then I also really gotten into and definitely like also the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. It makes sence I'm more into it since I'm a CPU myself now.

JD: Yeah that's definitely a strange mix Tetris and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Chris: But I do like the classic puzzler, it's a good way to kill time.

JD: But it would be kind of cool if they made like a Tetromino CPU that'd be pretty fun like she has like tetromino armor that'd be pretty cool. Anyways, anyways oh sorry continue.


JD: We all know that you love Sonic I mean obviously you've it's Sonichu, Bionic all these different Sonic related things but what's your opinion on Mario?

Chris: Yeah, I'm uh rather neutral about Mario I mean he's an Italian plumber with his tube and activities and he worked at the factory (unintelligible, Jackson is visibly upset).

JD: Okay now recently you're part of a Shrek themed collaboration Shrek Retold a recreation of the original Shrek movie can you give us some details on making it like making your scene you know the production of the movie working with the other creators what was it like?

Chris: Yeah sorry you try don't remember their names the people I worked with but yeah I drew the up what I drew the s- I drew when I drew when it took that to and they edited it as they will and everything oh boy fourth wall breaking Farquad and I was like what the hell is this thing.

JD: Yes so you're saying that you drew all the assets and then 3GI edited them and animated them.

Chris: Yeah, and then I did my own voice and everything (unintelligible) it's a silly brain fart moment oops, oh dear.

JD: Could you tell me any specific things about any other creators you worked with by chance?

Chris: Like, are we still on the Shrek project?

JD: Like did you actually work with any other creators or did you just make your scene and then they took it?

Chris: Oh no I just did that for myself and they took it yeah.

JD: Yeah I don't know I was thinking that like there would be some communication with like all the different creators.


JD: Recently you've predicted a dimensional merge of sorts, could you go some more details on that.

Chris: Yeah, it's the merge of this dimension with this planet that we are on we are living in right now with that our sister dimension has most to all of our OCs, branding, and fanbase they all exist and co-exist together. Marvel and DC are in the same universe. Because some diety level red tape its got delayed but it will happen soon enough but don't make a big deal about it until I have more further information.

JD: Trust me, please, please once this dimensional merge happens do video of yourself kicking Ryu in the balls that'd be sick.

Chris: Kicking Ryu?

JD: Yeah Ryu from Street Fighter you're talking about how like Capcom characters are coming.

Chris: Um, yeah I like Ryu I would not kick him in the balls.

JD: Oh come on friendly fire man friendly fire. I'm sure he'd love a challenge.

Chris: Oh good grief, I'm still a CPU in training so don't think I be as high fire level as he eventhough I'm a goddess. I'm still learning everything, the ropes and all that.

JD: Now, you own a pretty decent amount of consoles out of all those video game consoles what's your favorite one that you own?

Chris: So, well retro wise where favorite console was definitely my Commodore 64, which I do still have the original, and all that. Uh, but I'm currently using I'd have to give it to my PS4 or my PS Vita.

JD: Okay, yeah, Playstation for life, I haven't actually played on a Playstation console but I hope to, I hope to.

Chris: And I'm definately still going to replace my XBox. I had, got myself an XBox, and It was good but then Idea Guy, in all the manipulation and all that forced me to get rid of the Xbox and Da da da Da HRNG . Anyway that's still in there too, and I'm also, yeah I was definately heavy on the Nintendo for a number of years, for a long time. Yeah, I've come around since then. Give me time, I'm good.


JD: Um, back in the 90s when you were a child, um, you won a Sonic the Hedgehog sweepstakes where you had to watch the uh the Sonic SEZ shorts at the ends of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and you had to write it down, uh, and you won, you won, you got to do a shopping sweepstakes thing over at KB Toys. What was that like do you still own some of the stuff you got from that shopping spree?

Chris: Yeah, I had, yeah ended up selling a bunch, getting rid of a bunch of the stuff I had got there but I still have my copy of Sonic CD I ended up getting from that and it was awesome. The day I got the envelope saying 'hey you won the sweepstakes you won a thousand dollar shopping spree' That gleamed my father that day because we were living in the circle townhouse and my father was like 'lets set up so the other way' because they were giving away two shopping sprees in that contest 'and lets get the other kid who won and go on the spree together' but obviously that didn't flourish. The other person they did, they did their thing at their mall and yeah, I did what I did with my family at Fashion Square which I wish I was allowed back in.

JD: Oh okay, so you're saying that all the winners didn't go to one KB Toys they each went to like their nearest KB Toys?

Chris: Yeah, their favorite, yeah.

JD: Have you ever considered making a second edition of your "Yep I'm on TV" DVD?

Chris: We have to take a long time to figure that out, so much more content. It's a multiple volume type thing


JD: Man, I wouldn't think that you'd be neutral about this situation, I thought you'd be pretty mad and sad about it because I mean I'm sure it was a traumatic experience to have to a shove a Sonichu medallion up your butthole.

Chris: Yeah, but uh, I've had worse experiences since then and before then so, okay I just had a PTSD moment pretty much from that time in fourth grade when the teachers had me pinned to the floor. Yeah, that was a lot worse than that.

JD: Oh yeah, that sounds horrid. Oh are you talking about like, oh I better not talk about it I don't want to trigger any PTSD stuff. Uh have you ever considered like selling the Sonichu property at all for more money or royalties or anything?

Chris: Yeah, no, definately not at this time I need to get my group and team together, cause, I mean, even though I tried over the younger of my adult years, turns out I don't really have a head or a knack for business, I would think cause if I did, I would have hired a manager up and coming in my high school years.

JD: Okay, um, sorry I'm just looking through all my questions here. Um, people have suggested that you've gotten a job ever since this whole homeless saga has been going on and you say it's impossible.

Chris: Well, yeah because uh, I have tried and no one will hire me but yes definitely, I would say it is definitely because they do, they do the background checks, they do do that! Regardless of anyone saying that they don't, it's what they do. They do, it's all on the internet, they check your Facebook, they check your Twitter, they check everything!


JD: Yeah, and you have such a large reputation on the internet and you're such a large, um like a large personality on here that like I bet it's really easy for these people to find all this stuff.

Chris: Yep, Google, bugle, I don't know though.

JD: Now speaking of that, um, another way you could make money is by doing commissions or even live streams by chance why have you done this either?

Chris: Well, yeah, live streams that's a whole major setup. I would have to have help in putting together, I don't know where to get started at all and I'll probably I don't know if I would need or require a drawing tablet, or art program to do that with I've seen the-

JD: I mean you don't have to live stream yourself drawing know you could live stream yourself like playing Soul Calibur or some shit I'm sure. I think the PS4 does have a live stream option if I'm right, I don't know, I think it does

Chris: I tried it from the PS4 camera and uh, yeah-

JD: Wait the PS4 has a camera?!

Chris: Yeah.

JD: That's weird.

Chris: It's sold separately.

JD: Oh, so it's like the PSEye or something.

Chris: Except it actually works with the PS4.

JD: Sorry I thought like it had like a camera built-in I was like what!

Chris: Yeah, no the console itself does not have a built-in camera.

JD: That would be pretty cool though.

Chris: (Barbra in the background) Ah, there's my mother.

JD: Yeah I can hear Deborah.

Chris: Alright, be safe, I love you.

JD: Hi Deborah!

Chris: Her name is Barbra.

JD: Or Barbra sorry, I'm not really good with names, but yeah, be safe. I hope she doesn't think I'm a troll or something.

Chris: No, she knows, hehe, she knows about this interview space, haha.


JD: Now, we're going to ask one more question, uh to uh, Christine Weston Chandler. When did you come to terms with your situation you know that you currently have you know, constant mockery and whatnot?

Chris: I'm sorry, did you say when?

JD: Yeah like when did you come to terms with kind of your situation?

Chris: Well, sho, well with the trolls and whatnot pretty much came to terms with it and started turning myself around on how to handle it about 2011. And uh, you know, everything else just camp out and float it to me like you know, shoot. Before Idea Guy came along I literally was meditating nightly with Magi-Chan, my hubby, then all the events happened in last March, I'm marrying Magi-Chan and Cryzel and last June I married Mewtwo and Sylvana, its been very good, very delightful and everything. And lots of people have seen us all together when we go out and I'm definitely not the only one who could see them with my truesight.

JD: Mhm, yeah I did see a video I did see a video of you, uh, kissing one of your wives.

Chris: Yeah, kissing Cryzel. And, not to doxx my friend there who ended up taking the, who uploaded the video, I'm not going to say his name in this video or doxx him, I just want to let him know that I know what's going on with you, you're possessed by the dark side I just want you to know that, I forgive you, you're still cool in my eyes, I know you haven't done worse, just please come back, come back to the good side, and I'd definitely like you and I to still be friends and I still have the Christmas presents to get to give you and our other two friends. Just a few S-chu balls and there's cards in the figure inside surprise for each of them yeah. I definitely wanna hang out with them cause they are actually good people I care about, I care about them as friends you know.

JD: Chris, you know that having multiple wives is illegal right? All 50 states?

Chris: Well the marriage was legalized, it's legal in C-197 so there.

JD: Okay, no, I just wanted to make you aware, just want to make you aware.

Chris: We're not carring about the legal system, like just like, back in the long ago when it was the same for two women to get married or for two men getting married. We are similar to them being polyamorous and we're damn happy about it.

JD: Cool, again Christine thank you so much for being on this interview with me, um and it was a really fun chat you're, I hope you have some good luck with your endeavors whether that be Sonichu to or trying to stop those damn dirty trolls. Yeah, and I guess I'll see you later man.

Chris: Alright, yep.

JD: Bye guys.

Chris: Lots of love to everyone, be kind to each other.

JD: Be kind to everyone, by.

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