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This article will showcase a series of DMs that Chris had shared with a Twitter fan, Tlaw. Chris's messages will be represented in blue, and Tlaw's will be represented in brown.

Production of the Costume

I've played in a group for a while. On the back burner, I am also considering becoming a DM for a game, where the situations begin from Cwcville, and my group travels around taking out thevarious bosses and collecting necessary items and gadgets.
Oooo pretty darn cool
We have a campaign running where i dm but we need like 1-2 players to get it running
I might consider joining. I like being myself, and I already have my stats laid out. I'm a Cleric/Ranger.

Chris Chan Sonicleric.jpg


All right. I will look into the Homebrew shortly enough, and gather my stat sheet to clue you in.
Also, here's my D&D self-counterpart in Sonichu Form:
Shweet. We are level 3 atm but go pretty high leveled
Chris Chan Sonicleric.jpg

Did I show you this card already?

Ooo acylyn might suit yah then. They are avatars of justice that have a human form and an angelic form
I believe so
I am literally interdimensional all of the time, so I can get confused at times.
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