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BlueSpike PSN Chat 1 was the first PlayStation Network chat between "Julie" (BlueSpike) and Chris, held on 16 February 2009.

While this is the first of their PSN chats, they had been in communication for more than six weeks at this point, and chatted many times via Mumble and other methods.


This chat takes place just before the death of Chris's Aunt Corrina, and his odd grasp of empathy is very much on display. He easily transitions from the death of his aunt to talking about the possibility of a three-way with Julie, but later talks about crying with his mother over her sister's illness. He says it sometimes takes some time for bad news to sink in before he reacts. (Corrina died 15 days after this chat took place, on 21 February.) In regards the threesome, Julie points out the hypocrisy of Chris's refusal to bring another man into the relationship, since he'd be happy to bring in another woman. When pressed, Chris says he'd be fine with sharing Julie with another man, although whether he actually meant it is an open question.

Other aspects of Chris and Julie's conversation cover more mundane topics. We get a glimpse of an ordinary day in Chris's life - breakfast from Burger King, dinner from IHOP, feeding the family cats, a meeting with his counselor Rocky Shoemaker, coloring comic pages, and playing video games in between. He is, as usual, slacking off on the comics he has promised to produce.

At one point, BlueSpike tries to get Chris's mother Barbara online, and while Chris is away he goes into a gleeful fit about "waking the Snorlax." However, it turns out that Barbara is too tired (and overweight and immobile) to come up and talk.

Towards the end of the chat, Chris talks a bit about his employment prospects. His father, apparently, has informed him that his autism would make it hard to hold down a regular job. Chris claims that he plans to look for volunteer work instead, but he seems confused as to the basic definition of "volunteer" - he thinks he can do volunteer work and still get paid. When Julie points this out, he suddenly becomes afraid that Julie might leave him, and presses her on her plans to come visit him soon. She puts him off by promising more details in her upcoming letter, and the trolls mock Chris as he returns to work on his comics.


BlueSpike PSN Chat 1
Stardate 16 February 2009
Featuring Chris, Bluespike
Saga JulieJulie Julie


Chris: How ya doing?
Julie: Chris, you don't s-you don't seem too broken up about the fact that your aunt died.
Chris: Yeah, like I said, I'm still recovering. I mean, I'm hurtin' inside.
Julie: Yeah, all right.
Chris: Yeah, so, uh, ya got, so, so ya got the answer to my question that I asked you?
Julie: What question?
Chris: In the message I sent ya earlier.
Julie: Oh, that. Could you tell me it again? I forget.
Chris: Oh. Yeah, I basically asked, uh, how you feel about a threesome.
Julie: Oh, well, uh...
Chris: After we’ve done, like our-
Julie: Well that is something I want to talk about. Chris, you said you don’t want it with two men, 'cause it would be gay, but if I do it with two women, then it's the same thing with me. It's kinda hypocritical.
Chris: Well, hmm, uh, let me put it—let me put it to you this way...
Julie: [interrupts] What? I'm sorry but I'm really offended you would, uh, say that. I-I-I'm sorry but I'm somewhat offended.
Chris: I'm so—I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
Julie: Uh—That-that is okay, but, but, but that is just kind of offending. I-I just thought I would let you know that it’s quite offending to me. Because you-you know how when I say—
Chris: [interrupting, indistinct]
Julie: ‘Cause, Chris-
Chris: Yes.
Julie: -if you're willing to do that, then I would like a threesome with two men.
Chris: Ehh... You know what? Uh... That's fine, that's fine.
Julie: Really?
Chris: ...Yeah.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: You know, after we do it a few times, uh... Yeah, you know, if you want, if you really want to do it with two guys, I’ll let’ch—I’ll—I’ll—I will respect you for that.
Julie: Thank you. I appreciate that.
Chris: Okay. That's cool.
Julie: So is there anything else you want to talk about?
Chris: Yes. Hmm... Yeah, like I—like I, yeah, I was sa—I was sad that Au—that my Aunt Corina died.
Julie: I thought you said she was dying.
Chris: [overlapping] Yeah. Yeah, still dying, yeah. I’m sorry, I’m—I’m, I go—I said the wrong word; that was my mistake.
Julie: That's okay.
Chris: Yeah, but she i—she is dying. She, uh, she smoked.
Julie: Oh, cancer? Chris? Chriiis?
Chris: Sorry about that.
Julie: [interrupting, indistinct]
Chris: I pressed a, pressed the button on my headset.
Julie: Oh, can I ask you a quick question?
Chris: Sure.
Julie: Since you can use your computer now, uh, when are you going to upload the fighting video and, um, what else? The video of our date.
Chris: Oh, the video of our date. Yeah, there's a whole line [unintelligible] My voice didn't get recorded on that while your voice did.
Julie: Huh, that's weird.
Chris: Yeah, so I'm just gonna ha—so I’m—so I’m—I’m gonna… So soon enough I will figure out how I can add my voice to it and I will, uh, pretty much wing it in adding my voice around your voice.
Julie: All right. And what about the, uh, fighting video?
Chris: Yeah, I wi-I will do that soon.
Julie: All right. All right, and another thing—
Chris: [interrupting] Julie—
Julie: -that I'd like to tell you about—You should really, I'm serious- you should really, really, really, fix your biological clock. Please.
Chris: Yeah, well, I tell ya-I tell ya what, I fell asleep last night about 6:30 and I woke up this morning about 6.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: So I'll probably be falling asleep earlier tonight.
Julie: Because I really want you to be able to answer me as soon as you get there.
Chris: I understand... Uh, as soon as she—as soon as—as soon as I get there?
Julie: No, no, I mean, I-I want you to be answering as soon as I send a message.
Chris: Hmm, I'm try—I’m sorry; say that again?
Julie: I want you to be able to reply like, five minutes after I send a message.
Chris: Oh, I understand. It's just that, you know, I'm not on my PS3 or my PC all the time, and-
Julie: [interrupting] Neither am I. But I’m still able to make time.
Chris: -go out. Yeah. Okay. That's cool; I understand. But yes, anyway, let me get back to what I was talking about. Yeah, uh, when I—yeah, my mom pi-I uh, talked, my mom picked me at the, uh, mall while I was out earlier today, and my father dropped me off there while I was at IHOP, so my father could get, like, a senior discount on the food there and then he could bring, uh, my sh-, bring me my sandwich home. Yeah, but anyway, the poi—anyway, the point is, my mom—when my mom got there, she picked me up. She-she broke the news to me there, and we—we basically cried on each other's shoulders.
Julie: Aww.
Chris: Yeah, I mean, when I hear bad news the first time, sometimes, I mean, like, you know, sometimes, the hearing hits me, but, you know, but then, like, eh, it takes like a few minutes for me, for it to, uh, get in there and hit me worse, y’know? So it took like—it took like a few minutes before I start crying and I did cry.
Julie: Aw, I'm sorry for your loss.
Chris: Yeah. I appreciate that. So anyway, I think I was there for my mother to help comfort and, uh, she comforted me back.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: Anyways, she's gonna le—gonna let me go to the funeral.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: My mom.
Julie: Oh!
Chris: I mean, she wouldn't let me go with her this weekend to visit. [Chris gets phone call] Excuse me. [Hello!] I’m okay; how are you?
BlueSpike: Oh, God! [laughing, even more high-pitched] Oh, my God!
Chris: [still on the phone] Yeah.
BlueSpike: [to Mumble, laughing, unintelligible sounds] Let me turn my headset off, but WHAT THE FUCK?
Chris: [on phone] All right, Mom—
BlueSpike: Mom? [indistinct incredulous sounds]
Chris: I'll come down soon and get my, uh, sandwich.
BlueSpike: [stifling a laugh]
Chris: All right, love you too. Bye-bye, Mommy. [to Julie] Yeah, just, that was my mom telling me to, uh, come down, to come downstairs to get the sandwich my dad brought home for me.
Julie: What was that? I didn’t hear you.
Chris: W-What was that?
Julie: I didn't hear you. Can you repeat that?
Chris: Oh, certainly. I said that my-that my mother would call me, tell me to go downstairs and, uh, get the sandwich my dad brought home for me from IHOP.
Julie: [stifled chuckle] Oh, okay.
Chris: Excuse me.
Julie: What was that?
Chris: Eh, just a small, just a small burp.
Julie: Oh, all right.
Chris: Hmm. Um, yeah, well, you know, thing... Oh, what wa—what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, my, uh, mom was to go visit Aunt Corina this weekend but she didn’t—she did not invite me along because somebody-she figured somebody had, because my, I needed to stay home, help, uh, you know, be there for my father in case something happens to him and I got, and I had to take care of the cats.
Julie: Yeah. Hey, Chris?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Someday I actually want to talk to your mother. Do you think I could have her phone number?
Chris: Uh, uh, I, let's see. I believe you have my cell phone number.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: All right, look, all right, well, it's a confidential thing here, so, uh, uh, I'll give you the home phone number. My father will answer it... Uh, I'm afraid I haven't told him about you, yet—
Julie: Aw.
Chris: But you know I did tell my mom about it.
Julie: Huh.
Chris: So most likely he will answer it or possibly she will answer. But-
Julie: Okay.
Chris: -Y’know, just, uh, y’know… You could tell him that, uh, you just want to talk to "Barbara." That's her name, "Barbara."
Julie: All right. So what's the number?
Chris: Yeah, I mean... All right, so it's area 434.
Julie: So 434.
Chris: 990.
Julie: 990.
Chris: 0198.
Julie: 0...
Chris: 198.
Julie: 01...0198?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: All right. 'Cause, just—
Chris: That’s okay.
Julie: -I want to talk to your mother.
Chris: I understand.
Julie: ‘Cause I think I should get to know her better.
Chris: I hear you.
Julie: What about your father? Does he have a phone?
Chris: Well, we—we—we’re all-we all live in the same house.
Julie: Yeah, but just in case he's out. [Chris overlapping, indistinct] Because I want to be able to talk to your father about me.
Chris: Hmm. Well, like I said, he’ll pro—he’ll—he’ll be more likely pick up the, uh, home phone than my mother will.
Julie: Yes, Chris but I'll feel better if I got his, like, cell phone in case it’s an emergency and you're to pick up.
Chris: Um, hmm, wait. Uh, uh, wait. Could you repeat that?
Julie: All right. Like, if it's, an emergency and you're not there or something. Like if you're not able to pick up, I'd really feel it would be better if I had your father's number so I could be able contact anyone in your family.
Chris: Well, the phone number I just gave you is also my father's phone number.
Julie: Like, do you—is that his, like-that's his cell phone?
Chris: No, that's the home phone.
Julie: No, I mean like... Does-he doesn’t have a cell phone?
Chris: He does not have a cell phone.
Julie: Oh. What about your mother? Is that... hers... or is that the home phone, too?
Chris: Uh, no. That’s the ho-I gave you the home phone number.
Julie: Oh, all right. What about your mother; does she have a cell phone?
Chris: Uh... No, she does not have a cell phone.
Julie: Oh, all right.
Chris: Well, we're thinking about getting her one.
Julie: Yeah. If so, I really need the number, just in case.
Chris: Well, I'd letcha talk to my mother and maybe, uh, she'll give it to you.
Julie: All right. Oh, can I talk to your mother right now? You think?
Chris: Uh, I don't know, I mean, I got you in my ear piece.
Julie: Do you think I can talk to your mother? ‘Cause that’d be great; I could get to know her really quickly.
Chris: Well, you could try calling the home phone now, and, uh, she could get ‘er.
Julie: But I would feel better... I would feel better if I could just talk to her on the PSN, ‘cause I would like to see her.
Chris: Mm. All right, well, I don’t know if I could get her up here, but, uh, hang on.
Julie: [laughs]
Chris: I’ll see. Be right back.
BlueSpike: Ohh… We just summoned the Snorlax! [giggling]

[long pause, Family Guy heard in the background]

BlueSpike: Oh, my God, guys, we woke the Snorlax! Oh sh-! We woke the Snorlax! Help! It’s gonna sit on me! Help! You’re right. You’re right. Oh, God. [hyperventilating sounds] All right. Let’s do this. [claps hands] Come on! [another pause] I wish Chris would stop listening to Family Guy. Come on, Snorlax. Come on, Snorlax! [laughs, starts singing] Let’s go, Ghostbusters! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go, Ghostbusters, let’s go... [dissolves in giggles] I’m waiting ‘til he gets here. You’ll see! [pause] I don’t think Barbara has g-is coming up the stairs.
Chris: Gonna wait ‘til my mom, gets, uh... She’s feeling exhausted. ‘Cause, like I told ya, she just got home from her trip to, uh, to Richmond, uh, you know. Meanwhile, she and Uncle Tom've been going down to see Aunt Corina in the hospital she’s been.
Julie: Oh... Okay. You think I could talk to her tomorrow?
Chris: Yeah, probably, if you call on the home phone.
Julie: No, I mean on the PSN.
Chris: Well, it depends on if I can get her up here at the time we have our chat on the w—on the PSN here.
Julie: Yeah, ‘cause I’m not able to get a phone, remember?
Chris: Wha—Wait. [says something that is interrupted by BlueSpike]
Julie: That’s why I didn’t get—that’s—that-that’s why I didn’t get-that’s why I didn’t give you a phone number before, because I don’t have a phone.
Chris: Oh.
Julie: Bu—I-It’s gonna have to be on the PSN.
Chris: Well, wait a minute. You don’t ha—you don’t have a phone.
Julie: No, I don’t.
Chris: Hm. So... If you wanted to call my home phone number, what would you be calling on?
Julie: I don’t know. A friend’s cell phone?
Chris: Oh. I see. All right. Well, next time, uh, we have a PSN chat, I will, uh, see if my mom will be able to come upstairs.
Julie: All right. Thank you.
Chris: So, how was your day, then?
Julie: Oh, it was good.
Chris: That’s good. Anything of, uh, importance? Or anything exciting?
Julie: No, nothing.
Chris: Okay, still making you’re g-okay and all.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: Yeah, but anyway, you know, I talked to [sounds like Rye] about, uh [???] work, and also, uh, my father gave talk to me about the occupation today, uh... Yeah, he revealed to me that, uh, because of my autism that if some—the, uh, workers are-would be afra—probably would likely be afraid to hire me. So it’s not like I’m not trying but I am trying.
Julie: Chris, didn’t you say a while ago that you weren’t autistic?
Chris: No, I said I was high-functioning autistic. It’s-it’s [???] that, uh, [BlueSpike overlapping], that-that revealed that information to me that it was listed on Wikipedia that said that is not classified as a disability.
Julie: Yeah, so—
Chris: Or, like a—or like a handicap. Somethin’ like that. But—y-but y—but I am classif—but that is, I am classified as disabled under my Social Security.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: But I am looking for the volunteer work.
Julie: Chris, I don’t think you can get volunteer n-work that is—I think, uh, uh, it won’t. I don’t think it’s going to work anymore with you working at that pace. I-I-It’s-It’s not—
Chris: Julie—
Julie: -gonna work. It ju—it just won’t.
Chris: Julie, please. Please, Julie, I—I’m—I am gonna find volunteer work that pays.
Julie: I-I-I doubt it. I’m sorry, Chris; I love you, but I doubt it.
Chris: [heavy sigh] Julie, you’re not breaking up with me now, are you?
Julie: No. I am not. I am not breaking up with you.
Chris: All right, just, like, you know, if you cou-I’d appreciate if you’d at least just give me the chance.
Julie: I-I, I’m giving you—I’m giving you a great chance. I-I-I am. And, uh, but Chris. The-the word "volunteer"... I-i-it wou-means you’re doing it without pay. Volunteer work that pays... That’s contradicting volunteer work. I’m not breaking up with you; I’m tr—
Chris: Yeah, but—
Julie: —I’m trying—I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to help you and me. I’m trying to help our relationship... I’m trying to help our relationship soar, okay, Chris?
Chris: I-I appreciate your help. And I’m attempting your help. Oh, some AT failed B-b—uh, but trust me. It’ll work out in the end.
Julie: [exasperated sigh] I doubt that, Chris. I’m not breaking up with you, but, I-I-I do have my doubts.
Chris: Mm. Your doubts are reasonable.
Julie: Thank you.
Chris: And I—and I wi—and I—and I—and I am shooting for your, uh, for your ability to think and such.
Julie: Thank you.
Chris: Uh, but you still—you still—you still coming to, uh, vi—visit here, visit with me, right?
Julie: I discussed that in my letter. I discussed that in my letter. I, uh, I’d rather not talk about it, ‘cause, uh, I discussed it in my letter.
Chris: That’s fine. I understand. I’ll wait for your letter.
Julie: All right.
Chris: Anyway, before, uh, before I go—before I got the news about my aunt, uh, my day’s been okay.
Julie: That’s nice. What did you do?
Chris: Hm.
Julie: Did you go outside today?
Chris: Yeah, I went out. I went to go meet with Rocky today.
Julie: Oh, yeah, that. Anything else?
Chris: Well, let’s see... Because I woke up at 6:00, uh, I went to feed my cat, and then I, uh, then I did some, then I did some work on the, pl—on the pl—well, I played some—I played some Sonic for a little while, then I went out with my father to Burger King, went out to breakfast.
Julie: Oh. Oh cool.
Chris: And, uh, I came back home, and, I, uh, did some more colorful work.
Julie: Oh. Oh! Did you work on any comic pages today, ‘cause, ‘cause, you know... What’s today? Yeah, today’s Monday, remember?
Chris: Yes, [unintelligible]
Julie: What you said?
Chris: Yeah?
Julie: You would upload comics by the week’s end, and I believe this is the week’s end. Where are the comic pages?
Chris: Oh! Actually, I’ll, uh, I’ll, uh ge-I’ll get ‘em uploaded after we-after we finish up here.
Julie: Oh, all right.
Chris: But I ha-the thing is, but they won’t be colored in.
Julie: Oh, all right.
Chris: But I’ll get ‘em uploaded and I... You’ll-and you’ll see at least the first three pages tonight.
Julie: ‘Cause you could always color ‘em later, right?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: All right, tha-that’s nice. Sorry, I hiccuped.
Chris: Oh. I didn’t hear it. [laughs]
Julie: Huh.
Chris: I love you, Julie.
Julie: I love you, too Chris.
Chris: All right, I-I’ll go, I’ll go get ready to upload the comics.
Julie: Can we talk after?
Chris: ...Pages. Uh, yeah, sure, if you stay on your PSN account, and, uh, I’ll come back and open up a new chat window.
Julie: All right, and just send me the invite.
Chris: Yeah. Okay. I’ll talk to you later.
Julie: All right.
Chris: All right. Bye-bye.
BlueSpike: [coughs] Thank. Fucking. God! [unintelligible]
BlueSpike: [unintelligible] Buh-bye. So, yeah, I’m gonna, yeah. Don’t worry.
[more laughter]
BlueSpike: I think I’m actually—I’m making some kind of progress with Chris at least.
Clyde: No, you’re not. You’re [unintelligible, interrupted by more voices]
BlueSpike: [unintelligible]
[voices overlapping]
Troll: Jesus Christ!
Clyde: Volunteer work! With pay!
Troll: Whatever.
Troll: Oh, good.
Troll: Who cares? That wasn—
BlueSpike: Guys-

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