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On 15 February 2009, Julie would send a letter to Chris.

Julie's Letter

2009 Feb. 15

Dear Chris-Chan Sonichu aka
Christian Weston Chandler,

I'm writing you a letter like you wanted me to though the "snail mail". It's a lot harder to write a letter then it is to tyPe one. =P But I love you enough that I'll do your request but e-mail is SO much easier so don't expect me to do this again any time soon. I also have an important message. As it turns out I will sadly not be able to make the trip to Virginia. I just don't have the money to get transportation to go there. So I will not be able to meet you in person unless you can possibly come here instead. =S Maybe now that you have this letter you can finally prove to your parents I'm real and we can meet in person and much MUCH more if you know what I mean. MEOW~ =3 I need some REAL LIFE milk from my "milk MAN". Also I'm thinking of attending a little church since you seem to love it so much and I want more things in comon between us. I hoPe you have a good supply of "rain-coats" and I'm SURE we're going to run out. Tell me when you get this letter. Also I hope you enjoy the pics included a friend took them with their camera and Printed them out.

With tons of Love,
Julie Milvana XOXOXO

[drawing of Sonic's head]

PS: As soon you recieve [sic] this letter, please read this letter out loud on a YouTube video, proving to those slanderous trolls that you have a true and honest loving heartsweet. I can't wait to use your face as a chair. ;)


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