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"Chris Destroys His Vibrator" (officially "ECV 00050") is a video in which Chris explains why he had to make the two videos suggesting that he was gay, in order to satisfy an agreement with Clyde Cash. He then attempts to honor another agreement with Clyde by further destroying his vibrator. Or rather, he tries to destroy his vibrator, fails, and simply takes it apart in a manner that would allow him to easily reassemble it.

Chris apparently doesn't seem to understand that if he were actually straight, he would've disposed of the dildo the moment he got it instead of storing it in his room.

It is implied in this video that Christian could not issue this retraction until "one man" emailed him to say he recognized the "super secret" clues in the previous videos. Apparently, if no one had solved the mystery Chris would have been forced to live as a homo forever.


I am Striaght [sic], and it took a Forced Lie in the previous video to make that Perfectly Clear.


Chris Destroys His Vibrator
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 06 February 2009
Subject Matter HomosHomos Homos SexSex Sex
Saga JulieJulie Julie, ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Straight White LinesStraight White Lines The Flag-Waving Patriot
Chris Comes Out of the Closet, Take 2
CWC Update 8 February 2009
I was lying out of my ass!
Chris, who is definitely not a homo.


[rolls his eyes, smacks PSEye for no apparent reason] Hello. Y'all may—some of you may have seen the, uh, video, which—of which I recently up...lo--loaded...sayin’ that I was, uh...of the wrong...orientation. But any-—but I w—-I wanted to let y'all know that...I on—-I did save the life...of a trusted gal-pal. And she is eternally grateful from—-to me for it. So, th—-so, yes, as you can tell from my...non-verbal clues, I was lying out of my ass! But I did it to save a l-—to save her life, 'cause...Clyde Cash...would've harmed her, but I have gotten his word that, uh, he would not lay a finger on her.

And also, I had to make another...slight promise—-uh...another promise, after making that-—after that: that I, uh, get rid of some...of my...unnecessary possessions. I wanted to let—-I wanted to, uh, let him know, anyway, that I've already started. [reaches off-camera for something]

I destroyed... [drops it, picks it up, puts it back in his hand] this. [presents a disassembled vibrator]

[Jump cut to Chris, apparently pre-disassembly, trying to snap the vibrator in half with his bare hands, followed by another jump cut showing Chris really straining to break the vibrator. Another jump cut occurs, and he simply pulls the vibrator's two halves apart as they're designed to come apart, before pulling the motor out in another jump cut.]

[Jump cut back to Chris holding the two halves in one hand] Dun-dun-dunnn! [holds the pieces out like the Card Crusher before throwing them down on the floor]

The—that deed is done. I am straight. I am straight.

And it only—-and it took me the, uh, one time...where I actually had to say the word...that I hated so much...for the first time in my life, ever. And then, later, it man to, uh, send me an e-mail, lettin' me know that he realized the non-verbal clues...leading to—-like, I was being forced to do that, and I had to lie out my ass.

Y'all can, uh, view the previously uploaded its originality...[sniffles] and unaltered spec-—in an unaltered-—unaltered sense in my current Yah-—YouTube account. But...I think I have proven myself well enough. I was holding onto my manhood-—my straightness-—by having Optimus Prime in my lap...[reaches off-camera for the Sailor Moon Poster of Fail and holds it up] and my Sailor Moon poster behind me...that I look at every night to help keep me straight. [puts poster away]

I was born straight, and I will never be changed that way. Thank you.

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Stardate 12 February 2009
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Video Type Mortal Kombat Remix
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