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This page covers miscellanous texts with Chris.

Not Norman Bates

16 October 2015[1]

I notice that one of your Amiibo figures is of your mother. In court today you were reportedly acting pretty intimate with her, holding her hand and rubbing her shoulders. Are you two sleeping in the same bed?
Not anymore, you mean?
Look, I was nervous and anxious for my time there to be over-with. And my mother looked nervous too. What I did was only to make us feel secure and less nervous. No intimacy. I am not a "Bates". OMG.

Claiming torn ligaments

12 May 2016[2]

In a message to a complaining customer on Etsy, Chris claims he had torn ligaments in his knee as an excuse for why he failed to deliver a paid video request. Note that Chris was exaggerating, as he was able to walk fine in the Proposition to Sega video filmed two days later.

I am very sorry about the delay. I, personally, have been under a lot of anxiety and stress the past few months, and I am still catching up on orders. And the past week was rough on me with having accidentally tearing ligaments in my left knee; that is recovering. And I have been having to cope with sleep troubles and fickle internal clock schedules the latter of the time. Anyhow, for this matter, I will issue a refund for this mistake shortly.


3 November 2016[3] .

Hey Christine, could you give me some reasons why to vote for Hillary?
You have Got to be kidding! Trump is most Immature, Uncouth, and Not Valid to be president. Trump will ONLY make the Country go BROKE, as Groening predicted, and ALL the money will ONLY go to his own debtors and the Fat Cat Rich People, and Hardly ANY for us in the middle class and below. Not to mention he is Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Immigrants, he puts down Women VERY BAD, and he is an all-around Bad Person.

Hillary will Tax the Fat Cats and fill the middle class and lower and get the country less in debt. And She is PRO-LGBTQ and Immigrants, AND She is more beneficial for EVERYONE in General. AND, this country is long Overdue for a Woman's touch.

You should Watch ALL Three Debates On YouTube. I'll send you the links in chronological Order.

Fake Doopie profile

The fake profile.

On 21 July 2017, a ween made a fake Doopie Facebook account in order to befriend Chris and get a rise out of him.

Two days later, Chris had fallen for the ween and accepted a friend request. However, the account was disabled the same day, though a new one was created, which he also accepted a friend request from. He later contacted the real Doopie, who confirmed it wasn't real.

The ween revealed his actions and Chris's response on Kiwi Farms, under the username "TheDoopieTroll", and was promptly banned.

The Jig is Up! I have been long suspicious of the Facebook account, but I went along for the possibility of it being real. Then the first deletion from Facebook by others' flagging. And the birth dates did not match between your first and second profile trials. And then you said your email was from @mail.com. I offered a benefit, since you might have missed typing the "g". And the Big Flag, actual email from your @mail.com address. I had received actual email from the real Doopie before from her actual address. I emailed her and checked, she responded "No" to making a Facebook Profile Page.

Your Game IS Over Trollish Impostor! Consider yourself Blocked. Good day.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

Thinking of selling bath water

9 July 2019

SonichuMerch, a troll, suggested to Chris selling his bath water[4].

In light of your suggestion, I might work with you in selling and distributing the bath water. My eBay is still not letting me relist or make new listings, so if you list it on your store, Tweet the link, and I'll retweet it; you PayPal to me the shipping and my part of the money out of the sales. What do you say?

I'll jar, label, and ship them out, based on the number sold.

SonichuMerch declined the deal.