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As well as the world... yeah.. the world and all that.
Chris, trying to convince Sega to give a shit.

Proposition to Sega is a video Chris made on the 14th of May, 2016. The video itself is of Chris, offering Sega to hold a small amount of control over his creation, Sonichu. In the introduction of the video, Chris claims that "if you want what he's got", you have to go through him. After this, Chris lays down the details of his offer of the Sonichu and Rosechu brand, and also states that profits would be shared halfway through both parties. However, Chris states that all creative control of Sonichu would still be in his hands, and that Sega would only be able to expand upon it. Chris also states he will need some "employee benefits", assistance with the creative side of his projects, and that his salary at Sega as the senior manager of the Sonichu product would be $100,000 a year. He also sees fit to specify that he wants a corner office in whatever building Chris thinks Sega will stick him into. He then states that he would still work at home, rendering the corner office useless.

Chris appears to be wearing his now-default outfit for such business videos, a men's pinstriped shirt with a blue vest over it.

Naturally, Chris put this business offer on YouTube, and didn't contact Sega through any known means, so they will never actually see it.



Proposition to Sega
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Stardate 14 May 2016
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For the Japanese market I would like there to be a Sonichu anime as well. Similar to the production of, uh, the popular animes. Hmm. And there could be something for the adult market as well.
Of course he did.


**This video is addressed directly to SEGA of America and SEGA of Japan; Responses will only be accepted from the Officials of SEGA. Such people can personally, and directly reply to me, Miss Christine Weston Chandler, of Ruckersville, VA, USA, at my email address of, and the Best, Most Direct Option is via US Mail to my home address,

Christine Weston Chandler 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545

Thank You.

Note that Chris is assuming Sega will watch this video.


[No audio] -Sonichu, so let's skip the introductions and get right down to business. You want what I got? Well you gotta go through m-me, and me alone, Christine Weston Chandler, Ruckersville, VA, in order to get. And lucky for you, I am such- I am open to such, an offer of partnership. I would offer you license to my original creation, Sonichu and Rosechu and the city of CWCville, as well as the world- yeah. The world and all that. Partnership would, uh, come with certain pre arran- [there is a slight video error here] -siouly. I would remain in c- creative control of Sonichu, and all associated media. I will be the sole owner of Sonichu, Sega...'s role here will be to expand the Sonichu brand name, as well as Rosechu, and a- help produce the various media includi- including video games, cartoons. These profits will be shared fifty percent, between the two parties. However I would also need an annual salary, and some co- and some common employment benefits. My salary for being in the senior branch is b- for being in the senior management position of the Sonichu product, at Sega, would be one hundred thousand dollars a year. I would require a senior title, and a preferably corner office, even though I would be working at home. I would also need employees underneath t- underneath to assist with the administrative and creative sides of my Sonichu product. Project. But we will get to those later.

Due to my hectic lifestyle, I would need the ability to work from home, and when I choose. Also, basic benefits like 401k, health insurance, and maternity leave. Now, let's get down to my immediate staff. Due to the normal stresses of everyth- every day life and then some, and since Sonichu is not my only responsibility in my life, I require a secretary to handle administrative duties, benea- beneath my, uh, pay grade. And a personal assistant who would assist me with my daily- tasks which would typically include the following. Running errands, pickin' up, uh, lunch, breakfast, dinner, mm, pet sitting my dogs when I'm on business travel... getting mai- giving maintenance, on the uh, cars and whatever else required therein. Help on taking care of my aging mother, as well as complete, in store pickup of items that I will purchase. I will want to be in charge of selecting the, uh, women for these positions myself.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Sonichu and s- the Sonichu media. I would like you to assist with developing... I want son- oi... oh yeah, I would want to be- yeah I already said that. I want Sonichu to be a huge- as huge as he deserves to be. It's about high time Sonichu got his own video games so that everyone... can live his adventures. I would like to oversee the development team that would create my vision of the Sonichu video game. I would personally test and concrete- critique the latest versions of the software until I am satisfied with the finished product. I would also like you to use your negotiations with Nintendo to have the cast of Sonichu, as well as myself, added to the existing Amiibo figure library. I would also need you to help me create several animated Sonichu products. The first and most important of which would be and American version cartoon series. And I would like it to be made, uh, by DHS, who makes the, uh, little show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I'm sure you've probably heard of that. And I would personally voice the characters of Sonichu, as well as myself. I would like also to have t- Tara Strong and Monica Rial to voice female characters as well. The artstyle should be more serious in tone, though, similar to Sonic X. Or like similar anime of that, uh, type. [humming] Right. For the Japanese market I would like there to be a Sonichu anime as well. Similar to the production of, uh, the popular animes. Hmm. And there could be something for the adult market as well. And I also would like a staff- side to s- design and market a bunch of simple Sonichu merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, lunch boxes, and other novelty items. My fans need the Sonichu product. And the gear. I would especially love to partner with a footwear company to make the actual footwear that Sonichu and Rosechu wear. And I look for- [inaudible] forward to the immediate prompt reply to my offer. Together, let's make Sonichu great again. Thank you very much. [Chris takes a slight bow and walks off camera]


  • The trash that is falling off of what appears to be a table to the right.
  • Chris appears to be reading his script, which alone is surprising, off of a whiteboard.
  • The items hanging from a wall, one of which appears to be an over-sized wrist-watch.
  • Chris is recording in his usual "controller in hand" style.
  • Chris looks surprisingly formal in this video.
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