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This chat took place on 20 October 2010. Highlights of this chat are Chris recollecting a story about getting punched in the face by a niggo and crying on the way home on the school bus, then discussing DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS, and proceeding to actually shit himself during the conversation. He thinks that it signifies a psychic link between him and Jackie. Unsurprisingly, Chris believes soiling himself to be a romantic gesture of love.


  • Chris is terrible with computer care, turning his computer on and off for hours before it's in working order.
  • Jackie grills Chris about his library of games. Unsurprisingly, he hasn't played many of them, yet won't part with them no matter what.
  • Chris and Jackie have a long conversation about eBay and Craigslist. Chris refuses to budge on selling details, much to Jackie's chagrin.
  • The two speak about bullying. According to Chris, his experience with bullies amounts to people saying "Sonic's dead" and a single punch. Chris rode the short bus.
  • Jackie spoke with God last night, revealing God never spoke to Chris at all about the monthly tugboat.
  • As the conversation switches to jobs, Chris makes excuses blaming his shitty computer for him not being able to go get one. Chris stubbornly remains jobless.
  • Jackie asks Chris about his DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS. Chris, in all his honesty, goes at length about the subject, revealing to her that he has a psychic connection regarding his shit. Chris apparently crapped himself when it was brought up in conversation.
  • Chris leaves the chat to clean himself up; the conversation ends on a creepy note.

The chat with Jackie

[7:20 pm] CWC: Hey-Hey. :) h
[7:20 pm] CWC: CWC (ChrisChanSonichu) is offline 7:20 pm
[7:20 pm] CWC: IMs are delivered when the buddy signs in. Send CWC (ChrisChanSonichu) a text message
[7:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hi!
[7:21 pm] CWC: I'm happy to back here with you again. How are you?
[7:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm doing okay.
[7:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: still lots of homework
[7:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yolu?
[7:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you?
[7:22 pm] CWC: That's understandable. I'm okay too.
[7:23 pm] CWC: The computer maintenance the past weekend was quite enduring.
[7:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, what exactly did you do to fix it?
[7:24 pm] CWC: I even went inside the XP tower to try changing the wire link between the motherboard and the HDD to see if that would work; nothing.
[7:24 pm] CWC: And I got advice from the dude at PC Pro; I am not an expert on circuitry, so I wouldn't be able to make an eyeball analysis looking at the motherboard.
[7:25 pm] CWC: And the PC I brought up from downstairs was damn slow, but it did power up like normal, and I was forced to use the dial-up modem; it did not have an ethernet port.
[7:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so what fixed it?
[7:27 pm] CWC: In the end, I was able to boot it up after just less than 20 power ons and offs last night; its problem still was not isolated, but at least it is on, and until it is forced off, it seems to stay on good.
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you just kept pushing the power button over and over til it worked?
[7:27 pm] CWC: Plus, changing the screensaver may have helped; I had a theory behind the past screensaver app.
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: wow, thats a lot of work
[7:27 pm] CWC: yes.
[7:27 pm] CWC: especially when going hour after hour after hour doing so.
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: didnt you say you could just buy a new motherboard for $80?
[7:28 pm] CWC: I just count it as a major blessing that it'll run for until when I can get a new computer.
[7:28 pm] CWC: yes, but Samantha discourages the replacement and keeping the money towards the new computer.
[7:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, thats a good idea
[7:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: replacing the motherboard will only slightly delay the problem
[7:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so how much have you saved for it now?
[7:29 pm] CWC: she considers the motherboard replacement a gamble. yes, you got it right there.
[7:30 pm] CWC: Still only the 20 in the bank at the moment, and I am still looking for a job, and I am going to put the zords up for auction on eBay later tonight.
[7:30 pm] CWC: I am still deciding which game and dvd titles to add to the queue.
[7:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: didnt you already put the zords up on craigslist?
[7:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no takers?
[7:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you should put up those modnation games. you dont play those anymore right?
[7:31 pm] CWC: yes, no takers. I figured I'd have a better chance on eBay.
[7:31 pm] CWC: No, I still play ModNation Racers, LittleBiGPlanet and Guitar Heroes.
[7:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well what games for the PS3 don't you play?
[7:32 pm] CWC: That's what I am deciding with myself about.
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, i asked which ones you dont play anymore
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you have so many, you cant possibly play them all regularly
[7:32 pm] CWC: right now, I can't say, because I can't name all of them off the top of my head right now.
[7:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well there you go, thats your answer right there
[7:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: look at your shelf full of games. the ones you couldnt remember the names of? sell them, you obviously dont need those
[7:33 pm] CWC: but I am deciding based on which I would know that I would or would not play again within the next year.
[7:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if you dont even remember owning them, then you dont need them
[7:33 pm] CWC: I DO remember owning them.
[7:33 pm] CWC: And I have a photographic memory of the collection.
[7:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[7:34 pm] CWC: one at a time, I can list what I have in that collection.
[7:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you just told me you dont remember them all.
[7:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats not photographic memory
[7:34 pm] CWC: I told you I could not remember them all at once, but give me a spot of time, I can list them all.
[7:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, thats beside the point. if a game is insignificant enough to you that you need to think about it before even remembering that you own it, then get rid of it
[7:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ipso facto.
[7:35 pm] CWC: Anyway, I am still deciding one by one, title by title.
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i simplified it. the ones you dont remember right away, get rid of them
[7:36 pm] CWC: But I promise you that I will have some of them listed on ebay before the week's end.
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hey, speaking of modnation racers, why do you have two copies of it?
[7:36 pm] CWC: you're referring to the ONE PS3 version and the ONE PSP version.
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: right. the same game, for two systems
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: plus, dont you have the game of the year edition too?
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so thats actually three copies of the game.
[7:38 pm] CWC: The GOTY Edition of ModNation Racers is NON-Existent at the moment, so that is an unjust assumption.
[7:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh.
[7:38 pm] CWC: And when I hear of the GOTY Edition of MNR, I will do the research of comparing the original version to the GOTY Edition.
[7:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well you have so many other GOTY games i lose track
[7:39 pm] CWC: -Will the Original Game Save carry over to the GOTY Edition? -What are its new Features? etc, etc, etc.
[7:39 pm] CWC: I only have a FEW GOTY games.
[7:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm pretty sure the GOTY edition will just be the same game, but with DLC
[7:40 pm] CWC: Anyway, after considering those facts, and decisions, I then will decide rather or not to Trade in the older game disc toward the GOTY Edition.
[7:40 pm] CWC: LittleBiGPlanet was a worth-while upgrade from Original to GOTY.
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but Little big planet was just the same game, but with DLC
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you already had all the DLC so you didnt get anything new
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you just paid $60 for something you already had
[7:41 pm] CWC: Actually, there was NEW stuff on there aside from DLC.
[7:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you paid $60 for a small bundle of new DLC
[7:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[7:41 pm] CWC: There is also additional levels; TOP Level choices that were published on the network beforehand to make it onto the GOTY disc.
[7:41 pm] CWC: And more additional features that were not on the original disc.
[7:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: levels you could have downloaded for free from the server
[7:42 pm] CWC: Not really; Most Levels you can only PLAY from the Server; Most Likely, they are NOT Opted for being Downloadable.
[7:42 pm] CWC: Like, originally, ALL of my Published levels were Opted OUT of being Downloadable; ONLY Playable.
[7:43 pm] CWC: You would have to be Logged Onto the PSN in order to Play Them.
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why do you need to own them if you can play them?
[7:43 pm] CWC: But later, I decided to Share them better by Opting them all into being Downloadable.
[7:43 pm] CWC: Let me put it this way...
[7:43 pm] CWC: Supposing you were playing LBP, and you found a Fashionable Level that you Enjoyed very much on the Server.
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i wouldnt pay $60 for it
[7:45 pm] CWC: But , the Creator of that level did not Opt in for that level to be Downloadable.
[7:45 pm] CWC: You can't take it with you to play Offline.
[7:45 pm] CWC: Like a dress you borrowed or rented; you can not keep it forever; you Have to return it.
[7:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ...
[7:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you dont need it in the first place
[7:48 pm] CWC: I have a headache...
[7:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you should take some aspirin.
[7:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but back to my original question. why do you need two versions of modnation?
[7:49 pm] CWC: I have not tried the PSP version, and I was curious after playing the PS3 version, and I had the theory of linking the two to unlock stuff; there wasn't. On that, I will put the PSP version on eBay.
[7:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you bought a game, but didnt even bother to play it.
[7:50 pm] CWC: I DID Play it.
[7:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you JUST SAID "I have not tried the PSP version"
[7:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the text is so recent its still in my view, i dont have to scroll up
[7:50 pm] CWC: Not only no unlocked content, but the gameplay was not as easy or swift as on PS3.
[7:50 pm] CWC: I had not played it BEFORE Purchasing it then.
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh. well you said "i have not tried", that implies present tense
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but anyway
[7:51 pm] CWC: I can understand the misinterpretation.
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its not a misinterpretation. i didnt misinterpret
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you misspoke
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: difference
[7:52 pm] CWC: okay, I misspoke
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but anyway, how much do you think you can get for your zordon rangers?
[7:53 pm] CWC: did you watch the revamped pregnant act video I uploaded?
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes i did. thank you for doing it so quickly!
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: looked much better in good light.
[7:53 pm] CWC: I'd say for the megazords, 20 to 50; depending on the bidding war.
[7:53 pm] CWC: :) h
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: have you looked up the relative worths of those toys?
[7:53 pm] CWC: *20 to 50 each
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're selling mint in the box? never opened?
[7:54 pm] CWC: well, the Megazords are mostly in their original boxes with Styrofoam lining; excellent condition.
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if they were out of the box, they'd probably bring $10, max
[7:54 pm] CWC: No, I have taken them OUT of their boxes for play.
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh...
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats too bad.
[7:54 pm] CWC: I stored them in their boxes during non-play.
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you opened them
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats what matters to collectors
[7:55 pm] CWC: It doesn't matter; Collectors will still get all of the original parts anyway; still a good value, even though Mint Condition is better.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes it does matter.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: collectors want things that have never been opened.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the value is drastically lowered if an item is opened. thats just the way collecting works
[7:56 pm] CWC: ONLY if they can get them never opened; most of the time, that is not the case.
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no...
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're not hearing me
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if its been opened, its worth less. thats all there is to it
[7:56 pm] CWC: yes, MINT, they'd be worth probably in the hundreds to thousands.
[7:56 pm] CWC: Which is why I state realistically that I'd probably get 20 to 50 each now.
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if i went to a restaurant and ordered a $50 steak, but they were out, do you think i'd still pay the $50 for a cheeseburger?
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats not how supply and demand works
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just because a collector might not be able to find a mint item doesnt mean he'll pay mint prices for an open and used item
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: realistically, you'll be lucky if you get $5-$10.
[7:58 pm] CWC: Which is why I'm NOT asking for Mint Prices.
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: those toys are not worth hundreds of dollars
[7:58 pm] CWC: I'm not asking for Hundreds.
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you are asking mint prices.
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: $50 is mint price for a toy like that
[7:58 pm] CWC: per zord
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how many offers have you gotten?
[7:58 pm] CWC: over a decade ago.
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: NO
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how can you know what mint price is if you havent done any research? you're just assuming mint price is hundreds
[7:59 pm] CWC: Years have gone by; they would be worth MORE than that now in Mint.
[7:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but they are NOT mint
[7:59 pm] CWC: I did not say they were mint.
[7:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: my question stands. how can you just assume that when you've done no research on the market
[8:00 pm] CWC: I have had past experience in that area in the pokemon cards.
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: pokemon cards are not zordon ranger toys.
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: to collectors, they are two totally different things.
[8:01 pm] CWC: I've seen an Original First Edition Base Set Charizard card over a hundred dollars in 1999; now it would be worth probably 500 to 1000
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: http://cgi.ebay.com/mighty-morphin-power-rangers-shogun-megazord-/200531237867?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb097dbeb
[8:01 pm] CWC: I was giving you an example.
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats a link to an opened zordon toy.
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its $5.50
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: plus, not everything gets more expensive with age.
[8:02 pm] CWC: give it more time towards its closing time; there will be more and more bids for greater prices.
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: doubtful
[8:02 pm] CWC: it still has over a day left.
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're counting on that like its certainty.
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're just assuming that the price will skyrocket
[8:02 pm] CWC: I have seen it happen.
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: not every time
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: not every time
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just because you see it once does not mean it is reliable as a certainty
[8:03 pm] CWC: yes, but it IS possible.
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ...
[8:03 pm] CWC: Not once; multiple times.
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that doesnt mean you should get your hopes up.
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you seem to be counting on getting hundreds of dollars from this
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i ask again: how many offers have you got
[8:03 pm] CWC: I'm hoping for over one hundred in all.
[8:03 pm] CWC: none.
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: look at this
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: http://www.megavideo.com/?d=2M42JXJJ
[8:04 pm] CWC: because they're looking more often on eBay; not craigslist.
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: a guy thought he was going to get tons of money for some zordon ranger toy, but he was really disappointed.
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ??
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: people use craigslist
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: people buy things all the time from craigslist
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm sure plenty of people have seen your ad
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but anyway
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i noticed on your craigslist ad that you said something like, "all sales are final and non-negotiable, unless i get a better offer"
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what did you mean by that?
[8:06 pm] CWC: I meant one person may make the offer for the asking price, but then someone else may come along and offer more.
[8:06 pm] CWC: I guess I could have worded that better.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so if you said you would do the deal with one buyer for, say, $20, and someone else then offered $40, you would honor the $20 right?
[8:07 pm] CWC: no, I'd take the 40, unless the first guy can offer more.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you said all sales are non-negotiable.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but i guess that doesnt make sense anyway. why would someone offer more money if you've already got a listing price?
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: it probably wouldnt come up.
[8:08 pm] CWC: I get it, I could have worded that statement better.
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i have a headache.
[8:08 pm] CWC: I'll give you a moment, while I fix the statements.
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no im fine
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont go anywhere
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hey, tell me more about the bullies you dealt with in school.
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: we touched on that subject when we talked about your school days, but i dont think we got very far into it
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: are you there?
[8:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-!
[8:14 pm] CWC: I'm back
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: okay.
[8:14 pm] CWC: I've just edited all of the zord listings; replacing the statement in question with the following...
[8:14 pm] CWC: Item is subject for negotiation for better offers. No refunds after purchase.
[8:14 pm] CWC: is that better?
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: sounds good enough.
[8:15 pm] CWC: thank you.
[8:15 pm] CWC: okay, school bullies...
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: from elementary, to middle, to high school, to college
[8:16 pm] CWC: Mostly, I only had bullies who would not hurt me physically; they only would approach me and say "Sonic's Dead". Then I'd respond, "No, he is not.
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: any you've dealt with
[8:16 pm] CWC: this happened in Middle School.
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: they just said "sonic is dead"
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: weird
[8:17 pm] CWC: It happened a lot
[8:17 pm] CWC: yes.
[8:17 pm] CWC: they were referring to Sonic the Hedgehog, of course.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why would they say that?
[8:17 pm] CWC: just to get on my nerves.
[8:17 pm] CWC: which they did back then.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but why sonic? i know you like sonic games, but it seems a weird way to get to you
[8:18 pm] CWC: Then Mrs. Sanford taught me not to let other people keep pressing my buttons.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what did you do in response to them?
[8:18 pm] CWC: I am a BIG Sonic Fan.
[8:18 pm] CWC: I'd shout back, "No, he is not."
[8:18 pm] CWC: and then the bullies would wander off on their way.
[8:18 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i always wondered if tails was gay.
[8:18 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did they bully you in any other ways?
[8:19 pm] CWC: no.
[8:19 pm] CWC: No, Tails is straight.
[8:19 pm] CWC: Although, interestingly, in early concept of the character, the Tails character was a girl, but they later decided to make him a boy.
[8:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hmm. well, whatever. anyway, did they bully you in any other ways?
[8:20 pm] CWC: no, they did not.
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what about other bullies?
[8:20 pm] CWC: In High School, there were a few instances of bullies throwing change at me and I'd pick up the change.
[8:20 pm] CWC: then they'd laugh.
[8:20 pm] CWC: stupid.
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why did you pick up the change?
[8:21 pm] CWC: DUH. I mean, you'd see a penny on the ground in your path, you'd pick it up and keep it for later spending, wouldn't you?
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but they were laughing at you.
[8:22 pm] CWC: it's still money.
[8:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: do you pick up change wherever you see it?
[8:22 pm] CWC: and their loss for throwing it away so recklessly.
[8:22 pm] CWC: why not?
[8:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: where do you do this?
[8:23 pm] CWC: on the ground; not from within something like a register, of course.
[8:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well i assumed you werent picking it up from the ceiling.
[8:23 pm] CWC: Come on, it is lost change; it happens everywhere.
[8:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: any specific examples?
[8:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i get weirded out by picking up things off the ground. you never know where its been
[8:24 pm] CWC: Well, recently, I picked up a dime off the floor of Fashion Square.
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ah.
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did you get bullied in college at all?
[8:24 pm] CWC: no.
[8:24 pm] CWC: there was another thing from High School I was going to tell you of.
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh?
[8:25 pm] CWC: the small instance where this black girl was slapping my butt as she passed; it did not last long, I turned her in to the assistant principal, and the problem was resolved.
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ah.
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what about on the school bus? thats a common place for kids to get teased
[8:27 pm] CWC: on the school bus in High School, I usually sat in the front by the door. for some stupid reason, this black boy wanted to beat me out of the door, and it was some silly race to be the first out.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so he just raced out the door? doesnt sound so bad
[8:27 pm] CWC: One day, he punched me; I did not punch back, but he broke my glasses that day.
[8:27 pm] CWC: it was a hard punch.
[8:27 pm] CWC: I didn't bleed, fortunately.
[8:27 pm] CWC: but I was hurt.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, everyone gets punched in school, thats nothing
[8:28 pm] CWC: and I cried on the way home that day.
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but did anything happen because of the event?
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how old were you when that happened?
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like 11 or 12?
[8:28 pm] CWC: I got demoted from the Regular school bus to the freakin' Handicapped, Special-Ed bus.
[8:28 pm] CWC: 15
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i see.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anything happen on the autistic bus?
[8:30 pm] CWC: I did not get bullied, but I did get freaked out by the one or two mentally handicapped individuals.
[8:30 pm] CWC: On e of which was a stuttering, groaning slow-minded individual. He sat two seats behind me; he reached over one time and hit me on the back of my head.
[8:30 pm] CWC: I don't know what the hell he was thinking at that time, but I did not appreciate it.
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: sometimes autistic kids like that can be kind of beligerent
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats too bad.
[8:32 pm] CWC: he was not autistic.
[8:32 pm] CWC: He was mentally challenged.
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: autism is a mental challenge, isnt it?
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: arent you mentally challenged?
[8:32 pm] CWC: there are a Number of Varieties of Mental Problems.
[8:32 pm] CWC: Not so much; I am High-Functioning, and most of the time I think at a normal speed, but sometimes I do feel like I'm thinking slow, or I'm not quick-witty.
[8:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so, yes. you are mentally challenged then.
[8:34 pm] CWC: That individual was NOT autistic.
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: are you sure?
[8:34 pm] CWC: on the social aspect, and few retarded moments, yes.
[8:34 pm] CWC: and Yes, I am sure.
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how do you know?
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did you ever talk to him?
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you know, sometimes kids like that are really masturbating. if you couldn't see his other hand, maybe he was beating his meat. what do you think
[8:35 pm] CWC: His older brother, who was Normal-Minded told me.
[8:35 pm] CWC: ON A SCHOOL BUSH?!!!!
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes, it happens.
[8:35 pm] CWC: You have got to be kidding me.
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: a lot
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: especially with retards.
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: they just cant keep their own hands off themselves sometimes
[8:36 pm] CWC: He was not masturbating; his older brother was there, and that retard did not have his zipper down.
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: OH!!!!
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i forgot to tell you.
[8:37 pm] CWC: yeah?
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: God answered my prayer last night while i was sleeping!!
[8:37 pm] CWC: really?
[8:37 pm] CWC: what happened?
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i couldnt really see anything, since it was dark and my eyes were closed.
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but god came onto me and revealed to me that he never spoke to you regarding the tugboat.
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he said he didnt know who you had been talking to.
[8:38 pm] CWC: interesting.
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah. good thing i double-checked with God
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so speaking of that, have you thought any more about the tugboat question?
[8:40 pm] CWC: yes I have thought more about it, and the only answer I can give you for why I would need the tugboat is to pay my father what I owe him, do what I need to do or want to do, until when I can finally get a job, which I am still working on.
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well...
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what you "want" to do isnt a justification
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so keep that in mind as you keep thinking on it.
[8:41 pm] CWC: noted.
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats why its good that you're applying at so many places.
[8:41 pm] CWC: yes
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how many have you applied to this week?
[8:42 pm] CWC: so far, just Best Buy and reapply at Wal-Mart.
[8:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i see.
[8:43 pm] CWC: I've been seriously busy with the computer problems the past week; it was hard for me to think about the job hunt at the times.
[8:43 pm] CWC: especially when I could not get to the websites.
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats not an excuse really. you could go apply at places in person
[8:44 pm] CWC: And I've tried on the browser on my console; wouldn't load, needed a new flash app or something.
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: it probably would have made you feel better to step away from the computer for a while and go do something else productive.
[8:44 pm] CWC: yes, but that would have used gas, and with the price of gas these days, write your own punchline.
[8:44 pm] CWC: yes.
[8:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont you drive to go to get fast food and the mall anyway
[8:45 pm] CWC: yes, but not everyday.
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you couldnt have one or two days of driving to a bunch of places to apply?
[8:45 pm] CWC: I will consider that this week, now that I have this computer running again.
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: your computer shouldnt have anything to do with it
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you know, there are always going to be some kind of problem or imperfection. just because your computer conks out, or something else stressful happens, doesnt mean you can just drop all other responsibilities.
[8:46 pm] CWC: Well, I've been also concerned with getting back onto the AIM to talk with you and reformatting and uploading the videos I've recorded over the past weekend.
[8:46 pm] CWC: I understand, but my mind can only think about so much at one time.
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ...
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, whatever
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hey, i had a question
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what is this "dirty crapped briefs" thing i've read about on the cwcki?
[8:49 pm] CWC: oh. in the past, I have literally crapped my underpants; for years now, that has happened a lot less.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how often does it happen now?
[8:49 pm] CWC: Mostly, it happens from stress.
[8:50 pm] CWC: not often.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, how often
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: when was the most recent time?
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i wont judge you, i'd just like to know.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont feel embarrassed
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i had a cousin who had a similar problem.
[8:51 pm] CWC: it depends on a) knowing it's going to happen beforehand with the common signs. b) if I can make it to the bathroom in time. c) it may happen without me knowing it; painless. d) a mistaken fart that turned out to be a crap.
[8:52 pm] CWC: actually, for the most recent time, and when you brought it up, it is like our minds are synced...
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh?
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what do you mean, when was it?
[8:53 pm] CWC: you brought it up a few minutes ago in the question...
[8:53 pm] CWC: I'm sitting in a dirty pair right now.
[8:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you just did it this conversation?
[8:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i must be psychic or something.
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what triggered it?
[8:54 pm] CWC: like 5 minutes ago, I think; it happened painlessly, and I did not notice it until I resituated myself in my seat.
[8:54 pm] CWC: probably stress from an earlier topic.
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how often, when you change your underwear, are they dirty as such?
[8:56 pm] CWC: let's just say you and I have some sort of psychic link; as you recall, there have been a few moments before when it has happened between us.
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: aw, thats romantic.
[8:57 pm] CWC: dirty, yes, but sometimes it may actually be just having the poo in my butt, and it hadn't touched my underpants; at those times, they're stainless.
[8:57 pm] CWC: romantic, yes, but at the moment right now... I feel the need to put it to question. LOL
[8:57 pm] CWC: If I may, I'll let you go for now, so I can take care of myself.
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: 8-)
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: okay, i can talk to you later. go clean yourself up
[8:58 pm] CWC: I'll TTY Thursday night.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thursday sounds good!
[8:58 pm] CWC: I appreciate your understanding.
[8:58 pm] CWC: I Love You.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its ok.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: luv you too
[8:58 pm] CWC: :-* h
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-D
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: goodnight!
[8:58 pm] CWC: bye for now.

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