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On 10 August 2010, Alec Benson Leary, posing as The GAMe PLACe employee Matthew Nobles, called Bob Chandler and discussed Chris's encounter with Michael Snyder in June 2010.

The phone call is enlightening, as it reveals a number of things concerning Bob and his views of Chris and those he talks to. These include that he never knew of the trespassing incident in June and that, for some unknown reason, he believes Chris's trolling incidents are a conspiracy based in the GAMe PLACe, with the help of Megan Schroeder and some kids he "thinks were gay" (probably Eric and Tito[1]). He also reveals that Chris has been having some credit card troubles and is blaming the vast Greene County conspiracy to cover his own ass.

The call put Bob in a less sympathetic light in the eyes of most observers, as he was revealed to be just as delusional as his son.


Matthew Nobles call
Stardate 10 August 2010
Featuring Alec, Bob, Barb
Saga Game_Place_sagaGame_Place_saga The GAMe PLACe


Bob: Hello?
Matthew: Uh, hello, is this Robert Chandler?
Bob: Yes?
Matthew: Hello?
Bob: Who is this?
Matthew: Oh, hi, hi, Mr. Chandler. Hi, my name is, uh, Matthew Nobles, I think you just tried to call me back, I left you a message?
Bob: Yes, what-what's your problem?
Matthew: Well um, actually--um, I wanted to talk to you about something. Um, I'm an employee at the GAMe PLACe. Uh, I apologize for calling you so long after the incident occurred but, uh, given your son's continued harassment of our store I felt we needed to speak to you-
Bob: The uh--the gaming place, now? Uhh...
Matthew: The GAMe PLACe.
Bob: This place down town? By the Omni?
Matthew: Correct. Correct.
Bob: what's--what's-
Matthew: Well-
Bob: What's the problem?
Matthew: Well, um, I'm sure you're aware of uh, the little incident your son, ah, Christian had when he came to our store, um, early in June. Um-
Bob: I didn't know he had been to your store early in June.
Matthew: When he attempted to ge-
Bob: I knew he-
Matthew: Oh, you were unaware of-
Bob: He- I knew he, uh, had some, a lot of problems with you people several years ago. [Matthew attempts to answer, Bob continues over him]
Matthew [interrupted]: Well, uh, what happened was, uh...
Bob [continuing]: When you basically kicked him out and everything else for no reason of his own.
Barb: [in the background]: And his mother.
Bob: And his mother. And everybody else. I don’t really like your place, now what’s it gon--I didn't know he'd been there in June, hmm, ow tell me about this.
Matthew: Well, basically what happened was he came in, he wanted to talk to our manager, Mike, about getting himself unbanned. Um, Mike refused to speak with him about the matter.
Bob: Well, I think that's the Mike that threw him out. Mike's been persecuting him for years and I don't like Mike. I'd like to speak to the owner of the place I think lives up here, up the road from me. In Madison or somewhere. This whole thing is a setup from the very beginning with my son. Now I don- didn't like it then and I still don't like it. Now what happened in June?
Barb: [interrupts] Bob?
Matthew: [interrupted several times] Well, sir, the point is that- Sir, I... sir. Well after he left, uh, when he couldn't get himself unbanned, he came back several days later and was taking pictures of people in the store-
Bob: Well, that's not illegal!
Matthew: Um, one of the patrons... He... Some people felt that he was threatening them, to be honest. One woman said that he was taking pictures of her son. I don't know if that's true or not, but uh, Mike was there and he became angry and called the police because your son was trespassing
Bob: Well he hadn't told them he- didn't come in there, it's a business place. Now, Mike, and Megan are the ones that conspired together with a couple of other people- kids there that I think were gay, to persecute and torment Christian for years. OK, I don't like Mike. I would like to talk to the owner of the store. I could really tell him about the people he employs there. OK, I could tell him a lot.
Barb: [in the background] Megan lied.
Matthew: Sir... Well, regardless of that sir, I don't know about any of that all I know is that your son was banned from the store and he trespassed
Bob: [Talking over Matthew] Well regardless of that, that all figures within to this stuff. That all figures into this stuff. It certainly shouldn't and what should- It certainly should-
Matthew: Well that certainly- But I just called to- Sir I called to inform you- I called to inform you that even though the police came and made your son sign a trespassing notice that he continued to harass our store online. That's what I called to inform you of.
Bob: Well he probably- People are harassing him from all over the world! Let me tell you something fella, you know what some damn crazy fools that I think started at your store with Megan, and Mike, and two or three more. You know what they just did a week ago? They just broke into his checking account, got his checking account numbers and routing numbers they- they broke into his Best Buy Mastercard number, and they stole his ID, and- and all of his uh... Password information they went into that Best Buy checking account, trying to ruin his credit, and made a payoff on a check that had no funds in the checking account. Which got him a whole bunch uh- of of non-sufficient fund fees. Now this all transpired a week ago. Now I'm not going to listen to your petty stuff, OK? You have people including Mike, and I can tell you two more names, but I can't think of 'em right now but the third one is Megan. And I'm sure you've heard of Megan or know Megan, right there in the store.
Matthew: I've heard about Megan. Sir, I don't understand why you're not concerned about your son trespassing.
Bob: They're the people that are terrorizing Christian! They're the people that are terrorizing Christian! Ok?
Matthew: This really has nothing to do with the GAMe PLACe, sir. I just called to inform you about your son trespassing.
Bob: It has something to do with the GAMe PLACe because that's...the pla--well, you're from the GAMe PLACe, right?
Matthew: Sir, the GAMe PLACe didn't break into his bank accounts. I don't know why you're telling me about this.
Bob: Well, we think that people that come to your place do, including one of your employees named Mike.
Matthew: Well, we don't control all of our customers.
Bob: Including one of your employees named Mike. Now, if you would like to have me talk to your owner I would be glad to- and my wife would be glad to go to a meeting with him about your place and how it's corrupting the whole neighborhood!
Matthew: I kind of doubt that Mike himself is the guy that broke into your son's account. I kind of doubt that, sir. I just called to inform you that your son trespassed. Sir, your son was banned from the store and he came back and told me to-
Bob: No but he and Megan and that group- Fine! Send us a letter! Send us a letter! Send me a letter, sir! Ok? I don't know who you are. Do you work for the store?
Matthew: Well I know tha- I overheard that the police, when he was talking to the police I overheard him say that he was very adamant that he didn't want you to be told about this. He wanted his- said something about his counselor.
Bob: Well- Do you work for the store?
Matthew: Yes I do sir.
Bob: Do you work for the store? Can you answer the question?
Matthew: I just said that I do, sir.
Bob: I beg your pardon?
Matthew: W-What question sir? I missed your question, sir.
Bob: Do you work for the GAMe PLACe?
Matthew: I just answered that, sir.
Bob: No you didn't. Do you work for the GAMe PLACe?
Matthew: I said, "Yes I do, sir." I answered that three times in a row.
Bob: Ok, what is your position at the GAMe PLACe?
Matthew: I'm an employee of theirs, sir. I'm a supervisor.
Bob: You're a supervisor. Now what does that exactly mean? That mean you're a shift manager?
Matthew: ...Yes.
Bob: Yes, OK. Now, will you tell me the owner's name, or do I have to subpoena it?
Matthew: Sir... [stress sigh] ...look, I'm- honestly, I'm getting a little tired of this, sir. I'm just calling to inform your son trespassed and he's getting arrested.
Bob: Well, sir, I'm getting a little tired of your place. OK? I don't want to be harassed by your place.
Matthew: Fair enough. We don’t like your son harassing us.
Bob: You left me a pretty threatening message on the thing to start with. On my telephone.
Matthew: What? Sir, I left a message saying I had a sensitive matter to discuss with you. How is that threatening?
Bob: Yeah, but it was your tone of voice and attitude.
Matthew: Sir, I didn't have an attitude. I was perfectly polite.
Bob: Oh, no. No, no you weren't.
Barb: Get his name.
Matthew: I don't know how to disagree with that, sir.
Bob: How do you spell your last name? How do you spell your last name?
Matthew: Nobles. N-O- Sir. This isn't threatening. I feel that it was irresponsible of us not to inform Christian's parents. That’s why I called. To inform you about his trespassing.
Bob: Well... Just wait a minute now.
Matthew: He wanted us to talk to his counselor instead.
Bob: 'Cause when was he told- N-O-B-E-L or N-O-B-L-E?
Matthew: I wasn't there the initial time years ago when he was banned, sir. All I know is he was there when um-
Bob: Is it N-O-B-E-L or N-O-B-L-E?
Matthew: Sir...
Bob: Sir! How do you spell your last name?
Matthew: I'm- I really don't feel like answering these questions, sir. You're giving me the third degree for no-
Bob: You can- you can answer a simple question. Well you- You told me your name, now how do you spell it?
Matthew: You've been yelling at me this entire time, sir. I don't feel like, frankly giving you my name-
Bob: Just spell your name and I won't yell at you!
Barb: You were not yelling! [Inaudible]
Matthew: That’s a rather... silly... requirement, sir.
Barb: He's not yelling at you!
Matthew: I'm just trying to talk-
Barb: Spell your last name!
Matthew: He has been yel-
Barb: Spell your last name! Hey! Who're you?
Matthew: [sigh] I've already given my name. I'm-
Barb: You have not! What is your first name?
Bob: Noble is his last name. I don't know how you spell it.
Barb: Ma- Matthew Noble. N-O-B-E-L. What's your phone number? [REDACTED] That's a weird number. OK now, what is it you want? 'Cause it sounds like eh- You're- You're lookin' to try to uh- uhm- uh- Harass us and get something out of us. And we don't want nothing to do with you. [Bob says "like that again" and "GAMe PLACe" loudly in background, possibly yelling at Chris] 'Cause you- Just because you- I don't know wha- if you work at the GAMe PLACe or not. I can't see you, I'm not down there. And yo-
["Matthew" abruptly hangs up, unable to handle Borb's abuse any longer[2]]


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