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Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 3 is the third call between Chris and Alec Benson Leary, which took place on 30 January 2010.


In this conversation, Alec and Chris touch on several topics. They cover one of Chris's earlier attempts to apologize on video, the disposition of Chris's ripped-off character Simonla Rosechu, Chris's attacks on Alec in the Mailbag and elsewhere, and the slack-tastic schedule Chris favors when it comes to updating his comic.

At this point in their dispute, Chris seems to believe he still has cards to play as far as negotiating with Alec, Evan, and the rest of the Asperpedia crew for the removal of the ads they placed on the CWCipedia. He is adamant in his refusal to do away with Simonla despite Evan's demands, and he believes that by updating her page on the CWCipedia he will be able to wipe the truth about her origins from history.

When Alec turns to discussing Chris's attacks on him, Chris quickly shifts into his standard woe-is-me mode, whining about the trolls, the ED page and so forth. Alec observes that Chris has used the CWCipedia to attack him in the same way that Chris's detractors have used ED, a cogent point that flies several miles over Chris's head.

The call concludes after more whining from Chris about his biological clock. Chris claims to be expecting another caller and hangs up. Later speculation centered around The Wallflower as the mystery caller.


Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 3
Stardate 30 January 2010
Featuring Chris; Alec
Saga AsperchuAsperchu Asperchu
Audio Recordings
Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 2
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Alec: Hey uh Chris, it's Alec... How are you doin'?

Chris: Oh, hi, Alec. Umm, yeah, I'm doing okay. Umm.

Alec: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, listen, I'm expecting a call in a couple, in a couple of minutes, so...uh... Okay, well, what's, what else is on your mind?

Alec: Well, I saw you made an apology video.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: So, uh, thank you for that. Um... You know, I'm a little concerned that maybe you didn't cover all the points that, that we, that I talked to you about. I think, uh... Well, you know, you did apologize, but I'm not really sure the people are going to understand what you, you were apologizing for. 'Cause you mentioned just like... You said, "I apologize for some of the things I said." [pause] You know what I mean?

Chris: Indeed. Well, I'll make it more specific in the...

Alec: I'd appreciate that.

Chris: the videos that go along with this video. Okay. I'll take that, I'll take that, [unintelligible tard-speak], I'll take that tomorrow.

Alec: Well, I'd appreciate that. Um, I also do think that, like we were talking about Evan yesterday, I think it would be a good idea to mention him specifically in the apology video. Um, just about...

Chris: [interrupts] Okay, but, okay, but... Okay. But Simonla stays.

Alec: Well, um... You know, that's between you and Evan, but as far as I know, he's, he's not going to be happy with that.

Chris: Yeah, well I'm just say, yeah, well I'm just... You can relay that to him.

Alec: Alright, I can let him know, but, like I said, I think you should, you should really hammer that out with him. [pause] 'Cause you know, like I said, it is on the CWCki there that you did get Simonla as a, as a direct, you know, inspiration from Simonchu.

Chris: Right.

Alec: Yeah.

Chris: I'll fix that tomorrow as well.

Alec: Well, um, like I said, Chris, you can't really go back and change history. What's there is there. [long pause] You know what I mean? I understand you said that it was, that you were, you were making fun of Evan with that, but, I mean, you wrote it as if it was true...

Chris: [interrupts] I was, I never, I never... Actually, I never was making fun of anybody with that.

Alec: Well, I thought you said yesterday that, uh, you meant it as a mockery of Evan.

Chris: No, I did not.

Alec: You did not?

Chris: Yes. I did not.

Alec: Okay. So why, then, does the Simonla article say that it was inspired by Evan's work?

Chris: [long pause] Well that does need to be corrected, and I will correct it. Tomorrow.

Alec: Okay, I'm just... I'm asking, why was it there in the first place, though? [long pause] You know what I mean? 'Cause this has just caused a huge hubbub, and it's just, it kinda sucks.

Chris: [interrupts again] Yes, well, anyway, it will be, it will be corrected.

Alec: Okay, but that doesn't change the fact that you used Simonchu as inspiration. I'm just trying to warn you, Chris.

Chris: Alright.

Alec: You know, you've been... You know... I'd like kinda to talk about me a little bit. I think I've been talking to you about your issues quite enough, honestly. If you don't mind I'd like to bring up, ah... [pauses to shift gears] You know, I'm a little angry with you, Chris. For, for a number of reasons. Um, you've been calling me naïve quite a bit, you know, in our past couple of conversations, and as I understand, you, you consider that to be, you know, one of the worst insults that a person can call someone. Yet you use it on me [Chris tries to break in.] repeatedly.

Chris: It is my least fav-, it is my least favorite word of all time.

Alec: Well, why did you feel it was appropriate to use it, uh, on me? I don't consider myself...

Chris: [interrupts] Because you not, because you not, because you do not have as much experiences as I have had. You have not been deceived by trolls. You do not have an, a page that slanders against your good name turning ya into a mockery! You've never been, you've never had...

Alec: Really? It seems to me that the CWCipedia itself is turning into a page to slander me. What do you have to say about that?

Chris: I'm sorry, I did not understand that last statement.

Alec: It seems that the CWCipedia itself is turning into a website to mock and derail me. You know, I saw your Mailbag 50 that you uploaded, um, which was, you know, an ideal Mailbag in your eyes, you know? What you want questions to be about. And as far as I can tell, the entire purpose of that Mailbag was just to talk about how much I suck and how much better you are than me. Is that really what you want your Mailbags to be?

Chris: Part of the way. Part of the way, but those questions are actually real. And they have come from a Sonichu fan forum, of those that are still loyal to me. And they actually think that way.

Alec: Alright, but it's not totally representative of all your letters when you only have letters talking about how bad my comic is.

Chris: Yes, but you see, see for one thing you don't go off the topic with issues like homo-, like homosettsuality, or mislabeling me as a homosettsual.

Alec: How can you go off-topic, really? Because people are just asking you general questions. There really wasn't a topic to begin with. People ask you questions about subjects maybe that are a little unpleasant to you, but that's just 'cause they wanna know things.

Chris: Yes, but on those points I cannot really answer those questions, now can I?

Alec: Well, I don't know. I mean, why can't you answer those kind of questions?

Chris: Because they are, because they were complicated to me and I could not really comprehend them fully to come up with a sound answer.

Alec: Um... [deep breath] Okay, well, could you give me an example of a question that's a little too complex? I'm just curious.

Chris: Hmm. Taking the one of the letters that I had deleted or moved to the reject section. Read that to, read that to...

Alec: [interrupts] I can't really look at the letters that you deleted. But I can look at the rejected ones, I suppose.

Chris: Actually you can, you just have to go up to the history tab for that Mailbag. For one Mailbag out of all those Mailbags.

Alec: That's a little inconvenient, ya know?

Chris: It becomes obvious. You know, anytime before I answered and edited it.

Alec: Like, uh... Well, I can just come up with a general topic, I guess, as an example. People have been asking you, uh... I don't know... About Rosechu for example. That whole gender nonsense about, you know, about the Raichu being a male and things like that. And I know you said that...

Chris: The Raichu was actually female!

Alec: Well, I take your word for it. I don't wanna get into that, because we did, you know, draw that out last time. So.

Chris: Okay.

Alec: You know, I think that you seem to get stressed out when people tell how much they like my comic. Now, if I were in your shoes, I would take that as a compliment, because my comic was inspired by your work. But you seem to think it's a bad thing that people like me at all. You seem to want people to hate me.

Chris: Well, yeah, that's another, that's another thing. They confuse, they confuse your character, Asperchu, they're saying that it's my character when I have to tell them that it's not. That character is your character.

Alec: Well, I don't want to people to think that. I understand that, definitely. I've been telling people, you know, Asperchu is original and he's not related to you or Sonichu in any way. So, we can't reach everybody but we're definitely trying.

Chris: Alright.

Alec: The people keep... People still to this day write me and think Asperchu is a parody of you and that's just not the case. So I do understand your annoyance with that subject. 'Cause I do kinda...

Chris: [interrupts] Yeah. Okay, well, listen, okay, anyway, listen, I gotta go, I'm accepting a call. So I'll talk to you another time.

Alec: Alright. Uh, I do have one quick question. You know, when I talk to you, you usually want me to call you right about 9:30, is that right? But usually I try to call you then and you don't answer. Is that still a good time to talk to you?

Chris: Yes, unless I'm updating the CWCipedia. Which in that case I cannot get to my phone. Last night. And last night actually, I actually was updating the CWCipedia.

Alec: Uh... [sigh] Alright. Well, I've tried to call you several nights before then as well and got no answer. I know you weren't uploading... [Chris attempts to interrupt] I know you weren't uploading pages.

Chris: Yeah. Okay, well, anyway, I actually was uploading pages last night.

Alec: Well, last night, not the previous several nights.

Chris: Yes, but it was still two pages a day, three days, there you guy.

Alec: I still gotta recommend that you try for consistency over just bulk quantity, Chris.

Chris: Yeah, well, my biological, yeah, so my biological clock has been changing, it's making me go to bed earlier.

Alec: Why is it?

Chris: I had to reschedule...

Alec: Why is it changing? Do you have, is there some big change in your schedule? Have you started a job or anything? Because sometimes that does it.

Chris: [suddenly high-pitched and whiny] I have been, I have been crashing earlier. I usually would stay up 'til, I used to stay up 'til about four o'clock, now it's like I'm crashing before midnight.

Alec: Well, that's still pretty late. I mean, I usually go to bed at, like, eleven, and I still get pages uploaded.

Chris: Anyway, I gotta go, I'll talk to you another time.

[Tape runs out.]

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