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Vanessa AIM Chat 8 is the eighth (incomplete) chat between Chris and Joshua Martinez, an old acquaintance pretending to be Vanessa Hudgens. It took place on 27 April 2009.


Chris and Vanessa talk about their failed meeting. Chris thinks he saw Vanessa but didn't approach, just shouted her name from afar. He had to sneak out so that Snorlax didn't know where he was going; apparently she doesn't like Josh, and she wouldn't let him take the car. Chris tries to persuade Vanessa to report Clyde Cash to the police.


Joshua (11:08:11 PM): so what you think about me today?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:08:12 PM): talkin' to u and Emily.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:08:18 PM): you were cute.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:08:25 PM): I noticed your pink/white backpack.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:08:41 PM): I was dumb for not getting up and approaching you; I thought shouting "Vanessa" would be enough to strike up attention.
Joshua (11:09:08 PM): oh well you should of got up but i didnt hear you
ChrisChanSonichu (11:09:50 PM): yeah. but it's okay; at least I saw you both. :) That's enough for right now.
Joshua (11:10:00 PM): yeah
Joshua (11:10:07 PM): you think i look very sexy?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:10:11 PM): at least I'll probably be more able to recognize you in public.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:10:12 PM): yes.

[text missing]

ChrisChanSonichu (12:11:08 AM): actually, I can't, because of my mother's recent emotions, she doesn't want me to take the car today.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:11:28 AM): I have to respect her wishes.
Joshua (12:11:43 AM): ok
ChrisChanSonichu (12:11:52 AM): at least I was still able to sneak away with a good excuse for an aliby to see you and Emily.

[text missing]

ChrisChanSonichu (12:16:45 AM): yes, and she's speaking against hanging out with him.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:16:53 AM): I told you before why she hated him
ChrisChanSonichu (12:17:05 AM): she sees him as a con-artist type.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:32:40 AM): Also, check with Emily's Bodyguard about Clyde Cash; spread the word about keeping watch for him, and to turn him into the police, please.

[Chat ends]

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