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Vanessa AIM Chat 7 is the seventh chat between Chris and Joshua Martinez, an old acquaintance pretending to be Vanessa Hudgens. It took place on 22 April 2009.


Most of this chat consists of Vanessa asking Chris what he would do for Ivy. The interesting part is that he would willingly insert various objects into his ass for her, including letting her fuck him with a strap-on.

This chat does a particularly good job of illustrating Joshua Martinez's depressingly limited imagination. Given the opportunity to ask almost anything of Chris or manipulate him in any number of directions, the best he can come up with is half a dozen variations on "would you stick something up your ass?"


Joshua (12:20:48 AM): so i heard that you and Joshua and his friends was at the mall talking with you 1 day
Joshua (12:20:53 AM): with a girl
Joshua (12:20:55 AM): ?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:21:13 AM): Yeah, Taylor's gal-pal, Kim I think was her name.
Joshua (12:21:18 AM): so what you think about the girl was with Joshua??
Joshua (12:21:34 AM): ???
Joshua (12:21:53 AM): i heard that you think she very sexy what i heard?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:22:09 AM): she was cute and sexy, but I still remain devoted to my Sweetest Ivy.
Joshua (12:23:51 AM): so if Ivy ask you too clean ur house all up would you?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:24:02 AM): yes
ChrisChanSonichu (12:24:16 AM): but I would require finding places for all that junk.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:24:35 AM): my family were pack rats.
Joshua (12:25:01 AM): let me ask you something! if ivy ask too have sex with you, and said put something up in ur butt would you?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:25:15 AM): in a heartbeat
Joshua (12:26:09 AM): would you sub it up so far and go like oh baby i like it?
Joshua (12:26:15 AM): would you ride it?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:26:27 AM): yes
Joshua (12:27:13 AM): would you stick big 1's ?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:27:56 AM): big what?
Joshua (12:27:59 AM): would you let her stick in you and go out and in?
Joshua (12:28:03 AM): big things
ChrisChanSonichu (12:28:12 AM): specifically?
Joshua (12:28:13 AM): like a fake dick
Joshua (12:28:18 AM): yeah
ChrisChanSonichu (12:28:27 AM): oh, yeah if she wanted to do that.
Joshua (12:28:29 AM): you can tell me
Joshua (12:28:39 AM): i mean too you
ChrisChanSonichu (12:28:49 AM): I would take that in for her.
Joshua (12:29:36 AM): if she strapa fake dick on her and told you too bend over and would you let her fuck you hard?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:29:42 AM): yes
Joshua (12:31:07 AM): so you'll injoy it?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:31:21 AM): I guess.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:31:48 AM): I should go; I have to pull this all-nighter to finish my music video for Ivy. I need a cup of coffee too.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:31:51 AM): I'll TTYL.

[Chat ends]

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