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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
But now, definitely in ten years, in fifty years, in a hundred years, in a thousand years, in a million years, into Infinity, she’d still be alive, kickin’, all Goddess Overpowered, defending Cwcville, helping everyone else, protecting the Earth, and having visited as many other alt-dimensions of interest and as needed of her presence and help in putting them back in balance.
Chris, alarmingly fervent in his belief that he's immortal.

Discord Q&A 5 was answered late at night on 8 and 9 September 2020. The questions were delivered by Lainchu in DMs, whose messages are color-coded green, and answered by Chris-as-Sonichu, whose messages are yellow. Although the questions and answers were both primarily numbered and delivered in bulk, they are split up to improve readability, with the numbering removed.

If Sonichu could be in any Sonic game

Ask me the questions here in DMs, please.
One moment
Most of the questions are directed at Christine
"Dear Christine: If you could have had Sonichu appear in any Sonic game, what game would you choose?"
Answer at your own leisure. I've got plenty of these question submissions and have picked the best ones out for you.
That one I definitely answer with no problem: in her favourite classic Sonic game of all time: Sonic CD.
And seriously, I would love it if someone did a fan animation version of the opening and ending animations with me and Rosey (in the ending part) in them, complete with the Sonic Boom tracks. Full versions of the videos; not the short versions that came in the original SEGA CD disc. And made into DLC for all platforms, including PC.
And that DLC should be online for all platforms for Sonic Generations, Forces, and Mania as well; quick to install and ready to go.
Mama tried to install the Mod she downloaded of me for Generations, but it was too difficult for her to figure out at the time, the hard way.

Perceptor Sonichu's Role

Perceptor Sonichu
Here is a batch of ten questions! Feel free to answer them when you are ready, with the amount of depth you feel is necessary.

Who is Perceptor Sonichu and what is their role? And are they a part of the Chaotic Combo?

Perceptor is one of the intelligence of our local group; she is the most intelligent, almost in equal with Magi-Chan, but she’s not psychic. She is a Shiny Sonichu, and one of the Specials with the most direct link to the Chaos Energy from the Rainbow of 2003. We call on her for more intelligence, analysis and insight.

The Chatoic Combo, as Mama had dubbed our group, mainly has been centralized around myself, Rosey, Blake, Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy and Magi-Chan. All other Special Sonichus and Rosechus, including Mama, Christine Chan, and Crystal Chan, are not initially part of the group, but we keep everyone in contact range for their skills and help. Of course, between Mama, Christine Chan and Crystal Chan, they’re more involved as secondary leaders. Magi-Chan had originally started the group, as fated, and our C.Chans help in organization and so on.

If anything could be changed about the Sonichu series

If there was one thing you'd like to change most about the Sonichu series, what would it be and why?
Speaking for Mama from her memories and experience: essentially to change even one thing in the books she has drawn and written over the past years, (not counting additional details that were originally left out, like Doctor Ren Skysoar working with Giovanni and Eggman in book 1 for example) is to literally change and alter History in C-197, which in turn would literally alter and change our present in both C-197 and 1218 in this timeline.

But, if she did have the choice to choose without Any negative repercussions or consequences upon our present and future: she would want to remove Every Anti-LGBTQ depiction and statement she had ever written and portrayed.

[Lainchu reacts to the message with a rainbow flag emoji]

Variations of Sonic in C-197

How do all the variations of Sonic the Hedgehog co-exist in C-197? Do they all get along with each other over there?
In C-197, there exists our one-and-only OG Sonic the Hedgehog, and he has the combination of powers and abilities of all of the other alt-dimension and timeline Sonics. He’s mainly the present-day video game Modern one in physical appearance, and he’s not going to have blue arms ever. So, yeah, he has access to the abilities of the “Archie Comics” Sonic, “IDW” Sonic, and just about every other Sonic ever chronicled in this Dimension. But in how they get along together, your answer to that can be read amongst the Archie comics.

Most interesting thing about Chris

Dear Christine, many consider you an interesting person. As such, what do you feel is the most interesting thing about you that you love and would never change?
Interesting thing about Mama? In my humble opinion, what is Not Interesting about her?

But, seriously, speaking on her behalf, she would never change her eyes and their Heterocromia colours of blue to the left and green to the right, and all of the other OG special traits and abilities they have.

Where Chris sees himself in 10 years

Dear Christine, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Funny, she used to be unable to see herself in a far ahead time of the future; ask her that question, she’d draw a blank. But now, definitely in ten years, in fifty years, in a hundred years, in a thousand years, in a million years, into Infinity, she’d still be alive, kickin’, all Goddess Overpowered, defending Cwcville, helping everyone else, protecting the Earth, and having visited as many other alt-dimensions of interest and as needed of her presence and help in putting them back in balance.

Charlottesville as a place to live

Would you say the Charlottesville are [sic] is good to live in?
Charlottesville, Virginia, in general is mostly a safe and good place to reside in, commute, and be in, with all of its lustrous and expansive history and kind peoples in it. It still has its flaws, of course, but don’t let that deter you.

Quarantine Activities

What have you been doing during quarantine? (your favorite shows to watch, video games to play, etc.)
I, Sonichu, can definitely answer that question, personally, since the Quarantine time pretty much really started After Mama and I swapped bodies on March 31.

With Rosey by my side most of the time, keeping me and this body safe, and working with everyone else here at this temple and so on, I’ve been pretty much living life, psychically, cosmically and interdimensionally monitoring the events of not only the Merge in continued progress with confirmations from the news, tweets, current vids, visions and meditation, and so on. Other than that, we’ve also been playing Pokemon GO, binging and watching whatever from the iPad, getting out and about as much as possible and moving about with these legs and all. I continue to personally feel, experience, and witness the genuine progress of everything that all lead to me finally getting. back to Cwcville in and with this body for the better future of this Omega timeline of ours.

Operation of CWCville's Government

How does the government of Cwcville operate exactly? The procedures are only ever really hinted at in the comics so a detailed explanation would be appreciated.
Politics!!! You mention Politics to Mama in the past, it’d go over her head, although she has had subconscious knowledge and know-how of it all from Christine Chan, and so on with her deity responsibilities. But in Cwcville, it is literally the same as Any other city and area throughout the United States in both of our two dimensions. That’s the one constant between both Dimensions, regardless of which side of the freaking Iron Curtain you are in: the Politics remain the same. There are differences between the self-counterparts of some of the elected officials and whatnot, like Trump’s self-counterpart, and considerable mental opposite, is literally Herbert Garrison from South Park, Colorado. Yet he touts himself as Trump, to keep up the chronicled appearances, like in the show. Regardless, Lisa Simpson is Set to be the next president of the USA in our merged dimensions (or in both dimensions, period, however you wish to phrase it, since we’ll all be in the same dimension without the freaking Iron Curtain dividing us).

How OCs come into existence

How exactly does an OC come into existence? Are there limits to OCs powers?
Original Characters and Fictional Characters come into existence by typical normal means of birth, or elaborate as chronicled. We are generally pre-existent for everyone to discover and chronicle about in your Dimension, as you all are for us to chronicle in ours. The mutual thing is that depending on the author in either dimension, should we choose to add or alter a detail along the way in chronicling, it literally translates and transitions into that individual who is being chronicled by the direct and Original Creator, as, in part, we can be considered to be Your Original Creators as well. Use common sense and mull it over for yourselves; it is very much Metaphysical and simply Meta.

Video Game sequel wish

If you could have a sequel to any video game what would it be?
Knuckles’ Chaotix; a re-release on modern consoles and PC, and a Sequel to the original 32X Game.

Another game Mama would love to see a re-release, and maybe a sequel: Sonic Shuffle. A sequel to Lollipop Chainsaw (for some odd reason) also came to mind.


Thank you so so much!!! These are all great answers, and your followers will be most happy to hear them!
Cool. That was a brain bender.
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