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On 17 December 2008, Chris briefly chatted with some of his "fans".

As can be seen by the timestamps, Chris tends to take his sweet time typing out answers. This is the chat where Chris reveals that he doesn't really like other autistic people, referring to them as "a window to hell". He also handwaves a few of the more glaring inconsistencies in the Sonichu canon, and takes a few moments to hate on tobacco.


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[06:00:16] BlueSpike: Hi Chris.
[06:00:19] » You made this room moderated for normal users.
[06:00:22] BlueSpike: I CALLED THAT, RIGHT?
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[06:00:44] BlueSpike: I was correct. :D
[06:00:46] cogsdev: Hi Chris!
[06:00:48] ChrisChanSonichu: Hey.
[06:01:04] cogsdev: Well Chris, we made a list of questions for you
[06:01:04] clydeC: We have a list of questions prepared for you from your fans.
[06:01:08] ChrisChanSonichu: Okay, so what's the Qs for me to A?
[06:01:12] cogsdev: OK
[06:01:25] ChrisChanSonichu: hmm...
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[06:03:18] ChrisChanSonichu: I'd say that time at Target when the Jerkops wedgied me, then dogpiled on top of me and vigoursly rubbed my head on the rough carpet, causing me to shed tears of blood.
[06:03:31] cogsdev: Wow
[06:03:57] ChrisChanSonichu: Top Three, in no particular order...
[06:04:22] cogsdev: Who do you think is the hottest guy ever? (no homo)
[06:04:34] ChrisChanSonichu: I have none.
[06:04:39] cogsdev: ok
[06:05:54] ChrisChanSonichu: the PS3 is a system that provides a variety of ways to play games, videos, tunes and display photos, surf the web and shop, and the XMB is the best, most simple menu style I've seen.
[06:06:06] cogsdev: If the high school ring is the source for your transformation power, why did Wes and Sarah transform through medallions as well?
[06:06:07] ChrisChanSonichu: I LOVE THE Wii; who told you otherwise?
[06:06:19] cogsdev: well, you didn't seem as enthusiastic about it as the ps3
[06:06:36] ChrisChanSonichu: I hate the HEXBox in general.
[06:06:43] clydeC: Why do you hate the hexbox so much?
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[06:07:07] ChrisChanSonichu: I started with an Game Boy Original, after my Commodore 64.
[06:07:36] cogsdev: ok, thanks for answering, moving on to the next question
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[06:11:03] ChrisChanSonichu: Story-wise, after receiving my Medal in episode 7, the Powers were individually distrubed between the three of us, as portrayed with ancestry; the powers in my medal linked with my High School Ring at that moment.
[06:11:40] cogsdev: ah, makes sense now, thanks
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[06:12:28] ChrisChanSonichu: personal, but 200.
[06:12:38] cogsdev: ok thanks chris
[06:13:33] ChrisChanSonichu: I have given thought to that; I will do that, after my True Sweet has been fully confirmed with me to portray the female roles.
[06:13:47] cogsdev: awesome!
[06:13:49] ChrisChanSonichu: My Falsetto isn't that flattering.
[06:14:00] cogsdev: next Q: Can you show us in a video how to do the Curse-Ye-Ha-Me-Ha like you did on the Jerkops, Chris?
[06:14:02] ChrisChanSonichu: I sing like Sinatra, though.
[06:16:29] cogsdev: wow, thanks chris, now i know how to beat any jerks i encounter ;)
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[06:18:09] ChrisChanSonichu: sometimes, I draw out of porportion, and I'm still practicing on breast sizes; it would be a fault of mine on drawing big one time, then small or larger by accident the next.
[06:19:02] cogsdev: that's okay chris, we all make mistakes. here's the next Q: Apart from the fact that they are too busy shopping to notice you, why do you think that girls do not notice you?
[06:19:44] ChrisChanSonichu: IDK; I am not a mind-reader, but IMHO, they're mostly already paired-up.
[06:20:03] cogsdev: Have any trolls been hassling you again, like that man in the pickle suit?
[06:20:07] ChrisChanSonichu: what's the popular opinion; am I handsome or opposite?
[06:20:19] cogsdev: oh good
[06:20:46] ChrisChanSonichu: :) Thank you all.
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[06:21:32] ChrisChanSonichu: that's an interesting topic; I had not planned on that, but I will give it thought in the future and present.
[06:21:48] cogsdev: in a similar vein: Since you are much more sociable and direct than most autistics, have you considered volunteering to assist those lower on the autism spectrum?
[06:23:24] ChrisChanSonichu: yeeeeeah... generally, I do not feel comfortable associating with other autistic people, especially the non-high-funcional; it would be like looking through a window to hell to me.
[06:24:15] cogsdev: that's okay, i have something similar with the seriously mentally ill, being schizophrenic
[06:24:34] ChrisChanSonichu: not often.
[06:24:46] cogsdev: What do you think about other video game series such as 'Metal Gear Solid?'
[06:25:16] ChrisChanSonichu: I am open to all types of video games, at least to sample a demo.
[06:25:43] cogsdev: i recommend MGS4 for PS3, it's really cinematic!
[06:25:50] ChrisChanSonichu: I hear that.
[06:26:22] cogsdev: OK
[06:26:35] ChrisChanSonichu: real life situations, book-reading, television and all that.
[06:30:24] cogsdev: it's okay chris, we all have our preferences
[06:31:03] ChrisChanSonichu: that was ACTUALLY based on my REAL LIFE self back in my Freshman Year at Manchester High, from my memory.
[06:31:40] cogsdev: OK, last question on the list: What exactly is it that you dislike about alcohol that makes that and tobacco the worst crimes in CWCville?
[06:33:12] ChrisChanSonichu: HELLO! tobacco causes Cancer, and ultamtely, including second-hand, KILLS ONE WHO DOES IT. It has been PROVEN Scientifically, written in books and paper, and all over the internet.
[06:33:34] cogsdev: yeah, i really hate cigarettes
[06:33:47] ChrisChanSonichu: Alcohol kills ones liver and kidneys, and when drunk, starts fights and increases likliness of automobile accidents.
[06:34:02] vivitheg: Amazing, more fans continue to add questions, Chris. It is spectacular.
[06:34:09] cogsdev: thanks for answering all those, chris!
[06:34:14] ChrisChanSonichu: okay. :)
[06:34:22] vivitheg: There are more questions!
[06:34:31] cogsdev: i have to go for a minute, sorry
[06:34:36] ChrisChanSonichu: okay.
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[06:34:38] vivitheg: Should I take over?
[06:34:45] cogsdev[brb]: go ahead vivi
[06:34:48] vivitheg: Well, looks like I'm in charge. Time for a few more questions.
[06:34:53] ChrisChanSonichu: okay.
[06:35:52] vivitheg: Well, we now know that you are not racist.
[06:36:00] ChrisChanSonichu: good.
[06:36:01] vivitheg: But in an interview I once watched, you said that you hate gay people.
[06:36:15] ChrisChanSonichu: specifically, gay MEN.
[06:36:33] vivitheg: What do you have against gay men?
[06:38:42] ChrisChanSonichu: I feel grossed out with men in general, because most of them are gross, mean and vicious. and to even imagine of what that situation looks like, is like shoving broken glass into my eyes.
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[06:39:29] vivitheg: I mean Chris, logically speaking, you should learn to love gay men. After all, they're make it easier for you to find a boyfriend-free girl! :)
[06:41:34] ChrisChanSonichu: I just do not feel comfortable around men in general, and while I will aquaint with some, I stay my distance from them.
[06:42:16] vivitheg: Alright. One lady all the way from Japan wants to ask if you would go out with an Asian girl.
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[06:42:27] ChrisChanSonichu: yes I would.
[06:42:56] vivitheg: Interesting, you should describe all the types of races you would date.
[06:43:39] ChrisChanSonichu: yeah. to be specific though, all but black I would have no problem dating.
[06:44:45] vivitheg: Interesting, a cute Arab girl wants to know if you would date her, she would like her identity kept secret. She's a little embarassed.
[06:45:18] ChrisChanSonichu: no problemo
[06:45:30] cogsdev: another question just added to the list: If you had to draw a comic about something other than Sonichu, what would it be and why?
[06:46:22] ChrisChanSonichu: basically, I have already done that; me and my life, because it's me and my surroundings and my humble opinions of such.
[06:46:47] cogsdev: ah okay
[06:47:37] vivitheg: Chris, I would like to know what kind of diet you are on. I'm kind of curious myself because I've been wanting to lose weight for a while now.
[06:48:20] ChrisChanSonichu: eat less; play physical games, like Guitar Hero, Wii Fit or DDR; as long as it gets you off your chair and stand up.
[06:48:32] cogsdev: i was wondering what your favourite accents are? i have a yorkshire accent myself
[06:48:51] ChrisChanSonichu: none in particular.
[06:48:58] cogsdev: okay
[06:49:09] ChrisChanSonichu: I am open to all accents.
[06:49:54] vivitheg: What have you spent your $400 giftcard on?
[06:49:55] ChrisChanSonichu: and I like all types of music.
[06:50:02] cogsdev: that's a really good way of putting it, chris :)
[06:50:03] ChrisChanSonichu: I have not got it yet.
[06:50:33] cogsdev: "Would you consider acting as a speaker to schools and the community to teach others about autism?"
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[06:50:46] ChrisChanSonichu: and I have a few things in mind; I'm sharing it with my congregation.
[06:51:09] cogsdev: looking forward to seeing more messages from you in the future, chris :D
[06:51:19] ChrisChanSonichu: yeeeah, copy and paste my previous response on confronting individual autistics.
[06:51:30] vivitheg: But will you teach normal people about autism?
[06:51:47] ChrisChanSonichu: possibly, but it's unconfirmed at this time.
[06:52:44] cogsdev: Mofo_P asks: Where did the Cherokian Crown come from? It just appeared in Wes-Li Sonichu's hand in Episode 7 Page 22
[06:53:45] ChrisChanSonichu: my ancestry basically, but it's only a headpiece I've fabricated to signify my Cherokee heritage.
[06:53:59] vivitheg: A lot of people have found a girlfriend that they will soon make into a wife at your age. What do you think is keeping you down?
[06:54:38] ChrisChanSonichu: shyness, lack of self-confidence, the infitely-high boyfriend factor, autism, etc.
[06:54:58] vivitheg: When do you think Nintendo or Sega will make your Sonichu game? How long do we have to wait?
[06:55:07] ChrisChanSonichu: I do not know.
[06:55:13] cogsdev: Would you consider making Sonichu medallions for fans as a special request?
[06:55:37] ChrisChanSonichu: I don't know yet.
[06:56:40] vivitheg: What is your favorite food?
[06:56:45] ChrisChanSonichu: mac & cheese
[06:56:56] cogsdev: "Was the 'Song of Christian' video a project for school, or was the poem the project for school?"
[06:57:01] ChrisChanSonichu: and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
[06:57:17] cogsdev: i haven't seen this 'Song of Christian' actually
[06:57:37] vivitheg: What is it?
[06:58:04] ChrisChanSonichu: pirated from me, then published onto YouTube; I discourage y'all watching that which was stolen from me, that was on the DVD.
[06:58:17] cogsdev: ok chris, i'll stay away from it then
[06:58:43] ChrisChanSonichu: maybe.
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[06:59:02] ChrisChanSonichu: Peace.
[06:59:04] cogsdev: oh, ok chris
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