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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

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From August 2020 onward, Chris (or Sonichu) has participated in multiple Q&A events on Discord, the first one being on the CWCki Official Discord server, and following ones being answered on the Watchmen's server or in calls/texts with Watchmen. The Watchmen then send the answers back to CWCki editors, in an effort to streamline the release of new information.

Questions are drawn from an amalgam of submissions from fans in the Discord servers Official CWCki Server, cwc frens (defunct in September 2020), and CWC Questions; a Kiwi Farms thread; and the Watchmen themselves. Currently, only CWC Questions is sourced for questions. Contrasting with the ill-fated cwc frens server, CWC Questions has no direct interaction between Chris and those asking questions, resulting in a significant drop in attempted weening.


Compared to the last time Chris took to regularly answering questions posted by the True and Loyal fanbase, the Discord Q&As are a lot less erratic and less insulting to Chris. This is due to the segments being monitored by the Watchmen and a general shift among observers towards documenting Chris rather than actively trying to troll him in recent years.[1]

Many questions are focused on obtaining trivia regarding Chris's interests and the lore of the Sonichu series.

Interestingly, Chris took a brief break from roleplaying as Sonichu for the third Q&A. This time, he took on the identity of Chris from Dimension 1214, which according to Chris is nearly identical to our universe except that Michael Jackson released two more albums before dying.[2][3]

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