September 2008

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In September 2008, we meet Reginald.

September was another active month. Vivian tries to contact him, but Chris is busy with Bianca, and he's having a blast, right until Chris's first nudes were leaked, sent to a troll posing as Blanca. The nudes cause Chris to feel a lot of stress, but doesn't stop him from drawing more this month, and gets in contact with Shigeru Miyamoto over a new Sonichu game. Chris loses contact with someone close to him again, this time his half-brother Cole. The month ends with a video of Chris fapping being leaked, and Chris feeling a lot of love for Blanca.


  • September 1 - Chris wants Blanca to call him, and asks about her high school grades.
  • September 1 - Chris draws Rosechu as The Incredible Lioness.
  • September 2 - Chris uploads Rosechu nudes to ED.
  • September 4 - Chris writes a disclaimer in which he states that all Sonichus and Rosechus are 18 or over. He also updates his Sonichu site again.
  • September 4 - Chris emails Blanca to ask how she's doing.
  • September 4 - Bob turns 81.
  • September 5 - Blanca replies to Chris and says she's doing OK.
  • September 5 - The Official Sonichu Game Blog is revealed as a troll blog.
  • September 6 - Chris updates Blanca on his comic, the Sonichu game, his protest against ED, and his hair.
  • September 7 - Chris again asks Blanca what she thinks about porn.
  • September 8 - GameStop Guitar Hero Contest begins. Chris will be the first winner.
  • September 9 - Chris uploads Episode #17 of Sonichu #8 to CWC's Sonichu Site!.
  • September 9 - Chris explains to Blanca his rationale for the nudes in his new comic.
  • September 10 - Chris offers to sends nudes to Blanca. In a later email, he suspects that she is a troll based on her MySpace profile.
  • September 10 - Chris sends his first nudes to Lordsillynipples, another troll posing as Blanca.
  • September 10 - Vivian begins sending e-mails to Chris attempting to white knight him, and she continues for the next few days. Chris does not initially respond.
  • September 11 - Blanca tells Chris she doesn't have a MySpace profile.
  • September 11 - The first of Chris's nudes emerge on the internet. Chris's penis has Sonichu drawn on it.
  • September 11 - Chris mails his church about his nudes being leaked.
  • September 11 - Chris publishes a video stating that Blanca is a troll who got his nudes by tricking him.
  • September 11 - Chris updates CWC's Sonichu Site! again.
  • September 12 - Chris demands that Blanca get on Skype so that he can see her in person and regain trust in her.
  • September 13 - Chris and Blanca talk on Skype. He says, "I love you." He gives her his home address so that she can send her nudes.
  • September 13 - Chris removes the sex scenes from his latest comic.
  • September 13 - "Shigeru Miyamoto" sends Chris an email rejecting his idea of a Sonichu video game.
  • September 13 - Chris makes his first posts on The OFFICIAL Sonichu & Rosechu Blog.
  • September 13 - Chris claims the Sonichu game is temporarily on hold, and admits to having been conned by the Official Sonichu Game Blog. He says that Blanca is real.
  • September 14 - Chris tells Blanca he wants to talk to her again on Skype.
  • September 15 - Blanca tells Chris she hasn't been in touch because of a power outage.
  • September 15 - Chris draws a picture of Sarah Jackson and thanks her sister "for leading Sarah my way."
  • September 16 - Love triangle between Chris, Blanca, and Sarah Jackson. Chris chooses Blanca. He makes plans for her visit to Ruckersville.
  • September 16 - Chris is offered counseling by his church.
  • September 17 - Chris's e-mail, AOL, Facebook, MySpace, and Ebay are hacked. Trolls send his nudes to everyone on his contact list.
  • September 17 - Chris writes Blanca to say that he's shocked and that he has a new email address.
  • September 17 - YouTube Service gives Chris support for dealing with the hack.
  • September 17 - Chris updates CWC's Sonichu Site! again and says "it's been a rough day."
  • September 17 - Chris's half-brother, Cole Smithey, is fed up with Chris and breaks contact with him.
  • September 18 - Chris tries to reach Blanca on Skype.
  • September 18 - Chris creates his second YouTube account, CChan6789. He abandons his old Sonichu profile.
  • September 18 - Chris meets with Rochelle Shoemaker for the first time.
  • September 19 - Chris establishes his second DeviantART account, "SonichuSite," to replace the previous one which had been banned earlier this month.
  • September 20 - After having been raided by trolls, Chris declares he is safe.
  • September 20 - Chris reports on his blog that he is under a lot of stress but that he is working on Episode 18 of his comic.
  • September 20 - Chris tries to set up a Skype chat with Blanca.
  • September 21 - Web-cam pictures of Chris's duck and love-doll emerge.
  • September 23 - Chris dumps Blanca for Panda.
  • September 24 - Chris emails Blanca and says he hopes she hasn't hurt herself because of the break-up.
  • September 24 - A picture of Christian's mother emerges.
  • September 24 - Panda rickroll video is published by Christian. Chris says to hold no grudge towards Adam Stackhouse.
  • September 25 - Chris creates a LiveJournal account and calls out an impostor.[1]
  • September 25 - Chris reports on his blog that there is an impostor on LiveJournal, and that Panda is not a troll.
  • September 25 - Chris masturbates on webcam.
  • September 27 - Audio of Chris talking about sex with PandaHalo emerges.
  • September 27 - Chris responds to Vivian Gee's e-mails, insisting that PandaHalo is not a troll and she is his genuine sweetheart.
  • September 28 - Vivian sends several more white knight e-mails to Chris over the next week, trying to explain that nobody likes Sonichu. He doesn't send her another e-mail until next year.
  • September 29 - After dreaming that she is his destined sweetheart, Chris writes Blanca a letter that he sends to her with his medallions. He emails her this information.
  • September 29 - Chris reports on his blog that Panda has "broke up the romance in our relationship," but that a dream has revealed his true sweetheart.
  • September 30 - Chris sends Blanca an copy of a chat between himself and Sarah Jackson. He says he will send Blanca his extra PSP.


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