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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris. She was played by the same person behind Clyde Cash.[1] This is why they left at the same time.

Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
Now watch what I'll do with this as I will do to Vivian Gee if she does not sss--take down every last one of her videos and closes her YouTube account!
Chris, before breaking a sign in half and stabbing the pieces together
Vivian Gee is a Gal-Pal; Please Relocate the link(s) to her page as such.
Chris in the CWC Blog 14 March 2010

Vivian Gee
Name Vivian Gee
Also known as Vivi
Gender Female
Nationality French[2]
Other relatives Clyde Cash (cousin)
Saga Clyde Cash, CWCipedia

Vivian Gee is a troll best known for making the Sonichu Audiobooks, and being the cousin to Clyde Cash, a fact Chris held over her multiple times in his rage videos. Even though she started out as a troll, she later became somewhat of a friend to Chris, trying to guide him through life despite very clearly disliking him. She went as far as to write an entire book in an attempt to get Chris to see the error of his ways.

Chris also has mixed thoughts on Vivian, to wanting to stab her repeatedly with a wooden pole, to calling her a gal-pal. Vivian is an enigma in Christory, because trolls such as Alec Benson Leary would interact with Chris in similar ways to her, but get hated intensely by Chris, whereas Chris considers Vivian as a friend. It is unknown why Chris is more liking of her

Contact with Chris

If you think this was Vivian, THINK AGAIN!

Vivian tried to genuinely help Chris. However, despite all the warnings of imminent doom, Chris ignored her regularly, and proceeded to fail spectacularly. Vivian has apparently toned down the white knight antics, and has realized Chris is an idiot who cannot improve. Several e-mails have been recovered so far. Most are simply Vivian saying "JESUS, STOP BEING A FUCKTARD!!" and real advice. Chris wasn't interested until it involved his Internet gal-pals or Sonichu. She once talked to Chris for three hours to convince him to get help, with no success; in her words, talking some damn sense into Chris is "like fighting a wall".

Some time later, Vivian gave Chris a copy of a novel she had written. Chris, however, most likely did not read it, as he mentioned that the cover "was nice" and was worried he was being charged for it. Had he actually sat down and read it, however, he would have probably seen some incredible similarities between the characters and settings of that story and his own world.

In September 2009, a Captain's Log video was addressed specifically to Vivian, with Chris demanding that she close her YouTube account AND delete all the videos, "if she wants to earn back his trust" after she and Clyde Cash, her cousin, had done "so much bad against him." It was soon followed by a violent death-threat video by Chris against Vivian, threatening to brutally dismember her and all of her family members, in which he expressed his hope that it would make her understand "the fury of his wrath".

In a Captain's Log written on the CWCipedia on 14 March 2010, Vivian G.'s page is one of many listed in Chris's collection of those that are demanded to be altered after the discovery of The Wallflower's page, completely and utterly unaware of Vivian's true nature.[3]. Vivian would later be given ownership of the CWCipedia by Mao, where she and Alec Benson Leary posted a new season of Sonichu.

Vivian also sent Bob a gift for his 82nd birthday (4 September 2009), when his own autistic son forgot.[4]. Chris took this as an attempt to get on his good side, and uploaded a video getting angry at her for sending a gift to his father.

Vivian got Chris to make the iconic video Sonichu's Edge after a series of emails.

In 2010, Vivian would message Chris about Jackie, revealing a message from her where she chastises Chris and tries to make sure no women date him again.

As of May 2012, Vivian has apparently gone the way of Liquid Chris and shut down her YouTube account. Her DeviantArt page remains online but has been inactive since 2009.

Extortion by Chris

Apologies, Mafioso-style.

After weeks of tension, the relationship between Chris and Vivian started to relax a little, and on 14 November 2009 Chris extended an olive branch of peace. He excused himself for his lamentable attitude and decided to approve the audiobooks, in return for a cut of the proceeds. Chris, feeling smug after receiving some papers from the state of Virginia, felt the need to pressure Vivian out of her hard-earned money. He thought that 25% of all the donations for the audiobooks should be used to support his already lavish lifestyle. Vivian kindly declined the offer on her YouTube account via her spokes-"person".


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