4 September 2009

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"4 September 2009" (officially "09042009") is a video that was made after Vivian sent a gift to Bob for his birthday. Mistaking the gift as an attempt to get on his good side, Chris, ever the gentleman, thanks the kind lady by showing his displeasure at Vivian wanting to put the audiobooks on DVD and sell them, demanding that she remove all the videos and shut down her account before she can regain his respect again. In a call with Kacey, it is revealed that she encouraged Chris to make this video and, "like really let your anger and rage out".


4 September 2009
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Stardate 4 September 2009
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Shirt Blue with Thin StripesBlueThinStripes.png Blue with Thin Stripes
30 August 2009
Sign Destruction Video

Vivian, if you REALLY want to Earn My Trust, you DELETE ALL YOUR VIDEOS, then Close Your YouTube Account, and NEVER REUPLOAD THOSE VIDEOS EVER AGAIN!
Chris's description text for the video


Captain's Log. Stardate: September 4th, 2009.

Uh, couple-of, uh- yeah, couple of issues. Firstly I wish to, uh... [removes his glasses and tosses them, causing a loud "TLAP"] extend my father's gratitude for the present. Apparently you ordered for him... and uh, delivered to us Miss Vivian, so [mumbles] thank you for that.

Still, it does not excuse you for what you have done to me, you have s-made a mockery out of me. You ma- you behind my back made the stupid audiobooks, and you ar-and you ar-and you are a troll- other trolls matter of a fact, hey- [Chris grabs the Clown Doll] -remember this clown? Clyde Cash! Clyde Cash is Vivian's cousin or was since the bastard is dead. And we-and we all know what he did to me. That son of a bitch. But anyway, Vivian is just about as deep as he is because she's- she is no different- 'cos she among those trolls slandered and mocked my good name. Especially in what in her videos that she did against me. [sighs] So you know what? Equivalent to Clyde Fash, equivalent to Vivian Gee! [holds up clown doll and launches it at PSEye]

[jump cut] Anyway, look Vivian, if you really want to get back on my good side, you'll close your YouTube account, make sh- and make sure all videos are deleted, and never, ever, ever upload them or make any money off of them ever again! If you really want to earn back my trust, you'll close your YouTube account after deleting every-last-one-of-your-videos! Delete all your videos. Close your YouTube, then maybe I will let you [exhales] be back in my good graces. And I will unblock your e-mail address from my AOL. [sighs] Still curse you. Because you have done- you have- between you and Clyde Cash, you both have done so much bad against me. [grunts, grabs clown doll, and throws it at PSEye again]

[jump cut] Anyway, also, sh-s-stop sending us the dang catalogs and junk. We are shipping up them right back, we are makers-make sure they get sent to dead letter office if they cannot be sent back. So you trolls may as well just stop it! And you can stop the incoming calls because I'm just going to ignore you and delete your voice mails. [Talks in a high pitch] "I have information! [Begins touching his right manboob] I think you are sexy! I know you're trolls just by talking like that. So just may as well just shut the fuck up! And for the rest of everybody who is honest, true and good; [makes a V sign] peace and have a good day.

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