CWC Update 18 February 2009

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In "CWC Update 18 February 2009" (officially "CWC Update 02182009"), Chris opens by explaining that he's just finished filming a dedication for one of his sweetest Sonichu Girls. He goes on to apologize for having ever said that he hates all gays, and that he can respect them.

Chris closes by making reference to "girlfriends" that he's had in the past.


I, Christian Weston Chandler, respect the gay people.


CWC Update 18 February 2009
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Stardate 18 February 2009
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I do not… hate… the gay… population.


Captain's Log, Stardate: February…—ahh, shoot!

[jump cut]

February 18, 2009. [sniffles]

I was just… makin' an update.

I… wor—am continuing working on the pages of my comic. [sniffles]

Forgive my sniffles; I just… did… a video dedication… for… one of my sweetest, loyal Sonichu Girls… among my fan base.


Anyway, just wan—I w—I just wanted to make… a statement. I retract… respectfully—I retract… using the w—ever using the word… "hate"… am—among the, uh… gay populace.

I—I—I was under a lot of stress, and… I'll admit: I made a bad word choice when I used—when I pick—when I chose that word.

Y'see, I'm willing t—I am capable… of associating and being friends and respecting… all gays.

[inhales deeply and sighs]

I'm doing this out of my heart. Believe me. But any—but, y'know, beyond respect and, uh, friendship? [shakes head vigorously] No.

But I do—but… I do not… hate… the gay… population.

I like them only as—I like them and respect them only as friends. Just like I do—just like I would my gal-pals… and all my… girlfriends… and my sweetheart.

Mmm. Well, when I say "girlfriends", I'm talking about, like, y’know…—I've had multiple crushes in my… lifetime, before I got online and found the Sonichu Girls and… the female fan base.

Me and my high school sweetheart: that's another one, there.

Okay. Well, y'all take care. Peace.

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