CWC Update 8 February 2009

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In "CWC Update 8 February 2009" (officially "CWC Update 02082009"), Chris covers a number of topics:

  • Briefly recapping his last few videos, in which he came out of the closet under duress, then quickly recanted.
  • Announcing that he has finally re-established his website under the new domain This survived slightly longer than earlier incarnations of the site, but was still hacked within a couple of months, after Chris gave his password to Julie.
  • Speculating that PandaHalo may have been killed in the bushfires that had been burning across the Australian state of Victoria since the 7th, despite her deviantART account listing her as living in the state of South Australia.
  • Begging Panda to contact him and let him know whether she's alive, as well as whether or not she'll come to Virginia to have sex with him.

The latter issues may be wishful thinking, as Chris had already begun a relationship with Julie, and may have been seeking an exit strategy for PandaHalo.

It is notable in this video that Chris repeatedly farts during this captain's log. The context of the video makes this particularly amusing.



CWC Update 8 February 2009
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Stardate 8 February 2009
Subject Matter HomosHomos Homos
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga JulieJulie Julie, PandaPanda Panda
Shirt Green StripeGreen Stripe Horizontal Horror
Chris Destroys His Vibrator
CWC Update 10 February 2009
I hope she didn' the fire.


Captain's Log, Stardate: February 8, 2009.

[Chris inhales deeply and sighs] I’ve been under a lotta stress lately, but, uh....

Y'know, first off, let me start off by saying… the of—the, uh, Sonichu site is back up. It's at, uh, That's where it is now…

Uh... yeah, I been under da stress lately. Uh, the recent one where, uh... [stutters unintelligibly] y'all may have heard about—y'all may have… watched the videos re—uh, the last two videos before this one.

Mmm. Yeah, forced into doing that. I won't be repeating that again. Uh, hopefully not. Uh... hopefully, I won't be repeating that. Use that take! [note: This last line is seemingly an editing reminder, and yet, this entire video was obviously recorded in a single take]

Anyway, also, uh... aside from that—uh, and I thought that was bad enough, and I was feelin' the str—I was feelin' the, uh... [sighs]

Feelin' the pang of th—feelin' the after-pains, uh, from that—I find out that, uh... there's been some… fire going—there's been some brushfire or oil fire… that sort of stuff—fire—going on in the southern Australia area… where my sweetheart… [inhales sharply and removes glasses dramatically] Sarah... Cassandra McKenzie… "PandaHalo"... [audibly farts] Ungh! [licks lips]

She was, uh, in that—she was in that neck of the woods... and I haven't heard from her in like, uh, over two weeks. And the fire's been going on for like, uh... past—during the past few weeks, so... I pray that she's still alive. I hope she didn't… die… in the fire.

[inhales sharply] Sarah, if you c—if you are hearing this message… please... let me know… that you're safe… in—in an e-mail… or... send me a postcard.


But—and also, let me know: can I still expect you over at my house? Or are you going to go to Clyde? Please let me know… 'cause I miss you! I worry about you. I still care deeply about you, Sarah... Sarah—heart.


Please... talk—please... ca—please... let me know what's going on. Alright?

[inhales deeply and sighs] Still… caring about you very much.


Chris Destroys His Vibrator Chris's videos CWC Update 10 February 2009