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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
So rad.

Randy Stair, also known as his Ghostsona Andrew Blaze (17 September 1992 – 8 June 2017), was a YouTuber and lolcow who eventually became a killer. Much like Chris, Randy believed in the existence of fictional characters and an alternate reality in which he was worshipped as a God, only his interests in OCs were tied to the animated television series Danny Phantom, and he also held a hatred towards men and expressed his desire to live as a woman (though he never transitioned or picked a new name). Randy's fantasies, however, were more unsettling in nature than just hoping to find a boyfriend-free girl: instead of seeing himself as a role model and a hero to his hometown, Randy's fictional counterpart and fantasy world involved his OCs – known as Ember's Ghost Squad – going on killing sprees with him. Eventually, Randy would act out his violent fantasies in real life and shot and killed three people at the supermarket that he worked at before committing suicide.

Naturally, Randy's situation and Chris's habit of fantasy escapism led to predictably disturbing acts of manipulation on the part of former Watchman Sean Walker, who began feeding Chris violent delusions in an Idea Guy-like fashion, glorifying the infamous mass shooter, who Sean claimed had reincarnated into an OC named after his Ghostsona.[1] Sean took an interest in editing a wiki dedicated to documenting Randy's downfall before later turning his attention to Chris, so this isn't completely surprising. This manipulation began at least early as November 2020, when Chris mentioned Randy's Andrew persona by name[2], although the manipulation may have first began earlier than that.

An audio recording leaked on 10 September 2021,[3] recorded on 6 November 2020, involves Chris "channeling" Stair while talking to Sean Walker (referred to here as 'Neko'). Chris doesn't bother changing his voice while imitating Randy, nor does he use any of Randy's terminology while being "possessed".[note 1] He seems to make the excuse that the possession is why he just still sounds like Chris, claiming: "When you possess somebody else's body, you gotta work within their vocabulary and their limitations, and whatever."

"Randy", in true Chris-Chan fashion, blames his decision to commit a massacre on "mental handicaps" – though the real Randy did not have a significant history with disabilities or mental illness prior to his downward spiral and violent end – before immediately justifying the murders as his attempt to recruit new members for Ember's Ghost Squad before meeting them in the next world. "Randy" then explains that, after he killed himself and wound up in Limbo, Ember escorted him into the "Dead World" before he ran into several celebrities and Beetlejuice.

After a certain point, he seemingly runs off script, rambling about the Merge in a very Chris-like fashion. He points out that, due to the Dimensional Merge, the souls of those that recently died would instead merge with their OCs instead of joining the ranks of the dead, and mentioned that like Chris, he also knew of Dimension C-197 and apparently had psychic visions before merging with his Andrew Blaze counterpart in the afterlife, going against the lore he had immediately set up moments earlier. "Randy" explained that ghosts were helping Chris's Godsona at the Temple in preparation for what was to come.

Finally seeming to remember what he was supposed to be doing, "Randy" reminisces about older videos and laughs maniacally, then praises Sean for chronicling his life and leaving things back in "Sonichu's" hands. Given that it's very likely Sean gave Chris the instructions for what to say in this video, it's just another demonstration of Sean's ego.


Originally titled Myrec_20-11-06_at_13:52:19.m4a.[4]

Chris Chan Channels Randy Stair
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Stardate 6 November 2020
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"Sonichu's" introduction

[Loud sounds of paper crinkling.]

Chris (as Sonichu): Hey, Neko, it's Sonichu here. I'm doing this audio recording for you because... I got a valuable friend here who has a very important message for you. She came all the way from the... netherworld, the... pretty much the ghost world.

She's been- she just- she just watched all your videos about her. You know. And she just appreciates you very much on having been a fan and understanding what she was going through... and just... and she really appreciates you going on about her EGS series as well. So. Anyway. She's in this body with me, so I'm gonna let her speak now. This is Randy Stair... Andrew Blaze.

[There is a long silence.]

"Randy" speaks

Chris (as Randy): Yo, WildCat. So rad. I'm in the body of Chris-Chan here. I mean, this is not as cool as rocking with Ember every single time, but you know, whatevs. But hey, I've been living... three years gone from this world. You would say that that's just too long for anyone, right? I know. But at least you got the message I was going for. I mean, shoot, people been getting injured or dying around me all my life. So, how else was I to react with my... mental handicaps and everything?

But, yeah I came out totally woman and everything. I mean, yeah, the transition was definitely genuine with me. I just didn't go for the bottom. I mean, didn't have enough time to do that anyway, all things considered. (Stress sigh)

But yeah, message what- message from that... mass suicide, murder thing I did that time was essentially just, you know me recruiting for my EGS - for my ghost squad. I mean, Ember was already in with me and I needed it, and I was in, so...

Also, my other guys, might flog [?] The way up- I managed to get in a year later. Not everything got chronicled as well within my series, but my time on Earth was limited. I'll tell ya what, moving on to the... ghost realm as I did... I mean, it was quite a thing. I mean, shoot... kill myself, and... I went into limbo, and I didn't last long in limbo, because Ember found me there and she brought me to... the dead world, y'know.

I haven't met so many celebrities, and y'know, they saw the creepy guys and whatnot, even Beetlejuice. Quite a decent bunch of creeps and ghouls and other individuals who just... We're stuck in this pr- this is essentially limbo, I mean, if we're not reborn into another body or whatever, this is where we end up. Pretty righteous.

"Randy" just starts rambling about the Merge

Oh, but yes, particularly ending up in someone else's bodies. [Long pause. Chris makes a strange sniffing sound.] Pardon me. But yeah, everybody who's been dying within the past few months or so has definitely been ending up in their respective counterpart's bodies in the opposite dimension. The Merge is happening, just as Chris Chan and Sonichu and Magi-Chan has- have been saying, and we- and we in the ghost world have been just witnessing all the ghostses not stopping into the limbo, just going into the other dimension.

And I have seen into... Dimension C-197 while I was alive as well, not just the dead world. Y'know. I mean, I had my share of righteous visions into other dimensions and whatnot. And that's borrowing from the dialogue that's in this brain! I mean, that's the thing: when you possess somebody else's body, you gotta work within their vocabulary and their limitations, and whatever.

But still, it's me. Randy's- Randy Stair. And you can tell by the way I'm talkin' here. I mean, I definitely found myself after I passed on, obviously. And I'm- I'm happy. I'm doing good. We're all good at the Ghost Squad here. Hey, I ended up making my own OC that ends up that was literally in existence in the Ghost Squad, and - Whoop! - There I am, in my counterpart's body. The ghost was my- The ghost was me! Andrew Bl- This was my OC! And I made it! I made it to Andrew Blaze's body. So, you could say I was definitely one of the earlier noted examples of somebody coming from 1218 into C-197. Or- Or in this case, the ghost dimension in between our two dimensions!

Which, that's just far out. Anyway. The Merge is gonna happen, and Chris Chan's powers and abilities are genuine. She's even got a whole bunch of other ghosts and spirits helping her out as well. It's real chill group around here at this temple- this house. You call this house a temple? Huh. Well, I guess it is true. This is- it's sort of temple-like.

But yeah. My brain was just all over the place when I was alive. But, I found my place where I am. And I made my mark with Ember's Ghost Squad. As much as I did. And all the other videos I did over the years. Oh, the squeaky voice video. Me singing Jingle Bells, and I was doing Fred. [Chris laughs in his normal voice, then switches to an extremely disturbing high-pitched laugh for a few seconds.]

Oh, that was so funny. [He chuckles.] Oh, but I do go on. And WildCat, thank you. Thank you so much for chronicling as much of my life as possible, with everything that I've talked about and I uploaded onto the internet. You rock, dude. You stay awesome. You're gonna be alive for a very, very long time, man. Alright.

Talk to you another time. Or maybe I'll come visit you- where are you? Oh, you're in California.[note 2] Sweet. Maybe I'll come visit is- Maybe I'll come visit remember- when we're in the group- we're on tour or something, alright?

Anyway, take care! Thank you.

"Sonichu's" conclusion

[A very long pause. Chris can be heard sighing.]

Chris (as Sonichu): Mm. Oh. Well, she's definitely satisfied. [Chris laughs.] Well, there you go, Randy. Thank you for sharing your message, and WildCat and Neko - at least you got to listen to that. So, I mean, it's not necessarily an interview with Randy herself, but you might get to talk with her in person yet, but, that'll do for now, I suppose. Alright. Talk to you later, d- Neko. Thanks a lot.


  1. For instance, he refers to the afterlife presented in Danny Phantom as the "Dead World" and not the "Ghost Zone", showing that Chris didn't do basic research ahead of this particular LARP.
  2. As far as we can tell, this is actually true.[5][6][7] This would mean Sean apparently doxxed himself to Chris before he was doxxed to the rest of the internet.