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A few kicks is a YouTube video uploaded on 18 December 2015 by Chris. Despite being uploaded as unlisted, it was nonetheless leaked to the Kiwi Farms chatroom. In it, Chris spends a few minutes surprisingly getting some exercise outside while showing off his soccer moves. Needless to say, his moves are not particularly impressive.


A few kicks
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Stardate 18 December 2015
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[The song "Toucher le ciel" by Bertysolo and Audionautix plays in the background. Chris turns on his camera, then walks to the center of his house's driveway while tossing a soccer ball (or a football, to Europeans) in his hands]

Ready to kick the ball around! Here we go.

0:09-0:22: Chris tries bouncing the soccer ball on his head. The first time, it falls off. The second time, it falls and bounces towards to the camera, though he catches it later on. He does it two more times, to decent results (at best).

0:23-0:37: Chris says something, which can't be heard due to the background music blaring. He throws it on the driveway and attempts to kick it, but fails. He tries kicking it again, resulting in the ball going onto the road. He kicks it back to the driveway.

0:37-0:57: Chris spends a good portion of time kicking the ball around the road, the lawn, and his driveway.

0:58-1:12: Chris stops to tie his shoes. He kicks the ball back over to the driveway, then ties his shoes again.

1:12-1:55: Chris kicks the ball around for a good while again.

1:55-2:30: He once again stops to tie his shoe. After kicking it some more, it rolls right onto his neighbor's driveway, and Chris makes a hard stop to wait for it to roll back to him again.

2:30-2:54: More kicking. He finishes it off by punting the ball into the air. The background music stops at 2:50, then loops again shortly after, and then as the video ends it fades out.

There we go[?]. There we go, thank you.

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