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WeighIn is a video Chris uploaded on 25 October 2010, in which Chris, to the surprise of us all, steps on a scale to weigh himself. The scale gives a weight of 216 lb (15 st 6 lb / 98 kg). There is some speculation as to whether or not Chris offset the scale, but in any case, it didn't do any good; based on BMI, this weight implies that he is obese for a man of even his claimed height (5'10" / 178 cm).[1] Admittedly, BMI is a flawed metric, which doesn't take into account muscle mass or build, but in any case Chris has almost no muscles and has quite a thin build.

It is also revealed that Chris is wearing blue Crayola Model Magic around the bridge of his glasses.


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Stardate 25 October 2010
Subject Matter PowerPower Power
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Shirt Red BlueRed Blue Red & Blue
At Least My Face Is Not F3c7ing Orange
Currently I'm 216 pounds.


One explanation as to why Chris weighs less than 300 lbs.

Here is the official weigh-in on Sunday, September twenty- October 24th 2010.

[Aims camera, jerkily, at scale readout.]

If I can stay still long enough.


Anyway it says 216.

[Speaks into the camera again. His glasses are now on his face and the bridge appears to be wrapped in tape.]

Currently I'm 216 pounds.

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  1. Chris claims to be 5'10" on his dating profiles, although considering how he lies about his other physical attributes and men in general are dishonest about their height, he's probably shorter. His BMI can be calculated on this website.
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