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Note on Credibility:

Michael Afghani has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reason:
Michael appears to say disturbing things in fits of rage.
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

I think he will convert to Islam and turn his life around

maybe in 2022, 2025, 2030, only God knows.

Michael believing that Islam will turn Chris's life around.
Michael Afghani
Name Michael Bijan Afghani
Also known as Samantha Afghani
Anti-Idea Guy
Gender Male
Race Arab
Nationality American (part-Persian)[1]
Organization The Lunar Module (founder, former leader)
Saga Jail

Michael Bijan Afghani (former transgender name Samantha Afghani[2]) was the leader of the CWC Islam Project, a project run by a group of Discord users called the Lunar Module whose sole intention was to convert Chris to Islam while he was in jail. These users would post about this project in the server CWCIslam, acting as a group of enablers for Chris, and had sent a letter to him proposing to convert after he had written a letter to Null about how he is Jesus of Nazareth.

This attempt would ultimately fail, as Chris had shown no real interest in engaging in the religion of Islam, claiming that Allah, while a good God, "has his imperfections".[3] Chris has also come to believe that Islam is a nation, and not a religion. Michael would then have one of his associates post the letter that Chris had sent him on Kiwi Farms, expressing dissapointment for the failure of the conversion, as well as continuing to pursue interactions with Chris and getting in heated debates with Kiwi Farms users, ultimately getting him doxed.

Online Behavior

Michael had claimed that he had converted to Islam under the belief that previously as an atheist, he had an awful life, and was under the belief that he was very much like Chris during that period, being transgender and an incel.[4] Therefore, Michael claims that he came to the conclusion that converting Chris to Islam would "help" and redeem him. Michael would claim himself and his group to be the "anti-Idea Guys", believing that the Idea Guys had primarily fed Chris beliefs of false prophets.


Michael would create the server "Project CWCIslam" on 13 August 2021, posting links to it on several public websites such as Twitter, as well as on many public Discord servers, while also boosting it on Discord leaderboards. The set up of the new server also involved the creation of a PO box to avoid getting discovered while sending letters to Chris.[5]

Server Set-Up

One of the channels of the ProjectCWCIslam server would be dedicated to writings that the group would send to Chris in jail, writing drafts for the letters, discussing what to write in them, and proposing how they'd send them to him. Many of the other servers would be dedicated to talk about the religion of Islam, among other religions.

Interactions with Chris

Michael claimed that he first became aware of Chris after watching Geno Samuel's documentary, Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History.[citation needed]

Michael claimed that he wanted to convert Chris to Islam, under the belief that it would fix him.

This is a known draft of one of the original letters sent to Chris, written on the Lunar Module Discord Server by the user "DeepChris"[5]

Dear Christine,

How are you? I am fine. I've known about you for years because of the people who make fun of you, I do not like it, I don't like trolls. Do you need anything? Me and some friends are working on helping you somehow, don't like trolls and we'll help you if we can. Please write back to me if you can or want to. If you don't want to reply then that's okay, I'll be sending you another letter soon.

Bye Then I signed my name after taking the photo and included a second page with information that I didn't want to share publicly

An underaged user from the group, Kattzeow, would post the letters on a Kiwi Farms thread.

Michael vs. the CWCki server


After his attempt at converting Chris had failed, he expressed his disappointment on Kiwi Farms, admitting that he sent the letter to Chris, and that he felt that the CWCki page Chris and religion should be updated in light of his attempt. Michael also reacted to his doxing by creating a Kiwi Farms thread discussing how pointless and immoral the act is.[6]

Kattzeow commented on the growing drama as follows:

Honestly, people shouldn't be so rude to Coupon. We were only trying to give chris a second chance. Everyone has their ups and downs mentally, physically, and spiritually. You guys might think he's too far gone but you will never know that until you try, you pray on it, and you make some attempt to make it happen. Yes this may seem silly to you, but I assure you if you just tried to pick up the quran and read just a few passages you would realize we aren't bad. We wanted to help chris, not drive him further crazy and definetly not make him say such things about Allah. We weren't trying to be trolls and christory doesn't matter too much anyways, as everyone in it seems to be a bad person. Not us. We are good, god fearing, and loving people, who wanted to help chris and come together as friends. I only hope you guys stop trying to dox coupon, as he is a good man. I also pray that you guys can see the truth and read our book and come to live by it.

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