Jail Letter - 5 August 2022

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On 5 August 2022, Chris had sent a twentieth and final letter to Kenneth Engelhardt.

Highlights of the letter include:

  • Chris addresses Kenneth's concerns about the way he writes in his letters, acknowledging that Jesus Christ spoke Aramaic and not the Early Modern English of the King James Bible.
    • Chris claims that he began using antiquated English because it was the language he spoke in his past life as the magician Sylvia in the reign of King Arthur, which Chris believes was in the fourteenth century. Never mind that Arthur reigned in the fifth and sixth centuries AD (if he existed at all), that there is no mention of a magician named Sylvia in Arthurian legend, and that fourteenth-century Middle English is very different from seventeenth-century Early Modern English.
  • Chris claims himself to be a "fellow servant" amongst the general population, citing that Biblical scriptures allude to this "simple fact".
  • Chris once again discusses how he "cleansed Barb's soul", though this time claiming that he did this to pay a mortgage, which he had also requested several people to pay for Barb before she gets relocated.
  • Chris insists that all interactions that he had with cartoon characters were real and were not fabrications of his own mind. Chris also claims this to be the case before getting any sort of influence from trolls toying with his fantasies.
  • Chris claims that the events of the initial writing of Sonichu #10 had foreshadowed the Monkeypox outbreak, citing the disease's prevelancy among homos.
  • Chris also claims that Global Warming is a natural process meant to weed out the toxics and is a sign of his growing strength.
  • Chris writes a postscript, where he claims that the words of Emanuel and other gods should be considered first and foremost before he is told to "shut up" or "ditching one's own faith".

Kenneth sent Chris a response a few days later, expressing dismay at Chris's callousness toward his mother and "excommunicating" him from the "Sonichu Project". Chris did not respond.

This is the last letter known to be sent by Chris from jail prior to his release in March 2023.

Kenneth's Post


He understands there have been concerns over our Lord and Savior using 1600s English and understands that this was not spoken in his past Book of Life while he was Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Language does not make or break a leader, god, or prophet.

He can travel from one country to another and change his spoken language, his physical visage (appearance) and identity time after time.

He left Jerusalem after his resurrection and traveled to England in 1389 and claims the earth was split in two and became separate from the rest of the whole universe outside the Milky Way. Then he went forward through the February 2003 Chaos Rainbow, back in time and between dimensions from C-197 Earth (half) to 1218 Earth (half) for his second ever reincarnation into this life.

He took to speaking King James English because it matched the last spoken language when he was Sylvia the Magician back in King Arthur's time. But if you insist, he will revert to Modern English.

Had the awakenings, enlightenments and revelations with Heaven's Light shining down on him. Still claims he is Jesus Christ reincarnated your Lord, Savior and God. Describes himself as a fellow servant walking among you.

Long known of the Mortgage on the house being reverse but it was retained unconsciously and why he did his "Soul Bonding" with Barbara. His "Soul Bonding" and "healing powers" was a gift that cleansed her sins, regrets and extended her life.

Here is the icing on the cake: "Let me past, present, and future actions and manifestations I do in the Divine and Holy Word with Emanuel and the other Gods and Goddesses speak of the truths as well before shutting me up or ditching my faith"

Translation in plain English: All of his actions and revelations in the past, present and future are justified and speak for themselves.

Chris's Letter

Christine Weston Chandler Richmond VA 230
9 September 2009 US POSTAGE
9 September 2009
14 Branchland Court
Ruckersville, VA 22960-2807
Hey, Kenneth.

I have another public letter for ye to share with everyone for me, please 1 08022022

Greetings and Blessings to ye all, my followers. I write to ye all to offer some explinations and truths for thy enlightenment and information. Firstly, I understand there hath been concerns over the language I write/speak in talking to ye all. I know 1600’s English was not spoken by I in my past Book of Life in Jerusalem as Jesus Christ, but the language was ancient Aramaeic [sic]. Language doth not make nor break a leader nor god or prophet. Even a Priest in this present day can speak ancient Aaramaeic and still oust themselves as a False PRist by the Metaphysical and Divine events. I have gone from one country to another and changing my spoken language, physical visage and identity time after time after time again after I left Jerusalem after my resurrection and up to in England in 1389 when the Earth was split into two and became separate from the rest of the whole Universe outside Milky Way, and then I went forward through the February, 2003 Chaos Rainbow, back in time, and interdimensionally from C-197 Earth half to 1218 Earth half for my Second Ever Reincarnation into this life, consciously forgotten my extensive past and worked on…>

…authentic unconsciousness premonitions, visions and Seer insights to progress actively or innately as I did. I took to the English of King James as 1) it matched with the last spoken language tome, to when I was the magician, Sylvia, back in King Arthur’s neck of the woods, and 2) to get thy woke and attentive to the truths and facts I was informing ye all of. But, if you insist, I’ll revert to my modern English tongue, but the truth is still valid, just, and Holy Divinely So. I have had the awakenings, Enlightenments, Revelations, and so on with Heven’s and Universe Core’s same Light shining down upon I and my Body and Aura. So I did and still speak true when I tell you all I Am the one Avatar, Jesus Christ reincarnated, your Lord, Messiah, Savior and God. You all should have realized that as even in the scriptures, it states that your Lord and God shall still walk among you all as a fellow servant. Well, I’m a fellow servant among you, and I have the First Person Real Player One perspective, Seer ability and Powers of Holy Light Power. The Math Equation is simple and direct.

Second, I have long known of the Mortgage being Reverse, but it was retained Unconsciously, hence why I had healed and cleansed Barbara of her sins and regrets and gifted her life extension by my Soul Bonding and Healing Powers, And why I had told you all to send her money to Pay Off the Mortgage Before I said anything, ever of Relocating her.

And lastly, I Know from personal experience from All of this life and before, so my interdimensional connections and encounters with the cartoon and “fictional” individuals and the other Gods and Goddesses on the C-197 half of the Earth were Real; not “imaginary”. And this have been fact with me Before Any Faker or Hater, including IdeaGuy, Ever spoke with me or got involved, period.

Now, you all can and may believe or not, But before you discard faith, Look outside at the rest of the world at present. A Lot of these events I have foreknown and foretold. And here’s an Obvious one from “Sonichu” Book 10: the “Gay Vaccine”, of which I do regret chronicling in such a way, But a certain Monkey Pox has been infecting mostly gay men in recent weeks. Would you not want to go back in time with the Vaccine to prevent this Pox from Men, in general? And don’t blame the Heat, blame the Solar Flares and Solar Storms; Every Eleven Years, they have been flipping axis and exposing the Toxic and Evil individuals by triggering EVERYONE’S Minds and making even a Neurotypical Hyper Sensitive and Sudden Seers. Look at the events in 2011, 2000, 1989, and so on and compare with this year. I have been further awakened, in part, by this; and my powers from my Body have become manifested moreso and stronger.

For now, I tell you all to Meditate on That. Sincerely, Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu


Let my past, present, and future actions and manifestations I do in the Divine and Holy work with Emanuel and the other Gods and Goddesses speak of the truths as well before shutting me up or ditching thy faith.