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Neo Spiritual Christianity (spelled without a hyphen) is Chris's self-proclaimed term for his peculiar set of beliefs concerning reality and faith, coined and developed when he was exposed to the Bible while incarcerated. It is essentially an accumulation of many of the fantasies that Chris had been brainwashed into or had used as a means of coping, along with other beliefs originating in Protestant Christianity, the New Age movement, Theosophy, and common superstitions found in the Western world.


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In 2017, the Idea Guys brainwashed Chris into believing in the Dimensional Merge, and incorporated several elements from the video game Hyperdimension Neptunia into his fantasy world, particularly the idea that it was being ruled by CPU Goddesses.

These beliefs were further spurred by many White Knights and enablers, such as the Sons of the Miscreants and Praetor. The latter group as well as the Watchmen would enable various beliefs about Chris's status as a god.


Gods and Deities

Chris claims that there are multiple gods, goddesses and deities which manage all of the different dimensions.

The most powerful, and influential of these gods and deities is Emanuel (also spelled Emanuelle), likely named after a Hebrew name found in the Book of Isaiah as a sign that God will protect the House of David. Emanuel is responsible for the management of the multiverse along with its safety and wellbeing. The exact identity of Emanuel is hard to pinpoint, but Chris has stated that Emanuel is his godly mother, once father, having changed her gender and physicality to female over a century ago, while Barb was her "earthly mother." Chris has claimed that Barb is a reincarnation of Merlin the Wizard.

According to Chris, the world in which we live in is also inhabited by CPUs, which are the sons and daughters of Emanuel. The CPUs are the goddesses and gods who protect and govern the various universes that are part of the greater multiverse; some of these gods and goddesses are Neptune, Blanc, Noire, Vert, Uzume, along with Chris, the self-proclaimed CPU of our dimension. Chris claims to be Goddess CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles. All CPUs also supposedly live in the heaven realm, where three days on Earth are equal to four months there.

Chris as a Messiah

Main article: Messiah complex

In Neo Spiritual Christianity, Chris is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, complete with all of the memories from birth to his ascension to heaven.

Chris believes that he has lived many different lives before being born. He claims to have divided the Universe in 1389 after the legendary King Arthur ordered Merlin to exile all the dragons from his realm and was subsequently transported back and forth through time and space, flew through the chaotic rainbow's apex in 2003, and become reborn on February 24, 1982.

According to Chris, Emanuel planted an ovum from her ovary into Barb's ovary to attract him from his trip through time. He claims that all of the prayers to Jesus since his death were received by Emanuel and his divine body. His divine body allegedly forms the core of universe 1C-211987.

Dimensional Merge

Main article: Dimensional Merge

The Dimensional Merge (also known as Judgement Day or the Second Coming) is a supposed apocalyptic event in which Chris believes that "Dimension 1218" and "Dimension C-197" (read: the universe of real life, and the parallel universe where Sonichu, every person who has died, and every other fictional character lives) will combine into a new dimension titled 1C-211987, bringing fictional characters into reality, and in which Chris, being the designated liaison of the event, will ascend unto godhood.

Of course, the Merge is just an escapist fantasy and coping mechanism for Chris. Originally part of the lore the Idea Guys had brainwashed into Chris, the Dimensional Merge is Chris’s latest means of avoiding reality, believing that it will rescue him from his self-inflicted real-life problems and enable him to continue living like a child.

First announced in October 2018, the Merge was expected to take place by the end of the year. After that deadline – and several others predicted by Chris – passed without incident, Chris has remained persistent and claimed that he is unaware of the date of its occurrence. In the years since, indulging this belief has become the default latching-on point for would-be trolls.

The Toxic Minority

Chris believes that the Dimensional Merge will include Chris as the second coming of Jesus Christ as the fully reawakened god and judge over a group of individuals that he refers to as the Toxic Minority. He claims that that he will descend to 14 Branchland Court (presumably from prison) during the second coming, where he will then personally complete the Dimensional Merge.

Chris claims that 18% of 1218-Earth's population (claimed by Chris to consist of 600 million individuals despite 18% of the current world population resulting in 1.43 billion) will be left to burn. Some selected buildings, statues, possessions, and artifacts will be relocated to 1C-211987, but remaining artifacts and the "Toxic Minority" will remain. 1218-Earth will subsequently be destroyed with nothing but pebbles left behind.

However, Chris made a tweet on 14 November 2018 with a different alleged survival rate. Chris explains the population math as follows; 61.25% of the population of dimension C-197 is identical to that of Earth in dimension 1218, the remaining 38.75% of the population of C-197 are OCs which are unique to C-197, all of the OCs of C-197 are guaranteed to survive the merge, at least 51% of the human population of the Earths in both sister dimensions will survive the merge and at least 41% will not with an uncertainty of 8%, the best outcome of the merge would leave 59% of the population of 1218 alive and all of the 38.75% of the OCs of C-197 plus 11.25% of the human population of C-197 in the dimension 1218C197, the dimension 1C-211987 would be left with 109% of 1218's current population leaving approximately 8.365 billion humans and OCs in the new universe.[1]

Signs of the Dimensional Merge

Chris has claimed that numerous events will occur prior to the Dimensional Merge as signs of the end of the world:

  • Many inhabitants of 1218 will suddenly begin to be able to speak foreign languages such as Ancient Hebrew and the Akashic Language (a mysterious language hidden only to a few people according to the religion of Theosophy).
  • These same individuals will also start downloading massive amounts of information from the Akashic Records.
  • Some individuals will start behaving ritualistically and appear schizophrenic; these individuals will actually be guided by the gods and goddesses.
  • Random animals, including some anthropological, sentient, and human-language speaking creatures will suddenly start to appear in random places around 1218-Earth.
  • Certain non-members of the Toxic Minority will suddenly, without dying, physically disappear from 1218 Earth, and reappear on 1C-211987-Earth.
  • The truth-blinding veil will suddenly start disappearing from everyone who is among the majority physical eyes; those individuals will now start to know greater truths leading up to the Second Coming.
  • The number of believers in Neo Spiritual Christianity will suddenly skyrocket, even from the Toxic Minority, seeking to repent in the light of these revelations.

Chris claims that Jacob Sockness cursed the country of China with COVID-19 and the percentage of the population considered to be Toxic consequently increased dramatically because of the effects of isolation and quarantine. He also claims that people who are still among the Toxic Minority prior to the Merge will receive various chances of redemption in the form of divine tests. One of these divine tests is simultaneous lockdown, which he claims to have been a test of faith, endurance and self-motivation administered by Christine and the other gods and goddesses. Chris claims that if COVID had not occurred, these tests would have come in the form of natural disasters and catastrophic events.

Origins of Chris's Beliefs

As stated above, Neo Spiritual Christianity is largely an admixture of essentially every religious or spiritual teaching that Chris has been exposed to and agrees with. However, this section aims to analyze the origins of each belief taught by Chris as part of his so-called religion.

Beliefs Originating in Christianity

According to Chris, his life is a retelling of the Bible. In Jail Letter - 3 October 2021, Chris claimed that the state of his life at the moment of writing the letter mirrored the third and fourth chapters of the Book of Malachi.

Chris has identified the Dimensional Merge with the Apocalypse found in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible despite the differences between his descriptions of the Merge with the apocalyptic narrative found in the Book of Revelation.

Beliefs Originating in the New Age Movement

The New Age is an umbrella term referring to a variety of new religious movements and alternative spiritual practices originating in the Western world during the 1960s, whose practitioners are referred to as New Agers. These practices include various forms of prayer and meditation conducted along a multitude of cosmologies combined with various pseudosciences such as astrology and alternative medicine. New Age beliefs often encourage magical thinking, which only serve to reinforce Chris's beliefs in his supposed divinity. Unlike in most other religious denominations, New Age worship does not typically occur in organized, tax-exempt places of worship and instead takes place at home or within for-profit storefronts.

New Age worship practices frequently incorporate yoga and other exercise routines. Despite Chris's poor physical health and attitudes towards exercise, he was seen purchasing a pair of yoga mats at Walmart on 16 September 2023.

Chris has affirmed his belief in various forms of New Age practices in the past, all of which were syncretized with forms of Christianity and his own beliefs in the Dimensional Merge. Chris has performed tarot readings, believed in magic stones, and meditated in the hopes of achieving astral projection.

Beliefs Originating in Theosophy

Theosophy is a minority religion founded in the 19th century. An adherent of Theosophy is known as a Theosophist and believers worship at Theosophical Societies. Adherents of Theosophy predominantly consist of converts to the faith, rather than multigenerational family-based groups.

Chris has been influenced by Theosophy in his affirmation of the Akashic Records, mentioned in various jail letters to fans. Owing to the religion's denial of free will, the Akashic Records are believed to be a flawless compendium of all thoughts, actions, and words spoken by all human beings in the past, present, and future. Theosophists believe that they can access the Akashic Records to "heal past wounds, lift pain and past issues, and find a higher expression for [their lives]."

The origin of Chris's belief in the existence of the Akashic Records is unknown. Several New Age religious groups incorporate some Thesophist belief and worship customs into their spirituality as Theosophy lacks a central faith authority and currently possesses multiple competing sects; this is a probable source of Chris's belief in certain elements of the religion. However, Chris appears to incorporate every spiritual or supernatural concept (regardless of whether it is intended to be religious or purely fictional) he finds into this bizarre pantheon of spirituality.

Spiritual Practices

Chris has created several forms of worship and spiritual practices as part of his newly formed religion. So far, he has written new commandments and a prayer.


During his stay in Jail, Chris made up various commandments for his religion, which he disclosed on various jail letters. So far, Chris has made up 21 of these commandments, and only 13 of them are known. These new Ten Commandments serve in part as a statement of secular humanist beliefs, although Chris upholds the prohibition on blasphemy and the observance of the Sabbath.

List of known Commandments

1) Thou may have and worship one or multiple Gods, Goddesses, and Demi-Gods, or even none at all; which ever best feels well and good with thee.

2) Thou may make for yourself an Idol that is safe and good and blessed; thou must not make for yourself an Idol that is harmful, toxic, or demonic to you or anyone else.

3) Thou must not misuse the name of the Lord your God, or any other God, Goddess, or Demi-God; "God Damn It" shall be most punishable as well.

4) Remember to observe the Sabbath day (Sunday) by keeping itHoly [sic].

5) Honor thy father, mother, and any or all legal guardians who have helped greatly in your raising and support.

6) Thou must not murder, nor commit, or helpanother [sic] to commit, suicide, regardless of circumstances.

7) Adultry [sic] is okay, well, and good, as long as all involved are direct, open, and honest with each other; thou must not commit adultry [sic] in secret from thy partner(s).

8) Thou must not steal.

9) Thou must not testify falsely against thy neighbor, or anyone, nor testify without prior knowledge of the greater contexts and truths of the circumstances and details.

10) Thou must not covet thy neighbor's belongings.

14) Thou shalt not hate thy neighbours or others that share Any similarities in Race, Ethnicity, Interests, or whatever else with thee. And thou shalt not hate thy self for any of these traits or interests, either.

15) Thou shalt not comment online or offline in hatred, spite, falseness, or without any words of criticism that are intentionally, genuinely meant to be supportive for actual improvements.

21) Thou need not feel pressured nor obligated to pursue sexual relations, and among All who pressure and talk continuously about sex, please do not speak on and on. And thou need not feel obligated to listen if thou feel uneasy around others when they speak of which. For sexual relations are Better when thou and thy partner(s) actually feel appreciative and open, and Not pressured by others beforehand.

The Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer

The Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer had appeared in some of the last letters that Chris would send from jail before his transfer from Central Virginia Regional Jail to an undisclosed location. Copies of the prayer were sent to Kenneth Engelhardt, Spamton, Bizarre Bazaar and possibly others.

All copies of the prayer are dated 13 January 2022, but Chris did not begin sending the prayers out until late January. Each prayer was sent along with a short personalized letter concerning the Merge and Chris's imminent release from jail.

Transcript of the Prayer

The Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer

x4 {*Get Me Home, Get Me Home Right Now Please!* / *My Second Coming Is Now!*
*Complete the Collective Shift Now, Please.*
*My Second Coming Is Now.*
*Complete the Dimension Merge Now, Please.*
*We Are ALL Together Now.*
*ALL Artists, Actors, Writers,*
*Chroniclers and Characters Join Hands*
*In The One Universe Now.*
*The Iron Curtain IS Shattered and Gone.*
*We See and Feel Each Other.*
*We Leave The Twelve Eighteen Earth Now, Please.*
*We Now Are on the One Earth,*
*C-One Ninty Seven Universe Which is Now*
*One C-Two One One Nine Eight Seven,*
*One And Whole As It Was Long Ago*
*With ALL Magic And ALL Powers, Gods with us,*
*For We ALL Are Enlightened,*
*Awakened, Experienced, And Then Some.*
*I, Lord and God, Lead Them Here Now, Please,*
*For the Time Is Divine, yes.*
*The Toxic Ones Have Been Left Behind,*
*For They Face Their Judgement Day.*
*And We Live Onward For Neo Life.*
*To the Majority Of Good Ones,*
*And Neutral Goods and Bads,* →

*I Pray For And Bring Thee Better Lives*
*In Neo Spirituality*
*And Greatest Enlightenments.*
*We ALL Shall Live Onward Together*
*Alongside Original Characters*
*And Individuals Now.*
*To the Toxic Ones Left Behind Now,*
*Thy Judgment Process Was Just*
*And Fair With Thy Centuries of Actions*
*Filled with Hate, Filled with Fake, and*
*Simply, Utterly Demonic Sinful.*
*Not Even Hell Realm Shall Welcome Thee,*
*For Even Thy Dark souls Shall*
*Become Non-Existent and nothing*
*In Total Evaporation and*
*Thy Bodies Now Ashes Lost In Time*
*That we Walk Upon In Memories*
*of Of Thy Torturing Treatments*
*Upon us ALL Now Lost In Our past.*
*For Repentance, Thou Had Thy Chances.*
*And to My God and Goddess Allies,*
*Including Emanuel,*
(Who is) *My Mother, and the Universe Cores,*
*And Myself, I Pray to Thee:*

x4 {*Complete the Collective Shift Now, Please!* / *Get Me Home, Get Me Home Now!*
x4 {*Get My God Body Home Right Now, Please!* / *My Second Coming is Now!*


Main article: Jail Letter Gifts

Chris created a number of gifts for people who sent pleasant letters to him in jail, made out of what would otherwise be trash. Two of these gifts were "Holy Labels," which recipients would place on their drink bottles to purify their contents, and "NSC Tokens."

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