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I have drawn a card for all of you; today, your card is Audience. I do believe you all will be in for quite the show of a lifetime.
Chris, after drawing the Abundance card.[1]

The tarot is a pack of playing cards that have been used for divination since the late 18th century. Chris owns a colorfully illustrated set known as the Osho Zen Tarot. Unlike a standard 78-card tarot deck, this one has a 79th card depicting Osho, the leader of the Rajneesh cult who endorsed this set and whose followers were responsible for a bioterror attack and assassination attempt on a United States Attorney in the mid 1980s.

Chris apparently began a hobby of daily tarot readings on June 3, 2021. He would draw a random card from the deck and interpret its meaning to his Twitter followers (referring to them as the Collective), and would also draw a card for himself. Sometimes he would draw two or three cards. He drew a Schizophrenia card for the collective two days in a row on June 23 and 24, and again on July 3, which may be an ominous sign for the rest of us.

In mid July, the tarot cards provided some comfort for Chris as he mourned the death of Snoopy, drawing the Maturity card for the Collective and the Healing card for himself on July 16. Twitter users accused him of misusing cards and selecting them himself rather than drawing them randomly.[2]

The final card would be drawn on July 30, Turning In. Chris would be arrested the next day, beginning the Jail Saga. It is unknown whether Chris has attempted any card-based divination since his incarceration began, though he is known to play solitaire on a Personally Blessed Turkish prayer rug.[3]

List of Cards Chris Drew

Chris' Tarot Cards
Card Name Chris/Coll. Order Drawn Date Drawn Chris's Interpretation
Aloneness Collective 13/22 June 16/ June 26 You each have an inner light that brightens and shows your path to the next steps. Caution./ Let that which is toxic with you, as an individual, go.
Audience (Abundance) Collective 2 June 4 I do believe you all will be in for quite the show of a lifetime.
Burden (The) Collective 3 June 5 Acknowlage that which weighs you down; lighten your burden.
Comparison Collective 23 June 27 You are not ultimatley to compare yourself with others, but to compare ourselves to ourselves.
Control Collective 8 June 10 Some to a bunch of you have been taking control of your life (for better or good). Now is time to step back an take it easy.
Courage Collective 16 June 19 There is pain and struggle within the self-transformations amoungst you all.
Creator (The) Collective 26 June 30 You have found yourself and have achived a sense of spiritual maturity. Express yourself with this within you.
Dream (The) Chris 3[note 1] June 05 No interpretation given.
Friendliness Collective 18 June 22 You are becoming less focused on the drama of others & more focused on being kind and more accepting.
Going With The Flow Unspecified 10 June 12 Go with the flow. On one perspective, everything is working out around all of us.
Guidance Collective 9 June 11 You have been charged and considerably reborn after the solar eclipse, and the void of time between it and the lunar eclipse. Your inner voice is stroger today; listen to it.
Innocence Collective 4 June 06 Enjoy the simplicities of innocence; be like child like as you may, and count your blessings.
Integration Chris/Collective 1 3 June Interpritation is left up to you.
Letting Go Collective 24 June 28 Letting go of any remaining toxic individuals and habits, or those you have lost recently & long ago.
Mind Collective 12 June 15 Check your mind/body connections, and don´t overthink yourself towards a head trip.
Past Lives Collective 25 June 29 Find your deepest intelligence in your past lives, between two metaphorical rainbow lizards of knowing and unknowing.
Possibilities Collective 21 June 25 There are many choices and paths to choose from.
Postponement Collective 15 June 18 Some to all amoungst you all who have remaining thoughts and ideas that are preventing your respective desired outcomes from happening sooner.
Projections Collective/Chris 14 June 17 Recognizing what is true and separating the illusions from it. ( This specifically applies to the iron curtain.)
Schizophrenia Collective/Collective 19/20 June 23/June 24 Follow your heart and instincts; when conflicted by 2 options, pick the 3rd./ Conflicting issues to be heart and instinct-guided away from.
Sharing Collective 7 June 09 Share positive energy & kindness with everyone. A moment of genuine kindness goes far.
Sorrow Collective 5 June 07 You may be in deep thoughs or feeling such an emotion. This is a time for potential transformation for yourself.
Sorrow Collective 17 June 21 Major self-transformation soon.
Success Collective 6 June 08 Finding realizations and unique insights within yourself. Your tasks continue onward in enlightenment.
Turning In Collective/Collective 11/27 June 14/July 30 Today is the day to meditate for a while and being in the moments./You are encouraged to withdraw from any and all dramas.

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  1. This card was drawn at the same time as "The Burden", hence it is also numbered "3".