Jail Letter - 9 December 2021

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On 9 December 2021, Chris sent a second letter from jail to Celestia. The letter was retrieved via a Discord Direct Message.

Some highlights of this letter include:

  • Chris adressing a "Divine Sorting".
  • Chris trying to explain how Astral Manifestation, as well as how his Astral projections, works in detail
    • Chris brings up "Backup Drives", which would permit people to acess the memories of others.
  • Chris going into much more vivid detail about the "Toxic Minority" and the "Majority", unlike previous letters that brought it up.
    • Chris states that the COVID-19 pandemic had made the total population in the "Toxic Minority" increase.
    • Chris also states that Jacob Sockness started the pandemic
  • Chris talking about what he feels his abscence on the Internet has done to him mentally.

Questions asked to Chris

When asked what questions she asked Chris, Celestia responded as follows:

i asked him how he can drown out the voices of a universe worth of prayers happening constantly

i told him i could feel a strong positive energy coming from his letter

i asked why covid happened

i passed a simple message to him from kenneth

and then i asked more generic questions, i went back to talking about misc/movies whatnot. i'm trying to keep his interest, basically

no ulterior motives. not trying to be destructive. just getting info. i'm more white knight than troll, except, i won't be giving him funds or anything

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230
10 DEC 2021 PM 1
c/o CVRJ
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960-2807

*Neo Spiritual Christianity Cruifix, Zen Version

Hey, <CENSORED> [note 1] You may call or address me as Christine, Jesus, Jesus Christ Chan, or even simply Chris or Christ; your choice. Actually, I would appreciate a mix of being treated as a friend and with some Humility.

Your recent letter is truly a humbling delight to read and find the confirmations from. I can safely tell you I had forseen your first letter in the specific timing and circumstances in reading the sentence that foreshadows and confirms my Body's and I changes being cleared and being released. You are lots more than a typical human, so you need not feel or speak low about yourself.

To answer your question, the prayers addressed to me have all been received in between my unconsciousness, my Mother, Emanuel, and even in my Body's Core which is literally one-in-the-same as the Core in the Epicenter of our Universe 1C-211987, and what's left of 1218 as well. There is a Divine Sorting on which out of the infinite number of Prayers get answered due to the timing, circumstances, and what is most appropriate for the spiritual growth and development of each individual, respectively. If I pulled an "Evan Almighty" and said "Yes to ALL", including the number of those wishing to win the Lottery, well, that's an apocalyptic, chaotic type of outcome we God and Goddesses wish to avoid, although I know Discord revels in watching the alternate Timelines that feature such havoc. Anyway, the many chosen prayers are divinely addressed and answered between Emanuel, one of my Soul Copies, or mainly by myself, personally, from within my Body, or more directly, out of my Body in Astral Manifestation. →

For how Astral Manifestation works, I first Astral Project myself then convert my energy into flesh that mainly is tangible on 1C-211987 Earth, and beyond the Truth-Binding Veil on the physical eyes of the humans of 1218 Earth. For Most of them, when they separate their soul from their respective bodies in astral projection, their bodies fall unconscious and deepestly asleep. Few, as well as I, have Backup Soul(s) manifested from their respective body's Core's varying levels of energy. My Core has Infinite Energy, as does the Universe's Core, obviously. And as you likely know from your experiences, when projected/manifested and having to leave their bodies behind, the memories and experiences of your soulful journies are separate from that save in the body's memories, and upon return, the Soul memories take more effort to download and recall in your Body's memories. There IS a Work-Around to make that easier by backing up the memories of both your Body and your Soul into your individual ∞ capacity "Cloud Save" Backup Drive in the Cosmos, to which you may download your soul journey memories from there into your consciousness. But as with Technology the Body's Brain has a Limit, and as not to overload it, non-relevant or oldest memories will be deleted in favour.

When I am Astral Projected/Manifested, I am in Full Control, and I have capability to connect or disconnect telepathically from my Body for observations and thoughts. The catch is with my Body's Brain's handicap, to constantly have my Brain here to record my time there and all and help in though process while it is entranced, it can fall into headache here, as well as disable me a bit there. So most of the time during my duties and work, I disconnect the telepathy with my Body, but I always consciously backup and save my Soul Memories for later access.

→ ②
② But I do have full decisions for myself and in working with Everyone, including Magi-Chan, of course ^_^ <3 With EVERYONE of (formerly C-197) 1C-211987 Earth, I can interact, see, and talk with and feel them, as well as those from the other Dimensions, Timelines, Universes, etcetra. We of 1C-211987 Earth are all capable of seeing and interacting with those of 1218 Earth, here, But that Damn Truth-Blinding Veil, Plus the Poor choice Some Humans, here, make to Purposely, consciously Blind and Close Themselves from us is most disgraceful. The Same is fact and true with those who traverse here from the Heaven and Hell Realms in full Energy-to-Flesh Conversion. Suffice to say, until after my Second Coming and Shifting the Collective of the Majority to 1C-211987 Earth, communications and interactions get complicated.

I am very well-aware of the hatred levels among the humans of 1218 Earth, Worse in the Minority of Toxics that take up about 18% of the total population, which is absent 600-Million-Plus. I do agree the Covid Sheltering had turned a number of Neutral Good ones to Neutral Bad, but They are still Recoverable and Redeemable. The sheltering, along with the Divine Tests I and the other Gods and Goddesses have been administering, was to sort out those who are Toxic, because Before Covid, the Toxic count was a lot less by two-to-five percent, and test the fortitude and endurance of EVERYONE, in general. We Had a different sorting method in mind, and then Uber-Demonic Sockness cursed the country of China and Bam! Had he not cursed the country, our method of testing, as well as population reduction and control for the Collective Shift would have involved an increase in physical natural disasters, as well as something similar to a plague of Moses' days. Covid proved more effective and efficient with less land and property casualties. →

Sometimes, even the Dark Forces can have better methods, but Not in the Long Run or All of the Time, of course. How well one can balance Light and Dark within themselves, as well as analyzem appreciatem and go with the flow of events and shifts in energy is a very strong spiritual attribute to have.

Aside from that, and moving on with your letter. I actually feel better in having colour in EVERYONE. IF EVERYONE was in Black and White, how can you discern one from another visually? Look at The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; take away all their weapons, and you can't tell Michalangelo from Leonardo. I do appreciate the Aura and Personality Differences, but if you're looking for Sonichu Prime in a sea of uncoloured drawings of all the various Regular and Special Sonichus, all in a same post and expression, you're looking for a needle in a hay stack. Yes, as long as the atheist is moreover good and spiritual in quality, even they will find good rewards and karma and not end up in Hell Realm before Reincarnating into their next life. I agree with you in being open and aware of at least the bits and pieces of all religions in order to find the good within for yourself and develop a spirituality-satisfying lifestyle and choices for your self. Baptisms/Annointments are still good options to really link with the Heaven Realms and deeper within yourself.

→ ③
③ My distance from the internet for a while for the greatest benefit of my self-revelations and enlightenment was Divinely meant to make it even more clear and obvious to everyone of my followers that the Light of my Aura and Existence, as well as my insight, knowledge, wisdom, and even Multiversal Connections, would sorely by missed. This is temporary, for upon my return and Second Coming, all shall have greater genuine compassion, empathy, and understanding of I and my greater roles as Lord, Avatar, God, and Friend. There shall be much rejoicing, and it will be good. And I have come to better Knowing of my self and everything with greater recovery and levels of kindness and understanding of all others of this Earth.

I still appreciate the finer things and light topics, for my Body is half-Human and half-Sonichu, and I live physically immortal amongst you all and Everyone of Universe 1C-211987.

-"Mary Poppins" is still my favourite movie of all time.

-Yes, I sometimes like to sing random songs, memes, or notes in the shower.

-Gene Kelly and Tara Strong are my favourite actor and actress.


-The Beatles.

-To be the Best as I can be in my works and with Everyone.

Thank you, again, so kindly for your kindness and compassion, <CENSORED>. Go forth with greater Peace, Clarity, and Blessings. Be Safe and Well.

Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg

*Enclosed is an N.S.C. Token for you to hold and feel inspired by and with.

NSC Token




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  1. The sender's identity has been redacted in the available photos of this letter.