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On 7 August 2022, Kenneth Engelhardt wrote an excommunication letter to Chris following Chris requesting him and Helena Fiorenza to start a $150,000 fundraiser to move Barbara out of 14 Branchland Court, and Chris writing about his mother being "zombie-like" even before June 2021, when he started his affair with her.

Chris never responded to the letter. Instead he opted to use his postage to send jail art to Praetor in hopes of making money. On 17 September 2022 Kenneth acknowledged that his ten-month correspondence with Chris was probably over.[1]

Kenneth's Letter

Christine: This is how it will come together.

We are envisioning a diverse multiverse of characters. Sonichen and Rosechen will be fully integrated.

I am going to envision inclusiveness among the Autism/Asperger Community (neurodiversity)

I am going to allow a high degree automony in character development.


Sonichu and Rosechu will be completely broken down and recreated from scratch.

Christine: Me, eels and eggman and Helena were very upset over your previous letters on wishing for Barbara to kick

the bucket as well as your shady fundraiser to raise $150,000 and pushing Barbara into a nursing home.

I can't imagine the horror of that poor woman being raped. Let's call it for it really is.

Let me be frank: There will be no fundraiser by me, Eels, Helena or Caden. Not now, not ever.

Christine you cannot be the face of Sonichu and Rosechu in the Sonichu Project. You are being excommunicated and cast out. This was the concensus betwee[sic] me, Eels, and Helena.